10 years ago
Picture Play Etiquette


Picture tag is a big turn-off for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies alike.

Sending, receiving, posting, deleting…online dating photos have a way of creating lots of opportunity for communication…

Tho sometimes daters end up chatting more about photos or lack thereof than about each other.

“Did you get my pic”

“not yet. try sending it to my other email address”

“the one on your profile?”

“no, the same name but on hotmail”

This is just an example of the redundant photo chat thousands of daters experience every day.

This is not what sugar daddy dating is about. No one wants to waste their time checking and re-checking their inbox or visiting other sites to view photos.

Help avoid the headache by uploading clear, recent, and cropped photos of yourself – the more gorgeous the better. If you’re communicating with someone who hasn’t posted a picture, ask them why. Just keep the conversation on the both of you, not the photo view. Good Dating!

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307 Responses to “Picture Play Etiquette”

  1. Arianausex says:

    Very nice blog. I totally agree with your thoughts.

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  3. LOL_A says:

    It is so annoying!!!!
    Now I have 3 beautiful pictures and if they ask some other pictures, I send a pic with no make up on, lounge wear at home with my dog… If I get an answer after that, I can believe that the gentleman is legit

  4. London says:

    I hate when they have no pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also hate when they want to see more pics. Then I have to email them more then they want more??? What do you do with my pics?? Eat them? I look like my photos. My photos contain full body shots.. What more do you want?

  5. ♥ϒoung&ƒabulous♥ → 300345 says:

    Hi SUGARS!!!!! How’s everyone’s night?!?

  6. lisa says:

    I am always suspicious of sds that say they own a company yet can’t get onto any website they want on the “company” computers.

  7. lisa says:

    Yes but I will give him more time as he lives far from me so meeting him is going to be difficult as there is no airport or transportation to his town and he is married. He travels to a city 150 miles from me on business but then again there are no commercial flights. I can’t see him driving 600 miles to meet me. He is supposed to call me tomorrow night so we will see. It’s not like i’m going to meet him anytime soon.

  8. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm Lisa, those all sound like red flags to me…I’d be careful with him. Small lies usually turn into big ones.

  9. lisa says:

    things do bother me like he is not really a president of a company like he says in his profile and it seems he doesn’t even own the company as he said he had to be careful emailing me on the company computer. Also has not answered my questions about what he is looking for in an arrangment.

  10. lisa says:

    I gave him my number and he wanted to call after midnight tonight but I asked him to call after 7 pm tomorrow as I’m not much for staying up all night on the phone with a stranger. I can’t sleep that late in the morning as I have things to do. I won’t hear from him online till tomorrow since he doesn’t have a computer in his home for some reason

  11. lisa says:

    I’m getting mod er ated

  12. Atalanta says:

    Yay, Lisa! I hope this new potential works out!

    I agree with OC. Just let him handle the traveling. If you have some preferences on how to meet with him, then let him know when the time comes.

    Until then, make him want you so bad that he’ll swim oceans! haha

  13. lisa says:

    New topics, OC’s early sd experiences, lol

    Wow that coffee is still way to black, I only make a cup at a time so the filter pack might last all week, lol

  14. OCSugarBaby says:

    For those of you who are new, I have had my ups and downs with sugar dating too! Pre-Suthrn…. I had some funny stories to tell! I will save them for when they fit a topic. 🙂

  15. lisa says:

    I think I am going to make some coffee. I will use this starbucks filter pack that I used once already as it’s sooo strong that i’m sure it will make another cup. Probably 3 lol. I’m getting the afternoon slug feeling.

  16. raine says:

    You’re getting warmer, lisa…take a whiff……that? is the smell of your SD’s cologne (something a wee exotic, not too overpowering, you probably didn’t know it existed. He might’ve had it shipped in from a secret location in it.aly…)

  17. OCSugarBaby says:

    SD’s or SB’s are not SD’s or SB’s just because they SAY so in their profile! Regardless of age, it is a way of acting (true gentleman or ladies). Respect for the other. Sugar dating is fun when it all works. Until then enjoy the experience.

  18. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes Lisa, I think you’re doing what’s best…moving on and letting your other shady SD go.

  19. lisa says:

    He disappeared in August, just came back a few days ago. Odd as he sent me an email asking if he could buy much when he was in town. I wrote back and asked when he’d be in town. Well he wrote and said he doesn’t come to my town anymore but he guessed he could make a special trip to buy me lunch (like he was doing me a favor although he was the one that suggested it). He’s deleted and I will focus on the second one as at least he writes back

  20. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I think raine has a point about the younger SDs, but all the ones I keep coming across only seem to be interested in sex and nothing else. 🙁

  21. raine says:

    Hi, OC*, gnd.

    Cat: yay and yippee!! *throws bucketful of sugared confetti* best of luck and embrace the backup plan.

    Lisa: hmm. I’ll go with OC on this one. repeat after me: this is only a test…

    *I’m sure the younger SDs are just as capable of caring as the older ones, but the former are not checking for me right now.

  22. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah Lisa, I’d let your 1st potential SD go too, your time is precious and apparently he doesn’t realize that if he’s been playing games since August.

  23. lisa says:

    He’s a new member in the last couple days so I need to see if he knows what he is doing. We have some things in common I have found but if only he didnt live in the boonies. lol

    I have since deleted sd pot 1 because I think he’s playing games with me again. Has been on the site all morning logging on and off but hasn’t wrote back, just like he did back in August. If he contacts me I will answer but i’m not going to waste time waiting to hear from him.

  24. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-Let him take care of the details of the transportation. Details are for him to work out. You just provide him with your availability schedule (when you know it) send it to him. Car or no car, airport or no airport, any SB he wants to meet up with will need the same arrangements. Let’s see what he comes up with for details of a possible meeting. You first need to see how compatible you two are. I am not telling you anything new, you are a wonderful SB! 🙂

  25. lisa says:

    Also found out in his email he is not a president, he is some kind of consultant

  26. lisa says:

    I can understand him not being able to get online at home but why didn’t he just say that instead of saying he doesn’t have a computer, everyone but the very poorest of people have a computer. And I see business men all over the place here when I travel downtown or to the good side of town and they all have their laptops with them. I just wonder how and if he is willing to come to me as i’m not comfortable taking a bus if there is one to some strange town which doesn’t sound like it has alot going on. I wouldnt’ want to get stuck in some strange place. And of course how do I tell him I can’t meet on weekends? Leaving all the negs out of my profile puts in a situation of trying to figure out what to tell them.

  27. lisa says:

    I just checked the town he says he travels to and there is a regional airport just like in his hometown but no commercial flights, just frieght and private planes. I presume he drives there since it’s a few hundred miles from where he is and he only travels there once a month, that is without he has a private jet which I doubt he does.

  28. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-presidents of companies have secretaries that take care of their computer issues, I know many that do not use one. When they come home they do not go online, they kick back. Also, he may not have told you the whole truth, if he does have a computer at home it may not be one he can communicate with you on (if married). I know you will agree if you just put yourself in the shoes of the SD.
    As for the phone number thing, give him your home one only after you feel more comfortable with him. IM with him until you feel ready to give it out. 🙂

  29. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey lisa, OCSugar, and whoever else is out there, lol. Gotta go back and read to catch up on what everyone has been up to.

  30. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve had a lot to deal with over the past couple of days, but I’m back now. 🙂 So how is everyone?

  31. lisa says:

    I don’t know that there is an airport in the city he travels too. It’s not a major city. I never know my work schedule till saturdays so I can’t let him know weeks in advance. I have lots of days off this week with one day still free but I can’t see meeting him this soon. It bothers me that he owns his own company but doesn’t have a computer at home and can’t really write much on the company computer. If he owns the company, why couldn’t he do as he pleases, that is without he is an employee not an employer. Well I will wait to see what happens.

  32. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello Lisa Penelope! My advice on the pot Sd that asked you to travel to a near by city? Give him your available dates and let him take care of the details. Car to pick you up to take you to the airport and airline ticket. You dont have to tell him about your transportation details as of yet. If he is a true SD and you ask him to take care of the details from door to door. He will either make it happen or he will not. I prefer to hope the latter. Put the ball in his court and give him available dates. You can go for the day and return same day. It is not a cross country flight! 🙂

  33. lisa says:

    and in addition he wants to exchange cell numbers. I have a prepair cell with less than a dollar left on it. At 25 cents a minute I only use it for emergencies. I hate to give my home phone number to a stranger but I can’t call him.

  34. Cat says:

    Lisa: I hope so…but he isn’t the only pot. I have at the moment 😉

  35. lisa says:

    Hi Jasmine

    Hi OC

  36. Jasmine says:

    Hi everybody! I just wanted to drop a line and say hi! I’m going to school and see my drop dead teachers again.talk to every one later! Hugs&kisses 🙂

  37. OCSugarBaby says:

    Age of an SB or SD is a personal choice. We have spoken of the rule of 7 before and I kind of like it. I do care what others think, meaning if I was to walk into a room with someone that looks more like my father or grandfather I would not be comfortable. I want my SD relationship to be easy and not one that calls attention to either of us. I want to hold his hand and give him a kiss in public without society judging me. Society will always judge. I like to be proud of my SD and that as a couple we are a striking well matched pair! How lucky I am with Suthrn. He is adorable.
    As far as the younger SD’s under the age of 40? Yes, there are many! They have the means and make great SD’s. A young SD should not be judged on his age, but on his ability to be a kind and caring SD. It goes the same for older SD’s (50 and up). Attraction is a strange thing. I need to have common interests and it is important that my SD be and stay current in the world around him. Living in the past is a huge turn off to me. Music, clothing, world around him…

  38. lisa says:

    Best of luck to you Cat! I hope he is the sd for you

  39. lisa says:

    ok I heard from potential sd 2. He doesn’t travel to my city but travels to other cities in his state and wants to meet in one of those cities. Problem is the closest one is 150 miles away. There is no way I can’t get there when I can’t even get out of this city due to no tranportation. Of course I have left out the fact that I don’t have transportation as everyone says that will scare potentials away. How to do I go around this and get him to come to me? I have left out all my issues but now I’m in a corner of what to tell him, can’t meet on the weekend, no car, etc.

  40. Cat says:

    Hey all,
    I just wanted to let you all know, well those of you who remember, about the pot. SD that I thought might not be who he said he was (surgeon) and was so reluctant to give me information about himself? Well I didn’t give up and kept in contact just the same, and he finally opened up and I got to do some research…he is real!!! I am so happy, because he seems like such a nice guy, just a bit shy…so now I will probably go ahead and meet him! Let you all know how it goes 🙂

  41. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Suthern,
    I liked your expression “the limits of acceptibility in society”.
    As far as I can remember this had never formed a subject on the blog.
    It boils down to “what will the neigbours say”? “.
    Long ago I have learnt and decided that I am going to live my own life the way I want it.
    If I am going to live a life that society sees it as acceptable, I would become one unhappy person, like trillions of others.
    Over the ages what is acceptable in society, has evolved and changed.
    Especially after WW11 the world became totally new.
    Women study, get a university degree. Women become great novelists showing the world from a different perspective. Women’s lib !
    Since the advant of the computer with such overload of information concepts in society change even more drastically.
    Look at the young ones of today, their motivations and mores are so different.
    The concept of SD/SB seems modern, but is not.
    For me the picture by Rembrandt called the Young Bride sums it up.
    You see an older gentleman having his arm protectively around a girl much younger.
    Remember lady Di marrying at 19 a gentleman in his thirties ?
    Much in modern society is based on jealousy, your pink Bentley Coupe’, your nice clothes, your beautiful SB, your comfortable home, your holidays
    All crossing the line of that “acceptibility in society”.
    There is this nice line in an ABBA song “does your mother know”.
    Suppose I have to ask her consent every time ?
    My opinion is that people should mind their own business.
    If I care for my SB and she cares for me, that is my beacon in life.
    Much more important is for me the age difference between the two of us.
    Can she take delight in it just as I do ?
    I learn from her modern world of thinking and she learns from mine.
    Will the concept of SA develop into a great and admirable notion because of another factor in society ? I believe it will.
    Over half of all students at University come from a single parent situation in which a father is absent. Lots of pot SBs are not used to an older man they could see as daddy, leaving out the notion of sugar here.
    It is so important to grow into a mature and stable person capable of having a normal family relationship, if you have a role model.
    Well any SB should feel lucky to meet an SD because of this rolemodel.
    Somebody older to look after her and bring her wisdom and warmth.
    Most of them never had this before.
    “And when his wings enfold you, yield to him “.
    Much of the misery in their lives would disappear.
    Guess this is a reason why over two hundred thousand girls are registered here on the website.
    The conclusion is then, SA makes for a better world.

  42. lisa says:

    I think I could keep my feelings neutral. After having some serious relationships and seeing how disposible people are nowdays, quick to run cold, I have myself became kinda non feeling (well not really deep feelings) and can keep it light and fun. I have had my married lover for 4 years and we’re great friends and there were times I really wanted something more but now I know that we are too different and we really haven’t much in common with the important stuff and keeping those opinions out of the relationship makes for a great relationship. I think of a sd relationship as a temporary (could be long term but is expected to be a stopping point in the journey of life) thing where you enjoy the company of another without the drama of who left the toothpaste cap off, dealing with children, etc.

  43. Ben says:

    Raine – have you had a SD before? I think feelings can be difficult to manage at times. I’d like to think that most SBs are more like BeachGirl and aren’t too guarded. I can only be guarded to a point. As for the snow – it was 60’s here and sunny yesterday – and we had a blizzard this past Thurs, just kind of typical crazy Colorado spring weather.

  44. raine says:

    ^Clarification alert: I won’t tolerate the falling in love and such on either side.

  45. raine says:

    Right now I consider the SB/SD relationship* a job — this is the virtual job fair of sorts, as far as the search is concerned.
    *I’m not too keen on that word. Granted, I’m sincere and work to respect and be respected, but I won’t tolerate falling in love and such.

  46. NC Gent says:

    hmmmmm Nico in Denver this morning… Ben in Denver…. inquiry minds want to know lol

  47. lisa says:

    Just got back from meeting my daughter at her bus connection. Got my rent bill for april 501.73 very odd amount they think of. But we are getting new toilets in May!! Yaaa new toilets. lol

    I’ve got to get my apartment cleaned now.

    NitemareSD I really doubt he is work 49 mil. He doesn’t own a home and just doesn’t look like a millionare. How does someone who makes 100K a year come to be worth 50 mil? I doubt he will even show for lunch as last time he said he was coming down on a certain day. I got up that day and got all prettied up to meet him, no call, nothing, and then about an hour before we were to meet, he had a car wreck and was in icu, as I said he did have his computer with him in the icu,lol as I know he doesn’t have a bberry or anything, he’s not very hip. Anyway he’s MIA today.

    I will send a message to potential 2 later today. Gotta go clean the bathtub now, lol

  48. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ SNOW i would die if we had snow, i just can’t wait for the weather to turn to warm and sunny
    And i think too me what an SD is: A Best friend with benefits type relationship, you share so much in these types of arrangements that yes you do get attached
    have a great day all, back to work for me!

  49. Ben says:

    Hey all. Thanks for the notes on whether or not you see a SB/SD relationship as a job. I had hoped not. I have often viewed it as a wealthy boyfriend type of arrangement – somebody you enjoy a great deal, but who is also able to help out financially. I have found myself getting attached to my SBs. I think it is only natural that one or both of you would get attached over time as you are being intimate with this person and sharing a great deal. What strikes me as a risk is if one person gets much more attached than the other – as we (at least speaking for myself) can’t control how we feel all the time. This is why I think NSA is tough – I don’t know if the human heart is built for NSA type relationships that are intimate.

    On the subject of SDs, pics and all. I have heard SBs complain of guys asking for pics and then not getting any back. I have never done this that I can remember. One of the SBs said she didn’t take a SD seriously if he was younger than her brothers. I’m in my early 40’s and think I am a pretty serious SD, but I should admit I don’t have millions and millions.

    Anyhow – hope you all are well today. We’ve got snow here in Denver this AM.

  50. Elizabeth says:

    hi Raine…I’m here for abit

  51. raine says:

    Anyone left in here?

  52. raine says:

    So do I. Since I can make only so many contacts on my bb, I’ll be getting a netbook in the not-too-distant future.

    Gentlemen, stand by for the ‘hot cuppa joanne’! *giggle*

  53. raine says:

    Oh, man, csb; that’s cold (includes getting pulled over just now). Timing, something else?

  54. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I have to get back to studying ladies and gents lurking.

    Have a sugary day.

  55. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine~ good for you …. hope you get an SD

  56. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Well i’m off to work Sugars!!!
    talk to you later …. maybe!!!

  57. raine says:

    BG: Eh, can’t complain. Will (finally!) put up pics on the ole profile within the next week — afterwards I’ll begin contacting my faves.

  58. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB that sucks 🙁

  59. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach: I was getting moderated when I was talking to you in French. Yeah he did, I told him he was too unreliable.

    Hey Jennifer.

    Good luck with that pot SD Lisa.

  60. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Raine.. I am great, got a lot of things done this morning. Now time to goof off.

    Lisa, have a great time with your daughter. At least the POT. is nice looking! lol

    NC … be safe on your travels.

    And Hello to everyone else!!

  61. NitemareSD says:

    I hope to be leaving Charlotte ASAP. There are tons of SBs reporting to be from here. I think every woman in Charlotte is an SB.

    By my count, less the $1M he lost in Houston, he’s got $49M still on the books. If any of that can be purchased by the govt. he probably will have enough left over for lunch.
    Just make sure he said he’s taking you to lunch, not taking you for lunch.

  62. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Raine~ hi, doing good , how is everything with you?

  63. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ did that guy get back to you?

  64. lisa says:


    I’m going to go meet my daughter at the busstop. she’s working at the other hospital today which means changing buses near my place. I gotta go get her some lunch and keep the perverts away from her. She turns 18 in 2 weeks but still wants someone to keep an eye on her. I just got a pic from that potential sd. Nice looking guy too. I will write him when I get back. Gotta go now

  65. raine says:

    BG, Jennifer, how are ya?! *bearhug*

    CSB: rss>ohhh…younger SDs, forget it>see above for my theory.

    Lisa: I saw one flashing money in his pic. Yeah…tacky.

  66. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ you can lol!!!!

  67. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Thanks Lisa. I guess I shouldn’t try speaking to beach_girl in French lol.

  68. lisa says:

    Please release ChocolateSnowBunny, we are willing to meet our demands. oh you want her to send more pics, ok she’ll do that, just release the hostage, please lol

  69. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    NC have a nice trip!

  70. NC Gent says:

    Hi Jennifer — I am commuting to Northern NJ tomorrow — leave at 7 am get back around 10 pm. On Wednesday, I will be in Charlotte, and Thursday I will be in Greenville, SC.

  71. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hahaha…in mod…being held hostage.

  72. raine says:

    After the 500th comment, say, I’m putting the phone’s life (more precisely, its memory) in my hands.

    ^The last thing I need to see on my screen is the hourglass icon getting kicked around by some dancing whammies (or some such error-related nonsense).

  73. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Jennifer, so nice to see you on the blog

  74. lisa says:

    I find it hard to take these young sds seriously. While i’m too old for any of them, I look at their profiles and pics and find it hard to believe this guy standing in a tacky looking apartment with alot of people(probably family members he lives with) has millions. Not sure without they’re in the entertainment business which is not exactly a big think in Houston, that they would get far in the business world dressing like thugs, pants falling down, big shirts, baseball caps. That looks too much like the guys in my neighborhood and if any of them have money it’s probably from an illegal activity.

  75. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Afternoon to everyone…

    I have been away for awhile, but keeping up on all things.
    Still in the process of looking for a SD. May have a pot., but he takes several days to answer back.

    NC… where are you traveling too this week?

  76. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ you’re right, younger SDs are not looking to mentor you at all!

  77. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Raine: You can only read the comments from RSS. You have to go back and still scroll down to post comments. However, the RSS is helpful because you don’t have to waste your time scrolling down if there’s no conversation, no reply yet etc.

  78. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Beach_Girl. I’m still waiting to hear from my 2 potentials as it seems neither has been online yet today.

  79. NitemareSD says:

    The RSS only provides the last 10 comments, so it can’t be used to keep up on occassional basis. You can only get to the 10th comment on the blog and go back to where you left off.

  80. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I threw rules out the window when I starting this sugar dating. I prefer to just stick to my values. I can’t help who I’m attracted to but I prefer older men anyway. In my experience, younger SDs are rarely looking to be a mentor.

  81. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars

  82. raine says:

    Makes sense: my comments may turn up a tad sooner. Hold on…how’s that suck, csb?

  83. NC Gent says:

    SE — I have a similar rule that I have managed to break a few times… maybe it was more like a guideline lol I try to avoid women that were born after I graduated from HS — my equivalent of the rule of 7… but I guess the SD/SB is not too socially accepted from the start so it is only a guideline!

  84. NC Gent says:

    Thanks Chocolate — you rock! Good luck on your meet!

  85. raine says:

    Thanks and good luck on both counts, csb.

    [I knew those RSS links served a purpose — insert ‘doi’ here for me, the not-quite-six-mo-old bb user. Heh.]

  86. lisa says:

    Good morning ChocolateSnowBunny

  87. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    NC, Raine: On the Blackberry that is. Sucks though because you can write a comment from there.

  88. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Stopping in for a quick hello. Studying for an exam tomorrow.

    Nc, Raine: if you click RSS, the latest comments are on the top of the screen.

    Flying to meet an SD this weekend. Wish me luck.

  89. SuthrnExec says:

    Raine, what do you think about it? Keep in mind it isn’t my rule – it’s generally the limits of social acceptability for the age difference between two people.

  90. NC Gent says:

    Just trying to make you laugh SE! I hope I succeeded!

  91. lisa says:

    Good idea for a blog topic,” Qualifications of a Sugardaddy and a Sugarbaby”.
    …maybe not a good idea as I wouldn’t qualify

  92. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, knock it off man! LOL You’re more than qualified – you’re a trail blazer!

  93. raine says:

    Funny you should mention the rule of seven, SE (hi!): I read your comment on that in an older blog last night.

  94. NC Gent says:

    Stephan – did you see that on the chronological ordering of the posts — us blackberry users would love to see most recent at the top, but I can understand if some others wouldn’t like that — just an preference that would make life easier for some….. I am sooo selfish!

  95. lisa says:

    I’m back with my greasy burger, windy day out

  96. NC Gent says:

    yeah — I am messing up SE — one of these days I will take your advice!

    bowing to SE and repeating — I am not worthy I am not worthy!

  97. raine says:

    That would be nice, NC; the site adapts well, so I can’t complain.

  98. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, I can’t beleive you’re violating the rule of 7! LOL Just kidding – good luck in your meeting.

  99. NC Gent says:

    Good point Nightmare — and good to see you back — unfortunately, money might make the difference but I want someone who actually likes me and the money isn’t the differentiator…. money can’t buy you love??!! but maybe a reasonable facsimile?? lol

  100. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Had another weird day.
    This morning I had a meeting about a very complicated inheritance.
    It had been dragging on for almost 2 years due to incompetence of a sollicitors’ firm. In the end I had them nailed against the wall.
    Why law firms can survive with such employees is beyond me.
    Remember the film after the book by Grisham “The Firm ” with Tom Cruise?
    Well those kind of people really exist, blackmail, white washing money, bribes and all.
    Anyway that was a relief and I needed to get it out of my system. The weather is mild now and I had my powerwalk along the beach. First time this year, bare feet along the waterline.
    The sea water is only 5 degrees I guess, but it felt good.
    It is an old chinese medicine. When you are overstressed you are loaded with electricity, walking on wet sand flows it away, so to speak.
    In fact I feel as good as new !
    NC I wish you lots of happiness with her.
    Age is just an abstract idea between the ears.
    To be young at heart is what counts.
    And besides, very few young men can afford an SB.
    The concept of an SD is somebody older and wiser and generous at heart to make that SB happy. A young man is only after his self gratification.

  101. lisa says:

    Yes I probably do use alot of water, lol afterall I don’t have a washer, dont’ use dishes, no kids, I don’t wash the car, etc I know I use 50 a month in water. It’s just a rip off. I say charge everyone 10 dollars that way the all the families that pile up can pay 80 dollars a month.

    I’ll be back, i’m going to run over and get my nasty dollar burger.

  102. raine says:

    SD who is the same age as/a wee bit younger than myself? sugar brother. It’d be funny if I snagged one.

    Hi, NitemareSD. How goes your day thus far?

  103. NitemareSD says:

    NC add a couple Gs to the allowance and they’ll get younger real fast.

    Lisa – you clean the apt, shower and take baths regularly. You may be the biggest water user in the complex.

  104. NC Gent says:

    Hi Raine — understand — I do the blog via blackberry sometimes — wish they would post most recent at top, huh?

  105. lisa says:

    I need a bberry. I just have a prepaid cellphone that costs too much to use.

  106. raine says:

    [already did, NC; the answer appeared when I finally submitted my comment, then refreshed. Small price to pay for being here via bberry.]

  107. lisa says:

    lol raine

    NitemareSD I will get on that right away and by the way please wire me 50k i’m stuck in Nigeria

    The Galleria is in Southwest Houston by Uptown which is the nice side of town. Not sure about what highway as I don’t drive and only know of I-10 because I can see that freeway from my porch. The compaq center is now how to a megachurch. Haven’t been over there since it was called the Summit back in 90 when I went to a rock concert to see ….Poison

  108. raine says:

    I seem to run into the same thing, lisa — especially the locals. My minimum age requirement, for example, is 40 (see below).

    I have an inside joke of sorts about this phenomenon: if the SD is younger than my brothers (mid 40s, all), he is technically a sugar uncle.

  109. NitemareSD says:

    Kisses to you Lisa. Must have been rough without me last night.

    I’ve got a bunch of pictures to send you, so if you would send a few new pics to my email address, I’ll reply to yours with my pics.

    [email protected]

    Is that Galleria NW of Houston? Near 149 or 249? Near where Compaq HQ is/was?

  110. lisa says:

    Gee when I was in my 20’s I was attracted to guys in thier 50’s.
    Looks like the apartment management is taping the rent bills on the doors this morning. I hate to see how much they will charge me for water this month. It’s not fair to divide total occupied apartments by the water bill and charge everyone the same as I know I dont’ use as much water at the family of 8 downstairs. I hate that.

  111. NC Gent says:

    I find that the SBs in their early 20s want guys in their late 30s… I am in mid 40s — so just doesn’t work out very often.

    See above Raine! and hello!

  112. lisa says:

    Good morning raine. Glad the weekend is over for me, now I have my days off, lol. Nothing to do though, just waiting till 11 to go get a hamburger.

  113. raine says:

    Hi, all. Hope the weekend treated you well…

    [Yah, NC, how’s she out of your league?]

  114. lisa says:

    It seems to me there are too many young sds on the site (under 40) and not enough in their 50s-70s. I never think of a 20 year old guy as being a sd.

  115. NC Gent says:

    Thanks for your support Lisa, but I usually get very few positive responses from women under like 27 or so. I think most of those women are looking for younger SDs. I would have never emailed her, but she contacted me first, so we shall see.

  116. lisa says:

    Well this is a sd website so it’s perfectly right to find someone younger and attractive. Hope all goes well for you on your meeting. 🙂

  117. NC Gent says:

    She is very pretty, and younger than I usually attract, Lisa 🙂

  118. lisa says:

    Now HOW could she be out of your league NC Gent?

  119. NC Gent says:

    Thanks SE — I am meeting a potential this Thursday — she seems out of my league, maybe she will come to her senses before we meet!

  120. lisa says:

    Good morning Gail and happy birthday to your laptop. Hope you’re having a cake and presents, lol

    Well as I mentioned in before blogs I’m in contact with 2 potentials that both contacted me initially. One of them is a guy who bailed on me way back in August. He doesn’t sound finanically sound and sent me the weirdest reponse when I wrote him back. He contacted me out of the blue and said he’d like to take me to lunch when he is in my town. I wrote back and asked him when he would be in town. Well he wrote back and said he didn’t come to my town anymore as he lost almost a million dollars here but that he might be able to make a special trip to take me to lunch, sounded like he was doing me a favor when he’s the one that contacted me.

    2nd one is married and computer challenged. I can understand him not being able to email from home due to his situation but he said he didn’t even have a computer in his home, odd. If he is honest enough to mention being married, then his not being able to email from home would be undertandable. He lives in a little bitty town in the next state and not very close to me and I did some research on it and there is no airport that has regular airlines so I do not know how he would travel here every week discreetly as it’s not like he could drive here, not sure how long that would take.
    So I’ve got 2 potentials at least but I’m still in limbo.

  121. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars!!!

    Morning Lisa…I just woke up:) I haven’t been feeling too well..so just been sitting back and in slow-mo today. It is beautifull here today as well.

    Then I must be weird too Lisa:) I didn’t have a computer at home for a long time. Never had to because I was always busy at work,not that I used it much there. And when I was at home was too exhausted, and had to worry about home life too. It wasn’t until I was layed off that I saw the importance of having one. Especially to search for jobs, etc…I thank my SD friend, because if it were not for him I would not have this beautiful laptop that I communicate with everyone daily. Happy birthday laptop!!! You are 1 year old today!!!!

    Now to answer the topic questions. I have two pics on my profile. If a potential would like more…I respond back to them. “You can take plenty of them in the future when we meet.” I donot send nudies…or want them:) Yes ladies…one of my past potentials sent me a nudie right before we had plans to meet. I didn’t ask for it…Uugh….

    Nico…I hope you have a safe trip back…any SDs potentials sitting near you today? LOL

    Anyone have any Awww SD/SB stories too share this morning?

  122. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Off from work today, slept late and sound. Beautiful day here today, nothing to do though.
    Waiting to here from one potential that wrote last night. The other one sent me a message last night on his phone, said he would write when he got to the officed today as he doesn’t have a computer in his home. Why do I keep getting these sds that don’t have computers? very weird.
    I gotta go take a shower now.

    Good morning Gail, are you lurking or still asleep?

  123. fancy says:

    Hello everyone.

    I really want to chime in on this topic since I experienced this just today. I took my time to take and post 3 very good pics. Yes it’s a major turn off when a guy asks for more pics. Also I am not interested in seeing a dozen of them either. Today we exchanged a couple emails and then he was like I want to meet but can’t until next week can you send a few pics to tease me til then…gag!

  124. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning NC – safe travels and may your SB luck turn toward the positive this week.

  125. NC Gent says:

    Heya SE and Nico — good luck getting out of Denver, Nico. Your pics are perfect and I wouldn’t ask for more 🙂

    I hope everyone has a great week. Lots of travel this week. New Jersey, Charlotte, and Greenville, SC.

  126. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey Nico – good luck getting out of Denver. I’m sure you enjoyed your time away. Did you ski any?

  127. Nico says:

    Good morning SE and others that are awake. I am sitting in the Denver airport praying the snow stops long enough for me to get off the ground and headed back home. *fingers crossed*

    Interesting blog topics since I’ve been gone. On the topic of photos. I will always say that the photos in my profile should suffice and once they are willing to share a photo with me then I will respond with a few new ones as well. While this hasn’t fully eliminated the ‘problem’ it certainly has cut down on the picture ‘collectors’.

  128. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning all! I hope everyone’s week gets off to a good start. I am back from my 4.5-day escape that comes each year about this time. I’m not sure I am ready to be back though!

  129. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Ben,
    This is also a question that went through my mind several times.
    But the proof of the eating is in the pudding.
    For the first time I have recently met an SB.
    Because we had already established great sympathy beforehand by mailing regularly, we met and it seems that we are old friends.
    We were glad to see the person we have come to like so much.
    And then there was that magic wand by the Sugar Fairy.
    As for me I have come to care sincerely for her.
    It is like Angela says so beautifully, we plucked the flower of Love.
    Then that night we lay still, silently enjoying the afterglow of Love.
    Neither of us, felt anything like a business transaction.
    Magic in the air.
    I am sure that one day you will also experience it.

  130. Elizabeth says:

    Ben…like Angela, I’m new…I have a job I enjoy and to me…a SD/SB involvement is not a job. There has to be a certain amount of caring between both parties especially if things carry to a more personal and intimate level. If love happens, it happens and if things go awry, one must deal with it the best they are capable of. I’m not seeking a knight in white armor but rather a gentleman who is real. I may not be able to spoil him financially but I can find other ways to spoil him. I’m a pretty decent cook and I have very good hands. I have considered becoming a massage therapist. I know how to both be gentle and how to get deep into the muscles. And I’m also quite adept at listening. I wpon’t be abiused by any SD, nor will I abuse them. I hope this answers your inquiry atleast from this woman’s perspective. Take care dearheart…

  131. Angela says:

    Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.
    D. H. Lawrence

  132. Angela says:

    I am new to this but my whole take on it is it is NOT a JOB ! Or even like a job, to me a job is something you do that you don’t like but do anyway. I think of it more of a “calling” (my definition of calling is something your good at but also enjoy doing)
    I understand your intent in that reference though.
    I am naturally a very caring and nurturing person so I will “get attached” in the sense that I care about that person. I am not seeking love but since when has love ever payed any attention to the trifling whims of man.

  133. Elizabeth says:

    hi Y&F…doin ok here…relaxin after a long day at work and how are you?

  134. Lauren Renee says:

    Hello Young and Fabulous!!!

  135. ♥ϒoung&ƒabulous♥ → 300345 says:

    Hi SUGARS!!!!!! Goodness a weekend gone from the blog is like……a liFETiME!!!! *l0l* How is everyone tonight?!?

  136. Lauren Renee says:

    I know.Never send provocative photos

  137. Elizabeth says:

    or if they request photos of a more intimate nature…that is one thing I won’t send under any circumstances

  138. Lauren Renee says:

    Good Evening Everyone!!!

    As for the blog topic:I think if you have a pic on your profile then that should be enough as long as it is a very clear photo.But if you feel comfortable and the other person has shared pics then it’s only fair that you do the same.What annoys me the most is when someone asks for more pics but they don’t have one.

  139. Elizabeth says:

    was long…tons of price overrides as they were getting rid of alot of merchandise in preparation for inventory…so much fun…NOT…lol…but other than that I love the job and love the interaction with people

  140. Atalanta says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

    If you’re still on, how was your day?

  141. Elizabeth says:

    best of luck with your upcoming exams

  142. Atalanta says:

    Unfortunately, I’m studying for an exam (or should be), and will still need to catch up on some reading.

    oh the headaches.

    Frank Sinatra is getting me through this though! lol

    Hope everyone had a great Sunday!

  143. Elizabeth says:

    ok…home from work…how is everyone tonight?

  144. lisa says:

    NitemareSD NitemareSD

  145. lisa says:

    Hi Is anyone out there??

  146. lisa says:

    Have a good outing Jasmine. I think I will call my friend. Be back later.

  147. Jasmine says:

    Hey gurls I be back in a couple hrs.I’m going with the b/f for while,haven’t seen him in four days. Bye! 🙂

  148. lisa says:

    Good evening Victoria

    Do you have any more pics you can send me? lol I’m at icollect.pictures.and.disappear.com lol

  149. Victoria ♠302242♠ says:

    Dropping in, sugars! Miss me? I just wanted to see some of the responses to the blog…and to say I’m not abandoning my favorite sugar family! 🙂 But, I’m sick-ish (another cold), on top of a million other things that make me think my entire body has rebelled against me… So, anyway, if anyone has my email, feel free to drop me a line (cause I check that periodically for school). If you don’t have my email and still want to email me, it’s posted on one of the previous blogs. Well, that’s all for now, lovlies!

    Also, I don’t have much to say about this blog except: picture tag=ANNOYING. 🙂

    Tata, dearies!

  150. Jasmine says:

    Actually called (dropped too many times) pearl

  151. Jasmine says:

    Same here red pearl.

  152. lisa says:

    The galleria is connected to business offices and other office buildings and has a hotel connected along with spas and nice restaraunts. You never need to leave it when in Houston, it has everything

  153. raine says:

    Bwaaahahaha! Oh man, lisa, that’s just wrong. I’m going about it too much like right, huh? *snicker*

    Yes, jasmine, a pearl (aka “the civilian bb”) to be exact. Yours?

  154. lisa says:

    The galleria is the upscale shopping mall in Houston. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Hermes, Yves st laurant, etc etc along with Betsy johnson(I love that store), and the usual mall stores along with some low end stores like charlotte russe and Agaci. There is a sephora and Mac cosmetic store, Nordstroms, Macy’s, Saks, Neiman marcus, etc. It would be a great sd meeting place if the sd was sincere and got the point, lol I always meet them at the mall near my store which is the second nicest in town but just has the basic stores. I feel comfortable meeting at the coffee shop there though, plenty of people, familiar surroundings, etc.

  155. raine says:

    Yah, gotta bring that bag in or order same in advance as needed. Say, are there any luxury stores (gucci or otherwise) in the galleria by chance? Just curious.

  156. Jasmine says:

    Raine ur on a bb too? So am I.

  157. lisa says:

    now you know that’s not the way it’s done. You save them to your faves and then you never contact them, lol or you send them an email “you’re hot and misspell “your” and ask them if they have more pics, then you disapear.
    We gotta do what we can though, something’s gotta be coming soon

  158. raine says:

    Something will materialize, I just know it!

    Speaking of which, I oughta check out the ones overseas and see what they’re on. I’ve racked up a bunch of faves, what’s a few (dozen) more? Contacting them all will be a second job of sorts, but it’s worth a shot. [Gotta get that netbook; my bb can only do so much…]

  159. lisa says:

    I would think he might be able to find a way here if he was looking to get together once or twice a month and spend a day together, etc but he’s looking for weekly meetings. I seriously doubt he’s gonna meet someone in his town though. He would still have to fly somewhere to buy that gucci handbag, lol

  160. raine says:

    *raising fist* right on. Again, dangerously close. 😉

  161. lisa says:

    there are 3 regional airports in his area but they aren’t in his town, like 40-50 miles away and if they are like the ones that where down where I used to live, those airports were mostly for private planes and cargo, no airlines flying out of them. I don’t know what he does for a living so I dont’ know how he conducts his business. It just says he is a pres, I presume president of something

  162. lisa says:

    yes and the way I look at it, he would have to travel about 400 miles one way (which would be going east furthur away from me to get to the nearest city to catch a plane which would put him further away from me. He is looking for weekly meetings so i’m not sure he would be willng to do that every week and it’s obvious I could n’t meet him in his town once I got to know him because it’s a tiny town and small towns are known for their snoops.

  163. raine says:

    Dang. Kinda figured he’d be near an airport, but no flights to ho.uston. As jasmine said, you never know.

  164. Jasmine says:

    That sucks!

  165. Jasmine says:

    So he will need to travel to a big city in order to get to houston.

  166. lisa says:

    But I don’t know why i’m complaining, heck I can’t get sds from Dallas or Austin to jump on a plane and travel 200 miles (less than one hour flight).

  167. lisa says:

    I just checked out his town. Very small place of about 4000 people. Regional airport about 50 miles a way. No flights to Houston.

  168. Jasmine says:

    True so true.hey I had a person email me from boston.

  169. lisa says:

    I would hope so but alot of times these guys expect you to meet them half way. As I said, it’s like 6 hours from him to me and 6 hours back and he’s married. He would probably have to stay in town for the evening so I’m not sure how he’d cover that and if he could in the middle of the week. If he did travel to my city, he would have to stay at a hotel because I”m not having a stranger at my place. The other guy is that one who lost money so i’m just talking to him, not looking for it to marterialize but you gotta keep you options open and I have free time right now.

  170. Jasmine says:

    May never know lisa.he might travel to you.

  171. raine says:

    Yeah, I’d just take a load or two off. Six hours, huh? Hmm.

  172. lisa says:

    I have 3 lines running past my apartment but usually take the 46 to work and the mall, the 20 runs downtown, the 72 goes to another shopping area.

  173. Jasmine says:

    I hop on those suckers every monday and wednesday heading to school.

  174. raine says:

    …including the aforementioned 49(s) [actually, I only hop those twice monthly on average].

  175. lisa says:

    running? I can hardly walk when I get off from work. The shoes I have to work in kill my feet.

  176. lisa says:

    I have bus schedules but those mean nothing here. I am going to relax and stay home tomorrow and get my housework done. Gonna walk and meet my parents tuesday and meet my daughter after work. Still have nothing for thursday or friday, perfect time for a sd meeting. I am being very careful in my responses as not to scare them away, haven’t mentioned not having a car or working weekends yet. I worry that since the one is married and lives so far away, he might want to meet halfway, which I can’t do. I did a mapquest check and it would take 6 hours for him to travel to my city by car. I doubt there is a airport where he is.

  177. Jasmine says:

    Thank goodness no more running! 🙂

  178. Jasmine says:

    Take a chance to relax if you have the next couple days off.I know I would! 🙂

  179. raine says:

    Hi, lisa. Again, keeping the fingers crossed; if all else fails, think of them as practice.

    I don’t run for buses much nowadays because the routes I take most often can be tracked online.

  180. lisa says:

    Was was tiring but at least everyone was there in my department, makes it so much better and not being the last one to leave meant they couldn’t stick me with all their stuff to put back in the stock room. Just making some coffee now. Have the next two days off, work wednesday, off thur and fri, work sat. Lotsa free time, no sd meetings, just emailing.

  181. Jasmine says:

    I hear ya.same as me.I remember running after the western bus a couple times.yesterday I popped in too and there was nobody here either.

    Hi lisa,how’s was work? 🙂

  182. lisa says:

    Hi raine, Hi Jasmine

  183. lisa says:

    I used to ride the cta bus, now I ride the Metrobus, sucks

  184. raine says:

    Not literally (but have done so), but as you can see, I popped in and out of here today. Same as yesterday.

  185. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. You wouldn’t have to run for the bus here. I spent 45 minutes sitting at the busstop, weekend bus service sucks.

    Heard from both potential sds. Just in the emailing stage right now as neither live near me.

  186. Jasmine says:

    Don’t tell me raine,ur were running after a cta bus?

  187. raine says:

    I’m back now [insert somewhat labored breathing here, like I was running for a bus, say.lol]. How goes it, Jasmine?

  188. Jasmine says:

    Raine are you still here?

  189. raine says:

    Seriously, anybody home?

  190. raine says:

    WILMAAAA! *ahem* sorry, flintstones withdrawal.

  191. Jasmine says:

    Hi is anybody here? 🙂

  192. raine says:

    [ding] Bueller?…Bueller?…WILMAAAA!

    uh, I’ll try back later. 😐

  193. raine says:

    Hi, all.

  194. NC Gent says:

    Hi Allycats — I have been guilty of asking that a few times, but I got burned when someone had sent fake pics — it doesn’t have to be from a cell phone, but something that looks like your friends took. The pics that look like they were downloaded from a website set off alarms in my mind now, even though I am sure there are of plenty legit pics on the site… I just have been burned two too many times 🙂

  195. allycats says:

    I’ve been told my pictures are “too professional” can I send some candidn snapshots with my camera phone to make sure that I am for real. I guess you can’t win.

  196. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I had 2 emails in my box, both from those that contacted me yesterday. One was a sob story about how someone caused the guy to lose a bunch of money. He would still like to “hang out” with me. ??

    The other sent me his email adress so he can send me a picture. I will do that later, dont’ have time this morning.

    Have a good day everyone. Typical sunday for me, leave early, sit at work almost an hour, work, get off, sit at busstop almost an hour. Be back around 5

  197. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey Liz sorry I left before you go on… I went to a friends and watched a movie. I guess every one is off for the night so maybe I will catch you all when I wake up not sure when that will be lol. I hope every one has a good night

  198. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Any one on here this morning?

  199. Jasmine says:

    Hey elizabeth I’m leaving,I’m literally falling asleep here,take care,have a good night and hopefully talk to everybody and urself later on! Goodnight! Jasmine

  200. Jasmine says:

    I just finished redoing my profile.I felt it needed more change.

  201. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning everyone in Sugarland,
    “Summertime and the living is easy” is my Sunday and my wish for all of you is, that you have a relaxing day.
    Over here the clock changed into Summer Time and the clock went one hour forward. Got a longer day now.
    Weatherwise it is a beautiful Sunday with sunshine and the forecast for the coming week is even better.
    Took time to read up the blog. The news almost blinded me. The blog is almost a reality show.
    Girls having a fight over HunkHenri !
    My status here must have risen by a hundred percent or more.
    Mmmmmmmm expect more messages in my mailbox, like flies coming to the honey. Sorry, but my sense of humour leads my fingers on the board.
    To be honest, highly offensive idea, twins from England ?!
    You know the famous advice for mothers to daughters before the wedding still is from Vicorian days on “close your eyes and think of England” . Not much fun English girls.
    But in sharp contrast the French !
    The advice of mothers to their daughters before the wedding ?
    Le Jour de Gloire est Arrive’ !!!!!!!!!!!
    This is why France is the country of love.
    Yes, over here in Europe there still are distinct differences in culture.
    Now is not this a wonderful bit of philosophy for the Sunday ?
    Have not been to the gym these past few days for some exercise.
    On the other hand my workout has not been tedious at all. (giggles).
    I will sign off now wishing you a glorious day,

    Oh yes Raine, I loved your Yahoo pun !
    We share the same type of humour.

  202. Elizabeth says:

    me too not long ago

  203. Jasmine says:

    Nah just got here

  204. Elizabeth says:

    headed to bed Jasmine?

  205. Jasmine says:

    Good late night everybody!

  206. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry Cixerype, but I can’t understand you…my cpu does not readily translate your language into english…

  207. Elizabeth says:

    hi Angela…how ya feelin tonight?

  208. Angela says:

    Hi all night owls!

  209. Elizabeth says:

    hi sbt…how are you tonight?

  210. Sugarbabytoday says:

    alright I guess every one is gone I am out I hope every one has a good day at work tomorrow and good night to all you lurkers… talk to you all soon take care

  211. Sugarbabytoday says:

    hey is any one here tonight or did I miss every one… Sorry to all who were on earlier I left with out a word…

  212. Angela says:

    Angela walks in with a big box of sugar dust and covers everything and everyone with sugary good luck!!!!

    Hello all! and Hello Lisa. BTW I mentioned before but maybe got mod so Ill say again! Glad to have you back Lisa.

    Good news on the sugar front: i had a great 1st meet witha pot and he was great! He brought up THE SUBJECT!!!

  213. lisa says:

    goodnight raine. I have to work tomorrow too. Have a good night.

  214. raine says:

    In fact, I’m all the way blank now; I have work in the morning. I bid you goodnight, lisa (and any lurkers out there).

  215. lisa says:

    I will probably be working on Easter, the store is open. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my 4 days off this week, not all together of course as I have to work wednesday.

  216. raine says:

    Blank on that one too, lisa. Eh, our SDs are around here somewhere. Granted, carmen sandiego may turn up sooner, but still…

    That’s it, man: I’m going out in two weeks! Denis Leary will be in town, and I have easter off. Been three yrs since I got my live laugh on.

  217. lisa says:

    raine, I feel the same way when I read all the sd profiles of those offering little or no allowance and are still looking for a sb that can travel freely

  218. lisa says:

    OC percy says goodnight. Right now he is wanting me let him out of his box so he can fly around the tiled dining room. He will then sit on my chair at my computer and try to hit on me. Now if he was a sd, lol

  219. raine says:

    Deep breath…there, better now. I don’t know where that came from! *ahem*

    Okay, who’s left? I understand it’s saturday night and all…

  220. lisa says:

    well I am “slim” 5″1 and 105 lbs but is hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I see alot of few extra pounds sds on the site but I guess they demand slim sbs.

  221. raine says:

    lisa, I simply REFUSE to settle, as it’s been deemed deleterious to my overall health. I’m in the spot I am now because of it.

    I mean, I know he’s in here somewhere. On the flipside, if I had a thou for every time I read “must be slim” or some such, I wouldn’t be here.

  222. lisa says:

    going to take a hot bath now. Be back soon

  223. lisa says:

    I only go a few times a year, it depresses me too much, all those women with chanel handbags and the people eating in the nice restaraunts while I stop at mcds on the way home for a dollar burger. I’m trying everything to bring myself some luck. Got lots of free days during the week and nothing to do with them. I have 4 days off this week.

  224. raine says:

    Nitemare: Oh, wow. Is this the part where you recommend we get SDs’ dossiers shipped to us and/or make a few calls/send emails to the sec?

  225. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Well Lisa you need to go that galleria every day lol it needs to bring you some much needed good luck

  226. lisa says:

    I have seen some sd photos where they are holding babies or with young children. I think this gives them a more friendly personable appearance. I haven’t been in contact with any of them as they live too far away but I like their pics

  227. lisa says:

    Nothing wrong with a sb being picky, dont’ settle for less than you deserve raine

    Hi OC

  228. lisa says:

    well it brought me a great first date with a guy I met on another site, and then a great shopping trip with a potential sd. Just seems to stir the sd potential. I need some new makeup and some new lingerie, a cage for my bird, money to get my daughter something nice for her 18th and for graduation.

  229. OCSugarBaby says:

    My advice on the topic of photos is simple. Keep them simple, try not to have anyone else in them if at all possible. Make one a close up one full body. The third one can be a more casual look. What you are doing in the photo is not as important as a clear current version of YOU! Versatility, a positive portrayal and recent photo’s show them what you are going to look like when you walk into your first meeting. 🙂

  230. raine says:

    Not towards me personally, lisa — perhaps ‘picky’ would be the more appropriate term — but rather based on the many profiles I’d read up to now and everyone else’s experiences (the latter shouldn’t be a factor, I know; insert “results may vary” here).

  231. lisa says:

    uh oh NitemareSD is adding fuel to the fire, tears to the sadness, lol
    I dont’ require anything extravegant, just a night out occasionally, I love Chilis and haven’t been in over a year and 1000 a month could improve my life.

  232. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I think we could all use some shopping, atleast I now I could I need heels for work and haven’t been able to afford them would be nice to have some one take me shopping. That galleria seems to be bring up the past for you Lisa, not sure if I would be going back right away lol

  233. lisa says:

    yes, once a dud, always a dud. It’s just funny because I was telling everyone how going to the Galleria seems to boost my sugar response and has brought me two shopping dates right afterwards. I went yesterday and got solicited by that guy at the coffee shop and now an old potential coming up from the dustpile, maybe its just building up till my sd arrives. lol I so need some shopping and fun right now. I wanna go out to a restaraunt other than mcds. lol Also need some cash for my daughter’s birthday and graduation expenses. I already had to send her school graduation pictures back as the cheapest package was still too expensive.

  234. NitemareSD says:

    SBs have to be so much more careful in there due diligence these days. How much of the SD’s income is bonus? Does bonus come from a company that received more than $5B from the Federal Govt?

    If SD is using corporate jet as part of the arrangement, will Congress pressure SD into taking the train more?

    Does SD work for or engage in Ponzi Scheme?

    What will the value of the dollar be in 6 months? A few years?

    If SD is renting SB an apartment in a co-op building, does the underlying mortgage have to be refinanced any time soon? What percentage of the co-op is delinquent in maintenance charges?

  235. Sugarbabytoday says:

    This guy sounds so fishy, he would be one marked on my block list

  236. raine says:

    *shyly waving* hi, NitemareSD. How’d your day go?

  237. lisa says:

    raine I’m afraid I missed your original posts, why are sds hostile towards you?

  238. lisa says:

    Hi NitemareSD well actually way back in September he said that hurricane Ike messed up his business ventures and we all know that was many months ago. He has had plenty of time to change that million dollars to less than 50k lol. He stood me up back then. He was coming into town at a set time. I got dressed up and awaiting his arrival in town and I was going to go meet him. Waiting and waiting and it got later and then I got an email that he had an accident and was in ICU. Wrote me a month later saying he was having financial issues

  239. raine says:

    Dang: make that “example”.

    I’m blank on that one too, lisa: if another SB (regardless of tenure, for the lack of a better word) sees that…

  240. NitemareSD says:

    Maybe he hasn’t marked his assets to market on his profile yet.

  241. raine says:

    Hi, atalanta. Uh yeah…I’m afraid you’ve reapplied the pressure for me. A lot of these SDs are hostile enough without my adding fuel to the fire (unsure if surrounding myself w/ crossword books and/or bar.bies in my pics, for axample, will help the cause)! I gotta get at least my big toe in the door…

  242. lisa says:

    it’s funny how they talk about financial problems but don’t adjust their income and net worth. He is still worth 50 million??

  243. lisa says:

    I think I must have scared him away. He asked if I had met anyone on here and told him about meeting two sds that took me shoppping and spoiled me (I was trying to get the point across that this is what i’m looking for, not just lunch). He read but didn’t respond to my last message

  244. lisa says:

    I don’t think he is going to come to anything, just like before when he bailed. The other hasn’t written back yet. I will be back , gotta do something right now

  245. Atalanta says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before, but I think it is very important when it pertains to the pictures topic:

    Make sure that you have at least one head shot and one full body shot (that shows what your body looks likes).
    For some SD’s, they cannot have real/ clear pictures on their profile because they do not want to be easily identified by someone they may know. Easy to sympathize with, but I always expect to see pictures after contact has been established just so that I know he is the real deal.

    I’m not mean about it, but if all my pictures are recent and clear, I just want the same.

    AND if you are dolled up in your picture, do the same for your SD. OR ask how he would like to see you for your first date and dates afterward (if all goes well).

    Henri Louis put it very well: If you like the arts, give a picture of you playing an instrument, or at the art museum. If you like sports, show a picture of you actually playing a sport or at a sporting event.

    Let your pictures show who YOU are.

  246. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, but your a smart cookie and it sounds like you aren’t any how

  247. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Wow lisa that guy needs to find some where else to go! He contacted you if he wants to buy you lunch and he doesn’t go to your city than tell him you would love to have him buy you lunch and have him send you lunch money hahaha just kidding

  248. raine says:

    Oh man, that’s all I needed to hear, er, read: ‘I guess I’ll come see you and by the way, I have some money trouble.’ Hooo boy.

    I’m a woman of few words as is, but this just…see, I got nothin’.

  249. raine says:

    You then go from SB to servant. Strongly defeats the purpose and just plain defies logic! Yeesh.

    I don’t know what to say about that yahoo (pun intended). Just keep looking, I suppose; one shouldn’t have to work THAT hard!

  250. lisa says:

    ok I just heard from the one from months ago. Says he doesn’t come to my city anymore but he guess he could come see me (sounded like he’s doing me a favor even though he’s the one that contacted me , so I don’t know). Also talks of having financial problems and trying to restart so it doesn’t sound very sugary to me. I wrote him back and told him what I had been doing for the last few months, etc.

  251. Sugarbabytoday says:

    ok so I am starting to think coincidence maybe not? lol just kidding raine

  252. raine says:

    Yah, lisa, you’re mad overdue. Such is the retail world; getting either day off is a fluke (the economy notwithstanding, of course).

    Sugarbabytoday: I know, right? Funny, I don’t miss people in person this much. *chuckle*

  253. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I finally got a picture from the SD that was giving me a hard time he is attractive. But every time he is on yahoo he tells me to msg him it is like he disappears so I think I may just give up on him it seems he is playing a game

  254. Sugarbabytoday says:

    that is a little aggravating when the read the msg but can’t respond back knowing you can see when it has been read. Hopefully something will pan out for you this week. Yeah I don’t think I could give up everything I have worked so hard for to shack up with an sd kind of takes out the whole meaning of an sd in my eyes

  255. raine says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya, lisa; even if those two don’t pan out, more/better pots will trickle in. I’m so against shacking up myself, I’d sign it into law if I could, lol.

  256. lisa says:

    2 actually but one is from along time ago. However no response from any of the emails I sent. Sent messages to both of them, both have read but not responded yet. I have alot of days off this coming week but of course not sat or sun, time to meet a sd.

  257. Sugarbabytoday says:

    haha seems like we keep missing each other today raine.

  258. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Well atleast you are having some response this weekend lisa I know you have been feeling a little empty on that aspect.

  259. raine says:

    Actually, Sugarbabytoday, I just reappeared. Between my bberry and the weird timing, I don’t know what happened anymore…

  260. lisa says:


    Well i got 2 messages in my box. One from a potential that cancelled on me 7 months ago. wants to meet for lunch when he’s in town. Not sure when he’ll be in town though. Another new prospect but he’s in a small town in the next state. Is Married and looking for weekly gettogethers. I checked milelage and he’s 400 miles away so I wonder how he would get to my city and probably expects me to come to him which I can’t. I doubt there is an airport in his small town. We will see though.

  261. raine says:

    Alrighty then, I think I got it this time…

    OPOV: born and raised, still here. Have that movie (and numerous others) on VHS, as a matter of fact. >That’s not old school, folks; that’s OLE SKOOL.

    Good to know you’re taking this in stride, NC. I bet you don’t work this hard at your business *lol*.

  262. Sugarbabytoday says:

    did every one disappear on me again?

  263. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey every one, we meet again. Whats going on today in SB/SD world?

  264. NC Gent says:

    Hi Raine — yeah it has been an interesting few weeks in the sugar world. I do have my hopes up for one — I keep telling myself — through all the bad it only takes one good!

  265. Alicia*299952 says:

    Just wanted to stop in real quick and say hi to everyone!! I have had some issues with pictures – sometimes it sends a red flag. I’m so new at this though that a LOT of things set off red flags lol

  266. lisa says:

    Easy to get married? I haven’t had much luck, lol

    I think he wants more of a girlfriend thing than someone to spoil

  267. lisa says:

    I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I wouldn’t have a place to live if he threw me out, I want to keep my own place. Anyway he lives in some town that isnt’ close to Houston and I don’t think I would want to live there. I want a sugardaddy, not to move in with some guy so that he can get tired of me and throw me out.

  268. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa – you gotta live somewhere – might as well shack up?

    Besides, its way too easy to get married and way too hard to get divorced in this world.

  269. lisa says:

    wow aren’t we rebels using the word chicago freely without being censored. For all of you newbies to the blog, that was until most recently a word that kept a comment from posting, the forbidden word

  270. OPOV says:

    Hi raine

    that’s the second time I have seen you using the Ferris reference. Are you from Chicago by chance?

  271. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got in from work, actually 30 minutes early because the other bus was running late that I usually miss so I got it today. Fairly easy day today as there were 4 of us working instead of just me. Got my hours cut for this week again though. I am only working 3 days but of course 2 or those days are sunday and saturday. I don’t need this when I have extra expenses. Time to struggle again I guess.
    I did get a short message from a potential that cancelled on me 7 months ago (the one that had the accident but managed to email from intensive care.) He wants to buy me lunch when he’s in town. Didnt’ say when he’ll be in town but most likely it will be on a weekend. I don’t know that I want to meet him as his profile just seems odd, I mean how many people are worth 50 million? Anyway last time I heard from him he was having financial troubles but of course his profile hasn’t been changed in all these months. He is actually looking for a live in which I am not. I would never just give up my apartment and move to another town with a guy without being married. I would need some kind of security. Not sure if I want to meet him for lunch.

  272. raine says:

    Oh, again? My timing today, man…*shaking my head*

  273. raine says:

    I hope nothing bad happened as vivaldi played in the background (or your head) back then…

    I’m the same way re: discussing anything too personal in here. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I want/need/MUST HAVE success in this realm! I play to win, man.

  274. raine says:

    Hi again, folks. I’ve been in and out of here this afternoon.

    HenriLouis: awww yeah. *giggle* do I need to be holding a crossword puzzle book, a few bar.bies (a tad out of reach, as they’re in storage), and/or my abfab dvd (I heart fawlty towers, and britcoms in general!) in a pic? I know what to do now! *lol*

    Sugarbabytoday, how goes it for you today?

  275. TheTriplets says:

    Bonsoir TheTwins,
    Let’s have some revelation here.
    We are triplets and simply adore notre Henri.
    Oui, il etait avec nous and not with you.
    Les femmes Francaises sont meilleurs dans l’amour.
    He just referred to us not as TheTriplets out of respect dans son avonture.
    Il est tres chivalrous and un vrai gentleman.
    Et au lit ……….. ohhhhhhhh la la !
    We hold him in high esteem.

  276. Sugarbabytoday says:


  277. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Sugarbabytoday,
    Thanks for your message, I respect you privacy.
    What other music do you like ?
    Anything else we can talk about ?
    Also a good evening to you, alias The Twins, twin towers or Faulty Towers ? I bet it is Basil.
    Nice expression the word “geezer” it is British slang.
    Indeed you are correct, I never touched any twins of that ilk.
    But I absolutely adore the comment.
    So laden with jealousy and venom. I makes me beam with joy.
    An echo of Hamlet, in which the King has had poison poured his ear, while sleeping in the orchard.
    Life is like a comic strip to me.
    So we are having our own SA stand-up comedians now.

  278. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I would love to have a picture of me holding a violin but then it would be a false advertisement as I no longer own a violin I ended up having to get rid of it 4-5 years ago, so while I love it I haven’t had owned one in some time. I would love to exchange musical taste with you but to be honest I love all the true musicians but honestly have tried forgetting that part of my life and very few people even know that a played for certain reasons I chose not to disclose on this blog

  279. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi SugarBabyToday,
    Lovely name, quite a sweet mouthful.
    First time we meet here and it really is my pleasure.
    Liked your little comment “feel better ? ” great innuendo in it.
    Very sympathetic you ask. I am always fine as I regard all the incidents in my life as an enrichment, never as a let-down.
    Camping ? That is great, so you like the outdoors, mother nature.
    Use the photo to your advantage. Write a nice story.
    As to playing the violin. My favorite is the double concerto for violin by Bach. It transports me into a different realm.
    Why not pick up a violin and have someone take a picture. You need not be a star at it. It is just to show you in a different light. Do have a story with it how you came to play the instrument and that it influenced your taste in music.
    I als like Stephan Graphelly from the Hot Club de France, the only violinist who could do some jazz on the instrument and create swing.
    Still looking for an a Stradivarious SD ? Just drop me a line, it is now quiet on the blog, so we can sneak out of here for some exchange of musical taste.

  280. TheTwins says:

    HenriLouis is a creepy old geezer that touched us only in his dreams.

  281. Sugarbabytoday says:

    is any where here? Raine where did you go

  282. Sugarbabytoday says:

    wow, HenriLouis, feel better? lol I love camping I have a photo I also love music but I don’t have a photo of my playing a violin or guitar while I enjoying listening to music and would love to play it the last time I picked up a violin to play was well over 10 years ago so you won’t find a pic of me doing that. I love sports but don’t play on a team so I won’t have a picture of that either. I guess the point here is yes as an SB I love to do a lot of things but you won’t find many pictures of me doing because either one I don’t have the money to buy another violin and continue on with lessons or just am not able to do it enough to have a picture of me enjoying myself.;

  283. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey every one, wow after such a late night last night we find our selves back here again this afternoon for more.. haha raine you know what I am talking about

  284. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Raine,
    I am home nurturing my dream girls I visited a few days ago.
    As for pictures, I had rather send some myself than be waiting for that request.
    I have some nice short stories on all the activities that I like together with some pictures. Up till now I have never met a pot SB that does the same.
    Nobody volunteers any information out of themselves.
    You have to prod and illicit and ask for a picture showing the hobby they enjoy. Then I can gauge who this person really is deep inside.
    They all say, they love the arts. Never received any picture which shows that SB in a museum and in the background a painting they love.
    I have this wonderful picture taken in the British Museum and in the background a scene from the days of TutAnkAhmon, fishing the Nile.
    They all claim to love music, but never got a picture of her playing the piano or another instrument. I have this one playing the guitar among the bulb fields full in bloom.
    They al love gardening, but never send a picture of their own garden.
    I have a nice picture of my garden in full bloom and the bower at the end of the garden.
    They all claim to be active in sports, but do not have any picture of them wrestling in the heavy weight category or such. I have a series of pictures hiking or skating or karate or jogging ot windsurfing.
    They all claim to be marvelous between the sheets, but I never recieve a picture suggesting any kind of mastery on the subject.
    They all claim to be students, but do not have one picture at a campus or in class or among a group of students.
    Judging from the photos, they all seem to be hanging baskets full of withering flowers.
    Mankind is part of the animal kingdom. Mankind is very visual.
    At a glance Mankind perceives danger. Although we are past (really ?) the state of Neanderthaler, we ( modern man) is still highly visual.
    One picture can tell much more than blogs full of explanations.
    “If a picture paints a thousand words, why can’t I paint you “.
    Pictures are by far the vehicle of communication to establish sympathy, trust, love, friendship, affection, all the elements that make up an SD/SB relationship. Just a matter of psychology. Direct Marketing again !
    I am Mr Positive, so this is only to tell you about the importance of visual aids (pictures) to draw that pot SD closer to you !
    I care for all the SBs here on the site and I wish them to be successful in their search.
    I could keep my mouth shut, but it would be an utter lack of affection.
    It is not in my nature, so please sit down and take a minute to let it sink in.

  285. raine says:

    [sorry for the delay.] have a great day, Elizabeth, and keep the smiles coming/going!

    Anybody home?

  286. Elizabeth says:

    ok…I’m out the door…hope everyone has a wonderful day…

  287. Elizabeth says:

    I’m only here for a minute as I too have to get prepared for the work thing. I am tickled though as my 3rd pic was finally approved. Seems as though some have had issues in regard to picture trades while others haven’t. I appreciate the reminder to not be an enabler for the ones where it seems it may be all about them. As we all know, a relationship is after all about 2 people, not a singularity. Hi Raine, sending you hugs and hope your day has been wonderful so far.

  288. raine says:

    [ding] anybody home? Bueller?…Bueller?

  289. raine says:

    Hi, lovey. I’m with you on that; if there’s no pic on the profile due to privacy/security/safety reasons, then I’ll ask. Barring that, he needn’t be concerned about my pressuring him.

    Again, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. 😐

  290. raine says:

    Thanks, csb (I’m gonna need it). Keep us posted when you can, ‘kay?

  291. lovey says:

    I feel its only fair to send a nice, tasteful and true to life picture, I would expect the same, I am in this for real attraction not just cash in my pocket

  292. raine says:

    Hi, all. I understand that honesty is rocket science for some in this regard…

    [NC, you’re batting a thousand, huh?]

    I’ll be sure to get this right the first time, because all pic requests will be denied: “dear sir, please review my profile for pictures; repeat as needed. What you see is what you get.” I doubt I’ll be that brusque, but still…

  293. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I’ve had a few men request more photos and I obliged simply because I only have one on my profile. I had someone ask me to send nudes and lots of photos. When I refused, he became angry and called me liar and a fake.

    Wishing everyone the best of luck in their sugar dating. I will be back blogging once school calms down.

  294. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    touché, eh.

    point(s) well-taken….

  295. NitemareSD says:

    Name corrected from above…

    its easier (not better) to keep than recover.

    Its better to assume no one has any character until they demonstrate it. 😉

  296. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hello Nitemare, Natasha, Berkshire, SE….

  297. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    NC – you’re not shallow at all… “misrepresentation” or outright lies are rife in the online world… especially with regards to personal details such as income, net worth, height, weight, age… as Lisa mentioned in another blog, just BE HONEST !!!!!!

    Eventually the truth will emerge, and once someone loses their respect for a person, it’s virtually impossible to restore. As I read once, “it’s better to keep one’s character than recover it”.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t speak well for any type of “relationship”, whether that be SD/SB, acquaintance, friendship, lovers…. to begin with deceit and under false pretenses.

  298. NitemadeSD says:

    Next time just let her know her cell camera is broken because it makes her look like a (fill in the blank) when you know from her profile she is the hottest thing going.

  299. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi All — glad to hear you are grooving that golf swing SE!

    I only ask for pics if they don’t have one on their profile or if their pic on their profile looks airbrushed or too good to be true. Recently I spent quite a bit of time emailing a woman but she only had one too good to be true pic on her profile. After knowing her a bit, I asked her to send me a pic from her cell phone…. at first she pretended she didn’t see my request in the email, and then she reluctantly agreed. She was at least 50 pounds heavier (not slim like her profile said) and I couldn’t even tell if it was the same woman. When I asked her about she called me shallow 🙁

  300. BerkshireSD says:

    i never ask for other pictures unless the ones the SB has are terrible. I always say something like “real” or “clear” or “not looking for nudes” or something when I do.

    i think sometimes they get disappointed i don’t want them enough to check the merchandise.

  301. Natasha says:

    I havn’t had a problem with picture trading. I just post one perfect goodlooking pic because even though I have one posted I get asked for more and more…lol..if they dissappear on you its because they didn’t like you. don’t get discouraged though. there is someone out there just for you 😉

  302. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning all! I’ve been on a golf outing since Wednesday with a bunch of buddies from…well, all over the place now. At one time we all lived in Chicago, but now some are scattered around the country. Apparently I am the only early-riser of the bunch so I took the opportunity to come to the lodge restaurant, have some coffee and catch up a bit.

    Regarding the topic of the day – and thanks to Stephan for posting a discussion topic that can be read in less than 2 hours – I think if a profile has nice, clear picture(s), there shouldn’t be further requests for pics unless more pics are offered. I’m sure most pic requests come in the form of requests from the SDs to the SBs. Besides the fact of just being curious creatures, we males are highly visual but as the blog discussion states, when there are repeated requests for more pics, it becomes about the pics and largely about the person doing the requesting than about the two of you getting to know each other, etc.

    From what I read from the SB bloggers, it seems to be fairly common for SDs to request pic after pic and then disappear, so I would encourage the SBs to avoid enabling that behavior and don’t honor those requests – especially if you have two or three nice pics on your profile. But I also understand that a SB may be thinking that if they don’t send the pics when requested, the potSD will be gone and never heard from again. I would suggest that SBs kindly respond that you have very nice, recent pics on your profile and those should serve the purpose. I’m sure the ladies can probably craft a gentler message than that, but you get the idea.

    I hope everyone has a great Saturday – and if your job requires you to work today, may it be a nice, short day so that you can get home and relax and enjoy your weekend!

  303. lisa says:

    I remember this topic from a long time back. I hate playing picture trade and I don’t do it. I post 3 pics, and when a potential sd that has no pics or one really cloudy one asks for more pics, I wanna strangle him,lol

    Good morning everyone. A cold windy day in Houston. I’m getting ready to go out in it to go to work. I hate saturdays as I always come home with a backache. Not sure about the NY thing Berkshire as I am having enough problems get a weekend off in April to go to Galveston with my daughter. We have been having some serious problems in my department and we are all having to work today and saturdays because our merchandise is sitting in the backroom. Too much work for one or two people so they have all 4 of us working today. My boss is going to be out with back surgery some time so I’m not sure. I work very few hours but even if I was cut down to working only one day a week, you can be sure that day would be saturday.

    Have a good day everyone. Be back after 5.

  304. Jasmine says:

    I haven’t had anyone complain yet about the pic back and forth.

  305. SouthernGirl says:

    I haven’t had a problem with potential SDs receiving my pictures via e-mail…but that’s just me!

    I HAVE had a problem with potential SDs requesting picture after picture and then disappearing without sending one in return!! Is that normal?

  306. BerkshireSD says:

    i am so jealous to hear Lisa has a lover. I thought that was in the past. I want to see new pics in the new skirt and sweater dress while i do my sexdiggerpig pic collecting thing.

    If the girls are still doing the NY show, my offer of a ticket from houston to nyc is still there. i think BerkSB will allow me to meet the gang at some event if Lisa is there.