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What Dating Up Really Means

Are you single and looking for a partner? We’ve got a powerful exercise to help you figure out what it is you’re looking for. Seeking wants to teach people looking for better relationships to ask the simple question: what is dating up?

Take a second to close your eyes and picture your ideal relationship. What are you and your significant other doing? Where do you spend your time together? How do they make you a better person? When do you feel most connected to them? Why is this relationship different from others?

Now open your eyes and let that vibe linger. That’s what dating up really means and why Seeking wants you to Upgrade Your® relationships.

Upgrade Your Romantic Connection

The Seeking platform is all about creating a space for singles to find honest connections. Whether you’re looking for upscale romance, something discrete, or deep affection, we know there are singles out there who are looking for the same type of relationship as you. And we love putting like-minded people in touch with each other!

The key to dating up is in approaching your relationships from a place of authenticity. When you understand what you’re looking for, you feel free to communicate this to others. And you are also receptive to what others are eager to find. 

When you have clarity on what you seek, you start to appreciate the diverse range of people that are out there and you’re able to see how you can elevate each other’s dating experience. These are some tips to approach your relationships with authenticity:

  • Start by being honest with yourself
  • Identify your needs
  • Leave judgment at the door and keep an open mind
  • Keep it lighthearted

Upgrade Your Lifestyle & Experiences

If you only get one life, you want to live it to the fullest! But life’s experiences are better when you share them with someone who brings you joy. Someone who shares your interests and the desire to discover something better.

For some, this means a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean. For others, it’s a quiet evening at home with a good bottle of wine. No matter what your ideal lifestyle looks like, what dating up really means is sharing memorable experiences with someone who appreciates the same things in life. 

When you date up, you go beyond typical social trends to live new and exciting experiences that bring the two of you closer together. Want to find out if your ideal lifestyle aligns with your partner’s? Here are some ideas to see if you’re on the same page:

  • Ask intentional questions and really listen to their answers
  • Open up about who you are and what inspires you
  • Make plans that reflect your interests and see if they get excited
  • Try the activities that your partner’s into

Upgrade Your Personal Improvement

Dating up allows you to cultivate the attributes that you value. It’s the desire to date mindfully, to partner with someone you both admire and find attractive. 

When you align romance with personal enrichment, dating brings out the best version of yourself. By the same token, you’re able to offer more to your partner and help them find personal fulfillment. This is how you both find the satisfaction that you deserve.

These are the types of relationships that all singles seek because they create genuine growth and help both partners develop their potential every step of the way. Looking for ways to enhance each other’s life experience? Try these:

  • Know who you are and be true to yourself
  • Pursue your own interests
  • Pay attention to your partner’s passions 
  • Create special memories together

Upgrade Your Inner Circle

Achieving your dreams takes more than just discipline and hard work. It’s also important for you to surround yourself with success-minded people who inspire you to be your best. This is how dating up can empower you to reach your goals.

If you want a partner who can enhance all aspects of your life, it’s important to look for someone who’s willing to offer guidance and support. By connecting with someone whose life experience is similar to where you want to be, your romantic partner can also become a counselor and a source of insight.

Couples who share more than romance have a closer bond that keeps them together. These are some of the ways that you and your partner can enjoy this type of connection:

  • Set goals and help each other achieve them
  • Make plans and take action
  • Stay positive, even when you have setbacks
  • Build upon each other’s strengths

Dating up is about finding someone who helps you achieve the best possible version of yourself. It’s about looking for an authentic connection that helps you grow in the ways that you want to improve. At the end of the day, we all want a romantic partnership with someone who truly understands who you are and who you want to be. That’s what dating up really means.

Log into your Seeking profile today and give yourself a chance to upgrade your relationships! Check out the rest of the Seeking Blog for more Up Dating stories, advice, and tips.