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4 Reasons to Stop Being Comfortable and Start Dating Up™

After the last couple of years, “comfort” has been somewhat of a novelty, am I right? From being stuck at home wondering if we really would run out of TP, to watching the Oscars turn into WWE, we’ve been subjected to some pretty harsh realities. It’s no wonder we have quietly retreated to routines and spaces we know—our comfort zones. We can only take so much upheaval, after all. Is there a good reason why we should stop being comfortable?

Well, when the comfort zone has taken over your dating life and made it as disappointing as the last season of Game of Thrones, that’s where we draw the line.

The world is opening up and that means you can too! It’s time to step out of those sweats and back into your sexy self with Seeking.com — the one place you know you can find the true connection you’ve been waiting for. Easier said than done, right? Not at all.

Our experts share 4 reasons to stop being comfortable and Start Dating Up™.

You Deserve to Find the Right One

Are you immediately drawn to broad-shouldered guys with an accent and love of tacos, or petite women who can quote Star Wars? Maybe you’ve always envisioned yourself with a firefighter but it’s really an engineer who can turn up the heat. It’s time to seek past your usual list of “must-haves” to discover who you’re really into. Your type may not actually be your type. It could be better. We’ll let that sink in for a minute.

You Deserve New Experiences

By dating outside of your comfort zone, you’ll not only meet people you may have overlooked before but also experience new things. Have you always wanted to sail through the Caribbean on a luxurious yacht or hike through the legendary Machu Picchu (Huayna Picchu?), but your usual dates only want to see the inside of a movie theater or another happy hour? Time to stop being comfortable, favorite that thrill seeker you’ve been eyeing, and get your heart pumping in more ways than one.

You Deserve to Be Excited

Going on a date should be invigorating, not feel like an even more tragic version of Groundhog Day. If you’re finding yourself telling the same anecdotes about your favorite vacation over a bad steak and warm sauv blanc, you’re wasting your very precious time. Trust us, you’re more than a one-trip wonder, and Seeking is loaded with Attractives and Successfuls who can prove it. Stop being comfortable and start getting excited!

You Deserve to Discover Yourself

Not to get all Brené Brown on you, but it’s amazing what exploring new people and possibilities may teach us about ourselves. You may never know how delicious wine tastes from a Chateau in France, or how exhilarating it is to go night snorkeling in the Maldives until you take a chance on something new. Seeking was created to not only help you find the right person but also live an elevated lifestyle. Hint: Save the sweats for the gym. 

We’re dating experts, but it doesn’t take a psychologist to know that comfort zones are synonymous with certainty, not surprises. We believe that’s no way to date! There’s a time and place for everything, as they say, and we say it’s time to stop being comfortable and Start Dating Up! Login to your Seeking profile and discover the dating desires you deserve.