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Why Gen Z Women Prefer Dating Older Men

Move over Millennials, Gen Z is the new hottest demographic in town – and they want your men. Well, not all of your men. A new study of Seeking.com’s rising female demographic reveals that Gen Z women have very high expectations for their relationships and their male counterparts are just not measuring up. So as more and more Gen Z women start entering the dating pool, they are skipping right over their peers and setting their sights on men of a certain age: 10-14 years older to be exact. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the latest social trends or any recent news cycle. Generation-Z women are coming of age at one of the most expensive times in US history to be an adult. Their prime dating years are intersecting with some truly bleak times including a runaway cost of living, historical levels of national student debt and a looming recession.

 If that wasn’t enough to deal with, dating has become a herculean effort – with women doing most of the heavy lifting. However, now Gen Z women are poised to become the first female generation in modern history to outearn and outlearn the men in their age group. After decades of progress for women in the workplace and in education, women are finally getting a foothold in modern society. But at what cost?

For starters, more women are delaying motherhood and marriage to pursue lucrative careers, travel the world and expand their life experience. And they are not willing to settle for broke in this economy. More Gen Z women would rather be single than settle for someone who is not compatible with their lifestyle expectations. Gen Z women are amazing, educated, talented and ambitious – and most Gen Z men can not keep up with their standards.

We were very curious about the emerging dating habits of this new generation and what we found in our study was pretty interesting. Not only do the majority of Gen Z women prefer men 10-14 years older than them, but they have no interest in dating for short term gains. They are playing the long game, looking for partners who can help give them access to the lifestyle they want and the future financial stability they crave. 

The most favorited profiles by Gen Z women are college educated Millennial men who make atleast six figures, have no children and don’t smoke. The top three Seeking tags for the top 20 most popular Gen Z female profiles are “luxury lifestyle”, “partnership” and “travel”. Gen Z women don’t care as much about height as Millennial women and they value the maturity and wisdom that comes with dating an older man. 

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your lifetime is choosing your partner. When you’re a woman, making the wrong choice can set you back financially, mentally, and sometimes even physically for years. In this economy, women have no choice but to date for love AND money. Gone are the days when women had to stay in bad relationships and marriages for economic reasons – but are there enough quality men capable of meeting them at their level?

As for Gen Z men, our advice: either step off or step up. Women are out here working on themselves and it’s about time that men put in a little effort in bettering themselves too. A high-quality woman can not afford to settle in 2023, and she will leave you behind if you can’t keep up.