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6 Reasons To Date An Entrepreneur

Name. Age. Occupation. These are the first three identifiers we are offered when getting to know someone new. But how much can these three things really tell us about a person’s character? You might be surprised how much you can learn from this little amount of information. 

Let’s take a successful entrepreneur in his mid-40s for example. While there are many types of entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs share many of the same qualities such as discipline and ambition. An entrepreneur is self-employed, often self-funded, and therefore requires a certain amount of maturity and grit to be successful. So if you’re wondering how compatible you might be with someone who is their own boss, here are a few benefits of dating an entrepreneur.

The Benefits of Dating an Entrepreneur

They Are Disciplined 

In order to be successful in business, it takes a certain amount of self-discipline to keep momentum. If the man you’re dating is an entrepreneur, he is likely in great shape, gets up early, and keeps a clean house. So if those are qualities that are important to you, you might be compatible with an entrepreneur. 

They Don’t Work 9-5 

In many cases, an entrepreneur will not be confined to a normal work schedule. This could be seen as a benefit for someone who has a similar lifestyle and looking for someone with similar availability. While there may be periods where longer hours are worked and other conflicts arise, the freedom of not being tied to a traditional work schedule can still be worth it. Not only that, but they understand the value of time and will make the most of their time off being present with you. 

They Travel Well 

One of the most appealing things about dating an entrepreneur is that they can work from anywhere. This means travel isn’t limited to approved PTO, holidays, or weekends only.  This is why entrepreneurs are generally well-traveled as they take full advantage of the benefits of vacationing off-peak. Prepare for spontaneous mid-week trips that mix work with pleasure with some amazing backdrop like poolside in the Hamptons or at a private villa in Tuscany. Successful entrepreneurs also know how to game the point system. So get used to airport lounge access as well as those  business and first class upgrades. 

They Are Driven & Resourceful

Ambition is sexy and sometimes that drive for success translates into the context of a successful relationship. If an entrepreneur is committed to dating you, you know he will be putting in the effort required to prevent failure. So if you value a partner who isn’t going to leave you hanging in an argument or actually follows through on future plans, a self-employed man is where it’s at. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, highly resourceful, and good at advocating for themselves and others. You can learn a lot from dating an entrepreneur. 

They Are Planners & Doers 

Entrepreneurs are driven by success and that requires an extreme level of organization and forethought. When you’re dating an entrepreneur, you know going in that they aren’t just blowing smoke around their ideas. They are actually making things happen in their life. It can be incredibly frustrating to always be the one in the relationship who has to make the plans or even pick where you’re eating for dinner. You won’t have to worry about this with the right partner.  Entrepreneurs are natural leaders and make great partners for those who value these qualities. 

They Are Creative

It takes more than hard work and drive to be successful in business. You have to have ideas and a creative mind to back up your ambition. Creative minds often lead to unique experiences – in and out of the office. So if your love language involves thoughtful gift-giving or unexpected adventures – dating an entrepreneur might be the perfect fit for you.  Life is more interesting with someone always dreaming up new ways to pass the time. 

The Cons of Dating An Entrepreneur 

While there are many great reasons why an entrepreneur would make a great partner, not every person will be the right partner for one. A self-employed man works a lot and will often go through periods of high stress. An unconventional work schedule can lead to unpredictable patterns such as canceled plans and missing holidays or events. If you don’t have the right mindset going into a relationship with an entrepreneur, you won’t be successful in your relationship.

Did you know that 23% of Seeking members identify as an entrepreneur? If you’re looking for a self-made, successful man then make sure you are attracting the right kind of partners with your profile. A little extra effort can put you at the top of his list with the right keywords. If any of our reasons above resonate with you, highlight the qualities and experiences that will make your profile stand out to an entrepreneur. 

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