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International Dating: A Seeking Case Study

In a fast-paced world where success often comes at the expense of personal connections, finding love, and time to engage with and meet new people outside of your office can seem like an elusive pursuit. This rings especially true for successful individuals like Jason, a thriving American PR executive navigating the bustling international dating scene in the UK as an ex-pat. Jason’s story is one of ambition, perseverance, and ultimately, finding a way to connect with new people, from all over the world, in all walks of life— while he might still be looking for love, he’s definitely had his share of successes, and wants others to see that great business does not have to come at the cost of romantic connections.

An American in London

As a highly-accomplished PR executive, Jason dedicated his time and energy to building his career. Between clients and campaigns, media communications, and press releases, he could advocate for any brand at all— the only campaign that needed attention was his dating life. At the same time, he had moved to the UK, which offered a whole other set of challenges and cultural nuances when it came to international dating; with it came a higher degree of subtlety. Compared to dating in the US, Jason found that the change of scenery was something that inspired him, rather than discouraged him.

“It’s really rewarding, dating as an ex-pat”, Jason explained. “There were differences in the dating scene, differences in the culture, and of course, differences in the people. When you navigate new geographies, and new places in the world— women definitely have expectations that you haven’t encountered before. I’ve dated women from many places, and how women perceive men can be extremely varied, from culture to culture and person to person. You have to be particularly open-minded— don’t go into the date with any solid preconceptions, because staying flexible and learning is what’s going to enable you to get the full experience of a new place and new individual.”

Jason continued, stating: “When you think about a great partnership— love, or even just a great date, I think compatibility transcends culture. Dating as an ex-pat is very exciting— it’s a new place, a new range of experiences, and there might even be a language barrier. I’d encourage people, if they’re feeling stuck, or having difficulty meeting the right person, to start considering that those great dates and connections might be in a far-off city, or even on a new continent.”

Going Global

Jason’s passion for travel took him on adventures around the world, looking for just that.

From bustling cities in the East to humid, tropical destinations and Bali beaches, he immersed himself in diverse cultures, expanding his horizons, and imagining that there might be, in one airport or another, a connection that entered his life serendipitously. 

Traveling alone was all well and good, but having someone along for the ride, to sample street food in Taiwan, or wander through the ancient temples in Vietnam, and South Korea— now, that was essential.

This was the true conclusion that Jason came to during his extensive travels. While he met many people, it was not the same as finding a deep, romantic connection with someone who understood the local culture, spoke the language, and who could ultimately show him a deeper glimpse into the world that he had entered, while also connecting emotionally. As an executive, he equally wanted to meet someone who would uplift him, and with whom he could find a sense of mutual admiration.

The Upscale International Dating Experience:

Enter Seeking.com. 

For Jason, the platform’s international reach broadened his possibilities, allowing him to explore matches from diverse backgrounds and cultures, while in his home city, or abroad. Seeking.com also offered him the opportunity to connect with individuals who understood the demands of success and shared his desire to improve themselves, and learn about both his career and discuss their own pursuits. He dated women across the world, and met up with them on his travels, and instead of remaining in a static place, he changed his perspective on international dating and turned it into an adventure.

“I wanted to share my experiences with someone, and I also wanted to meet people from the various cultures that I was encountering. I wanted to learn how thinking was different in the places that I visited. We all want something different from ourselves, because to be surprised by a person, and even a place, is what makes travel, and dating so exciting.” 

What Jason did not expect was that after all of his international adventures both seeking to discover new languages and new cultures, he would find a girl right where he least expected it: in London, the city that he now called home. 

While the pair parted ways, Jason has returned to Seeking.com with that same sense of adventure, although now even wiser. He’s shared his insights with Seeking below:

Navigating the Upscale International Dating Landscape: Jason’s Advice for Successful Men

Jason’s success in finding a balanced dating life on Seeking.com inspired him to share his insights and advice for other successful men seeking meaningful connections. Here are some key pointers from Jason’s experience:

  1. Be a Gentleman: “This one’s the easiest to follow,” Jason says. “It’s as simple as that, but the most important, number one point.”
  2. Don’t talk to too many people at the same time: Present your true self and showcase your unique qualities, but keep it to a select group. You have to choose wisely, or you spread your time too thin, and you won’t be able to progress the conversations in meaningful ways.
  3. Embrace Upscale Dating Platforms: Explore upscale international dating platforms like Seeking.com to meet like-minded individuals who understand your ambitions and lifestyle; you’re not going to find a partner who can match you intellectually, and in your success-driven mindset, when you’re swiping. It simply does not work.
  4. Communication is the Real Key: “Let your partner know what your schedule is like!” Says Jason. “If you don’t have time to spend with them every week, if you work full time, if you’re going to be on an airplane half the time, let them know that. You have to let the person know that the reason you can’t be attentive is not because you’re talking to a lot of other people, but because you’re genuinely busy.”
  5. Stay Open-Minded, Stay Passionate: Be open to new experiences and perspectives. Embrace the diversity of the people that you encounter on the international dating journey and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. What you really are looking for might be right there, just around the corner, or, they could be halfway across the world from you. Cultural differences are a real thing, but they’re also going to add texture to your relationships.

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