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Seeking Society 2024 – Rules for the New Year

The new year is a time to reevaluate your trajectory. 

Where are you heading? What direction is life taking you in? Are the people that surround you the people that you see uplifting you, and taking both your life, and your wellbeing to the next level?

As we head into the season of sharing those tacky, end of year Dating Wrapped reports (in the style of Spotify Wrapped, but with far more intimate details than one might be comfortable giving out even at a boozy brunch), we see the sheer epidemic of coffee shop dates, of bill-splitters, and of the return of the ‘bad boy’ aesthetic. Many of the slides glorify an endless stream of time-waster relationships, situationships, and sneaky links— none of them enriching, and none of them, in the end, building either party up. 

The 22 Seeking Society Rules were born out of a simple realization. Amidst all of the break-ups, the let-downs and the “why does he want me to make dinner plans?” questions, we felt the need for a personal code—a sort of unspoken agreement, much like a speakeasy. 

This isn’t about needing a password; it’s about committing to a standard above the usual. In a world crowded with choice, these rules act as a guide; a code of personal ethics. Think of these rules as the regulations of an exclusive club, each one suggesting a move beyond the ordinary. But, it’s not really about exclusion but about aiming higher— because we are all capable, and deserving of a more elite dating life.

Normal is boring. Let’s be honest.

The most important question to ask yourself is: “why can’t I have it all?” We want you to start questioning what’s stopping you, and instead of finding blockers, start to find solutions. There is no reason why your next date shouldn’t whisk you off to a yacht in Monaco. There is even less of a reason why you shouldn’t be meeting the man or woman of your dreams at a Michelin starred restaurant. Why does the conversation need to be one-sided or revolve around surface chit-chat? Think about the depth of discussion you could have with your intellectual equal, with someone who excites you, who engages your mind.

Without further ado, here are the Seeking Society Rules for 2024: you’re invited to join the club, and it’s up to you to upgrade, in order to see that velvet rope lifted.

Seeking Society Rules: 2024

  1.  Know how to order well and have something interesting to say when at a cool bar
  1.  Kiss well
  1.  Your taste must be impeccable
  1.  Never question your own motivation or pleasure
  1.  Indulge
  1.  Date a wealthy man
  1.  Date the most beautiful woman
  1.  Enjoy the amazement of yourself
  1.  If your standards are high, raise them higher
  1. Upgrade your relationships because you don’t have time for average
  1. Know your worth and make sure they do too
  1. Embrace impeccable fashion and style
  1. Travel to exotic destinations, immerse yourself in cultures
  1. Surround yourself with inspiring people
  1. Pursue passions relentlessly
  1. Avoid mediocrity
  1. Feed your mind, be curious
  1. Carry yourself with poise and pride
  1. Never split the bill
  1. Never compromise on the life you’ve dreamt of
  1. Pursue the finer things
  1. Remember: You are your greatest investment

Repeat those rules to yourself; they’re easy enough to follow— when you raise your personal standard; the standard that you keep, for yourself, in your own mind— then you will get to witness other people raising their own standards regarding how they treat you.

At Seeking, we create our realities.

It’s time to plan yours.

The first step starts on Seeking.com.