There’s one thing that we know for sure: not all of us have the same needs, wants, and desires.

But, is that true?

Honestly, in the realm of luxury dating, we believe that it is. When your standards rise, your expectations not only for yourself, but for others, become elevated too. Your needs are no longer ‘basic’ but nuanced, and are defined more by attention to detail. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

There’s a psychological model called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s like a roadmap for human desires. It breaks down our needs, starting with basic survival stuff like food and shelter, moving up to feeling safe and loved, and finally reaching for our highest potential. It’s a way to understand what drives us, from the basics to our loftiest goals.

Those pyramids that everyone keeps retweeting? That’s Maslow.

The hierarchy was developed as a result of Abraham Maslow’s interest in understanding what motivates individuals.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is often depicted as a pyramid with five levels. At the base are the physiological needs (food, water, shelter), followed by safety needs (security, stability). The third level encompasses social needs (love, belonging), followed by esteem needs (recognition, self-worth). At the pinnacle is self-actualization, representing the desire for personal growth, realization of potential, and achieving one’s highest capabilities.

Seeking’s Hierarchy of Needs

At Seeking, our hierarchy of needs looks a little different. High-value women, and high-value men simply do not have the same needs as the rest of the world.

We define a  high-value woman as someone who possesses a high sense of self worth, takes pride in taking care of herself and ranks above average in beauty, intelligence or wit. And with 4 high-value women for every 1 high-value man on Seeking, it’s clear there are just not enough men in this world to live up to those high standards. 

Comparison: Original Maslow Hierarchy vs. Seeking’s Hierarchy

Twenty years ago, popular culture would call her a gold digger, but today?  She’s a high-value woman. The focus for high-value women is no longer on surviving, but thriving— this is why we decided to do a comparison of the original Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, to our new, revised version.

Let’s compare— here’s the original:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

And this is Seeking’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Seeking's Hierarchy of Needs

Breakdown of Each Need


She requires filtered water, organic & high quality food to fuel her body, quality clothing, a humidifier so she can get her 9 hours of sleep and a room with a view.


Mental and physical health is a top priority with a daily regimen for skincare and exercise as well as therapy and supplements, she thinks long term financial security and is responsible with her money, investing and saving. 


She is selective with her circle, setting healthy boundaries for her family and relationships, she seeks a partnership with equal efforts in both her friendships and intimate relationships, she pours into others as much as they pour into her. She seeks out like minded partners who will elevate or enlighten her position


She practices self care and self love, continues to work on her goals and master her craft. She knows her worth and upholds the standards she sets for herself. 


She values new experiences, travel and culture. She feeds her mind with media and art that stimulates her positively—she works hard, plays hard.


She regularly spends time in nature, and in places of great beauty. She cannot be surrounded by ugliness or anything tacky. She must have graceful, opulent surroundings at all times; she is only ever at home if she is draped in decadence. She must always have her own marble bathroom and a closet large enough to hold all of her shoes.

Self Actualization

She is able to meet most of her immediate needs to the level of her standards on her own, so when she seeks a life partner she requires someone who will elevate her standard of living and enhance her life—not someone who will force her to sacrifice any of her needs to meet his own. 


She is able to exceed all expectations and her own, to find and love someone who accelerates her lifestyle and her life itself to places that she could not have imagined. She is a powerhouse— she doesn’t live the dream; she is the dream.

When you upgrade your standards, and set your sights higher, you become a more complete and empowered embodiment of yourself. It’s all about selection, curation, and choosing to date someone who betters you, and who you look up to.

Find your self-actualization and transcendence through a bespoke dating experience: it’s time to join

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