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Why She Ghosted
  • Posted Mar 16, 2016


By seemingly disappearing into thin air, the act of “ghosting” has become the newest phenomenon in dating. Let’s face it, being ghosted sucks. You meet a girl and instantly connect, exchange texts with playful banter, have a few dates where the conversation never slows, you start getting serious feelings for her and then the next day, she’s gone. Calls aren’t returned, texts aren’t responded to. She’s vanished.

Below are some reasons why she may have ghosted.  

Too Aggressive

You’re familiar with the term ‘Stage 5 Clinger, right? While this is usually a negative term used to describe an overly needy women, it is also possible for a man to fall under the Stage 5 category. Did you text her right after dropping her off? Did she wake up to three missed calls from you? Did you invite her back to your place on the first date? Were there sexual undertones in a majority of your comments? While assertiveness can be an attractive quality, remember not to be too overbearing or seem clingy.

Avoiding an Awkward Conversation

Albeit immature, ghosting is a favorable method for avoiding awkward conversations, such as: you’re annoying, I’m not attracted to you whatsoever, you smelled, you talk too much, you were rude to the waitress, I just don’t like you, etc. You may have done something to turn her off or upset her, and this is her somewhat polite way of declining further advances.  

Another Flame

There’s a chance she’s dating multiple people at once and decided to cut you loose. There’s nothing you can do about this one.  

Commitment Issues

Things were going really well and you two all of the sudden became serious and you’re head over heels for this girl – then she’s gone. Maybe she realized she’s not actually ready for a commitment and ghosting is her way of backing out. It’s possible to be genuinely taken with someone but to be utterly afraid of commitment. If she’s ghosting you for this reason, just relax and give it time. If you leave her be, there’s a good chance she’ll reach out when she’s ready.  

Simply, Not Her Type

Don’t beat yourself up too hard. Chemistry is everything and if the attraction simply isn’t there, then there’s nothing you can do. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. The two of you just didn’t click for one reason or another. Our wants and needs change constantly, so while you may have hit it off for the first couple of dates, her mood and mind have since changed and she’s choosing to end things and ghosted.

If you feel like you’re being ghosted, I would follow the three message rule: you can call, text or email her up to three times (any combination) without a response. If you don’t hear back after your third attempt or after one week, she’s ignoring you and it’s time to move on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please help me on this. I already went out with a POT and I had a really good feeling about him. I texted him after a week and didnt get any reply after some days I’ve tried it again and neither a reply. I think he’s just not interested in me anymore. But he really seemed to be interested in me and we laughed a lot togehter. It’s very confusing. Someone would have an advice for me on this. Shall I reach out to him again. I think its getting already embarassing and I dont know how to handle this.

  2. Anonymous lady says:

    Can someone give me insight when it’s the opposite… When it’s the potential SD that ghosted and there was no hook-up involved? I didn’t reach out to this person, he reached out to me and got my interest eventually over time. I’m new to the sugar bowl and I know there’s rules on certain way to carry yourself. But he seemed very interested in me for almost a month but before we had to meet… I was nervous that it might not work and told him I don’t think I am right for the arrangement because there was strong emphasis on sex being the main thing. And I just wanted sure but wanted to still meet him and we had a planned date and when that day comes. He doesn’t respond to my text at all, I send him message on SA and he doesn’t respond. So I try to contact him one more time the next day and he said he’s going through something personal and he thinks it’s best I look elsewhere. And that I seem like I want a relationship and he can’t have one…. And a relationship isn’t what I wanted. I’m just so confused on what happened… Usually, this is what happens at a bad one night stand but how do you explain something like that happening when there was no sex involved and the guy just decided to end arrangement before meeting? I genuinely had an interest in him and It’s like okay, he reached out to me and once I showed interest than he backed off? I don’t know if he did me a favor in the long run but it bothers me how it ended.

    • SB response to Anonymous lady says:

      I don’t understand exactly what your question is, but this is a common occurrence. Sadly, it could happen at least a dozen more times (especially if you’re not open to intimacy) before you actually meet someone. Flaking is common on both sides from what I hear.

      Just make it clear what you’re not open to in your profile to avoid possible misunderstandings.

    • I was Ghosted says:

      This has happened to me a few times with women I was actually dating (not a SD/SB arrangement). It is painful and it leaves you confused, especially after you’ve met her family, taken her and her kids out to eat or to a movie, and she seems to be absolutely crazy about you, then on the day you’re about to go out on your tenth date she disappears into thin air and you’re unable to contact her. I’ve had girlfriends and fiancees who left me for younger men, more athletic men, richer men, etc. but at least they had the courtesy to tell me they were doing it. Since you have learned how it feels to be Ghosted please be considerate and don’t do it to someone else.

  3. Hola quero conhecer homem de caráter bom que goste de mim e sincero. Grata pela atenção

  4. Julian says:

    Or you didn’t have enough money. This is a financial relationship mainly, if you aren’t providing on the second or third meeting (and all SDs should be fairly willing to give at least a small financial or otherwise gift before sex ((if you even want/choose to have sex)) to show you arent a salt daddy) then you will probably be ghosted

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is going on with the site it works like blank!
    Major technical problems

  6. tooshy4this says:

    I’m a 26 yo single SB and had a couple SD’s msg me that I haven’t msgd back. I stated i’m not looking for sex in my profile but still feel like that’s what they want. I’m fine with anything that isn’t hardcore PDA (snuggly, holding hands, kissing) but I just get this sinking feeling each time I get msgd that they are trying to spread my legs…

    • Eve says:

      TBH babe, most arrangements involve a physical side. Physical intimacy is a big part of the human experience and a lot of these men want the benefits of a girlfriend without the commitment or expectation of a marriage or kids in the future.

      Put it in your profile that you are looking for a platonic arrangement. It should cut down on the messages from people really looking for a physical aspect to the arrangement, but will likely cut down on responses overall. That being said, the ones you do connect with will have a better idea of what you want.

      • lookin4sweetgirl says:

        I agree, if you put down ONLY looking for a Platonic Arrangement, it would save you the hassle of dealing with guys like us and save us having to waste time in contacting you. Pretty simple.

  7. anonymous says:

    Ghosting by the girls is just plain RUDE…Just text back and say “not interested”…would be a WHOLE lot better..Also whats with all the FAKE pics posted of these girls ..????..Ive had like 3 meet ups out of 100’s of emails and upon meeting the girls look nothing like what they posted…One girl was 40 pounds heavier….

  8. Journaling says:

    I am a 25 yo SB and I will abruptly leave or ghost if the person communicating with me chooses to be too sexually overt during the introduction. This site has an undertone and you need to be sharp enough to follow the game. If you struggle with simple concepts as this, the very idea of talking to you face to face will just be intellectual torture. I know that sounds harsh and rejecting but if the person you are speaking with is too impulsive, eager and informal, it is a red flag for additional issues down the road.

    A lot of the SD profiles read “My time is valuable” and “Don’t waste my time, I won’t waste your time!” but in reality, the SBs feel the exact same way but social rules prevent us from being as blunt and direct on our profiles. We will just be considered “bitches” or “cold-hearted”, so we are forced to roll the dice and reply back to emails that are low chemistry.

    I know it is not fun to be rejected but just keep in mind you have a whole website full of people to email. Do not allow a few rejections distract you from you personal goal.

  9. Anonymous says:

    **if they have to “suppress” their trolling, there is nothing for the mods to do, right? Why feel sorry for them…;)? Women’s logic, at its best.
    I do not know whether duh duh dude is an SD or not, but he is certainly someone who represents a very clear trend in men’s thinking about relationships, women, marriage. I said that before, if you know you are not going to be insulted, you will argue your point patiently, respectfully and politely. That is what blogs are supposed to be about.**

    Poor guy. Cause and effect escape him :( If they are moderated and reprimanded for their veiled insults and hot topic button pushing, which the mods have had to do A LOT, the result is they are then forced to repress their trolling on other forums.

    And the IRONY of your mention of arguing a point respectfully, patiently and politely when urs is dripping with condescension and insult- not to mention his posts which are nothing but disrespectful, impolite and 99% false due to his uncanny ability to twist anything and turn it into his word gymnastics falsehoods. Anyone who cannot see that is as mentally ill as he is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Branding people disagreeing with you as “mentally ill” is rather Stalinistic, and is way beyond “veiled insults and hot topic button pushing” or “dripping with condescension and insult” or even “disrespectful, impolite and 99% false.”

      Please cease and desist from posting.

  10. Sugar Baby says:

    Dear gentlemen,

    I am a 25 year-old SD, and from my experience, here are the 5 reasons why a woman you met on SA vanishes:

    – You are rude / verbally aggressive

    – You a too pushy about sex, and this makes us feel that this is the only thing you are looking for. Show some manners and be subtle!

    – You are stingy – or at least not as generous as you promised you would be. Spending and giving money is the ultimate condition of being in a SD/SB relationship, and the more beautiful the girl is, the more generous you have to be. Being stingy makes her feel she has no value.

    – You are physically unattractive (or dirty)

    – You are too jealous/possessive or you are trying to get control over her life. A big turn-off.

    • InternationalStudent says:

      I am a new SB and I can say these are good points. From my experience, my very first SD was too aggressive, whether it was a kiss or intimate moments. I addressed it, but nothing changed. We agreed that I could spend my time at his place the whole weekend, Fri-Sun, because I am too busy during the week. He would text me all day, from when I woke up until I went to bed. I understand, as an SB I am supposed to be there for my SD whenever he calls, but I am also a full-time student. I am on campus from 9am until 6pm. Aside from class, a majority of those times I would have to tutor other students or study. I felt no matter what I addressed, he would change his habits, but only for a good week or so. We also never did anything. We stayed at his home and watched tv. I am not kidding. We sat on either the couch or the lazy boy and just watched tv, for hours.

      My second SD was very demeaning. We would have great conversations, amazing chemistry hanging out, but when it came time to intimacy it was just too cold. He would demand I call him daddy, he would call me a whore, we could be in the middle of laughing and he’ll say “take your clothes off” and so on. He never addressed his kinks, so I was extremely unprepared. Needless to say that didn’t last long. He made me feel cheap.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      An interesting list from the sugar baby point of view. However, as a Sugar Daddy, I have another perspective on the list.

      1) rudeness: This is very subjective. One sugar baby might see behavior like this as rude, another might see this as a sign of being a “real man” or a sign of machismo. A good Sugar Daddy should be able to read the sugar baby (from the profile and pre-meeting communication) and be able to judge how to treat her in a way that she would appreciate.

      2) Too pushy for sex. Again, very subjective. Some sugar babies my lose self-esteem if the sugar daddy does not seem turned on by them. Again, a good Sugar Daddy needs to be able to read a sugar baby and tell what amount of interest would make her happy. And, if a sugar baby is conflicted about the sugar game then there might not be a correct answer.

      3) Stingy: If a sugar baby ghosts over not getting the money she was expecting out of a meeting even though the sugar daddy has tried to set acceptable parameters ahead of time then the sugar baby has done the sugar daddy a huge favor by ghosting. Also, “beauty” has zero connection to how much a sugar baby should expect from a sugar daddy.

      4) Ugly or dirty sugar daddy: I agree that a sugar daddy should make an effort to look presentable, however, the expectation that a sugar daddy should be good looking is ridiculous. If he was, why would he need a sugar baby? That whole concept comes from blogs that present an exaggerated or false portrait of sugar life.

      5) Jealous/controlling: Again, pretty subjective. Some sugar babies will want someone like that, some won’t.

      Allow me to add some more conjectures on why some sugar babies ghost:

      A) They decide that the sugar life does not suit them even though the sugar daddies they are meeting live up to their preconceptions.

      B) They decide that the sugar life does not suit them because the sugar daddies that they are meeting are considerably less desirable to them then their preconceptions of a sugar daddy.

      C) They decide for whatever reason that the sugar daddy that the are ghosting on is not an acceptable candidate for a sugar daddy.

      D) The sugar baby is a scam artist who wanted to treat a sugar daddy like an ATM and then vanish before they had to fulfill whatever promises they made to sucker the mark into giving them money.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I forgot one:

      E) Change in situation: a sugar baby (especially the college ones) might ghost if they get a boyfriend, flunk out, find out that they no longer have time to sugar if they want to not flunk out, or if they leave the area because of transferring or graduating.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a 55yo man and for the first time found a date who is under 40 yo, actually she is 20 yo. (at first I couldn’t believe my luck!) After a few dates virtual and real, and substantial “investment”, she is no where to be found. For 3 weeks I was so depressed thinking what’s wrong with me and what did I do wrong? I am glad to see that I am not alone in being ghosted. Thanks guys for sharing your experience. You really make me feel much better. Time to go back dating someone who was born in the 70s or the 60s.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      If you are taking about the same date in the other two posts you put up, I would say that you had bad luck. However, there are ways to protect yourself emotionally and financially. First off, there are plenty of SB’s out there. The sugar game is like public transportation, if you miss out on one bus there will be another one coming. So, don’t think that a girl who is 20 is something special. Also, unless (like me) you like in the middle of nowhere and most POT’s are 1-3 hours away, you might consider trying to find a SB much closer to where you live. Finally, unless you have found “the one” and you two have set up a lot of stuff together, I would not stick to one SB. That way, if one ghosts you still have the other.

      • Anonymous says:

        You right about the bus terminal analogy. I am new to this. You really have to have a thick skin to play this game. There has to be a better way to meet young ladies for people my age

      • Anonymous 39yr old SB says:

        My tip to sugar daddies getting “ghosted” out there: DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Some think ghosting is rude and some would say it’s more considerate than hurting someone’s feelings. it’s just something that comes with online dating and meeting people in this manner. SDs and SBs both get ghosted. Not just the guys.

        I used to model sportswear in my 20’s and consider myself one of the more attractive, fit, mature, QUALITY women on SA with a business and goals of my own, and even I get ghosted. I consider myself a “solid 9” without makeup and I got ghosted after a 1st date because a guy was looking for his perfect flawless perfect 10 with giant breasts. Ha! And that’s ok. I can’t blame him for pursuing his ultimate pleasure triggers. After all, that’s the point of SA. And with 1000’s of choices on SA, no one should feel like they have to settle.

        However, the only reason I found out WHY I was ghosted after our first date, was because I asked. post ghosting, I waited a few weeks and then sent him a text letting him off the hook and re-assuring him that I wasn’t mad at all, just curious; I understood and respected if he just wasn’t feeling the sparks and not interested in me. I just wanted to know what it was that turned him off so that I was aware and could have an opportunity to better myself. It was only then that he told me I was pretty awesome, he enjoyed our lunch together, but he was looking for someone taller with bigger breasts. I chuckled to myself a little and thanked him for his honesty. I was happy to know the reason and happy to re-affirm within myself how much I love my natural B cups, love being a petite girl, and can’t wait to meet the man who sees me as his ideal perfect 10 in his eyes. It just wasn’t that guy. Ghosting happens, on SA and in everyday life. Brush it off and keep your sense of humor. ..Next! hahaha!

      • jim says:

        There are surely all kinds of perceptions about an SD/SB relationship. Based on my experience as an SD and the responses I get, I will delineate an ideal type of SD/SB relationship that stands out among other interpretations of this kind of relationship that I encountered.
        Generally speaking, I noticed that many SB’s are mentally unprepared to the kind of an ideal SD/SB relationship as I define it – surely the same can be said about many SD’s, however, I can speak about my successful experience as an SD only. I find that some SB’s perceive this relationship as an extension of BF/GF relationship with NSA where they can financially benefit of it but still lead an independent personal life. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, provided both parties make their intention clear to each other from the beginning; however, such a relationship can easily lead to disappointment and frustration by either party, if both the SB and the SD don’t acknowledge the different mental adjustment needed for each of the two types of relationships.
        I believe the traditional BF/GF relationship distinguishes itself from an SD/SB relationship in 2 points: first, the former is a relation in which male and female within a narrow age range usually share all burdens and joys of life together in close and almost daily ritual, whereas in the latter the male and female usually get together to spend some limited but quality time together. An SD/SB is more the kind of fantasy relationship we watch in movies where there is no sacrificing. Both enjoy some time together and then return to meet the challenges of real life in more or less separate ways.
        The second main difference is that in an SD/SB relationship the age difference can be so large that the two parties find themselves at completely different stages of their life, and therefore, they are not competing against each other in any way, be it in pursuing a career or reaching certain similar goals. That leads to fewer areas of conflict and less tension. Ideally, the SD has had a successful life behind him and gained some rich experience that can benefit his SB who is at a stage in her life during which she is preparing for a bright future. Unless the SD has inherited his wealth, it takes usually long years of hard work to become successful in life, and therefore, it’s not unusual that the best suited SD would be an older, hopefully youthful, fit, and caring gentleman close to retirement or even in retirement. Many of the 60-year-olds of today are the 45-year-olds of yesterday.
        In such ideal SD/SB relationship the SD is then kind of a mentor who motivates and inspires his SB and nurtures her to grow and achieve her goals while they share the fine things in life together during a limited time on a weekly or monthly basis. In that sense, an SD/SB is a win/win relationship. The financial assistance is incidental to the relationship and is meant to help the SB overcome the hurdle that a young person encounters while preparing for a better future; it’s not the price paid for a sexual transaction. Such a relationship requires an exclusive relationship as sexual partners where they allow each other enough room to conduct their personal life separately. Besides honesty, such a relationship requires mutual trust and respect to be successful and to last for more than just a season.
        A frequent issue that makes an SD/SB relationship not ideal in the sense I describe is that there are some SB’s who are just looking for a rich and young husband while claiming they want a NSA relationship. Getting a foot in the door by being disingenuous is, in my humble view, a failing strategy from the get go. The types of SD’s who are looking for a wife this way can’t have the experience and maturity necessary for a serious relationship I would opine – exceptions exist of course but they are rare. If all they got is $$$ to lure a young lady into marrying them, they will surely not make good husbands; they mostly are insecure and believe money can buy love; such a relationship is in most cases doomed from the beginning. I am sure an SB can find a millionaire SD with whom she can build a family or vice versa; in this case both should be clear upfront about their intentions to avoid later disappointment.
        Then, besides the gold diggers who look to their SD(s) as another an ATM of sort, I encountered all kind of other cases where financially struggling females of all ages, marital status, and conditions are just looking for a benefactor in exchange for some companionship or other services; there is nothing wrong with that either as long as the intentions are stated clearly by both the SB and SD.
        In conclusion, whatever your definition of an SD/SB relationship is, it’s advisable to state honestly and clearly what you are looking at the beginning to your partner rather than trying to sneak into a relationship for a purpose other than what you claim you’re looking for. Honesty is the most important foundation of any healthy relationship. If the intention of either the SD or SB is to conduct a transaction whereby sex is exchanged for money, then we are not talking about an SD/SB relationship anymore.
        And that’s my take.
        P.S. I just ended a LGT relationship and am looking to start a new one. If you think you want to engage in an ideal SD/SB relationship as I describe above, please contact me on this site: user-ID: Jim, Palm Harbor, FL.

  12. JB says:

    A Sugar Baby website is only as good as the members on that site correct? I’ve been a member for a long time now and have enjoyed a few really good arrangements from this site. It seems like as of late, the quality of woman on this site has dramatically decreased. I’ve been trying to enter an arrangement for over 2 months now and every single woman I talk to, flakes. They either don’t return texts or calls or the very worse, we set-up a meeting and they don’t show up. In the past, I’ve never had to work this hard to meet a woman I’m interested in. I have no idea what has changed. While I agree with this story, there’s a bigger problem going on here. I believe the stigma of having a Sugar Daddy and also some bad press received from some dates that have gone horribly wrong can be directly attributed to the majority of these ladies to flake. My membership is up for renewal in less than a month and I’m on the fence as to whether I will renew it. I would much rather have higher quality women to chose from that actually want to enter a relationship like this versus just a bunch of tire kickers. It’s a huge problem that I don’t know can be fixed.

    • Anonymous 39 yr young SB says:

      It’s mutual, JB. I agree, however, I would encourage a little patience for anyone looking to bounce after only a few months on SA.

      Here on SA, I delete more messages than I respond to. One quick look and read of their profile and it’s a pretty quick DQ!(disqualified) I think it’s unfortunate, but I don’t see that as the fault of SA not attracting better quality people, instead, I think it’s just an accurate reflection of what’s generally out there in the world today.

      In 4+ months on SA, I’ve been on about 30 quick coffee meetings, lunch, and dinner dates (after filtering out way more that didnt seem worth meeting in person) 4 turned into a second meeting, with 1 ultimately turning into the type of relationship / arrangement I was looking for with the type of WELL-MANNERED, RELIABLE, CHIVALROUS GENTLEMAN I was looking for.

      It took 4 months of kissing frogs, filtering out the flakes, the posers, the pigs, the time wasters, the last minute cancelers, the wallet leavers, the bad breathers, the bad kissers, THE BORING, the narcissists, the you name its…

      4 months of frogs, and then I meet HIM. I met a man who’s older than I intended to date and a little less attractive than I was hoping for, but I don’t care one bit! He’s incredible! He’s a good, solid, lovely man who’s different than I expected to fall for, but he’s amazing and I’m glad I let my mind and my heart be open to all possibilities.

      My new SD is polite, well-mannered, reliable and an excellent communicator when it comes to making plans and keeping plans. He makes me feel important to him without blowing up my phone 24/7. He makes me feel respected, appreciated, desired, and cherished without making me feel sexually objectified in the slightest way. He compliments me in a polite, 1950’s elegant way and I love that. I know I will never hear him blurt out the words, “you’re hot.” He has more class than that and I adore him for his old fashioned charisma.

      We have great conversations! Our conversations over lunches and dinners have nothing to do with sex or sexual undertones in person or text comments.

      He has never once asked me to text him dirty pics and I love that. (might want to take note of that one, guys) He knows that if I wanted to do that, I would.

      Personally speaking, for an attractive woman in a sexually charged world, it’s unbelievably refreshing to be with a man who has enough class not to make sexual comments throughout our conversation. When you here “you’re hot” all the time, it’s nice to be with a man who shows an interest in your brain, your thoughts, your ambitions, etc, and wants to see you reach your own success too, not just keep you around to look good next to him. I’m sure other attractive women out there would agree, our looks are probably the least interesting thing about us and we like being with men who appreciate all of our qualities, not just the ones you can see.

      He’s a perfect gentleman with me in public and in private. He makes love to me sweetly, gently, and passionately. He’s actually the best lover I’ve ever had and I would have totally missed out if I had judged too quickly and deleted my account when I got a little discouraged myself after about 2 months on the site.

      It just goes to show that looks aren’t everything, age is just a number on your birth certificate, and it pays to be a little patient.

      • Anonymous says:

        Congratulations to you! I wish you a long happy and prosperous arrangement. You are a very lucky woman to have found your prince :-))

      • lookin4sweetgirl says:

        I agree that patience is key, but some girls who’ve been on this site for too long get jaded… I avoid them like the plague, in fact if a girl uses words like salty, sugar bowl, POT, too me it’s already past the point of no return.

        There are so many girls on this site, and in our market (LA) the quality is really outstanding, but unfortunately a majority of them suffer from considerable emotional issues, so one has to be really careful to find the right person.

        I have had the best success at finding real girls when they’re brand new, and don’t require money upfront… ultimately it’s about trust, and that’s the hardest thing to find. Someone to trust you.

        Patience is key, I’ve met a lot of girls on this site and I am not gonna lie there have been a few that were one night stands, but not by design, once you sleep with someone, you gauge if the chemistry is there, if it’s not, why am I obligated to keep this farce going?

        But through it all, there is the occasional nugget, the girl that is honestly looking for a ‘genuine’ connection, with a man, and really wants to learn from his experience in life, and be treated to things she hasn’t experienced before.. and not just expect a donation because they’re pretty.

        With patience it’s possible to meet them, but in the meantime you do have to sift through the escorts, the crazy, the scammers, the flakes, the pigs, etc… until you find the right lady with class, beauty and personality.

  13. Anonymous says:

    She realized that you’re broke.

  14. Anonymous says:

    All this advice for why sugar daddies are being ghosted. How come sugar babies can’t handle it when they get ghosted by a sugar daddy lol.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I think a lack of response is just rude. A simple “No, thank you.” is so much more respectful than totally blowing me off. It seems as if this behavior is more prevalent among younger women. I don’t even search under 30 anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just went through this experience with a 20 yo girl. It really pissed me off when she never responded to my email/txt in spite of having a great weekend a few days before. A simple NO will be better than nothing at all.You are right this must be the 20 something culture, they have no guts to speak in person.

    • Anonymous SB xoxo says:

      Good call. When I was younger, my grandma told me not to date any man under 40. She says men arent worth a damn until at least 40. Grandma’s words of wisdom. :) That’s why I’ve been dating 40 somethings since I was a 20 something. Touche Gma! Ha!

    • 35yo SB says:

      You have to realize, we do receive quite harsh replies from some when we do give them a simple “Not interested” message. I’ve actually found its easier to ghost than to deal with being called names.

  16. fatimah verrell says:

    a lot of men need to read this

  17. Anonymous says:

    Your website is now a mess. Go back to the way it was where selections can be made by state and by city if desired. Up grade positively but don’t try to re-invent the wheel and going 10 steps backward instead. I am being kind calling it a mess.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would say if I do not respond back from a female’s standpoint then it is simply saying that I am not interested and no you should not beat yourself up about this. Just move on to the next person you are interested in but do not take offense. Personal chemistry is what it is and it is everything. So if I do not feel it upon looking at a picture of you as let’s face it folks, attraction is everything! Now if you know of some that are undesirables and you have already had a bad experience with them and they respond to your post or ad well, you got ghosted because well you suck! To those kind of people you get what you deserve and then some!

  19. sd with open eyes says:

    I wonder what improvements SA is planning on implementing?

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know, but I hope they tested everything and ran the new site past some people who dont work for them, you know the type of people who can say “that sucks” without getting fired (*coughblogchanges*). Changes can be good or bad, here’s hoping for good.

  20. sd with open eyes says:

    I wonder why a sugar baby would put “I just got out of an abusive relationship” on their profile?

  21. Anonimous says:

    Mind there are more interesting stories coming through posts all that c*nsorship

  22. Anonymous says:

    Did they disable comments? Or is it really THAT dead?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is REALLY that dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol many are banned

      • Anonymous says:

        Higher Opportunity Cost during the work days.

        One weekends with kids, when they are washing up after sports, napping, or practicing musical instruments, a few minutes spent online making some public service pronouncements cost nothing.

        One busy weekdays, there are tastier profit opportunities to catch.

  23. closedforbusiness says:

    I posted my experience of being rinsed about 5 months ago. Since then, I didn’t give up and went back on the saddle. I got numbers from almost 30 POTs. Met 9 in person. About 5 flakes and the rest ghosted me.

    Of the 9, 2 were willing to go all the way. I rejected one of them; looks way older than the pics. The second one, I went all the way with on the first date. She’s 18, pretty face but about 20 lbs overweight. I knew she lied about her weight on her profile because she only had head shots. I still went with her because of my “Law of the Fatties” – they are more likely to be willing to f**k.

    Even though I went all the way with her, she was like a dead fish, and didn’t want to be there.

    The quality of the girls are getting really bad; alot of them just want allowance w/o offering intimacy. Even when they offer intimacy, they are like dead fish.

    I am posting because I benefited from the site.

    This time, I might really retire. Too much work for so little gain.

    • closedforbusiness says:

      “About 5 flakes and the rest ghosted me.”

      The above 5 flakes and “ghosts” are not part of the 9. I guess I have to stay 16 ghosted me, 5 flakes, and 9 met in person.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like they did the right thing. Missing out on a ‘gem’ such as yourself must keep them up at night.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m glad they ghosted you, you’re disgusting.

  24. Why I Ghosted (SD) says:

    Another thing … I’m so tired of people putting out BS about SBs vs. Escorts.

    I live in a relatively large city and the selection of escorts pales in comparison to the # of SBs available. There are also many SBs that are 8/9s that could probably earn $400+ an hour if they were escorts.

    On average, the SB sex is much much better than the escort sex!

    When people say “go to backpage” they are clueless…the best place to go for a man to get quality sex is to find a SB.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the time “people” who say that are very much clued. They are escorts who hate the idea of their business slipping away. Simple.

    • Lalalalush says:

      Yes it is BS. SB is escort giving gf exprience. I mean all you talk about here is money, with how little money you can get a woman sleep with you, etc. Someone even compared M&G to work interview. So SB, sadly are sex workers and no need to differentiate them from escorts.

      • Anonymous says:

        By that logic, marriage is rooted in sex-working: the bulk of the institutional history of marriage involved dowry and bride price.

        Given a high enough number, almost every SB is available to almost every SD. Therefore, there is a bit of game going on both sides:

        SB’s try to brag about how much they get, even if the exceptional number is a once-in-a-blue-moon event . . . as if a high number is a sort of personal achievement.

        SD’s try to brag by understating how much they are promising/spending . . . as if his achievement is measured by “nirvana minus whatever he has to lay out to get it.”

    • Red says:

      Here’s the Cliff Notes Version: If you are looking for a “sure thing”; find yourself an amazing escort. Ps: get off backpage, its like the bathroom wall of the internet. Check out Eros guide and Slixa

      If you’re looking for something that is like a mistress; or a girlfriend, but you don’t want the drama that comes along with traditional dating or you (rightly) feel like slime when leading a woman on—you’re sick of dating a gal and catching feelings, only to have her weeping bitterly later out when she finds out you dont want marriage/kids/youre already married; Then the Sugar Bowl is probably where you belong.

      I really wish this issue would get cleared up. SB here; to me, the difference between SB’s and escorts should be IMMEDIATELY obvious, and those for whom its NOT obvious, or a grey-area, really muck up the Sugar Bowl for the rest of us, and make it much harder to separate signal:noise.

      A SB/SD relationship is for those who want something that has the characteristic of a romantic relationship but with clearer expectations about whats expected on each end.

      I am not making value judgement on escorting or sugaring. Personally, I feel they are both valid avenues for consenting adults to meet their needs.

      Escorts are for those who want sex right away and are not interested or willing to invest at least a minimal amount of time establishing any kind of relationship beforehand.

      I think most people would understand and agree that, in the context of seeing an escort, unless invited to do so; getting involved in her life or attempting to develop a relationship OUTSIDE of the escorting context is not only a recipe for disappointment, but, its also HIGHLY inappropriate, and disrespectful.

      The inverse is also true; if your favorite escort started calling YOU for appointments or to chat about her day; that would be extremely weird and hopefully you would run.

      I’m not saying that deep relationships dont develop between escorts and their clients. For the best ones, they absolutely do. But context and boundaries matter, and even when it happens, its something that develops over time. (I had 2 friends who were escorts and their experiences were fascinating)

      Similarly; Its inappropriate and disrespectful to approach Sugar Babies looking for one-off no-strings sex, whether you provide a “contribution” for it or not! For Sugar Babies and Daddies! Don’t have sex with someone you’re not sure you want to see again. Babies; if you’re doing this—stop, and get into escorting. You’ll make more money, and get a lot more respect.

  25. Why I Ghosted (SD) says:

    Had to share this…got a text from a potSB who I was supposed to meet last week. We had emailed/texted and finally arranged a time/place. Of course I did not head out until final confirmation 30 minutes prior and guess what – she flakes out by not confirming and I hear nothing from her for days.

    I really like thin girls and her location was good for me, so I decide to give her another chance – I text her one more time. Her response…(too bad I deleted it, or I would have quoted it here verbatim)…

    She was embarrassed to meet with me because she is homeless and has been sleeping in a park. She wonders if I could give her $600 she owes her landlord because she does not get paid until next week. She promises to see me 4 times and will sign a legal agreement so I can trust her.

    OMG. I can’t even respond to her.

    I wonder what you all think of this?

    • Why I Ghosted (SD) says:

      My point is – how desperate can a guy be that he wants to have sex with a homeless woman?

      Or… how high can a girl be to think that making up a story about being homeless is a good way to trick a foolish man into giving away money?

      • JustAnSd says:

        you cant take it personally. Just like you gotta try for the kiss even if it probably wont work, shes gotta try for the cash. just because you try for the kiss doesnt mean you think shes a slut and likewise it doesnt mean she thinks youre foolish. shes just gotta try. and if she doesnt plan to ever see you again anyway (homeless excuse is a clue) she doesnt really care how you take it. sorry it happened to you bro, but she actually did you a favor by getting out of your life. you can do better.

      • anonymous says:

        You want to know what I would have done! I would have gone to the ATM… I would have withdrawn 600.00… and then I would have met her at the park and given it to her! I would have offered her a ride home. I would have told her.. that she has a friend in me. And I would have been there for her, instead of trying to GET LAID! She worked this hard to find you, and now you are here bashing this woman up and down! You are why women ghost!

      • Anonymous says:

        They play whatever has worked in the past. Some idiots fall for it, so they keep playing it.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 11:24

        I actually picked up a young homeless lady once in the middle of the day out of curiosity, listened to her sob story while I drove in circles around the few city blocks, then offered her buying her ticket to reach her family out of state. Her response? You guessed it, she’d rather have a small amount of cash instead of the whole ticket.

        I dropped her off at the exact spot where I picked her up after passing the same spot 3 times to let her finish her story, and gave her $10.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anon @ 7:34pm

        Let’s all now down to you, oh Saint,
        Like the Pope himself. We should all feel ashamed at your professed benevolence of kindness.
        The kind that says spare and bless your soul from Fire and brimstone. Pff, yeah right Mo-Fo, moreover you are “play-dough”. Are you for real?

        Can you hear yourself? You are so jaded that you actually pretend I’m your mind that your comment is an accomplishment and something to share a.k.a. Brag about.

        Do you even realize that millionaires actually give to non-profits, ladies, art collectors for trash, you name it…Give way more than your minimal $10.00 tip advice.

        Just because you are a broke and poor SD trying to pass yourself off as a caring (lmao, joshing) that you make the word “value” look like you are a doo, doo brown pinto that spits and sputters before you make a pit stop at the side hey puratop where you fall apart looking like “*hit*.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 8:27

        The $10 was not charity to her, but for her 15 minutes of time to show me that she was running a scam. I had offered her a ticket home without attaching any conditions, but she preferred to continue her begging and alleged sob story about unable to go back to her family out of state. The airline ticket would have cost a few hundred dollars, but I would buy the ticket for her instead of giving her the money.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anon 8:27

        I think his point was the moment you call someone on a sob story is freqently changes.

        The “cant afford to get back to my family” is one of the more common stories used because it can get a rather large (for someone homeless) amount of money from someone who believes it.

        Why ask for 5 bucks for a sandwich when you can ask for 80 for a train ticket, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        Keep it up fellas. You are certainly I a roll for…tick/tock…so long now.
        That you will continue to talk to yourselfs )considering there really is only one of you now,
        Best possibility is two pretending to be 4 or more versions here now that make the conversations for the whole blog pretending to be all contributors.

        You shyot on all the contributors for so long that who in their right mind would want to visit here anymore than none other than the men who try to seep through the pores of the sewer system. If you were really a die hard lover and decent SD, you would preserve the blog and SA in order to keep the value and the valuable SB’s around.

        Since this is not an option for you, yeah. You are a sad loser(s) and we have moved on to other websites after giving you one last try. We are now a 360 back to the men that you can’t keep as paying members, but we can. They reach their potential and so do we and can stay up or fall asleep peacefully from men that have a performance factor that supersedes that brim fish of men here.

        Please, insult away. While we place
        Our headphones in and take them out to hear moans, gasps and groans in unison to our own when our real partners arrive. We have moved passed your lame creators and critics that are the 60 seconds or less. Wen your your 24 yr old crown on here. They all need Viagra, bro. Snoooerrrrrrree

      • Anonymous says:

        You know what else? Your shaming tactic is not much different from hers when she tried to convince me to give her the money for the airline ticket instead of buying the ticket for her. LOL!

      • Anonymous says:

        woah? airline? not even bus or train?

        she was really pushing wasnt she?

      • Anonymous says:

        She claimed her family was across the country. The airline ticket was my offer; bus and train simply didn’t cross my mind.

    • Lalalalush says:

      First thoughts…doesn’t she have friends to ask help/shelter? Maybe she is a junkie? Scammer? Maybe she is really in deep s..t, messed up in the head, has no friends and realy does need help? Maybe all of it….
      How old is she?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I think this is a percentage play.

      The odds are really good that this lady is a grifter, out to swindle you out of your hard earned cash.

      However, there is a small chance that she is telling the truth and she is a fellow American down on her luck who needs a helping hand and will be the best thing in the world for you for a small monetary investment.

      The question is this: Is the monetary investment to you small? If $600 is petty change in your spare pants pocket then you might want to play along. If a $600 swindle would cause you pain then let the next SD fall for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The percentage of homeless who also have landlord is Zero. To whom did she owe the $600? The city park department?

      • sd with open eyes says:

        My guess would be that her landlord evicted her for not paying the rent but would be willing to take her back if she paid $600.

        However, this really flies against everything I know as a landlord. It costs money to evict people and landlords who have evicted people do not want them back.

        Maybe the landlord chased her out or locked her out? She might be able to get some legal relief. Cities usually don’t look kindly on landlords trying to get around the system (and paying big bucks to the city).

      • Anonymous says:

        “To whom did she owe the $600?”

        Her pimp obviously.

        “Dont bother to come home ’till ya got 600 bucks bitch”

        See? Homeless until she gets 600. You guys are all too cynical and doubtful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ghost her…..bad news….

    • Jaqueline says:

      Oh boy!Lots of comments on here. I personally would never ghost because I have the decency to let the guy know if I am interested or not. Guess that goes with age.As I am new to SA, I do find that 90% are just looking for sex and want it right away!! Hello men that is such a turn off!! While a sexual relationship is great it should start out simple an chemistry is a must.. Looks are good, but not always about looks, personality goes along way in my book. And how you are on the phone and in person says alot. Just respect the SB. and she will respect you and you will have fun and good times:)
      Just saying:))

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m a sugar baby looking for my wealthy sugar daddy to meet up maybe twice a month with a regular fanatical set fee

    Be careful, the fanatics have joined SA 😉

  27. Normally says:

    Hi everyone I’m relatively new to the whole scene. I’ve had two successful arrangements. Does anyone find that these arrangements seem to have a natural built-in life cycle? Anywhere from 6 months to a year we just naturally part ways in good terms. “Ghosting” is the way to communicate this nowadays in order to avoid any awkward conversations.

  28. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymouses

    It seems the discussion is going back to the old crazy days, when retroactive withdrawal of consent was discussed. Let us avoid that topic please.

  29. _echo says:

    I don’t know. I just find ghosting a bit discourteous. If you aren’t interested, tell him. Leaving someone hanging is cruel and leaves their expectations open. Why not just rip the band-aid off and say something? I guess it’s easier for people to hide behind the technological methods by which they first met, than to simply say ‘Nah not interested, thanks though’.

  30. Anonymous says:


    “They are trying to control women’s behaviour by withholding their approval. Fortunately, we don’t give a rat’s about their approval.”

    Ah patriarchy again? By the way, have you been raped yet?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you be anymore of a jackass.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that comment hit home for him :)

        I have a feeling she was talking about the misogynists on the here. With that being said, plenty of men respect women, and do not spend every moment of their free time trying to insult them or get their attention, therefore, the comment does not apply to all men everywhere :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that comment hit home for him.

        I have a feeling she was talking about the misogynists on blog. With that being said, plenty of men respect women and do not spend every moment of their time trying to insult them or get their attention, therefore, the comment does not apply to all men everywhere imo.

      • TVC15 says:

        Yep. #notallmen #someofmyfavouritemenaremen #don’tfuckmisogynists

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this blog a sort of misogynistic mecca or is it that even loser bitter and jaded women have better things to do than argue and insult on the internet?

        Puts maturity levels into perspective.

      • Anonymous says:

        As I’ve seen, a lot of the men that come here are “wounded” in some form or another and not liking women when they come here to begin with. Add to that then the type of women that are mostly here (scammers, dishonest, shady) and you have a type of reinforcement for a negative viewpoint towards women.

        I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just explaining what’s happening.

      • Anonymous says:

        Immature men actually are very supplicating to women.

        Immature women and children are self-centered.

        I was never “wounded” before joining SA; however, dating on SA can make one jaded over time. I prefer to think of my occasional skepticism as “trust but verify.” Hating women? Nah, never. Why would I be throwing away the equivalent of mortgage payment on a million-dollar house on them if I hate them?

      • Anonymous says:

        No one said anything about immaturity, just the opposite. Yes, the jading adds to the wounds that are already present when arriving here. The wounds can be anything from being hurt by a woman to your wife getting fat. Emotional wounds are not always easily identifiable.

        Here, I reiterate what I said. Bad turns to worse.

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting perspective. I suppose, when plotted against an X-axis consisting of partner count (or other measures of “experience”), a man’s failure rate as a good partner follows the proverbial bathtub curve (which is common for electronic and mechanical equipment): initially high failure rate because he overly idealizes his partner (such as her never getting fat or old) and is easily disappointed/”wounded”; then as more relationships under the belt, he is resilient to such “wound” because he knows to manage his own expectations; if the partner count climb too much, however, all relationships become disposable to him and failure rate accelerates.

        Women probably have similar inverted bathtub curve: initially have too high standards and quick to find fault in whoever she is with; then after initial failure(s) learn to be sweet and accommodating; then if the partner count climb too much, all men become numbers to her.

        Hopefully real SD’s and SB’s occupy that sweet zone in the middle.

      • Anonymous says:

        The impact of any “wound” on the host is highly dependent on the host’s resilience. For those who have the means to recover quickly, that which doesn’t kill only makes one stronger; staying bitter would only be a waste of time and waste of new opportunities.

  31. sd with open eyes says:

    I am not thrilled by ladies who will favorite my profile before getting anything in their profile approved. I suppose that I could check their profile in a couple of days to see if they have provided any information whatsoever, but usually when I wait a couple of days their profile is buried by a dozen other profiles from the Philippines, and other foreign countries.

  32. sd with open eyes says:

    I am still not interested in ladies whose profile picture shows a nose ring. But, that just might be me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah it has to be one of the nastiest trends now days.

    • Anonymous says:

      The piercings, the tatts, the unnatural hair colors, the lack of dressing right, the lack of hairstyle, the lack of makeup, looking like a man, these are all problems in the younger generation. We have a cluster of girls who were never taught how to be girls. Instead, they were steered towards more of a gender-neutral lifestyle, as most of the guys were in the same generation.

      Welcome to the new world order.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        Piercing and tattooing go back a long, long way. I also happen to thing that some ladies can pull off the androgynous look really well.

        However, bad taste is really the problem here, something that has also been around for a long, long time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Everything goes back a long, long way. Eighty-Five to Ninety percent of women “back then” did not have either though. The numbers are much higher.

        Yes, most females now have bad taste. This was my original point.

    • Rick says:

      I like nose rings. And lip rings too

  33. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    No, she did not. But sugar allowance is tax free and jobs that can bring 2k posttax in the time equivalent of 3 dates will be around 4k pretax.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see.

      Devil’s advocate here. Since the male brain is far superior in logical thinking of course, maybe she was not looking at it that way? Or, she gets tax breaks with ten kids she has, or she is a drug dealer in her contract work and makes 500 extra per deal.

      I dunno! I am making stuff up now. See, I am just like the scort avenger. He will have a field day with the drug comment and now give you all kinds of stats on drug dealers. You are welcome, Another Anonymous.

      Have fun fellas! it is saturday, so off to play!

      • Anonymous says:

        Tax exemption for dependents is only $4000 each. Even with 10 kids, the tax shelter runs out after first $44k. Your writing only proves your own lack of legal income.

        Lost drug dealing income can certainly be an Opporotunity Cost, just like lost prostitution opportunity during the evening and weekend hours. Average drug dealer makes less than minimum wage though, when prison time is added back. Although since women tend to get less than 1/4 the prison time as men do, drug dealing might be a viable career, but probably not as profitable as prostitution, for a relatively young woman with little legit job potential and too terrible of a personality to keep a man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sarcasm and wit are not his forte. Making up false math stats & assumptions, then presenting them & trying his best to pass them off as facts are his expertise however.

        And let us not forget he feels the only way a woman can make a higher income is if she is a prostitute or drug dealer. What a swell guy! One wonders why he is single

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 8:50am

        Is that your latest attempt at showing your “sarcasm” and ignorance?

        There was nothing false about the math I presented. You are apparently so innumerate (the mathematical equivalent of illiterate) that you don’t understand what boundary/range estimate is.

        What she claimed was not ordinary “higher income” but a line of “contract work,” if legitimate (i.e. 1099 contract work) that would result in at least $750k a year pre-tax, as she claimed to work 60hr weeks on those “contract work.” How many people do you know, man or woman, make $750k+ a year steady income? Not a one-time sale of a house or something. Why would such a person be an SB on SA? Her claims were clearly false. Clearly, that is to any person who is not an empty-headed idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your stories are as imaginary as your made up numbers you keep crunching and presenting as fact. Falsehoods that were never said and that you finally admitted to come from a place of ‘your assumptions’.

        What is your time worth, by the way? Surely, the opportunity cost of your time to copy and paste what you read elsewhere on the internet and denial of making up falsehoods to fit your prejudices, surely must not be worth as much as what your time could be used making money independently, as you claim? You have been called out for your made up numbers and even admitted they are your assumptions. Spin it however you want, but never were they confirmed or stated by the OP but were in fact your fiction writing.
        I am spending three days next month on a vacation with my SD. What is that pro rated, per hour, plus other dates that will happen the next month? You really straw man away your arguments, don’t you? Your need to continually state your assumptions as fact must be taking away from the ability to earn and pay ‘your sb’s’ the equivalent to a million $ mortgage on a home, right? 😉 Don’t let me take up so much of your precious $$$time! 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        All those questions were rhetorical btw. I know your ability to detect sarcasm is nonexistent but for the love of all that is holy on this day of Easter, please do not go into anymore of your fantasy number crunching tangents unless you really have nothing better to do? pffhhh, hint hint, that might be rhetorical, as well.

        Cheers 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        The assumptions I made were based on her claims. Those were baseline assumptions conforming to her claims: in order to have an opportunity cost of higher than $2000/mo over 3 dates (her number, not mine, and her claims), she has to be earning more than a $125/hr after-tax each and every evening. You may not understand what Opportunity Cost means, she as someone working in “Corporate Restructuring” (again her claim) should have taken enough economics to understand what it means.

        My opportunity cost for earning on a Sunday afternoon like right now, is near-Zero! despite my $300k+/yr income from my work during the weekdays. There is no money-making work to be done on a Sunday afternoon like this.

        As for your vacation with your SD, do you specialize in vacation companionship? If you don’t enjoy vacation with your SD then don’t go. If you do enjoy it, then don’t count that rare occasion against him. Don’t think like an escort if you are not one. I’m pretty damn sure he’d be more than happy to take someone else or go by himself if you are not into vacationing. Besides, unless you are the same liar that made the earlier claims, your vacation time waste claim has no bearing on her comparing “3 dates a month” to her “contract work.”

  34. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous at 10.59

    It seems we started a nice flame war here. I do not understand why the indignation. It started by a SD offering $1500 for 2-3 meetings a month. And a SB (Anonymous at 9.13) saying she refused 2k offers for similar time commitment. Nobody would dispute that. But then she added she can take more contract work and make a difference. There is very few jobs that pay 4k in a time approximately equivalent to 2 or 3 dates. And a lady who has such a job probably does not need to be a SB. So you can see it is a bit strange sounding scenario. Possible, but unlikely.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did she say she made 4k in her contract work? I must have missed that. Did she say she made double the allowance offered? of 2k

      **It started by a SD offering $1500 for 2-3 meetings a month. And a SB (Anonymous at 9.13) saying she refused 2k offers for similar time commitment. Nobody would dispute that.**

      I have no problem with that. However, I did see where a few called the sb who turned down 1.5k an escort or a girl being advised by an escort to have turned down such a thing. That is not the first time I have seen that. That had nothing to do with 2k sb.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody called the girl turning down the $1.5k offer as an escort. However during the time she thought it over, and eventually refusing the guy whom she found attractive and had the highest offer she ever had after being on the site for over a year, she was probably influenced by a bunch of escorts online bent on talking young and naive girls out of competition with themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘she was probably influenced by a bunch of escorts online bent on talking young and naive girls out of competition with themselves.”

        Of course, this woman does not have a mind of her own, or her own idea of what allowance needs she has and MUST’VE been influenced by evil escorts online trying to lead her astray!

        p.s. just bc someone has been on the site for a year does not mean they have been without an arrangement or two. p.s.s. people lie and she might have been trying to spare his feelings. I turned down offers that were much more than that bc I was not attracted to the guy but did not want to say so and hurt his feelings.
        There are endless possibilities but being influenced by a vigilante group of escorts online trying to manipulate naive girls is probably the least likely.

      • Anonymous says:

        To the post above in reference to sex workers.

        You do realize that it is generally accepted fact that a SD and SB are considered to be in a category of sex work? The attempt to shame others by calling them escorts, prostitutes, and Johns in response to those who have differing viewpoints is uncalled for.

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 9:21am

        The female mind (and many males ones too nowadays) are easily influenced / manipulated. Isn’t that why escorts are posting and trying to push the ask of many new girls to levels where they are not no longer competition?

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 10:01am

        Tell that to the female posters who call SD’s here John’s.

        IMHO, the SB’s don’t have to be sex workers: an SB who is seeing only one SD, and gets sufficient support from him to live a decent life over many months to years is no different from conventional dating or even marriage. Many women have income requirements on men that they would date/marry, and implicitly/explicitly expect the men to support their life / baby making project. That resource transfer (in the name of “sharing”) is at the foundation of marriage and human mating.

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as the “indignation” we read here, presumably by some women I guess, there are ladies, in here, granted not the majority maybe, who will take $1,500 for four meetings in a month, of several hours each, including the occasional overnight. I know it because I was with one who did just that with me for over a year. Nurse student.
      I covered meals and events as well as the hotel room, and I explained that to her, so that only $1,500 and some eventual gifts, was available. She did not feel indignation nor she had low self-esteem, she just understood what I could offer, and she was ok with it.
      Her case is not unique, for when that ended, I met another one, single mother, who accepted the same deal. Short arrangement because she landed a good job offer full timer some months later, and we couldn’t coincide anymore on times.

  35. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Nowhere. She said that she turned down 2k for time commitment similar to 2-3 meetings per months. What do you think is a most typical length of a sugar meeting?

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot speak for others in that aspect but mine are almost always longer than 4 hours. In fact, spending the whole weekend together is not uncommon but I realize people want to place others in their tiny boxes and on here, they want to pro rate your hourly pay as a sb :) I am not aware what the average meeting per week, or what the average pro rated sb pay per hour is? Has anyone ever done a survey and gotten an average?

      What if she had not said contract, but the earning ability to make more than 2k a month and the opportunity cost of forgoing the sd offer of 2k a month for that reason. Putting the scenario into monthly earning potential even though there are more costs and benefits to be considered than purely a monthly salary or stipend, if you will. A broad statement but then again, better than nitpicking over false data for days, LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot speak for others in that aspect but mine are almost always longer than 4 hours. In fact, spending the whole weekend together is not uncommon but I realize people want to place others in their tiny boxes and on here, they want to pro rate your hourly pay as a sb
      I am not aware what the average meeting per week, or what the average pro rated sb per hour is? Has anyone ever done a survey and gotten an average? That seems to be very scortish to put it that way anyhow. That is why the per hour numbers seem useless imo.

      What if she had not said contract, but the earning ability to make more than 2k a month and the opportunity cost of forgoing the sd offer of 2k a month for that reason. Putting the scenario into monthly earning potential even though there are more costs and benefits to be considered than purely a monthly salary or stipend, if you will. A broad statement but then again, better than nitpicking over false data for days, LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        Stay the weekend if you enjoy the time with him doing fun things together. Otherwise, tell him you are busy. If you do decide to stay the weekend because you enjoy what you guys do together, don’t count that time against him.

        If the weekend feels like work for you the whole t ime, you have the wrong SD for yourself.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This here goes from dead to boring and back…

  37. Anonymous says:

    Any SB is certainly free to turn down any offer, be it 2k or 4k or 20k, on personal preference. The claim of Opportunity Cost was what brought about the numerical discussion, because Opportunity Cost literally means alternative earniNG being displaced during those exact hours.

    What contract work would make $250/hr pre-tax for as many hours as the worker want? Wouldn’t $125-200/hr under the table during the evenings far more likely to be the real Opportunity Cost being displaced by a date?

    The need for some to defend conspicuous escort perspective is quite puzzling.

    • Anonymous says:

      Again. Where did she confirm or say that was her contract pay? Again, where did she say she based her decision on four meetings per month, at 4 hours each, at the pro rated amount of $125 per hour?

      • Anonymous says:

        4 meetings at 4hrs each is more than enough to keep most SD’s. If you want to push for less time, and she did mention 3 meets per month, the unit rate would be even higher.

        Her contract pay has to be higher than that unit rate in order for “Opportunity Cost” to be a valid reason. It takes nearly $250/hr legit 1099 contract work to yield $125/hr. In a standard 2000hr work year 40hrs a week, that means $500k pre-tax income. She claimed working 60 hrs a week, and work evenings in addition to day time. That means $750k pretax income a year. You may not be good at math, but that’should what her multiple claims add up to. Do you believe someone making $750k a year is an SB on SA? If there is such a person, would $2k/mo that vs. 4k/mo make any difference?

      • Anonymous says:

        Once again. Did she actually say $125 an hour, for 4 meets at 4 hours each or did you? What if she meets him on Saturday every week and spends 12 hr. with him? You ‘guesses’ are as good as mine 😉

        Without hard data your math is just fantasy waste of time of your saturday and mean absolutely nothing. What is your opportunity cost to argue about your numbers being fiction, but presented as facts for hours?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, we too can hear the echo between your ears. The numbers are derived as the minimum from her claims. She could be making more than $750k a year legit pre-tax income. If you believe that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The need to defend fantasy numbers to suit an agenda is quite puzzling.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’sounds precisely what some SB’sort are doing: defending fantasy numbers. Perhaps they are just bad at math, and didn’t realize what that woman’s claims added up to.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really bc pro rating a sb’s time into pro rated hourly pay is what you did and continue to do, which one cannot get anymore scortish than that.

        What fantasy numbers am I defending? What did you consider fantasy? That she said she had other alternatives better than 1.5k or 2k a month? Or, that I can understand turning that down depending on the person or situation? I never said that but can see that as being true. Are you saying that anyone who forgoes or turns down an allowance like that is fantasy? Or, are you talking about your pro rated figures being fact, that I disputed, therefore, I am defending her numbers? What were her per hour numbers again? Oh thats right she never did say. Probably because that is none of your business and insulting to pro rate her sugaring to an hourly rate.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was not the one who brought up hourly pro-rating. Her mention of Opportunity Cost from her “contract work” brought into focus just exactly what her Opportunity Cost was: what she could earn during those exact same hours if not on date.

        Turning down a $2k offer for personal preference reasons is perfectly reasonable. The fantasy number you are defending is her effectively claiming $750k+/yr from her “contract work”: that’s what her claim of 60hrs a week at per hour rate higher than getting $2000/mo for 3 dates meant.

        $750,000+ because legit “contract work” fact nearly 50% taxes from federal income, self-employment and state income taxes. If you want to argue “contract work” meant illegal private contract under the table, then you are thinking exactly like I did: $125/hr in the evenings and weekends is possible if doing illegal activities; the difference is that I thought it was prostitution, whereas you think it’s drug dealing. So there. Does it matter if she is a prostitute or a drug dealer bragging her high opportunity cost during the evening? LOL!

    • anon anon says:

      This opportunity cost argument is demented, no one is going to shag unfit old bloke for wage equivalent. The whole idea is they give you quality lifestyle and not some sh*tty alternative employment. That whole idea that they are your employer is beyond disgusting.

  38. Bruce Wayne says:

    Topic change… anyone else think it is odd that MISUGARBABY on read it complains about there being limited SD options in her area but she manages to pull $1000 a month for platonic arrangements

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not know why we would concern about what any woman who is not our own says. We could go on forever calling out all of the fakes on either side of the bowl. That would be pointless.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree who gives a shit what someone else says on another blog.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        The author of another blog who is trying to double the number of people interested in it by attracting one new reader.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you talking about another blog?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Topic change…anyone else think it is funny that MIsugarbaby on reddit complains about there being limited SD options in her area but she manages to pull $1000 a month for platonic arrangements

  40. Another Anonymous says:

    @ TVC15

    Well you seem to care quite a lot about men’s money. It will not be transferred to you, if your SD does not approve your behavior.

    Nice to see you back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did she say anything about her SD not approving of her behaviour? Did she even mention her SD? I have skimmed the previous posts and see nothing such as this. In this case, why are you speaking to her as if she were a child?

      • Anonymous says:

        Another Anonymous is better than most. He is a tad puffy but at least he will listen and debate with you somewhat and not go directly into calling anyone and everyone who disagrees an escort, like the scort avenger.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I know who he is. I do not know who you are though. I will think of you as “2K”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most SB’state are not escorts. However, if you find yourself constantly comparing your “sacrifices” and your “pay” to eacorts, and being called out on it, then escorting just might be your spiritual calling :-) it would be better for all of us if you’d just leave the rest of us enjoy the sugar bowl.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not 1.5k or 2k but pointing out their contradictions and straw men is too amusing to pass up.

        Let’s see, what arrangement allowance does one stop being an escort? We know the person who turned down 1.5k is taking advice from escorts and the sb who turned down 2k MUST be an escort. So, what allowance is one not an escort again?

        That is what the whole argument is really about. Watching them kick and scream to demand their way is a little sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think in terms what price point makes you an SB instead of an escort, then you are thinking in terms of a higher priced escort vs. A lower priced escort.

        An SB is not one who “services” an SD, but is one who is supported by a benefactor.

      • Anonymous says:

        **If you think in terms what price point makes you an SB instead of an escort, then you are thinking in terms of a higher priced escort vs. A lower priced escort.

        An SB is not one who “services” an SD, but is one who is supported by a benefactor.**

        I agree with that completely and is why I did not understand why the two girls who turned down 1.5k and 2k were called escorts straight off the bat.

        No one brought up or pro-rated a sb’s time into hourly except the sd or that one man who must really consider their sbs as hourly service providers to keep harping on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for agreeing with my statement. I’m the same guy who made that statement. Nobody called the girl who turned down the $1.5k offer an escort; it was a pity she turned down the best offer she had in over a year from a guy that she was attracted to. Perhaps the escorts pretending to be SB’s talking nonsense had something to do with it.

        The one who turned down the $2k offer, if it were for personal preference reasons, it would be quite reasonable. However, she ascribed it to Opportunity Cost, which she as someone working in “Corporate Restructuring” should understand meant she could earn more in those exact same hours. That’s when she brought into focus what exactly her hourly opportunity cost was, and what sort of work she was likely doing.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Saturday, and all they can do is argue about Math lol.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think most RATIONAL people have figured out that the “lost opportunity” post was fiction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, about as fictional as nothing but real SD’s post here. No one cares, how about that?

      Because the truth is there are no SD’s here. The ones that are here have nothing better to do than argue amongst themselves about how everyone is an escort.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you don’t care, why are you so upset?

      • TVC15 says:

        They are trying to control women’s behaviour by withholding their approval. Fortunately, we don’t give a rat’s about their approval.

      • Anonymous says:

        Trying to control women’s behavior by witholding an approval that they don’t care about? Huh?

      • Anonymous says:


        Really? I see your point but in my spare time, I enjoy pointing out their contradictions and straw man arguments that they use to shame women. They make it quite easy actually.

        I find it amusing that ‘sds’ who claim to have a life’s purpose in keeping escorts away from being sugar babies are the first ones to lay out how they see a sb’s allowance as a per meet, per week, then pro rated per hour ‘allowance’ to build a strawman argument from made up numbers in the first place all in order to discredit women who say they turned down a lower allowance.

        It makes perfect sense, right? You say you need a certain allowance and you are an escort but a lower allowance and you are not? The logic is interesting, LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        If you don’t care, why are you so upset?

        Upset? this is fairly amusing and funny how some of them will go into novel length posts to prove a point that was based on false numbers to start with for their straw men arguments. Breaking down straw men can be fun.

        But, ya know, SD’s have all the time in the world to argue false data and make straw man arguments all in the name of makin’ good escort repellent on the internet. I am sure the authentic sd, sbs and escorts read their comments and reflect for hours.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Awe. Its hard to feel sorry for the SD’s that feel they are the victim here. If you only knew how many more times it is harder for SB, you might understand. Some men on this site just aren’t fuckable for any amount of money. My blocked list is longer than my SD list.

    I have ghosted SD’s for the following reasons. 1. being too pushy/demanding when they are strictly NSA arrangements. eg. Inviting themselves to my home. 2. Blowing up my phone and sexting me at random when I am with my family. 3. Really bad attitude or performance (rude, cocky, nervous, sweaty, can’t get it up etc.) 4. Performing oral on me so long it made me uncomfortable. 5. A 50 year old SD using the term “LOL” a lot. 6. Emails a mile long every. single. day. 7. Any SD who does not pay to play. I’m pretty sure the set-up of this site is common knowledge. Its not a traditional dating site. 8. Being lied to, stood up. 9. Any SD who watched the movie 50 Shades and thinks he is a Dom now. Please Stop. 10. Any SD who complains about his wife when the problem is really much closer to home. If she doesn’t want to fuck you, the problem is you.

  44. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Actually she should not quit the the radiology residency. It is her ticket to interventional radiology job, that can bring in substantially more than 300k a year ER moonlighting.

    • Anonymous says:

      But you have to balance that against the years of low pay slavery at residency, her likely short career after child birth, and likely competition in a few years. A relatively new field can be highly profitable for a few years, but profit attract competition. I’mean skeptical of a field that involves massive up front capital cost . . . a little like the airlines.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do not question him. He knows all and even knows what everyone is paid per hour by telepathic powers of his keyboard and tin hat.

      • Anonymous says:

        I make numerical estimates for living, and a very good one. Yes, a big par of life is about making assumptions and anticipate what will likely happen. Some people are good at it, others have empty minds instead of open mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        re: empty minds

        ‘I make projections of others for living, but not very good ones. Yes, a big part of my life is about making incorrect assumptions, twisting fact and enjoy reactions of what will likely happen after I have made up facts to suit my agenda.’

        There. fixed that for ya!

      • Anonymous says:

        “There. fixed that for ya!”

        If you were good at numerical estimates or modelling, you would be an SM by now. You are certainly not here due to attraction to older and wiser men.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Anonymous

      Sure, it is open to discusdion whether going to med school was a good investment to start with. As to competition it is not going to be that steep in few years, making an interventional radiologist takes time and entry to training positions in limited. And transferring that work to ARNP will actually help her.

  45. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Opportunity cost and escorting

    Actually I can think about absolutely legit jobs in that scenario. Let us say an MD in the more advanced years of radiology residency. She has to keep her day job as a resident for 50k a year, but she can find moonlighting job at $150+ an hour covering a small ER after hours. But I wonder, how much her allowance will be this year and how much next year, when she pulls radiology attending salary.

    • Anonymous says:

      There you go. Well done, thinking outside of the scort avenger’s tiny box. Good point.

      I am really am interested in the numbers I posted, thoughts, and the time put into an arrangement outside of face to face meetings. Do you think that is quantifiable and measurable in an arrangement where lots of time is devoted to talking/ corresponding even when you are not together, or is escort avengers case, outside of the only time that counts that 4 hours he gets each week?

      I will assume an escort books appointments and does not keep much contact in between appointments? I usually talk, on the daily, to my sd so does this time count as time spent or should it be considered besides only face to face dates?

      • Anonymous says:

        Forgot! Disclaimer again: This is just out of curiosity and consideration and in no way, shape or form am I trying to get scortin’ tips on how to get extra money from sd, due to time spent on emails or phone calls, the pain of waxing my body, taking an hour to get ready and see him, or the time he keeps me up all night when I could actually be sleeping in my bed.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you have no other reason to out on makeups, and if he demands you made up, of course count those hours. This comment is from the same SD that you accused of making up numbers.

        BTW, if you don’t like spas, tell him you don’t want them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I did make up another scenario below, in case you missed I will repost it.

        At least admit my scenario is made up. Your numbers are fantasy and not factual, except your own experience in weekly, same day, hourly paid per meet ‘arrangements’ 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Here are the numbers I pulled from my arse, just like you did scort avenger!
        k, let’s continue amusing convo below. Since the numbers were made up by the escort loving Anonymous, anyway, let’s say she spends 12 hours per date, 4 dates a month.

        And her contract work is $60 an hour.

        41.66 for 12 hours or $60 for around 8 hours.

        Anonymous says:
        March 26, 2016 at 6:19 am
        she could take on 8.3 hr of contract work or an overnight stay with a sd for 12.

        I meant per hour, of course***

        Why do we not try these numbers since the other numbers were made up by the escort avenger ‘sd’, anyways and not what the original poster said.

        Now, I know what’s next is she will be called an $60 an hour pro but in the name of the GOD of logic and numbers, I ask we look at this objectively and without blaming the poor scorts for our lack of imagination to go beyond one set of made up numbers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your arse stink 😉 You don’t need to give up 12 hrs for a date with an SD. If you have never slept well with another person in the bed, then stop having sleepovers or stop dating altogether, or you are cut out to be an escort. What can I say.

        Your lack of logic may well mean that escorting is your best hope for relationship with men. Most SB’s are not escorts, but some think and act like escorts, and have the escort arithmetics in their heads all the time, and therefore perhaps better off coming out of the closet and move to Vegas or Canada, and leave us alone in the sugar vowl.

      • Anonymous says:

        $60/hr legit contract work means $120k/yr if she works 40hrs a week. At that point, she is not likely on SA. If she works every evening too, that would bring her close to $200k per year.

        Assuming $120k or less, $60/hr 1099 work translates to about $32/hr after tax, far from excluding $2000/mo arrangement on opportunity cost due to work. However, she has every right to refuse on personal preference ground: she makes enough already on her own, and would prefer dating someone making more than the $200k (the likely income of an SD offering $2k)

      • TVC15 says:

        I am madly +1’ing all your posts, Anon.

      • Anonymous says:

        All your ‘fantasy’ numbers mean is that you are good at making up numbers, then running with it and trying to pass it off as fact or what the OP said, which she did not.

        You are the one who put the terms of per meet, per hour per date, and per hour price over and over, based on a monthly amount, based off of your own scortish experiences, one can only assume, which sounds a lot more like escorting imo.

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 9:08

        Whenot she cited Opportunity Cost vs. her “contract work,” she invited numerical comparison. The baseline assumptions I made were very much valid: 4 meets per month is 1 more than what she thought; 3 would raise the unit reward by 33%. 4 hours is the standard assumption on the number of productive hours available in an evening, and more than enough to keep an SD. If you want to change that to 2, then the per unit reward goes up by 100%.

        The difference between an SB vs. an escort is largely dependent on the number of men she is seeing. If she is only seeing one guy, then she is his SB. If she is seeing a boyfriend in addition to the paying man, then it’s borderline. If she is seeing multiple paying men, then she is an escort who pretends she is a professional SB.

        Of course, in order for her not to have to have multiple paying men, the one man needs to give her sufficient support. That making it unnecessary for her to seeking resources from multiple men is what makes the man an SD. Otherwise, he is just one of her multiple johns.

        Clear now? You are welcome.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not agree with any of these definitions. Apparently, definitions are relative in the sugar bowl.

      • Anonymous says:


        Lmao funny isn’t it :)

        I could go on all day. bring up a simple fact each time that challenges their fantasy data and straw men, then have them go on to write pages and 5 paragraph posts defending their fantasy data.

        However, unlike them or him, whomever it is, I have plans on a Saturday, so cannot entertain their false spreadsheet straw argument fantasies all day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whenot she cited Opportunity Cost vs. her “contract work,” she invited numerical comparison. The baseline assumptions I made were very much valid: 4 meets per month is 1 more than what she thought; 3 would raise the unit reward by 33%. 4 hours is the standard assumption on the number of productive hours available in an evening, and more than enough to keep an SD. If you want to change that to 2, then the per unit reward goes up by 100%.

        – numbers made up by you, presented as fact, are still made up numbers. but now at least you admit they are ‘assumptions’.

        The difference between an SB vs. an escort is largely dependent on the number of men she is seeing. If she is only seeing one guy, then she is his SB. If she is seeing a boyfriend in addition to the paying man, then it’s borderline. If she is seeing multiple paying men, then she is an escort who pretends she is a professional SB.

        -I am not sure I agree with this. What about the ‘sds’ on this very blog who admit to rotating several sbs at once? According to your definition, then they are a John. Do you believe in that? I doubt you would be so quick to call them out for that but you sure like crying out ‘scort alert’!

        Of course, in order for her not to have to have multiple paying men, the one man needs to give her sufficient support. That making it unnecessary for her to seeking resources from multiple men is what makes the man an SD. Otherwise, he is just one of her multiple johns.

        -Could be true. I would not be so quick to call a sb an escort if she had two long term sds. I am not judgmental but do find it entertaining to point out your flawed logic with baseline false numbers.


      • Anonymous says:

        numbers made up by you, presented as fact, are still made up numbers. but now at least you admit they are ‘assumptions’.

        I am not sure I agree with this. What about the ‘sds’ on this very blog who admit to rotating several sbs at once? According to your definition, then they are a John. Do you believe in that? I doubt you would be so quick to call them out for that but you sure like crying out ‘scort alert’! That is not fair and balanced, now is it?

        Could be true. I would not be so quick to call a sb an escort if she had two long term sds.
        I am not judgmental but do find it entertaining to point out your flawed logic with baseline false numbers.

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 11:51

        The two genders are not entirely symmetric . . . just like there is hardly any SM on SA or in real life, whereas there are millions of SD’s.

        The issue is not morality per se, but what would likely make the participants happy in the long run. Men tend to contribute more resources into a relationship than the women do (see ratio of SD vs. SM). Women tend to be more comfortable on the receiving end (see ratio of female SB vs. male SB). Most women admirer and are attracted to men who already have female partners; most men are turned off by women sleeping with someone else. Through almost all of human evolution, a woman was always certain in her maternity, whereas a man never knew his paternity for certain.

        The net result is that most women prefer to have one partner at a time when money is not an issue . . . whereas most men only compromise to monogamy when that is the condition for reliable sexual access at all. If a man can afford to support women, there is no real harm to him or them in a multi-lateral relationship around him. Whereas a woman keeping multiple male sex partners at the same time is usually because she is not able to find one that ticks off all her boxes, and is keeping multiple compromised candidates for different purposes: some for money, one for sex, perhaps one for fun/drugs etc.. the long term result is not likely to be a happy one for her or her several partners. Prostitution is essentially a female-centric poly relationship; each man significantly limits his investment in her, and she has a short time horizon.

        A woman having multiple sex partners, including a prostitute, is severely compromising her own wishes to have the one perfect mate that fulfills all her requirements. A man having multiple sex partners is not compromising, but living exactly as he wishes.

      • TVC15 says:

        Tl;dr – I have a penis and should be able to do whatever I like with it, but women should only use their vaginas in ways I approve of.

      • Anonymous says:


        When you evolve the natural ability to get pregnant by multiple men at the same time, like a female cat does, then after a few dozen generations your female offspring will perhaps have the natural desire to sleep with multiple men at the same time.

        Until then, women’s natural tendency is to secure the “best man” she can find (however absurd her definition of the moment is), while perhaps running a resource scam on others (cuckolding / prostitution) if necessary. Over the life of a woman, her standards and choice for her “best” may change, but quite unlike the men’s tendency of having less exacting standards and pluralistic. Men’s reproductive opportunity was not locked up 9 months followed by 2-3 years, totaling 3-4 years, amounting to 15% of person’s life span, and nearly 30% of adult reproductive life in the stone age. Of course women are more choosy and prefer monogamy (until she decides to diversify her portfolio with a different man after the baby turns 4)

    • Anonymous says:

      Not likely 7 evenings a week moonlighting at the ER. And if she does get 7 evenings a week, she either has day time off during the weekdays or weekends . . . More radically if $150/hr moonlighting is that available, equivalent to a $300k/yr 2000hr job she should consider making moonlighting her primary job at least till after her marriage, pregnancy, kids grow old enough to go to school. Most female MD’s quit working after having babies. Slaving through residency 80 hrs a week at $50k a year would be a waste of her youth if $150/hr moonlighting positions at ER were that available.

      • Anonymous says:

        Btw, a woman MD going through residency with busy hours, even without the ER moonlighting opprotunity, or any other comparable busy professional, is certainly to free to turn down arrangement offers at any format, for personal preference. Just not due to opportunity cost.

  46. Kore says:

    I have to admit – from the few comments I’ve read, the quality of the blog hasn’t actually gotten any better, even with moderation. ^^

  47. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Maybe you should look at that post at 9.13 am that started the whole discussion. According to her she turned down $2,000 a month for similar amount of time (2-3 meetings a month) and can make up the difference by adding more contract work. She also implied she had a regular job. And of course sugar is tax free. I just wonder what is her expected allowance and potential legit income.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder as well. But, unless she specifically tells us, then we are just assuming, aren’t we?

      Just like, we do not know how many hours she spends with her SD or what she makes per hour at her job or contract work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Disclaimer:(I love saying disclaimer!) I enjoy a good debate and pulling numbers out of my ass as the next guy but let’s be real. He made those numbers up and sounds like he is more into the X hours, this exact day every week for X amount, which imho sounds more like scortin’. She looks to have the opinion that a certain allowance each month is not worth the amount of time she would devote to sugaring.

        Oh, and that brings up another thought! Ok so I get emails from my sd all day, at least three, he is a wordy fella, I might email him or talk to him each day, for an hour, 7 days a week. Other sd’s maybe I spoke on the phone and emailed twice a week. He is high maintenance btw. There is preparation to get ready, go to the spa and get waxed, time out at dinner. There are other time investments besides ‘X hours, in the evening, on X day each week, for X amount per hour’. How do you quantify that, smarty pants?

        By the way, can you guys be a little more creative? Im gettin’ sleepy and time is money, wasting time bloggin’. Lol

      • Anonymous says:

        We can however establish a lower limit on her hourly reward.

        4 meets a month is probably enough to keep a $2000/mo SD. She was thinking of 3. Let’s take 4 so the per meet is 500 instead of 667.

        4 hours per evening of her productive time. If during those 4hrs, they have dinner, which would normally take her 1hr to eat and 1hr and prep and clean up, then the net lost time is 2hrs. If her “contract work” is sporadic then the dates can be scheduled to days, evenings or weekends that she does not have the work, then her Opportunity Cost is $Zero!

        The assumptions were made to be as generous to her as possible. The conclusion was that she is a girl who has very high paying “contract work” all the time, especially evenings and weekends (the most likely date time from the SD’s). Upwards of $250/hr pre-tax all the time or $125/hr under the table.

        Now $125/hr is not a high rate for escorts, but $500/4hrs can yield very high quality eacort due to zero vacancy guarantee during those 4hrs. That’s besides the point. The more important point is: what other work pays more than $125/hr under the table or $250/hr 1099 and available for as many hours as you want to work any time of the day, evening and weekends? Even if the hypothetical Waitress or barmaid existed, high end restaurants are not open 24/7.

      • Anonymous says:

        I said be more creative not more BORING!

        Fail again :(

      • Anonymous says:

        I said be more creative not more boring.

        epic. fail.


      • Anonymous says:

        I said try and be more creative not even more boring!

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘what other work pays more than $125/hr under the table ‘

        There is that made up number again. Tsk tsk.

        My dog trainer does charge about that, though.

        Okay, so let’s play with my numbers now bc they are just as fictional as yours. A change of scenery, if you will.


      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps you mean, fantasy is more entertaining than reality 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘4 meets a month is probably enough to keep a $2000/mo SD. She was thinking of 3. Let’s take 4 so the per meet is 500 instead of 667.

        4 hours per evening of her productive time. If during those 4hrs’

        so here is the problem again. At least you put ‘IF’ in regards to the 4 hours this time. You are basing your whole argument on ‘if’s. if it is 4 hours each week, if it is 4 meets each month, if, if, if as if there is no other time investment outside of a four hour face to face meeting.

        This is only speculation and all my arrangements have varied for each month. As I mentioned, I have spent all saturday and sun. out of town with a sd before. Many times with travel during the work week. How can you say everyone sees each other for 4 hours each week, on the same day? Is that how everyone else does it? Mine have never been set up that way.

        Your numbers are made up to fit your agenda. Not hard facts. If you want to play with numbers, do so, but do not pretend or present as fact that were stated by the original poster.

        That is why no one comes here to post anymore due to words and facts being twisted around.

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps you mean, fantasy is more entertaining than reality ?’

        You do live in the fantasyland of ‘ifs’ and made up numbers you present as hard factual data to suit your agenda in order to call anyone who has a different opinion a scort’, so well done in the fantasy kingdom of ‘If’dom or in your case, Ifdumb.

      • Anonymous says:

        These are not made up numbers, but the logical baseline based on her claim of “Opportunity Cost.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure about that? This is what you said below

        **The 4 evenings x 4 times a month assumption**

        Assumptions make an ass….

      • Anonymous says:

        Not all assumptions are equal. Thone making good assumptions and model correctly make profit. Those pull numbers out of their ass have to prostitute themselves at even less favorable reward/risk ratio. It’s really that simple. Life is about making reasonable assumptions and take rewarding risks.

        The baseline assumptions I made was based on what adequate to keep a $2k/mo SD, with plenty margin for error. She is likely to get away with 2hrs per meet and 3 meets per month, but then she’d be making $333 per hour, even harder to justify her Opportunity Cost claim. That’said why I used the 4×4 model leading to $125/hr. Non-1099

  48. Anonymous says:

    Another Anonymous

    I did notice where she said she would humor him with his made up numbers but she never said or confirmed those were HER numbers or hourly pay, nor did she say she based her dates on 4 dates, 4 hours each as her reality. That was the other guy’s made up numbers and scenario. i.e. he said her dates could only happen in the evening? Really, do sb’s never meet their sd’s on weekends.

    So, let’s take a look at my made up numbers. Since, the truth or what someone actually said does not seem to matter unless it fits their agenda :)

  49. Anonymous says:

    @Another Anonymous

    I do see where she went along with his made up scenario of number of dates and times to ‘humor’ him, as she put it but do not see anywhere where she stated that was how she was basing her decision in actuality or those were her specific hours or numbers. He also assumed all her dates would be in the evening only and she never posted that either.

    Many assumptions there.

    So, let’s take my assumptions now :)

  50. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Nice numbers. Yet two comments. The original comment was $2,000 monthly for four meetings, not four overnighters. So it seems more $125 hourly than $60 hourly. And it is safe to assume that sugar income is tax free, but legit jobs pulling $125 after tax an hour must be $250 pre tax.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, the original poster never said 4 dates or 4 meetings. That was the crazy anon that calls everyone an escort said that. He assumed all those and based any assumptions off of that as if it was what she said.

      It seems assuming and putting words into others’ mouth is considered sport around here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s take a look at my numbers, since they are just as valid as the ones made up by the sd anonymous(i.e. I made up my numbers just as he did to make a point).

      She never actually said, this is XX how many hours, and this is XX how much I make per hour, did she?

      • Anonymous says:

        The SD’s assumptions were very conservative to establish a baseline about how much she would be earning per hour on the date. For example, 4 dates a month instead of the 3 that she was thinking. 4 hours of productive time (that she could be working on “contract work”) was also very generous: an actual 4hr date I the evening would include dinner, which she would have to spend time preparing and eating even on her own. If it is 5 to 9 or 6 to 10, she can still work on her contract work afterwards if she usually has more than 4hr of productive time every evening.

        Arithmetics is not that hard :-)

      • Anonymous says:

        Your number would make sense if she doesn’t sleep for 26 days every month.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing like a ‘debate’ with someone who refuses to listen :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I know when I sleep in a different place than my own bed, then I do not sleep. For real! I mean, I exaggerate, maybe, like one hour or two hours but realistically I do not sleep well if it is not my bed. How does that work out for time and money lost, due to more money spent at starbucks the next day, along with less productivity at work? I would much rather never sleep in another bed but my own. And, what if you have one of those touchy feely wake you up twice a night kinda fellas That keeps you up all night? No? Even with viagra no?

      • Anonymous says:

        Question to escort avenger****

        Would an escort charge, per hour, even if she is sleeping in your bed and not servicing you, and in theory, would therefore be sleeping in her own bed otherwise without your business? Does she still get overnight pay or nothing after she falls asleep? bc that kinda debunks your whole theory of the other sb being a prostitute in sb’s clothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Your number would make sense if she doesn’t sleep for 26 days every month.’

        Question to escort avenger****

        Would an escort charge, per hour, even if she is sleeping in your bed and not servicing you, and in theory, would therefore be sleeping in her own bed otherwise without your business? I am not sure how they charge for an overnight. Does she still get overnight pay or nothing after she falls asleep, but still is ‘on the clock’ with you? bc that kinda debunks your whole theory of the other sb being a prostitute in sb’s clothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        My theory is that SB’s should not be prostitutes pretending to be SB’s. That means she should not behave and think like prostitutes and escorts.

        As for overnight, between an escort and a John, it’seems a matter of her overnight rate. Between an SD and an SB, I think it should depend on whether she wants to stay overnight.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘The 4 evenings x 4 times a month assumption’ you keep stating as fact, which was never mentioned by OP, for exactly 4 hours each week that you seem to think is so logical and typical for an arrangement is actually more scortish than most posts of what I have read here from the sb’s.
        You efforts are, in fact, damaging to your goal and the whole thing started bc you were mad bc OP said, and another post, that ‘$1500 to 2k was not enough for them to justify their time so they turned the allowance down. They were called escorts or told escorts were advising them in their decisions.

        So girls that accept a certain allowance are not escorts but those that need another level of allowances are escorts. Right.

        Let’s be real with what you real ‘theory’ is hmm?

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope. I already stated several times that she is certainly free to refuse based on personal preference ground.

        What I have objection to is her claim of Opportunity Cost due to her “Contract work.” Unless she is an escort working the evenings and weekends, she is not likely to have Opportunity Cost that high. Most people’s opportunity cost on evenings and weekend date is near-zero, even for people in the top 1% for income.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Another Anonymous

      I do see where she went along with his made up scenario of number of dates and times to ‘humor’ him, as she put it but do not see anywhere where she stated that was how she was basing her decision in actuality or those were her specific hours or numbers. He also assumed all her dates would be in the evening only and she never posted that either.

      Many assumptions there.

      So, let’s take a look at my assumptions :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I did read where she said she would ‘humour’ him with his made up number of dates and hours but nowhere did she say her contract pay was 125 an hour or that she spends four hours, at 4 dates a month.

      My scenario is just as valid if we are to insert words in others’ mouths and make up our own assumptions to suit agendas. But no, really, my example was not in ill intention but just another example of what ‘could be’.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another thing, I often see my sd at lunch during the workweek or the daytime on weekends. Is that not normal since the escort finger pointer person mentioned sd dates could only be in the evening?

      • Anonymous says:

        There is nothing wrong with meeting your SD during noon time, if that is the best time for you both. The 4 evenings x 4 times a month assumption was put forth to establish a low limit on her hourly reward in a $2000/month arrangement because she claimed to have higher Opportunity Cost from her “contract work”

        If 3 dates instead of 4, the hourly return would be 33% higher.

        If 2 hours net productive time instead 4, the hourly return would double!

        The hours that she would be sleeping, preparing and eating dinner and breakfast have to be counted out from those 4 hours. So the each date taking up 4 hours of her (least) productive time assumption was once again extremely conservative in terms arriving at a low estimate.

      • Anonymous says:

        ”The 4 evenings x 4 times a month assumption ”

        Finally. Thank you for finally admitting you made up your whole argument against this other poster based on “assumptions’.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any other assumption would either conflict with her Opportunity Cost claim or making the numbers even more unfavorable for her claim.

  51. Anonymous says:

    k, let’s continue amusing convo below. Since the numbers were made up by the escort loving Anonymous, anyway, let’s say she spends 12 hours per date, 4 dates a month.

    And her contract work is $60 an hour.

    41.66 for 12 hours or $60 for around 8 hours.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, she could take on 8.3 hours of contract work to make the same amount with an overnight stay of 12 hr with a sd.

      Why don’t we try these fake numbers, since the other numbers everyone used as fact were made up fake numbers by the escort avenger Anonymous ‘sd’, anyway?

      Now, will she be called an $60 an hour escort? Probably, based on the trolling here. but here I have given you the opportunity to mull over some new data. What is the opportunity cost of that? I am curious :)

      Is this more realistic? I usually spend the night with my sd. maybe this is not common and 4 hours is?

    • Anonymous says:

      she could take on 8.3 hr of contract work or an overnight stay with a sd for 12.

      I meant per hour, of course***

      Why do we not try these numbers since the other numbers were made up by the escort avenger ‘sd’, anyways and not what the original poster said.

      Now, I know what’s next is she will be called an $60 an hour pro but in the name of the GOD of logic and numbers, I ask we look at this objectively and without blaming the poor scorts for our lack of imagination to go beyond one set of made up numbers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even an overnight date lasting 12 hrs would only take up 4 hours or less of her productive time. She would have to sleep and have dinner and breakfast even without going on the date.

      Those who want to bill for the hours asleep and having meals are really escorts at heart: they are with the men they despise.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about an all day date? Sometimes, I spend all day Saturday or Sunday with my sd or go out of town for the weekend?

        Who are you seeing that you only see exactly 4 hours EVERY week? Are your arrangements always like that? That sounds more like an escort meeting than a casually planned date of whenever we feel like seeing each other, sometimes twice a week. But hey! That is just me :)

  52. Anonymous says:

    To continue the amusing discussion below. :)

    What if, the original poster meant each date was an overnight date? Let’s keep the fake number made up by the other sd anonymous at 4 dates a month. say one could spend 12 hours per date, 4 dates a month, 48 hours. That is $41.6 an hour yes? Then say she could have opportunity to make $60 an hour contract work or another job?

    So, she could take on 8.3 hours of contract work to make the same amount with an overnight stay of 12 hr with a sd.

    Why don’t we try these fake numbers, since the other numbers everyone used as fact were made up fake numbers by the pro avenger Anonymous ‘sd’, anyway?

    Now, will she be called an $60 an hour escort? Probably, based on the trolling here. but here I have given you the opportunity to mull over some new data. What is the opportunity cost of that? I am curious :)

    Is this more realistic? I usually spend the night with my sd. maybe this is not common and 4 hours is?

  53. Anonymous says:

    To continue the amusing discussion below. :)

    What if, the original poster meant each date was an overnight date? Let’s keep the fantasy number made up by the other sd anonymous at 4 dates a month, for $2,000. Let’s say one could spend 12 hours per date, 4 dates a month, 48 hours. That is 41.66 an hour yes? Then say, she could have opportunity to make $60 an hour contract work or another job?

    So, she could take on 8.3 hours of contract work to make the same amount with an overnight stay of 12 hr with a sd.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    To continue the amusing discussion below. :)

    What if, the original poster meant each date was an overnight date? Lte’s keep the fantasy number made up by the other anon at 4 dates a month, for $2,000. Let’s say one could spend 12 hours per date, 4 dates a month, 48 hours. That is $41.66 an hour yes? Then say, she could have opportunity to make $60 an hour contract work or another job?

    So, she could take on 8.3 hours of contract work to make the same amount with an overnight stay of 12 hr with a sd.

    Why don’t we try these fake numbers, since the other numbers everyone used as fact were made up fake numbers by the escort avenger Anonymous ‘sd’, anyway?

    Now, will she be called an $60 an hour escort? Probably, based on the trolling here. but here I have given you the opportunity to mull over some new data. What is the opportunity cost of that?

  56. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Lalalalush

    What is your income comparing to men you are dating?

  57. Lalalalush says:

    Hi! Any ideas how to convert a normal dating site relationship to a suggar one?

    I am by nature/nurture (stupidly?)proud and it is difficult for me to ask money, gifts, shopping etc. I do not know how to do it…in a nice way.

    Any tips? How to present myself? How to lead it to that direction? Again, not going for an arangement but just for some little financial help and expencive gifts.

    All the men I am going to meet are quite well off, so should be possible, no?! ?

    • Anonymous says:

      They will soon be wondering whether you are attracted to them or their money. I dated a normal girl once, who after a few dates started to treat me as a walking wallet, pulling me towards window shops, hinting she needed a new phone, looking at stuff at counters and looking for me to pay for it in front of the Sales Ass. I had to jump through the usual hoops, so wasn’t really worth my while. Next 😉

      • Lalalalush says:

        Ok, I understand, that sucks. I want to be attracted to the man also. But wouldn’t mind some help if he wouldn’t mind.

      • anon anon says:

        Well, if you are not bringing gifts, you would be pointed to the shop windows. It is normal.

      • TVC15 says:

        How about whether he minds or not? If he minds, why is he looking for a woman on SA? Sheesh.

      • Anonymous says:

        She said “a normal dating site”, not SA. She wants to know how to convert a relationship she forms from one of those to a sugar relationship.

    • anon anon says:

      Just ask … kinda sweetly ” you know how much I love you …. etc.etc I really need or I’d really like …..” Mention problems you are having and how much stress it is, if they are worth your time, they should be offering to help. If they are not forthcoming with support, no point wasting time on them.

  58. Aliceia says:

    Looking for someone not shy of helping me out financially. Having fun and simply enjoying the company without commitment.

  59. Anonymous says:

    You lucky ladies: e751cb341

    21 year old potential SD with a high lifestyle budget. He must be very generous as he has bought his family a house as he needs to keep a lock on his bedroom door 😉

  60. Anonymous says:

    Catch of the day:

    Please understand, I provide a ‘girlfriend’ experience (strictly NON sexual)

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Anonymouse

      Ummm.. I do not know one girlfriend experience in my life who didn’t want sexual. I Have no valid clue on where you perso are coming from. The only vilidity that comment brings is the core mutual demoninator fact that both parties desire to see a raw, natural,intrigue/lust factors that is immediate or is organically grown to customization and exclusitivity for long term value and growth. Short term deteriorating value is a whole ‘nother story.

      Again, regardless of the rigorous verbatim here, it says boils down to the same. Unless sock puppets arise and lead the masses to a side road, without any cognizant thought of individuality. Men are dogged out here as equally women. Hen is every one one on the blog going to honor both parties in all due honesty of self and self preservation in order to build the SA site alone back to its glory days ? And in doing so, surpSs the present and past number to a triple digit number of success? If you want to get real, for future Pickens, shouldnt you start here?

    • Greg says:

      My favorite of the day was nothing physical just deep conversations and a allowance.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I know this post will be moderated. But, talking about “ghosting”…you can chose to view one of two or neither. You tube: Ruth B ” Lost Boy”. You can chose the original tribute to Peter Pan and see the ship, a shooting star and a visual. Or, you can chose the raw vocals of a young female and her keyboard speaking of what it’s like to vacate reality, with the look in her eyes and no visuals. Or, you can chose to not bother to listen at all. This is a blog that now moderates again, so who even knows if my voice will be heard speaking in another’s voice. Sounds about right to sock puppets, no?

    Lol. Either way, there is always the chance of pixy dust prevailing to voice the one that “ghosted” and vacated reality in one form or another. You tube: Ruth B “Lost Boy” and you chose which version you chose to pay attention to or ignore.

  62. Another Anonymous says:

    @ anony

    Absolutely, if a pot does not like me, it should stop there, now matter what the allowance can be. But that is not an opportunity cost.

  63. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Educated

    Well I guess it means different things to different people. A high school grad feels educated comparing to high school drop out, a Harvard grad might consider a state university grad uneducated. But sugar has very strange definitions indeed, offering somebody an hourly income of a law practice partner is called stingy, self-made multimillionaires with graduate degrees are called idiots, you name it.

    @ anon anon

    You seem to miss one important dynamics change in sugar bowl. Pot SD are (for the lack of better terms) offering a job, SBs are doing a job interview.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I see the heavy moderation has started, well I’m off, have fun everyone.

  65. Anonymous says:

    This is a bit offtopic but what is with all the profiles declaring that the person is educated.

    For crying out loud, you’re not from a third world country, even in third world countries almost everyone is educated. Stop saying it like its something unique.

    You might as well add “I breathe, eat, drink water, sleep, and use a bathroom. With an actual toilet. ps I’ve never been anywhere but I love travel.” Welcome to the human race, congratulations on being human, now will you please shut up about it?

    • anon anon says:

      You’d imagine it means they went to a good reputable school, and can at least spell check their drivel if they are dyslexic, and their grammar is OK, but most likely this is not the case. SDs offend as much as SBs. And that is what really offends. 😀 😀 Yeah right …. wanting to get laid and still a barrow boy with stingy mentality … and lack of who knows what other skills

  66. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Cutoff for earnings of ladies joining sugar

    Somebody asked the question earlier. Personally I do not think there is an absolute number. But imho the SD to SB ratio of income should be at least 5 to 1, preferably closer to 10 :1. So a lady pulling 500k a year on her own will have very limited pool of pot SDs.

    • Anonymous says:

      10k a month is not going to significantly improve the lifestyle of a lady making 500k a year.

      Forget about a limited pool, theres going to be zero SDs who’re going to be interested in giving her an amount of money she’d notice especially when you tag on the attitude most successful women have.

      ps. I’m not saying all successful women have an attitude, but I’d rather not risk it, its so much easier and more rewarding for everyone involved to find a SB with student loans who’ll appreciate what you’re doing for her.

      • Anonymous says:

        A lady making more than $100k/yr from legit jobs is likely too old to be a successful SB.

        A young lady making more than $100k/yr from her huha rental to a bunch of men by the hour is not likely to be a happy SB to any man.

      • Anonymous says:

        I object, SA is full of harvard law educated SBs with six digit starting salaries, and they all have enough free time for a SD.

  67. Ghostsd says:

    At anonymous March 25, 2016 at 7:28 am

    Just curious, why such a generous offer? $1,500 for three meets a month?

    I am suspicious that your post was actually made by one of the marketing people here trying to again, pump up the prices.

    I can hear the snakes hissing already….

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless you’re having an affair and cant get away more than three times a month, I cant imagine why a SD would want so few meetings.

      “Do you want sex?”
      “No sorry, I’ve had sex with an attractive woman three times this month, thats all I can handle.”
      “Three? Wow you animal”

      I’m a man and three meetings a month comes across as escortish to me. I mean sure we’re not here to meet their parents, but does three meetings a month (that are probably mostly sex) remind anyone of anything? If a SB told me she wasnt interested in spending time with me beyond X meets a month I’d kick her to the curb.

      I think this mercenary attitude is hurting SA, I get that we’re all consenting adults, but I seriously do not enjoy wading through the profiles of x meets $y a month. For the people interested in that, wouldnt it be faster to call an escort and ask if she’d give a discount if you commit to x meets a month and pay up front? Does anyone think the 3-4 meets a month women are not juggling many men, and maybe flat out escorting on the side?

      • Rick says:

        I have a pretty busy life, so 3-04 meets a month is perfect. Basically it’s once a week, and I don’t have many more free evening.

      • TVC15 says:

        Ditto. If I had more free time than that, I’d offer it to the SD instead of trying to juggle a bunch of different guys.

  68. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous at 11.12

    Well that is different statement know. Of course spending time with your SD can be more pleasant than work and there might be the expenses of sugar you need to cover.

    But the calculation of opportunity cost strictly speaking is simple. If you refuse $500 per meeting in after tax money, you should be able to make at least $1,000 at the same period of time.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is only one type of work where she can make that much money in that much time.

      • Anonymous says:

        waitressing at a restaurant where a 15% mandatory tip works out to at least 1000?

      • Anonymous says:

        something like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Darn I thought I had it.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many waitresses have waited on tables that generate $6000 sales in 4 hours? and without having to share the tips with chefs, other waiting staff, and busboys?

      • Anonymous says:

        Two seconds looking at RKOI will show you the answer isnt zero.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many of those on RKOI have been doing $6000 in 4 hours 7days a week and 365days a year for a decade? If it’s just one time, why not reschedule the date to the next day. It’s amazing how hard it is for the economically illiterate to grasp the simple concept “Opportunity Cost.”

        Retards gotta retard.

      • Anonymous says:

        considering the high end restaurant/bar bills on RKOI are at the 100k mark, I’d say 6k a day is pretty typical for them.

        Its always entertaining to see those idiots flaunting/wasting their money. I like a good meal as much as anyone, but why anyone would spend 100k on a bottle of a new champagne brand owned by a rapper is beyond me.

        That said a server at a place that specializes in rare wines can make decent money while it lasts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you read man-bite-dog news stories and think they are common? Idiots flaunt those big bar bills on Instagram because such occasions are rare. If a restaurant can routinely clear $6000 on a table every day, do you have any idea how much the rent for the restaurant would be? If a waitress, regardless what position she has in the place, could routinely get tipped $1000 a day everyday, do you have any idea how much her landlord would charge her for rent?

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on we’re not talking about restaurants in boise idaho.

        Landlords charge what they can, but they cant increase their rent based on what their tenant makes. They cant charge more than average people can afford.

        Even then there are plenty of places in the world where 5k to 10k a month will get you a shoebox without a view.

      • Anonymous says:

        If one restaurant can consistently clear $6k per table per day, what’s to prevent someone else opening another restaurant a few yards away and charge 5% less? You see where this is going. Restaurants are at their core rent-subdividing businesses, just like stores are (dollar turn-over per square foot of shelves). If an area can consistently fill $6k per day per table, it is a reflection of the location; the windfall eventually accrue to the landlords.

        Likewise, if an area is so rich that the waitresses and barmaids can consistently earn $30k/mo (without doing anything extra-curricula), the rent in the area would of course shoot up to meet the demand.

        The fact that the rent has not shot up to those levels indicate that those fabulous profit and income levels are rare or transient, not consistent. It is the rarity and instability that are preventing the competition from entering and bidding up rent.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        in regards to a restaurant.. It is different dynamics and the same all-together. Are you a meat and 3-4 that can cook up the old school taste that the now adult generation recants from Grandma and no other woman can attempt to replicate to date?

        Is it an authentic Arabian dish that you can cook up like the Arabic’s grandparents that no one else can duplicate? You have taste in account as well as location to equivocate in your thought contribution. Or, is it a free for all 70’s edition to where your surrounding demographics have no notion of any of the above and would appreciate it, regardless of what you concoct, because there is no “home grown, home, slow, cooked goodness to date?”

        When they said “location, location, location.”, the cliché was not kidding. It is locating, no doubt.

        In some parts of the US and abroad, people are thirsting for what is tossed to the side and considered trash elsewhere. No different from the substantial SB’s who toss SD’s.

        That is absurd to me and then again, ,no different from the SD’s who toss the SB’s who are substantial, which is again absurd to me. Apparently, I live in neither demographic. Still, I have no reason to hate on either. I silently ask for the men to move my way. It is what it is. )hence I am a female.) Were I a male, then the direct opposite would be my answer. It is not right or wrong, just an opinion.

    • anony says:

      “If you refuse $500 per meeting in after tax money, you should be able to make at least $1,000 at the same period of time.”

      Or that money was just not enough for her to want to spend that time with you.

      I would prefer to work double shifts and still make only half the money an unattractive pot would have wanted to give me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Personal preference is certainly a legit reason. However, that is not Opportunity Cost, as cited by that anonymous. Very few people have Opportunity Cost as high as $500 / 4hrs. Escorts working the evenings however do have such a high Opportunity Cost during those evening hours, if she is used to entertaining John’s at $150-$200/hr, and 4 of them in an evening. That’s why her mentioning of Opportunity Cost was tantamount to calling herself an escort. Legit jobs don’t pay nearly as much, such is life.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can tell anony is either really young and still buying into her priceless value as explained to her by her parents or delusional.

        Seriously unless a guy is literally hideous whats the big deal? Do you really think most guys haven’t overlooked a few flaws in women over the years? Statistically the majority of women in america are obese and the majority of men are not. Thats coming straight from weight stats published by the US govt. Ok sure guys here are being more demanding, but so what! The SDs on this site are offering to potentially support you.

        Guess what? Most of us were in perfect shape, attractive, and swimming in women who wanted just sex when we were your age. By the time someone is in a position to have a SB they’re generally older and cant live in a gym. Deal with it. Nobody fit and attractive your age is going to pay you other than the occasional guy who’ll pay you to leave after sex.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think anony was talking about Adonis, just an SD that she is somewhat attracted to. So long as neither the physical standards nor financial requirements are too excessive, she can find a sponsor to her liking. SB’s have the right to be selective; they are not escorts dealing with numerous men with nearly no standards in order to maximize the numerical sum.

      • Anonymous says:

        When you look at the allowances women are asking for on the blog then only men who can afford to pay those amounts are in the 1% everyone likes to protest about.

        Seriously if I were to limit my dating pool to the ten most attractive women in a room of 1000 women (1%) and I didnt have a lot going for me you’d be telling me to be more realistic.

        How many of the men in the 1% is she thinking she’d have really good chemistry with? One in five? Thats 1 in 500 men out there meeting her requirements? One in ten? thats 1 in 1000.

        Except each of those men can take their pick from nearly anyone.

        She didnt say, not Adonis, she said unattractive, as in not attractive.

        She can be as selective as she wants, out of a pool of zero men. This is SA, the women outnumber the men 8 to 1 (more if you filter out johns). Put a normal guy in a place where 8 men to every 1 woman, then have him ignore 4 out of 5 women in favor of the most attractive women, lets watch him crash and burn. We’ve all been in bars that are sausagefests, SA is the reverse.

        I’ve been a young rich fit guy, and yes its hilarious to watch attractive women throw themselves at you. I dont care how hot she is, she has no chance to get someone like I was to pay her. The only reason I’d consider it now is at a certain point women go baby and marriage crazy, sugar eliminates that crap.

      • Anonymous says:

        ”Escorts working the evenings however do have such a high Opportunity Cost during those evening hours, if she is used to entertaining John’s at $150-$200/hr, and 4 of them in an evening. ”

        I would like to see photos of the average escort making $125-$200 per hour. That is low level escorting, right?

        I will have to disagree that $125 or $200 per hour is rare for sporadic or legit jobs. I will tell my dog trainer & personal trainer you said that. LOL Maybe, they are escorts too.

      • Anonymous says:


        ‘-Very few people have Opportunity Cost as high as $500 / 4hrs.

        That is where your whole argument is incorrect. The ‘sd’ anon said $500 for four hours, not the original poster. What if, she meant an overnight date? How are you going to make up those numbers to get a per hour rate without asking how many hours she meant? Stupid to entertain such ridiculousness but necessary due to all the ‘to do about nothing’.

      • Anonymous says:

        How would “sporadic” job be Opportunity Cost? Why can’t she schedule the date to a time when the “sporadic” job is not taking place?

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you not sleep unless you are overnight with your SD? Or have dinner or breakfast on your own at all unless on date?

        The 4hr of productive per evening assumption was being very generous in order to arrive at a minimum estimate on effective hourly return of her time. If the date takes only 2 hrs and only 3 times a month instead of 4, her effective hourly reward would more than double!

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you not ever spend all day Saturday or Sunday with your lady friend? I spend a whole day Saturday or sunday, sometimes both if we go out of town :) Sometimes, we even meet 2 or 3 times a week if we want.

        Curious. Do you always see your sb a certain time, once a week and for only X many hours? Is that set in stone?

        TBH your dialogue about how you view an arrangement certainly appears more ‘escorty’, shorty than what I see most women write here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you not see your sb on saturday and sunday, for an all day date sometimes, for lunch then spend day with each other? Do you never go out of town together during the weekend? Are your dates always X day for X number of hours? That sounds pretty scortish actually.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the calculation of opportunity cost strictly speaking is simple.

      @Another Anonymous, strictly speaking do you completely and thoroughly understand what opportunity cost means? It can be applicable to time, how you value your time and more importantly how you find and define the monetary value of (your time)time. Which, was never done in the below example bc the crazy male Anonymous made up all the numbers himself to attempt to discredit the other poster. She did not give any of those numbers and hours to her specific situation herself, so the argument was invalid from the start except that he got to call her an escort more than a few times which seems to be his form of entertainment.

  69. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Agree. I think the whole issue of allowance is really worth only one question. Whether the POT read the explanation what are the brackets corresponding to various level in the profile. Some of them do not and their definitions are different than SA’s definitions.

  70. Anonymous says:

    This keeps going around and around…as normal and usual.
    There are certainly women out there who, for whatever reason, associate their worth with the allowance on a dating site called SA. They get a number in their head, be it 2500, 4000 or 6000 and decide that anyone who is offering them less, does not “respect her enough”. Even if they can use extra money, they would rather forgo a reasonable offer that is below her perceived worth. The best thing to do here, is to say goodbye after dinner and text the next POT (or POTs) while you are still in the restaurant’s parking lot.

    • rembodler says:

      +1. All this talk about “not matching her goals” is pure BS. Your goals have to match the reality. You can set a goal to become an opera singer at La Scala, but if your application to La Scala had been rejected for the last 20 years, maybe, just maybe, you should reassess your goals. Or you can wait till La Scala calls you.

      • Ray Funklebon says:

        But that is actually how it often is. Has been like this for as long as I remember. The problem in escorting that prices do not drop below a certain arbitrary floor level is because when it reaches that floor, women drop out. Whatever propels them to enter the market in the first place is not even relevant. An 18yo HS grad gets into her mind that she needs to shoot for a moderate allowance and she will not settle for 1500 for a weekly meet because it is “too low” and she fails to realize she would need to work fulltime at McD’s to make about that much in stead of ten to twelve hours a month. But bear in mind that it also does not cost a woman anything to keep her hat in the ring. A man has to pay for the privilege. If she wants to have sex it is readily available so that is never an argument for a female. And, as the Jack in the Box commercial used to say: All she needs is just one (SD). :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I also think these pot SBs get a number in their head as their “worth” when they begin looking for a SD. In reality, no body is really worth anything; it is more like, what a SD is willing to give her as allowance, footing the dating bills, and any other gifts he may want to give her. Presumably because he finds her attractive, enjoys her company, her conversation, and sex with her.
      Perhaps it is naive to think that these pot SBs should see an arrangement like this first as very similar to a bf/gf relationship, and the allowance and gifts as bonus into that relationship, and not as a monetary transaction for spending time with someone, like some sort of a job, and thus, her hourly time is $250/hr, and take it from there depending how many hours per month. If his wallet is the only think she can see on the SD, I think the SD needs to move on to a better prospect. If the SD were looking to pay $250 or more by the hour, there are plenty of escorts for that who would be happy to spend multi-hour arrangements without any emotional involvement. I imagine SDs in here are not seeking that.

  71. Tabbie says:

    SB’s I need some advice! I have a SD for nearly 3 years. He pays for my car, house and allowance. He does not like me dating anybody else (he once caught me and went crazy threw me out the house) I am a student so I rely on him completely. But I am looking for another SD or potential boyfriend, how can I do this without him finding out? Do you think it’s wise? I feel I am missing out on my youth by not dating and feel trapped. Girls please never rely on a man 100% because this situation is not cool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor you, a man is paying for your house, car, and living expenses. What a monster.

      If you leave him its a fate worse than death, he’ll actually expect you to leave!

      The horror.

      • Tabbie says:

        It’s not that I am ungrateful I realize how lucky I am. But he has loads of SBs not just me, and it upsets me that I cannot have some fun with other men. Ive seen he is a very untrustworthy person and lies about everything, even to his business partners. I will not leave him I cannot afford to. My only option is to find another SD I guess or stick it out until I finish university. But I have sexual needs!

    • Rick says:

      You don’t have to be taking his money, if it seems like your trapped and missing out on your youth. If you want to be free, be free, but don’t whine about being treated like a princess.

      • TVC15 says:


        You are crying because you can’t have your cake and eat it too. That’s a pretty common human pastime.

    • Anonymous says:

      It only seems complicated because you seem to be quite greedy. You want more than the already great deal you seem to have. He is paying for your house, your car, and probably many other things AND gives you a monetary allowance AND you still are not satisfied? Honestly, sounds quite ungrateful to me. So you want a way to cheat, so that you still can get a younger boyfriend without losing the allowance and benefits. Really? It is quite simple actually. If you he has asked you for exclusivity, and you both agreed, then honor your word, if you do not want to, then leave him, enjoy your youth, and when you are ready and willing get another SD. Present your terms (non-exclusive), and see if the new SD will agree, if yes, great, if not, move on.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Potential SB of the day:
    What I’m looking for

    We anit gna be meeting to go zoo cos I hate the zoo before the animals come and bite me

    She is White in her pics before you stereotype her lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Reminds me of the profile I recently saw where a woman was claiming to be fluent in fifteen languages but couldn’t spell in english (her native language from what I could tell).

      Sure I’m going to trust you to talk to the cop who pulled me over, wait what did you say I did to that donkey?

  73. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anons about numbers and rudeness

    What exactly was rude here? The anonymous SB was claiming to have essentially unlimited pool of work paying $125 an hour after taxes and she is working overtime. She is deep into top percentile. If she talks strictly about opportunity cost, her income should be close to $1 million pretax. Why is she a SB and most importantly how many SDs are competitive at this level?

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s husband hunting. She doesn’t need an allowance, why else do women look for successful men?

      I’m guessing she’d be happy with any man who made around what she did because she’d be trying to land him to double her income.

      She does seem very escortish doesnt she?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. I did not see that. The straw man poster who insists every woman on the blog who turns down an allowance of $1,000 or $2,000 is an escort making $125 an hour made up those numbers. She never said how much her contract work paid, when she worked it, what days of the week, how many hours she had available, ect.
      He made up everything, then presented it as fact, as if she had said it herself. He also made up the four hours, four times a month at $125.

      How can you even have a mature discussion, when words are twisted and ‘numbers are pulled out of someone else’s ass’ then used to try and make someone look like a liar or escort?

      That is why no one blogs here anymore. Especially, any real ”sugar daddies”. I cannot imagine any men who behave like this can keep a woman around for more than five minutes, even if offered countless thousands upon thousands a month unless they are escorts going through the motions just so they can leave.
      The anger and bitterness by the ”sugar daddies” kinda speaks for itself, ya know?

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 5:09

        You are the one twisting facts. If the same work could be done any other time, going on date on any evening scheduled to her availability would not be Opportunity Cost to her. It becomes Opportunity Cost to her only if she can make more during the same 4 hours of an evening every single evening. Not hard to understand is it?

  74. Anonymous says:

    I had dinner and drinks with a pot SB on Wednesday evening. We had a good time and seemed to click. At the end of the date, we went to my car and kissed a little bit and discussed the allowance. I offered her $1500 a month for 2-3 meetings a month, with some contact (texting or talking maybe 1-2 times a week). She responded that she was looking for $4k a month at a minimum. I said you have been on the site a year now, have you received any offers close to that. She admitted that mine was the highest offer she had received to date and I was the first person to whom she was attracted. I told her to think about it. She sent me a text yesterday that she was sticking to $4k and not going to settle. I am guessing that she is going to be waiting a while to receive $1300 to $2000 per meeting, especially in my area. It was the first time I ever had a coed turn down $1500 a month – maybe I am too old and fugly now.

    • Anonymous says:

      she probably talked to some online escorts pretending to be SB’s, who convinced her to be off the market, so the escorts can continue prying their business unfettered.

      That’s one of the problems with online escorts pretending to be SB’s, and real SD’s should consider spending some time sharing their experiences as public service announcement, so the public square is not taken over by escorts trying to shut out legit SB’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are even versions of tin foil hat conspiracy theorist nuts in sugar online dating world too. Who knew?

      • Anonymous says:

        Prostitutes have been trying to keep other women out since time immemorial. It’s just like the drug dealing mobs lobby the politicians to keep drugs illegal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course darling time to take the meds now 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 9:05am

        Your projection is only proving my point.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have turned down $2,000 a month several times for the same amount of time invested. SB’s all have different needs and have a set goal individually.

        For me, it is not worth it from an opportunity cost standpoint, since I could take on more contract work that month and make the difference in what I actually need as a SB.

        Final thought: And I do not mean this as snarky but if there are so many coeds willing to accept $1,500 a month, then why not just let this one go and do not take so personally as you are in basing it on your appearance? She did say she was attracted to you.

        She might have certain goals in mind and in no desperate need for an allowance that would constitute her lowering her set goal. I am in the same position and feeling that I would rather not have SD at all, even though I have never had a problem with getting my allowance needs met, vs. settling for something less.

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 9:13am

        He was obviously joking about himself turning “fugly.” You are joking too: if you can consistently make $2000 every 4 evenings, say 4hrs each so 16 hours, working on your “contract work,” you are making $14,000 a month in addition to whatever you earn from you day job; why haven’t you quit your day job and pull in another $28,000/mo working the same “contract work” in addition to 4hrs every evening? At either $14,000/mo or $28,000/mo or $42,000/mo income level, most women would not be looking for any SD (most men would be spending the 4hrs each evening on SB’s if they pull in $28,000/mo). . . unless you are a “professional SB,” aka escort.

      • Anonymous says:

        I had a feeling I would be called an escort for sharing my perspective, since giving a different perspective is met with name calling. Also, I do not consider myself superior to an escort, or anyone else for that matter, so am unsure why you use the term in a derogatory way. Do you feel you are superior to an escort or her clientele?

        I do work in corp. restructuring but do have opportunity to work part-time at another company with very nice contract work. However, I enjoy the time very much with my SD so would rather spend it with him- on vacations and having a nice time, than working many of the extra part-time hours to which I have the option- meaning it is an option as having a SD is an option. It depends on the SD and opportunity he presents.

        Your numbers are quite exaggerated and intended as sarcastic tone. $2k a month not being enough for myself is not even remotely close to what you attempted to interpret from my comment, in an attempt to discredit difference of experience and opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        I didn’t say anything is superior or inferior. You presented your case as “opportunity cost” based on “contract work” that you can consistently get (i.e. any evening going out on date is displacing that opportunity). It’s simple math to show that your case is false unless you are pulling in $14,000 a month in addition to your day job; if you are, then quit your day job, and pull in $28,000 in day time doing the same work, which you claimed to be readily available (any evening you are not out on date, you can do and earn more than $2000/16hrs).

        There are very few types of “contract work” that can have such a high hourly pay, yet can only be done in evening, not day time. Escorting is an obvious one, and would explain the situation much better than “corporate restructuring.” Now, if you want to retract the “opportunity cost,” that would be different story; personal preference would be entirely reasonable. However, if it’s “opportunity cost,” there simply aren’t many evening jobs that earn more than escorting, and can be readily available based on the worker’s availability.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha she’s BUSTED. She will never admit it though.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who said my contract work was only in the evening? You are so set on your assumptions being factual that you have been incorrect in every assertion.

        I do not go into an office 9-5, 60 hours a week in my career. I am able to take contract work on the side, in the daytime or work whenever I am able- as many men do who have more than one job, or take contract work-do they not? Are you saying men who work more than one job must be escorts as well? I am not an escort. Other than that, you do not need to know the exact details. Your math numbers you crunched are assumptions and do not correlate with my reality pay on contract. It is nice you put so much time and effort into them, though.

        My opportunity cost is that I can make more than an extra 2k per month in something else besides a SD in side contract work. Simple as that. You do not need to know what that equates to per hour- you are the one so set on it as an escort contract work, since you assumed 4 hours per evening. Isn’t that how an escort client would view it? How many hours per meeting at price per hour? That is devaluing a SD and SB relationship in my opinion to do this. I was not going to put it in those terms but will humor you.
        ”(any evening you are not out on date, you can do and earn more than $2000/16hrs).”..these are all your assumptions- not my reality.

        In your assumption- let me make this as simple as possible for you to understand- as long as I can make more than $125 per hour on contract- say I make $150 per hour on contract- then I can justify forgoing 2k per month for a SD with four dates, four hours each, at $125 per hour as long as my contract work exceeds the 2k per month and the $150 per hour . I was actually going by three dates but you you assumed everything else as well.

        Opportunity cost can be more than hard numbers but indirect costs as well.

        Money is not everything by the way. Hidden benefits and cost can be time, energy, and other intangibles. Opportunity costs can be applied to decisions not involving money- beyond price and pay which is also something I eluded to earlier, but I do not think you understood. Besides money, there are other factors I take into account but that can be considered opportunity costs as well. I suggest an introductory class on the subject.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lmao. damn. looks like he is the one that got told.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why dont you “elude” to an introductory class about the use of dictionaries.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone working in “corporate restructuring” should have taken enough economics to understand what “opportunity cost” means: you’d make more from said “contract work” during these same hours, and that highly profitably “contract work” can not be shifted to other time, like during the day or a different evening, say because those hours are already occupied by the same highly profitable “contract work.”

        Someone working in the corporate world should know “9-5 job” means 40 hours a week, not 60.

        Someone who deriving that much income from legit “contract work” should know a thing called “Form 1099-misc” If you are making more than $40k/yr but less than $120k/yr, your $150/hr “contract work” pay faces 25-28% marginal federal income tax, 15.3% self-employment tax; 8-9.3% state income if in California, around 6% if in New York. The after-tax pay-off of that $150/hr “contract” / 1099 work, if legit, is about $80/hr.

        So now we have someone who is not familiar with 40hr work week, not familiar with 1099 and self-employment tax, not familiar with the basic economics concept of “opportunity cost,” yet claim to be working for “corporate restructuring” . . . how can we avoid calling her a liar? hmm, she might be frequently hired as a private troop-morale booster by men claiming to be corporate restructuring guys looking through a list of escort to find her.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 11:39am

        When you root for liars, you end up looking foolish.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone working in the corporate world should know “9-5 job” means 40 hours a week, not 60.

        Really? 9-5 can be more than 5 days a week. 9-5, 8-5, 7 days a week…It looks like a rough estimate. 55, 60 hours,rounded up. Meaning, those who do extra contract work can do this work whenever they have free time. This includes weekends, evening, lunch breaks…

        I know dog trainers who make over $100 an hour. Is making over $100 an hour that rare for certain jobs besides escorting? By the way an escort making $125 or $200 an hour is lower level, I would think.

        The anon that assumed the $2,000 per month= 4 dates, 4 hours at $125 per hour each was his assumption. That was never stated by the other Anon. I also did not see where anyone said they had unlimited access to unlimited hours they wished to make extra hourly pay, in their contract work. Only that it needed to be over and above what the SD offered.

        There is nothing to say when those who refuse to listen and already have their mind made up that someone is an ‘escort’. The straw man arguments are amusing however.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Someone working in “corporate restructuring” should have taken enough economics to understand what “opportunity cost” means: you’d make more from said “contract work” during these same hours, and that highly profitably “contract work” can not be shifted to other time, like during the day or a different evening, say because those hours are already occupied by the same highly profitable “contract work.”’

        So now you know what evenings, days and times she works as well as her exact work schedule? That crystal ball of yours must make you billions. Assuming is your forte!

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 6:43

        Are you the same wannabe calling others “idiot” all the time? Opportunity Cost means going on dates would displace her higher paying “contract work” during those same hours. Since dates can be scheduled to any day or evening during the week and weekend, most likely evenings and weekends, we only need to focus on her alleged busy and high paying work schedule on evenings and weekends. Understand now?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you’re not serious about starting to doubt yourself just because of one girl. That would be crazy. Don’t take it personally. It’s what these girls are being told left and right even by this site’s own marketing team. More more more is the name of the game here now. In the end they’re all ending up with nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      The ‘sd’s’ that post are so rude and disrespectful to anyone that shares.
      Newsflash! Your message is lost and people will ignore ur posts when ur confrontational bad attitude is so much over the top

      • Anonymous says:

        When you write fantasy, like claiming you can earn $500 every 4hrs for as many hours as you want any time of the day and evening from “contract work,” which translates to an income of $240k to $360k a year since you claim to work evenings in addition to day time, yet somehow still looking for an SD instead of being an SM, expect to be confronted with skepticism.

      • Anonymous says:

        A lot of the “sbs” who post here talk like street thugs. Maybe the sds are just responding in the appropriate fashion.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am the OP and I didn’t take it personally. I highly doubt as a coed she has the opportunity to make about $100+ an hour doing contract work. If she could she would have no business being on a sugar dating site wasting everyone’s time.

        And as for finding someone else…. I just got back from a M&G lunch with another coed who I find more attractive than the coed who turned me down. She was very excited about $1500 a month and wants to hang out more than 2-3 times a month.

        I agree that everyone has different expectations. Nonetheless, if you expect $4k a month and have been on the site for over a year and have been unable to find that, maybe it is time to leave the site and stop wasting everyone’s time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are higher earning women not allowed to be SB’s? Serious question.

        Are you only allowed to sugar if you make under so much per hour or year? If so, I would be interested in knowing what that amount cut off would be?

      • Anonymous says:

        Higher earning SBs can be on the site. Nobody is stopping them, just like nobody is stopping the $50k salary SDs from being on the site.

      • Anonymous says:

        How did you get the following:

        ”claiming you can earn $500 every 4hrs for as many hours as you want any time of the day and evening from “contract work,” which translates to an income of $240k to $360k a year ” ”

        From what she actually said which was this:
        ”since I could take on more contract work that month and make the difference in what I actually need as a SB.”

        Trolls SMDH

      • Anonymous says:

        Her claim to have higher opportunity cost means she should be able to make more than $500 during those same 4hrs of any given evening (dates can be scheduled to evenings that she is nor working if working hours are specific). If her “contract work” pays that much, and is available any evening of the 7days of the week, she should be making $14,000 in a month from evenings alone! If that’s the case, why is she still working her day job? Might as well quit to earn $28,000 more every month! We are looking at someone making $500k a year! if her schedule is that fully packed with “contract work” that pays so much.

        That is, before the issue of tax coming in, making her numbers even more absurd.

        A person making $300k+ a year from his 2000-3000 working hours (40-60hours a week) can still have near-$0 opportunity cost when during the remaining 2800-3800 non-sleeping down time hours, like I’m doing right now typing up this message.

      • Anonymous says:

        Calling people trolls, idiots and taking meds all the time only shows that those dregs of society fill your usual surroundings. Doesn’t reflect well on yourself.

  75. SSSD says:

    People making $50k to $150k usually have to work according to schedules set by someone else. People making $30k to $150k can often earn more by working more hours: either punching in clocks or generating more billable hours.

    Above a line somewhere between $200k-250k, the nature and dynamics of work can be quite different if one is smart: I set my own hours, and profit becomes dependent on opportunities and my seizing them through decision making; additional hours beyond what is necessary do not generate more profit.

    I used to work a business based on billable hours, and cracked $30k/month for the first time in my life almost exactly a decade ago (around 30 years old at that time); however, I was working 80+ hours a week, and did not have time to enjoy the fruits of my own labor. It took a divorce, a recession and half a decade to transition and recover; at the low point, my income was down 85% from the peak, barely above national median. The transitional pain was well worth it though: nowadays I can attend the kid’s parent-teacher-conference in the middle of the day, or decide to take the afternoon off for a round of golf . . . while engineering my wealth growth at an exponential rate instead of being dependent on working myself to death generating billable hours :-)

  76. Anonymous says:

    Latest flavour of the month? Forget Findom’s, it’s now Foot Fetish Pro’s/Foot Mistresses:


    Or you could just buy a girls paintings, that’s right NO SEX just ART!


  77. aesthete2061 says:

    She ghosts for the exact same reasons I do. Lost interest. Once was enough. Time for a change. Got a better offer or went with her gut…

  78. Anonymous says:

    Wow, ten new girls today in my area, 7 are platonics, 2 are online cam girls, with one possible potential – knowing my luck a hidden platonic with a moldy carrot on offer 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I have gotten one “platonic” out, and convinced her to have sex with me. I would not try doing that online, but if you can charm them in person and woo them with $$, i would bet at least 50% of these platonic’s would fuck!

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I am so jealous. I get 10 new SB’s in a 100 mile radius in a month, not a day.

  79. Jaybird923 says:

    Yes everything I write is still automatically going to moderation. LMAO apparently I’m too controversial to be allowed to post with out being reviewed. Excellent use of a moderators time…

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing personal Jay. Everyone who logs in goes through moderation now.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        No I’m not logging in anymore. They probably flagged my IP address. Everything I post from one of my devices automatically goes to moderation.

  80. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Goldeneyes

    It is great that you want to spend time with your SD. But realistically speaking very few SDs have time (and libido) for those, unless it is live in situation.

    @ anon anon

    What exactly do you mean by life-changing? Dropping school, dropping your job and/or becoming independently wealthy in sugar. Possible but very unlikely.

    • anon anon says:

      Sugar is precisely there so the girl would not have to slaver in some meaningless crappy job all hours (most of the jobs are waste of time, even the supposedly career building ones; the biggest pimps are the Big Four accountants btw – they charge you out by the hour for a fortune and you get back peanuts :p that is pimping). Ideally it is a well looked after WAG equivalent. At least a good SD would help with property costs and/or fund up a business. Life changing is the key to convincing people to find time … …

  81. DirtyMartiniMaven says:

    I get that “ghosting” sucks, but having someone be very pushy and start talking marriage & commitment on date #2 is enough to make anyone RUN. Not really sure what else you can do once you tell a person that you’re not on MATCH–for a reason. I was crystal clear that marriage was something I’d never do again….He said that “I needed to change my agenda.” LOL. Maybe a 20 something girl is fine with that, but an experienced woman who knows her mind has no problem walking away.

    • Tall.Blonde.Curves says:

      I had one gentleman get very annoyed with me and tell me I am not ready for anything because I would not immediately (on first messaging) commit to saying I would consider permanent sharing of my bed/personal space.

      Perhaps I am odd, but I am pretty careful about my space (perhaps because it is so newly my own again – doing it all on my own) but discussing allowing someone into that space within the first few messages because I said I was having a lazy morning in bed (something I do maybe once every 3-4 months)… It did not go well!

      Marriage? Cripes at least let me get 3 or 4 dinners in before we have that conversation. Ghost? More like a Vegas Magic Show…

  82. Mister Gomez says:

    New! From Activision Blizzard! Call of Duty: Seeking Arrangement Ghosts! :p

  83. sd with open eyes says:

    I think that the problem with sugar is a lot like the problem with capitalism: The employers want people to work and not get paid. The workers want to get paid but not work. Eventually both sides have to compromise.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s called a free market.

    • Tall.Blonde.Curves says:

      My problem with the current trend is that once upon a time (long ago in a land full of fairies, and pixies) the Sugar Scene was elegant. There was a beautiful dance to the meeting, and progression.

      SD/SB relationships were something which was approached with a level of dignity, and decorum. The women were cherished, and the men were looked at with affection, respect, and the knowledge that they would be a mentor… Not just an ATM.

      I may have the skill-sets required to move freely in public (no matter the context), or with finesse privately… But I certainly did not enjoy feeling like I was nothing more than a ‘bargain’ for someone looking for a paid companion.

      Is it too much to want a little bit of conversation before the sound of a zipper being undone? Some of the men on here haven’t quite grasped that concept.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of some of the ladies in this site. As a SD, I have had three successful arrangements during the last eight years of so. They have ended because one moved out of state after graduation, another one our schedules did not match anymore after she took a job, and the third one is going, but her time is becoming quite limited due to school and her job. Will see how that goes. They were all very attractive, nice face and bodies, easy to talk, and behaved well, not demanding or overbearing. What they had in common, from my perspective was the reasonable allowance ($1,500/m) they ok to take home.
    Now, as I browse the profiles because I see the current one probably not able to continue, I keep finding some profiles where the lady is attractive, but not model material or anything like that, yet her asking allowance is Substantial. I mean, these ladies can ask for anything they want, but whether they are going to get it, it maybe a completely different thing, I do not inbox to those, why waste her time –or mine– but I am thinking they might be missing in finding a reasonable arrangement, if indeed, they are really seeking one, at a more reasonable allowance. So, if is only a game to see what happens, hey, only very wealthy SDs can apply, fine, but if they are serious about finding a SD arrangement, perhaps they should come down from the clouds, and see what is available. They might be surprised and find a good arrangement with a nice gentleman who will treat them right, have fun, and get some allowance –or not. Who knows.

    • Anonymous says:

      The women who read this blog and post here lost interest in whatever you have to say after “reasonable (1500/m) allowance”. U should know that such allowance makes you a salty SD. You can still redeem yourself by saying you meant 1500/m, where m stands for “meet”. Hurry up, fix it!

    • anon anon says:

      The problem with that kind of allowance it is not sufficiently life changing – hence it clashes with “jobs”. It might be “reasonable” for meeting about twice a month (three max) at mutually convenient times without undue demands on more important schedules. Might suit some.

      • Anonymous says:

        Would you please explain how meeting someone – 4-6 times a month clashes with “jobs”? What kind of “job” do you do, so you can not allocate 4-6 evenings in a month to meet with someone? I am sure most SDs have jobs, I have not heard them complain how meeting someone that often (or more often) is detrimental to their job.

      • Anonymous says:

        She works as an escort in the evenings.

      • Goldeneyes says:

        Anonymous I’m happy you said some girls instead of all girls. An allowance of $1500 a month would be life changing for me. Especially having to only meet 4-6 times a month. I don’t think I’d want a sd who I didn’t see much though. But I mean if it’s because of work I could deal with it. I feel it’s the least I could do for him considering he’d be supporting me. When I first came here I figured that most men would want daily contact but I’m learning that really isn’t how it seems to work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Golden, forgive.
        I was simply sarcastic. Most women, especially those still in college, would certainly consider 1500 as very reasonable (and yes, maybe life changing) for 4-6 meets. Plus dinners, shopping money etc.
        Unfortunately, I have to agree, the only “job” that will interfere with this schedule is the one mentioned above (4.13pm)

      • anon anon says:

        He said her job was clashing with his arrangement…. clearly he has not managed to eliminate the need for some crappy job. If she is a student maybe she was working evening shifts, who knows. A proper man would eliminate the need for that rubbish, because he would care for her well being, not just the itch in his pants.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree with that. First thing I do is eliminate “crappy job”. It leaves her better off and gives her more time to tend to my needs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reasonable to you but not to everyone on the site. It is their prerogative and yours as as well to lower expectations, raise expectations, offer more, accept less, or move on. Not everyone is desperate for an arrangement or feels they are missing out on anything- or, they might rather take on an extra job than settle for less that what they feel their time is worth to devote in an arrangement.

      It is what it is.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ anon anon

      Would care to share with us, what those more important schedules are?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Done You!! I am so tired of the SB’s who want and demand moderate and up for dating a SD. To me the starter allowance is LIVING EXPENSES… once those are covered, everything else is frosting on the cake, bonus if you will. So if I cover your living expenses YOUR JOB is your bonus money. If you are in college then study and forget the job, your living expenses are cheaper while going to school and you should be studying. Now the intangibles. When we gout I pay for everything, food, hotels, trips, vacations, and shopping fun. My SB of 5 months is thrilled and grateful to get a base allowance that covers all her living expenses and a top notch lifestyle with a helluva man who treats here right in all aspects. Show me gratefulness, appreciation, and respect and there’s my SB!!

  85. rembodler says:

    It takes 5 min to read and post here. Surely, anyone can take that much time two-three times a day to read and post.
    This is a blog. If you do not find something relevant or useful, do not read or comment on it. You should focus on the advice or opinion, not constantly question the source.
    SA takes a lot of perseverance. It has its ebb and flow. If you think you can line up 10 guys in the 250+ range and chose among them… By the time you decided, he already found someone and has no interest in you. None of us are special. I am not special, you are not special. Women here certainly have options, but so are men.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I logged in today for the first time in a few months. I was happy to see that most of the 20-something wannabe SDs in my area hadn’t logged in for a while. There were also a lot less 30-something SDs. I am guessing the site has been less aggressive in marketing “anyone can be an SD.”

    • Goldeneyes says:

      They must’ve all come to my area. There have been droves of guys in their twenties sign up lately. How annoying those are. They just want to pervy chat and nothing else.

      • Anonymous says:

        Genuine potential SD’s are put off by the 95% platonic/online/Skype/friendly text nothing sexual girls in my area.
        The other 4% are ugly, with 1% being suitable but with unrealistic expectations :-(

      • sd with open eyes says:

        @Anonymous: I wish I lived in your area! Way more that 4% of the SB’s in my area are way worse than the females I may bump into at the grocery store.

  87. WTF says:

    totally completely agreeeeeeeeeee, I was wondering myself as to how some one making 50k was able to afford a sb , specially in nyc area or even in any area .
    another thing which I always wondered that how come some people have sooooo much time to be constantly be on here unless they have a 200k passive income of dividends and interests , as an sd yes I do make more but I am fricking busy as hell and sometimes don’t get home till late at night, not easy to make great money and do nothing lol

    • Anonymous says:

      another thing which I always wondered that how come some people have sooooo much time to be constantly be on here unless they have a 200k passive income of dividends and interests


      Most of us with good intentions have wondered that. It is the reason the blog deteriorated further and further down the toilet.

      • Goldeneyes says:

        You know you bring up some really good points. I’ve had guys that write me constantly and in my mind I’m like when do you work?

      • Anonymous says:

        Quite a few of the higher paying careers are of the hurry up and wait variety.

        Until something happens there’s nothing you can do, so its almost all free time, until you’re so busy its like you fell off the face of the earth.

        Think about doctors at offpeak times, accountants that own their own company outside of tax season, in house lawyers and accountants when nobody is asking them for advice, CEOs of medium sized companies (whats he going to do shout “Harriet! Are we still making widgets? every five minutes?).

        Theres a small mountain of high paying careers that involve being chained to an office waiting for a crisis. That excludes those who have passive investments, or companies run by hired executives.

        There’s actually fewer high paying jobs that keep someone 100% busy all the time. Doctors in hospitals, lawyers at major law firms etc. Even then, thats a choice they make to practice in that way, theres lower stress options they could choose.

  88. Anonymous says:

    We are seeking to both meet someone/couple who are intelligent and want to indulge us. We both wish to enter particular career paths but have not been able to due to financial constraints. We are a dynamic couple with lots of intrigue, although we are open we do not wish to engage in any sexual activity.

    A platonic lesbian couple, I mean really? WTF.

  89. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    If a pot seriously wants me to document to her my net worth or my income it is an absolute nonstarter. We can agree on allowance and lifestyle and if I do not deliver, she will fire me. But I am not going to bring my tax return, deeds or 403b, that is just ridiculous. Of course she can search me and find some public data on her own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, public information. I have never asked for anyone’s tax returns or bank statements and never will but have the common sense and know how to find verification or at least a general idea on my own.

  90. Goldeneyes says:

    However, a man making 200k, who has a hefty mortgage, a wife and a couple of kids destined to college, will have less – actually a lot less – cash to spend than a single guy who makes 120k, has no mortgage or kids to worry about.

    Anonymous I do know that and 120K is just fine. Like I said above anything 100K and over is. The problem is that most men are in the 50K-75K in earnings here. I don’t think I have high expectations at all. I don’t even see how anybody in that earnings range could afford sugar honestly but I’m trying not to be judgemental. I guess though that’s why they all just want one time experiences and don’t give allowances. It all makes sense to me but I didn’t come here for this.

    Another Anonymous it surprised me too actually but nothing I can do about it. When I came here I figured it would be guys in their mid to late forties. And that’s the age group I’m genuinely attracted to sugar or not. It’s a rare guy in his thirties that can keep my interest and guys in their twenties I never get along with.

    • Anonymous says:


      How can someone who makes 50k to 150k be a SD is my feeling? I made 75k in my second job out of college, and was not living an extravagant lifestyle so a gent with an 100k salary is not going to be able to improve my life in the way I am looking for. IMO even at 200k a year, if they have a wife and kids then that would really hurt their family’s budget to sugar . The site is marketed to any guy who can pay the monthly fee now so you have to go through a time consuming screening process.

      My personal preference I do not bother with anyone one site unless his income is at or over the 250k range. The net worth also needs to be at or above certain level. And then you have to verify he is being honest about that. Once you know, then chances of getting the allowance i need are better and less likely to make a huge dent in his finances.

      • Goldeneyes says:

        I don’t know. I’m trying not to be judgemental but it just doesn’t seem to work. If I limit to guys over 250K then I have maybe ten men to choose from and who even knows if they really just don’t make the usual average joe’s salary. It’s all too much time to invest in this. I really feel I’m better off spending the time working. I’ve already wasted far too much time trying this.

  91. El Dee says:

    I have certainly seen the ‘ghosting’ phenomenon with college women I’ve met on SA. First of all, I’ve had to accept that many or most of these young women are simply not willing to tell me what they’re thinking or what else is going on in their lives and the reasons they might disappear will never be known. Maybe she has a boyfriend. Maybe she told her mother about SA and her mother hit the ceiling. It could be so many things and she’s not going to tell me. Second, and a bit more irritating, there is a behavior style among 20-somethings in the age of Snapchat and Tinder that relationships are disposable and the way to get out of something is simply to stop communicating. I find it rude and disrespectful but I’m from an older generation; it’s the M.O. of the Internet age.

  92. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Goldeneyes

    That really surprised me. What is your target age? Sure guys in their 20s or early 30s making 200k are not going to be SDs. But I would have guessed that 40 and especially 50+ y/o crowd here are mostly guys making 200k +.

  93. Sugar Baby says:

    These thins are true

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Quick question: have you found any “real men” who need a sugar baby? I would think a “real man” would already have women at his beck and call.

      • McnDv says:

        That’s as stupid as saying “real men love jesus”. What is a “real man”? Who is the final arbiter of what a “real man” is? Certainly not you lol

      • sd with open eyes says:

        That was a question for Sugar Baby and is a reference to her profile. I do not need a “final arbiter” for the definition of “real man”, the question was if she has found what she considers one in the past.

  94. Goldeneyes says:

    Sugarlushsugar yeah I would think a lot of women leave here for that reason, sadly.

    Another Anonymous I expected men who made $150,000-$200,000 a year mostly or at the very least $100,000 a year. Assets? not sure. I didn’t really think about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is your decision, of course.
      However, a man making 200k, who has a hefty mortgage, a wife and a couple of kids destined to college, will have less – actually a lot less – cash to spend than a single guy who makes 120k, has no mortgage or kids to worry about. You have to also keep in mind, most people lower their stated salary to avoid women basing their “ask” on the salary, rather on what they actually want to offer…

      • Anonymous says:

        A man making $120k/yr without mortgage and no kids . . . is he living in his parents’ basement? or a renter (rent sooner or later exceed mortgage)? or 60+ years old so mortgage is paid off and kids left the house? The $120k/yr man is not likely to have bought a decent house on cash.

      • Anonymous says:

        The assumptions made by a “know-it-all” woman who never worked a well paying job…No, darling. That man is in his late 30s, he has a condo that he indeed, bought with cash. He does not need a “decent” house, sugar. He spends his money on travel and entertainment. You probably aren’t his type…;-).

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, not a woman here. Let’s be fair, male fantasy-writing is no more appealing than female fantasy-writing.

        You may know someone in his 50’s now having bought a condo for $60k in cash in the mid 1990’s while having a salary of $120k in his late 30’s back then. Many tech guys did that back then; MD’s only had an educational debt of around $50-100k; mortgage interest rate was close to 8%. 1990’s was after nearly two decades of middle class flight from the cities; couples preferred houses in the suburbs back then, didn’t want condos. Nowadays, we are at the tail end of 2 decades of city chic (NYC was a dump before the mid-1990’s, and it may well return to that in the next 2 decades if riots start and trash doesn’t get picked up), median condo price is within 10% of median single-family price.

        Current median condo price is around $200k, and mortgage interest rate on primary home is 4%. MD’s typically have half a million student debt before being able to earn $120k starting in their 30’s. All these factors combined make it quite unlikely for someone making $120k (but not more) in his 30’s to be able to pay all cash on a condo (unless it’s a dump in the middle of a crime central); even if he could (likely due to running his own business starting in his 20’s, instead of the more mainstream W-2 professional track), it would be unwise to pay cash instead of generating higher than 4% return on his money. $120k a year also puts him smack in the middle of the $90-160k sweet spot for mortgage interest deduction.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Someone who is my age and less attractive than I am wants to be my SB. Um, okay.

  96. Jaybird923 says:

    Are they still automatically sending certain people straight to moderation?

    • TVC15 says:

      Women are posting without being subjected to torrents of abuse, so they must be.

      • Anonymous says:

        See, this proves I’m a good guy because I’m still right here and not attacking any of these ladies lol. Truth be known, we have had a better lot of women here this week. And the abusive anonymous females are all missing too. It’s been a good read!*

        *slow but good

  97. persia.minor says:

    They all ghost on me right after I agree to meet them or reciprocate the interest they expressed. Not understanding this at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have read that substantial is not realistic in NYC.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it’s not in NYC then where the hell is it? Dubai? She’s perfectly fine with it, that’s the cost of the living there. See what more SD’s on the reddit blog have stated or what SA’s chart says.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, even in Dubai the competition is too high. Substantial is not “realistic” anywhere. This is not to say it’s impossible. It’s just extremely unlikely and when something is not likely, it’s unrealistic.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Mentioning the whole Hollywood actors in the about me section might not be such a good idea.


  99. sd with open eyes says:

    A good reason to proof read:

    “looking for a man who knows how to threat a lady”

  100. Anonymous says:

    every day life has put a lot of additional pressures on me to the point that Ive had to make a lot of changes, as a result, where in the past, I had more time to offer, now, I do not, so Im simply not able to maintain certain exchanges,these days Im lucky of I have a free hour to offer, let alone a day, I try to let people know my status, but they don’t always accept it, so sometimes, cutting ties completely is the only way.

  101. Real SD says:

    Does anyone else here have a thing for Black chicks? Are you also an Ebony fetishist?

    Proud to be an Ebony fetishist 😉

    • SouthernSB says:

      Just a question, because I’m curious. What does that mean an ebony fetishist? Are you just in love with our skin and bodies and not our minds? Do you just love the stereotypical “ghetto girl” or are you looking for the “Church lady” in white or are you looking for the “strong black woman” who makes drama on a Saturday night? Black women are not monolithic. We come in about 140 colors and all kinds of shapes and sizes. So what exactly do you mean when you say you are an “ebony fetishist?” I’m not trying to come off as mean, or “angry” because I’m not, I’m just trying to understand with my Oreo self.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Buy yourself a flag, and zip your flapper.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Are they now deleting posts on here?

    • rembodler says:

      If I do not see Anonymous and Anonymous referring to me as piece of $hit, problem, John, salty, idiot, retard for 24 hours…something must have changed to the better. Until then…

  103. rembodler says:

    Who are “them”? Like, Anonymous? All of them? Then how come you are still posting?

  104. Anonymous says:

    They blocked him/them from posting. Finally!

  105. Anonymous says:

    A real SD blowing $6k+/mo on her for a year or two would have advised her to spend the same amount of money per month or less on buying a house in a good neighborhood, and send the kids to a good public school for free.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think, I know who you are talking about from a completely different forum a few have mentioned here, lately. And since you cannot find anything better to do on this blog, than to talk about another forum, then I will entertain you a moment.

      Your comment on school systems demonstrates you have no idea about affluent neighborhoods and their surrounding school systems of many in America. Just bc you live in a nice house and/or a very affluent neighborhood does not mean the surrounding public school systems are good. These areas often have great primary or elementary schools but there are many more desirable private schools bc there is a need for it. I know there are areas in the US where the public school systems are so good that private schools are not as common in the affluent areas. This comes from experience of knowing not assuming from a place of ignorance, such as yours.

      Secondly, she already has a nice home from what understood in her post. Maybe she rents but I thought i read where she owned a home.
      Her husband passed away, so she is not trying to ‘pawn off children’ expenses to other men from what I read, or that was not the intent..

      She has one child not ‘children’.

      Care to make anymore assumptions and prejudices from another forum to this one?Why don’t you focus on something a little more positive than always assuming the worst and trying(but never succeeding) to bring others down to your level on the internet, hmm k?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for pointing out she had one child not two; I mis-read her “story.”

        Beyond that, I’m afraid you are the one making false assumptions. I’m very familiar with affluent neighborhoods, public schools in affluent towns, and private schools. My entire education experience was in private schools, from elementary through graduate school, boarding private schools starting in 7th grade. I have come to the conclusion that, compared to relocating to towns with top rated public schools, sending kids to private 1st-9th grades (unless for religious reasons) is way past the point of diminishing return in terms of educational quality, even at my income level, which is 6x to 10x her alleged sugar income.

        The primary advantage of private elementary through high school, if you are already living in an affluent town with good public school, is not having to deal with the 5% or so kids bused in from the nearby inner cities on DOE funds. Unless sending the kids away to one of the top boarding school in the country in a different state (like my parents did for me), students at the local non-boarding private schools would still have to mix with the local public schools for sports and some after-school activities. Having less exposure to the unwashed masses may have some value to a family making more than half a mil per year (not to me, as I want my kids learn how to deal with the other kids of varying background, in small doses). She is far from making over half a mil a year, and it makes little sense for her to spend half her sugar income on the kid’s tuition cost attending some elementary school. How will her kid continue when she is no longer hot and tempting in a few years? How did her kid continue paying tuition when she was between SD’s? Please don’t tell me that a single mother can find an SD paying her $6K+/mo at the drop of a hat.

        A decision like that involves about half a million dollars over 15 or so years. Regardless where she is living now, relocating to a town with a top rated public school system would be an obvious choice if she ever seriously considered all her options and had a chance to sit down with a real SD willing to invest in her and her child. The fact that she/you never even thought about it to that depth proves that the “story” was little more than fantasy-writing. “Private school” is a common fantasy for those looking in from outside, and its being for kids has that veneer of heart-string tucking plausibility, but when you look at the actual cost vs. benefits, $30k/yr tuition for elementary school makes little sense for parents making less than at least quarter mil per year if they can not relocate due to husband’s job and at least half mil per year if they can relocate to a suitable town with good public school; her income is far from either, even with sugar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice ‘story’ you painted yourself and of someone’s else’s situation that you took bits and pieces from, then ran with your own prejudices and biases just so you could make yourself seem superior in knowledge even though this person lives in an area I am sure you are not familiar with. It did not work very well, however ‘all knowing one’.

        Since you know everything and seem so concerned with this woman’s personal affairs that have nothing to do with you, and appear to resent her successes, then I will leave you to bask in your resentment & ‘god like knowledge’ superior to all others blogging here- bc no one else is blogging here anymore except trolls. You have the perfect audience.


      • Anonymous says:

        actually, nice ‘story’ you painted by twisting facts around of someone’s else’s situation that you took bits pieces from, then ran with your own prejudices and biases just so you could make yourself seem superior in knowledge, even though this person lives in an area I am sure you are not familiar with. It did not work very well, however ‘all knowing one’.

        Since you know everything and seem so concerned with this woman’s personal affairs that have nothing to do with you, and appear to bitterly resent her successes, then I will leave you to bask in your resentment & ‘god like knowledge’ superior to all others blogging here- bc no one else is blogging here anymore except redpill trolls.

        You have the perfect audience that suits you appropriately.


      • Anonymous says:

        Why would I resent her alleged success? Although she is alleging to be collecting 2 to 4 times as much as what most other SB’s are reporting despite being a single mother, I make 6-10 times as much every month from work as she claims to be getting from sugar. I honestly wish every SB success. I do however suspect much falsehood in her writings, and that falsehood gets in the way of other SB’s success.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least they are honest.

    The real problems are the fantasy writers. For example, even on that other forum, there is a thread for self-reporting. Guess which SB has the self-reported highest value extraction? 2x to 4x what others are reporting? and each “exclusive relationship” lasting “9 months to 2 years”? Yup, a single mother! A former stay-at-home mom living in a neighborhood that has “horrible public school” therefore has to send kids to private school! LOL! Holysh*t, now we have graduated from sugaring for grad school expenses (quite reasonable) to full tuition for undergrad in generic programs (questionable if a generic program costs $50k/yr) to outlandish claims of full tuition for sending two rugrats from some other man to private elementary schools at $30k/yr each!

  107. Anonymous says:

    This place is an insane asylum, with 2 or 3 idiots constantly repeating the same things and talking to them selves …

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently you are 1/3 to 1/2 the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      A place with no police or oversight of any sort very fast becomes an insane asylum.

      • Anonymous says:

        The insane often fancy themselves running the asylum. The place would be a lot saner and we’d all waste less time and posts if you can refrain from calling “idiot” on people who have much higher IQ and much broader knowledge base than yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most children and most women have always thought they deserved something for nothing . . . for a good biological / evolutionary survival reason: making men into providers, and serfs if the men lose their marbles. Becoming spoiled brat is the default programming, in order to maximize provision; it is up to the men to set boundaries.

      The difference recently is, as you mentioned, the bad education delaying the children from mature emotionally, plus two more factors:

      2. Women are “empowered” speak out about their narcissistic childish “demands” instead of hiding their “expectations” in relationships

      3. Most men are too pussified to set boundaries.

      The result is failed inter-gender relationships: miserable men who know they are losing control, and miserable women who wonder out aloud why not only their expectations are not being but also their emotional well being is tanking compared to earlier generations despite their alleged “liberation.”

    • Anonymous says:

      The bottom line: if the man is a push-over, it’s better for his children and his wife/reproductive-partner to be doing the pushing, instead of someone else taking advantage of him. While doing the pushing, she is not happy with him because she instinctively knows her position is not secure because he is not secure as a provider.

      That’s the fundamental Red Pill reason why women prefer men who are confident and can set boundaries on her. Women’s brain is actually quite a piece of evolutionary marvel: to be able to understand and grasp all of that on a limbic/instinctive level without ever needing deductive reasoning . . . because her brain has to be able to grasp all of that by about 14 to 16 when her reproductive system comes on line, long before a typical male brain of comparable age is mature enough to carry out sophisticated deductive reasoning.

  108. Anonymous says:

    You’re an idiot. Do you even know what lifestyle means?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lifestyle means a way of living that lasts a significant portion of the person’s life span.

      Yes, you are an idiot, for calling other people idiot all the time.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Prostitutes that are attempting to avoid putting out

  110. Anonymous says:

    Sugar Daddies are too smart these days to give random SBs upfront allowances

  111. Anonymous says:

    Well, I can tell you this, they are not happy at all with this migration of SA members, and the trolls in particular…

    • Anonymous says:

      Who the fuck are you?

    • Anonymous says:

      They have little to worry about that other discussion forum. It will die soon enough, due to either intensive moderators giving up or the moderator positions being taken over by escorts/pimps/fantasy-writers pushing their profit-driven agenda, then that forum will just become one of dozens, if not hundreds, of sugar fantasy scam sites on the “interweb.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Not likely. There community has been around for awhile and even the trolls behave over there. They are not happy about it, though ans the person above pointed out.

      • Anonymous says:

        It already is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea right. They have had that community for a long time and it actually has interesting relevant topics. They are sick of the trolling that came from here the other person is right.

        It is dead here and no one reads or participates much except for the trolls.

      • Anonymous says:

        The fundamental problem with heavy moderating is that it is impossible to avoid imprinting the moderators’ own prejudice. For example, the “guest-mod-hat” posting below, obviously doesn’t understand that Red Pill means what works/generates genuine/instinctive attraction from opposite sex; his/her antipathy towards RP is as silly as if someone called “how to eat out a girl and make her orgasm” nonsense. Sure, in sugar context, financial subsidy lessens the requirement for organic attraction, but some knowledge and skill at stimulating her mind and body go a long way towards maintaining a longer term and more stable relationship.

        OTOH, from a purely financial perspective, some level of fantasy writing on both sides is a good thing for SA’s bottom line: girls demanding too much and guys giving too little will both lead to unstable arrangements, which result in higher rate of membership renewals.

        They just need to suppress the acrimony among the comments, so people don’t get turned off on sugar altogether.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s dead over there too for just about the same reasons. Nobody wants to say anything because of everyone’s overreactions. Here you have trolls. Over there you have mods. It’s not much different.

      • Anonymous says:

        The reason that red pill comment was made was due to the fact that many SDs approved the idea of paying less for more

        This pissed off the SBs who bitched to the mangina moderator

        Notice how the SDs liked the topic mostly

      • Anonymous says:

        Blogs and forums do not need to be active 24/7. The point is for questions and other things to be answered or researched.

        Sugaring is not that complicated and does not need constant activity and access to help like microsoft tech support problems

        And, Im sorry but redpill is crazy and has no place on sugar forums. Go to the redpill forums for that nonsense.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any successful forum is active 24/7. That’s the point. Blogs work differently. Sugaring is very complicated to those just entering the lifestyle. Urgent response in this lifestyle can sometimes mean the difference between bodily injury and safety. Also, sugaring IS redpill or at the very least has redpill roots.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon at 3:34

        Red pill basically neglects the whole idea of sugaring, though not on the surface but calling men who pay for sex beta bux and other names is not helping the sugar community.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh good grief go to a redpill forum and post that shieyt! No one cares on a sugar blog

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Did you have to mention Trump as an example?

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 7:56pm

        Most men following the following the resource strategy fall into the 90% husbands that have to pledge a life time slavery in exchange sexual access. The result is misery for themselves and disappointment for their wives. I presume the real SD’s don’t have to fall into that trap: after fulfilling their resource promise to their first wives, they have enough resources left over not having to surrender their own reproductive prerogatives. Although this reality is becoming more and more acceptable social norm among the upper social strata: taking good care of ex-wives while enjoying new wives or girlfriends (sugaring or otherwise), most people doing it prefer lower profile, not as well known as Trump.

        Besides Trump, the best known male character doing that is probably Disney’s Prince Charming: the same Prince Charming that repeatedly weds one princess after another and making sure each is happily ever after.

  112. sd with open eyes says:

    I think someone is posting here under multiple aliases to try to drive traffic to another site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, “mods” from the other blog. It’s too dead over there and they’re trying to steal some of our warm bodies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you joking? They had to make a separate private thread by invitation only to keep the trouble makers away.

        Keep dreaming and fantasy writing about your cheap pros that accept ur laughable ‘allowances’ LOL!

      • Anonymous says:

        The separate SB forum is to attempt to share info to rinse SDs and complain about SDs privately

        Women usually want to regular men’s speech while allowing for themselves a private forum to interact

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, a robot only sub. I did see that. No room for free thought or anything outside of the fascist regime over there. I never write fantasy on here. Why would I bother myself.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        That does explain the constant spew of advertising and conversation blocking posts. They must be doing pretty bad if they have to waste their time here.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are. It’s slow as hell over there.

  113. Ghostsd says:

    I give up, you are all efffed

  114. rembodler says:

    People will always talk about money here, even if you think it to be vulgar, yawn inducing, cheap, trashy, tasteless…we should just embrace it. There are plenty of other topics, of course, but things like “How I got 2k for going to dinner” and “How I split 1k between three hot young SBs” will keep coming back…

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you here if you like Reddit so much? On your daily escort price maintenance patrol?

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘daily escort price maintenance patrol?’

      Funny thing the ‘SDs’ continue to mention escort pricing and how people try and try to drive prices up from a forum on sugaring? What does sugaring have to do with escorting unless you are seeing escorts moonlighting as sugar babes?

      Not one mention of this from any of the girls and also funny how the girls are not bringing prices of arrangements constantly. But the ‘SDS’ are.

      I think this is an example projection indeed as someone else said. Sombody-ies are trying to save money on their pro habit through sugaring. tsk tsk

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Rem

      Good point. No matter what the moderating will be, it is like to try to moderate out the price discussion out of the collectors item webpage or discuss prime real estate without the prices.

      • rembodler says:

        Great point. Discussing the prices for the art pieces does not make experts any less connoisseurs or appreciate art any less. As a real estate agent you should know a lot more than simply how much the house next door was sold for; however, if you have no idea how much the house next door just sold for…your client (especially if he knows and just testing you) will dump your ass like a hot potato.

      • Anonymous says:

        It has worked fairly well on there with mature and more realistic discussions with actual SD’s.

        Enjoy your sausage fest here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you recruiting here if you are having so much success over there?

    • Anonymous says:

      Only the prostitutes and the naive use “escort pricing” to denote low price. Escort price can be low or can be high. On average, it is much higher than the average wife or girlfriend, per intercourse: Husbands and boyfriends typically do not pay cash directly for sex itself.

      SB’s and pretend-SB’s talking up prices are by definition presenting themselves as escorts/prostitutes, as it means the SB-wannabe is doing something far from that of a wife or girlfriend, but closer to that of an escort or prostitute. She is having sex solely for money.

      Longer term repeating relationship of course cost less than the short-term per transaction interactions (in marriage, dating, sugar and prostitution) simply because:

      1. For her, there is lower risk of cops and disease, as well as lower marketing cost and vacancy rate (i.e. steady support).

      2. For him, the Coolidge Effect / diminishing return would steer him towards new hens if she demands constant same level of wooing as the initial threshold for the first time.

    • Ghostsd says:

      Then why did you give me sh*t dude?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you recruiting here if you are having so much success over there?

  115. rembodler says:

    I have not yet seen such a pathetic attempt at trying to post as a man

  116. Anonymous says:

    Right. I agree with the post above. It is quite yawn worthy.

    I could care less what billy bob down the street gives his SB. I only want to have fun and enjoy my sugar relationship.

    • Anonymous says:

      Talking to oneself is not healthy, “GhostSD”… No matter how tempting it is to do on the Anonymos blog, Hun.

    • Anonymous says:

      GhostSD is no SD that is for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you misunderstood, Anonymous.

      I agree all the arguing over what other people gift their SB is quite yawn inducing as the other poster pointed.

      I do not worry about who my neighbor is having sex with or what he pays his accountant. I do what I want and do not need approval from others. All of the pricing talk is very boring indeed and devalues what a sugar relationship is about, in my opinion.

      If I wanted an escort or break down of of their prices, then I would go to one.

    • Ghostsd says:

      You are all nuts. Probably really men, like a lot of the fake profiles I see are made by men.

  117. Anonymous says:

    I actually agree with that post and am so tired of the price talk as well. The sugar relationship is not something that is a one size fits all or quantifiable by some boring statistical analysis. Yawn is right.

    I only want to enjoy sugar have fun and get laid. Not argue or worry about what Billy Bob pays his SB down the road. I do not care.

  118. Anonymous says:

    @Ghost “SD”… Yea, SD. Right.
    Why don’t you use your own advice… And STFU?
    “Projection much? Your posts have nothing to do with what happens between two individuals in arrangements. You can post here all day long with your…fantasy tales

  119. Anonymous says:

    I actually agree with that post and am so tired of the price talk as well. The sugar relationship is not something that is a one size fits all or quantifiable by some boring statistical analysis. Yawn is correct.

    I just want to enjoy sugar have fun and get laid. Not argue or worry about what Billy Bob pays his SB down the road. I do not care.

  120. sd with open eyes says:

    Two more things that will likely make me skip or avoid a profile:

    1) Marital status – If a lady lists herself as separated and mentions that her husband is abusive/dangerous then to me that is a clear red flag.

    2) Blind messaging – If a lady sends me a message and doesn’t even look at my profile then to me this is a clear sign that she is a grifter.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘ If a lady lists herself as separated and mentions that her husband is abusive/dangerous then to me that is a clear red flag. ‘

      Oh my goodness, I would say that is a red flag- or 10!

  121. Anonymous says:

    anyone who argues that there are no options for young hot women “for under 3k” should go to SA, put “Practical” in their Search and do a search.
    Case closed.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are also options of SD’s in the moderate and above range or those who are willing and able to gift that.

      The topic is stale and people really should let it go and move on. It has been discussed enough here for two or three lifetimes over.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not think anyone questions that. You were the one to say that “nothing under 3k”. You are either a newbie or an idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not the Anon that said that.

        Too many Anons.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is your choice to be Anon. You can be Jane or Jill. We used to have everyone posting under an identifiable name. Made conversations a lot easier…

    • Anonymous says:

      Young and hot don’t always correspond. You can be young but not that attractive or old but very sexy, so it depends.

  122. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Of course I am much closer to death than vast majority of the SBs on this site. I am well aware of that. But I am not planning to look for a SB in her 60s, so we can die together some twenty years down the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for letting us know that, Another Anonymous. Otherwise, I would have taken you for the type of man who only actively sought after a 60 year old SB. Who’d of thunk it?

      Nice your dedication to stir pot never falters.

  123. Anonymous says:

    conversation this morning….

    SD: good morning, just confirming that we are on for our noon lunch

    SB: I am afraid I am going to flake. I had coffee with an SD yesterday and he said that almost all SDs expect sex eventually. I am not going to have sex for money.

    SD: I think he was being honest, but what did you mean in your profile when you wrote “if you take care of me, I will take care of you.”

    SB: I meant I would go to meals, maybe see a movie, etc.

    SD: Are you naive enough to believe that is taking care of your SD?

    SB: Are you naive enough to think an SB in college half your age would have sex with you for money?

    SD: it has happened more than once. I wish you the best.

    SB: well I am not a whore like other SBs.

    SD: perhaps not, but you are judgemental and naive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not insult her. Just move on and wish her well.

      That is the reality with many of the girls. They do not want to have sex with men half of the age. Why would you want to have sex with someone who is repulsed by that?

      Be glad she was honest and did not waste your time in leading you on.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree she saved him time, but she insulted him first.

      • Goldeneyes says:

        That conversation doesn’t even sound real to. I mean who says something like I’m going to flake? What a weird girl she was if that actually did happen. You’re better off without her.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did you manage to get to a meet and great set-up without figuring that out? Even it is not in her profile, one should be able to identify the platonic early on in the conversation and move on to the next, long before the subject of a meeting even comes up…

    • anon anon says:

      Most likely not offered enough. There was a classic short story in the beginning of the last century how a fat old git had to bribe a young woman with a whole life changing million (in those days money) so she would show some tits. People would not sleep with just anyone for money, but they would for a shitload of money 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Definitely, some might even do crazier things for the right amount, which I am sure the OP did not have or did not want to give. Either way, if you’re not interested in platonic arrangements do not insult people, just move on to the next to find the right SB for you. There are all kinds of flavors here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Too many intentionally deceive, if you put bisexual looking for fun and will spoil you in return you don’t expect a platonic. Why should I be polite when they spend ages trying to hoodwink me.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is not judgemental, society is. It’s the likes of Dave and FD here who call SB’s escorts and pros, along with rem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am the OP — we never talked money.

      Also, it was intentionally misleading on her part for say “if you take care of me, I will take care of you.” it was masking her platonic bullshit followed by shaming. I have no need to be nice to her when she was just wasting time.


  124. Anonymous says:

    “Yikes what a bunch of bitter old men who hate women after reading many of the comments.”

    Try not to think like that, less I have to think all women on SA are bitter, old, and fat escorts who hate men lol. The point being that those with the loudest voices on this blog do not represent all of us, male or female.

  125. sd with open eyes says:

    Here are three things that will cause me to pass on a SB profile:

    1) Kids – If you are a mom and taking care of kids then you do not need a SD, you need a husband who is going to love you and your kids. Conversely, a SD wants a lady who is going to make him feel like he is number 1, not number three behind the needs of the kid(s) and the baby-daddy(s).

    2) Neediness – A SD wants a SB that he can make happy with attention and gifts, not a money pit who is going to blow any gifts that he gives her and wind up deeper in debt.

    Ideally a SB should have her own money so that she does not have to stay with a less than ideal SD just because that is the only way she can pay the rent.

    3) A badly written profile – A lady who cannot take five minutes to carefully spell check and edit their profiles is a lady who probably is very sloppy about other aspect of her life such as showing up for dates on time, remembering that she promised to be a one SD SB, and remembering to take care of herself.

    Of course, these are all my opinions.

    Sugar Babies, what things will make you skip a Sugar Daddy’s profile?

    • Goldeneyes says:

      Married, overweight, older than 49, too ugly, too poor, can’t write or spell, looks too pervy, has girls in his pics like he owns them, looks too cocky, messy looking, wrong race, too far, been on site too long, has hidden join date, seems too psycho, has too many toys in his pic

      • Anonymous says:

        having a lot of luck Goldeneyes?

      • Goldeneyes says:

        I don’t know how to answer that. The men here are nowhere near as rich as I thought they’d be. It’s mostly just average guys. I don’t think my allowance want is too high but all I’m meeting are guys who really should just go to escorts sites. They don’t want to pay allowances. They just want to pay for sex in a hotel room. They don’t care who you are. And they probably don’t ever want to see you again. I don’t know. I haven’t met anybody worth my time so far.

      • Anonymous says:


        U are right the site owner has marketed the site to any average Joe who will pay the monthly membership fee.

        There are still legitimate Sugars on the site however.
        Try the reddit forum on the sugar lifestyle or send out messages yourself to sd’s who have a well written profile, the income, net worth u need for ur allowance needs, if u havent done that already. Often when u are new, the scam artists come out in full force so weeding through the much is essential.

        I always had better luck initiating messages myself bc legit daddies are too busy making money to troll the site for cheap escort alternatives.

      • Anonymous says:

        the muck*

      • Goldeneyes says:

        I see that and it’s such a shame. Thanks for the advice but I’ve kind of given up at this point. I don’t really think there are real guys anywhere close to where I live. I might try again when I move. I don’t know. We’ll see.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        I forgot to mention ladies who write in run-on sentences (lol).

        I often will “cruise” ladies whose profiles say “Married But Looking” just out of morbid curiosity. “Separated” to me is even a bigger warning sign. It says to me “wear Kevlar if you are going to date this lady since her psychotic soon to be ex-husband is probably packing heat”.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        What made me skip? Photos with women. Weather with his daughter, SBs or some random women, it is not ok. Made me worrided about my own privacy rights. To be honest, I think SA should dissaprove these kind of pics.

        @Goldeneyes. I’m not in the bowl anymore for the same reason.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ Goldeneyes

        Just out of curiosity. What level of assets and income did you expect?

    • Anonymous says:

      1)What is she’s not exclusive and seeing other SDs, then who is the number one guy there? Don’t you think it’s better for the kids to take that spot (naturally) than other men?

      • Anonymous says:

        Displacing another man is relatively easy. Displacing her child is nearly impossible, unless she is a psychopath, in which case it’s not wise to see her anyway.

        She should have mated with a guy who would enable her to become a sugar mommy when he no longer wishes to have his own genetic potential locked up by her.

    • Amused_SD says:

      A badly written profile …

      I think you mean a poorly written profile. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Goldeneyes

      This is what the women of the blog experienced and expressed to the men eons ago. It was not to throw the male race under the bus, it was merely to reach out and say, hey what do we do? because this is all that is apparently out there and we know that a win/win can be found, any advice?

      Instead, the SB’s were met with beta, alpha gamma game words and BS and no help at all. Then, came the word “ergo” at every interval that made any and all want to “barf”. There was no concern anymore for structure of success to prove validity of even one example of success. It was just a proven track record for turn key funds for the men, while losing funds (called women). This will never be admitted of course.

    • Tall.Blonde.Curves says:

      1. SD’s who want to meet my child if I have one (creepy as heck).

      Let’s be honest… SD’s and SB’s shouldn’t be mingling with each others families until things are exceptionally established. My first SD met most of my family (mom, sister, etc.), as did my second. My third never did because it wasn’t appropriate.

      2. The incessant need for me to phone, text and allow them to be my ‘only friend’ (creepy as heck).

      Friend, mentor, and potentially lover sound incredibly appealing. ‘Only Friend’ reminds me of Fatal Attraction. I do not believe that there should be 5 rapid succession messages via text, or 12 phone calls while either of us is in the middle of a business meeting. What is beyond Stage 5 Clinger?

      3. The men who cannot be bothered to compose a minimum of 3 sentences for each section tell me they may just be trolling for a BP alternative.

      Confirmation when they message telling me how they would like a 5 hour round of one way oral gratification for $200.00 confirms it.

      Here’s the simple truth:
      Existence of child or not… A SD is never suppose to be competing with a child. A SD would be offsetting my employment schedule. Give me some flexibility to step away from that, and I am theirs. Expect me to walk away from the office for less than I make putting in my time there and it is a hard stroke.

      The SD’s I have had in the past (3 long term) were very daytime meeting focused unless they are single, or traveling through the area. The 2-5 evenings every 14 days were I have completely without any encumbrances should suffice, and if not then I make arrangements with my family to have more.

      Some interesting perspective:
      Don’t see separated as a risk of an ex waiting in the weeds, but rather a woman who is quite aware that she has chosen to stand up, and find some enjoyment in life again. We do exist… Most of us were dreadfully sex starved also. 😉

  126. Anonymous says:

    Let me just put on my mod hat for a sec and make these 2 points:

    We are really tired of all the money and extracting value talk
    No one really likes all the crazy ‘redpill’ bullshit

    Yes, we are adults and yes, money is very important part of this game but it seems that for some folks maximizing the perceived value and gaming the system is a sole focus

    I disagree with this mindset very much. The party in your transaction is not a large corporation, stock market or another faceless entity. Its another human being. Please think about it for a second.

    Perhaps a healthy way forward is to dedicate a different sub for these kind of discussions and bragging how little one paid, or perhaps we can set aside a day in a week like Sunday Money talk not sure.

    We are not happy with the turn of conversations that SLF experienced recently and we are going to right this ship

    • Anonymous says:

      Fun dude got told on reddit. This was from the sugar daddy moderator for new thread on site guidelines. The poor mods over there is right!

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny that the posts discussing this issue get the most upvotes and positive responses from the SDs though huh?

        Im sure some of the angry ladies didn’t like the real pricing ratios (even the ones mentioned by a different mod) and bitched at that mangina

        The vast majority of SDs are clearly demanding younger, hotter women at under 3K/month

        Some things just never change

      • Anonymous GOD says:

        Younger hotter women for under 3k.

        Yeah, dream on. That’s because they (or maybe you) can’t afford a much higher range. Why not work on that instead of wasting your energy here?

      • Anonymous says:

        SugarD in his early 60s is doing it for under 3K easily

        Is he lying?

      • Anonymous GOD says:

        How do we know he isn’t genius? Plus do you really think women in NY or Miami would take that chump change and have sex with a disgusting old man 30+ years their senior? I don’t think so…

      • Anonymous says:

        The moderator on the website named malibujones put up a discussion about regional allowances

        Many of the SDs were claiming women in places like NYC were taking under 3K/month on average for women in their 20s

        In Chicago it was under 2K/month

        Imagine the rest of the country

      • Anonymous says:

        That doesn’t sit well with statistics. Most of those places have a higher income rate and/or a higher expense rate. Taking 3k or under is very much lowballing there, and wouldn’t sit well with the stuck-up NYC or Manhattan girls. The SD’s writings there might just be wishful thinking on their part. It doesn’t correspond to the well known fact that expensive places (the rent rule of selecting an allowance) expect expensive allowances.

      • Ghostsd says:

        It’s rural suburbia where I live and most of the 19-24 year old SB’s don’t have cars or a place to entertain. Consequently you have to pick them up at their dorm or down the street from Mom and Dad’s and bring them out. I’ve been on this site for 7 years and met about 10 SBs. My current SB is a part time college student I have been seeing on and off for 2 years, she actually has a car and a part time job as a home health aid. I give her $140 when I see her, which is really a lot of money if you ask me. That would take her two full days of work. I give her more than others without cars because I don’t have to drive to pick her up and pay money for a room. On occasions when we do meet somewhere we split the cost and I give her $120. It’s a good deal for her, couple of nice orgasms and spending money. She texts me weekly to get together. She is tall and pretty.

        What the heck is with this 3k BS, NYC girls are the worst by the way, alot of them are gay, they can’t see you where they live and who the heck is going to drive into the city and get a hotel room? That would run you a grand for a meeting. Even if I had a billion dollars, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money.

        Is this blog being spammed by a few troll women trying to pump up the price? KInd of reminds me of the stock bulletin boards where people would try to pump and dump lol.

        And for those of you who are math challenged, a $140 pay per meet is really a practical allowance if you see the person a reasonable amount of times a month and factor in other expenses. So usually I make my offer as $1,200 a month and expect 6 visits. Sounds better that way.

      • Anonymous says:

        1200 divided by 6 is 200, not 140. Just an observation

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this blog being spammed by a few troll women trying to pump up the price?

        Projection much? Your posts have nothing to do with what happens between two individuals in arrangements. You can post here all day long with your salty fantasy tales from the darkside, but the reality is it will not affect those who are truly sugaring in the lifestyle above those wanting a discounted escort. What you speak of sounds more like prostitution and is better discussed on those forums.

        try not being so boringly transparent with your intentions.

        If you want to see more realistic numbers where more SD’s and SB’s post, then the sugar lifestyle forum on reddit is much better than here. I can believe the experiences there because the men and women sound educated, with class and respect to one another, and speak as if they have had experience, which is similar to mine. Several people SD and SB posted allowances higher than $3,000 a month and in the $5,000+ a month bracket.

        Why is this such a hot button topic for you? This is not a blog where arrangement prices are to be discussed constantly, non-stop and a human being valued by some armchair statistician wannabe who pretends he knows ALL, when all he is trying to do is turn this place into an BP or low level escort review where prices are discussed or people brag about how little they pay their prostitutes.

        There are SO many other, more interesting topics than allowance amounts. But, I am going to take a wild guess that since u are not a SD then you are going to keep harping and bragging about ‘prices’. Yawwwwnnnnnnnn

      • Anonymous says:

        1200 divided by 6 is 200, not 140. Just an observation


        Salt daddies no do no math so good

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “On occasions when we do meet somewhere we split the cost and I give her $120.”

        @Ghost Never mind how much you give her, correct me if I’m wrong you make her go dutch on the hotel rooms?

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Wow, why does she earn so little with her work?

    • anon anon says:

      They are all sooo smart talking “assets” and “depreciation” and their bullshit “valuations”, yet in real life they go to a car dealer and shut up and pay up. Yes, the second the car out of the door it loses 40% value. Just the fact of life. If they do not want to pay = no one has to provide them with “goods” or “services”.

      • Anonymous says:

        We pay exactly what the car is worth

        We don’t pay full price for a used car

        Same goes for old women

        The vast majority of SDs agree with that statement if you look at the comments with the most upvotes and statements from the SDs

        Im sure the feminists complained to that mangina moderator to tone it down because the SDs were too supportive of that opinion

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL, your hatred of ‘old’ women says s much. That is all you talk about. Somebody burned you bad. Real bad.

        I read the reddit thread and another mod made great points about the sample size being laughable at best.
        ”Any academic would take one look at our sample size and mitigating circumstances and fall off their ivory tower with laughter.
        I’m not a statistician, nor am I a social scientist, but I can count.
        For us to position this data as a reasonable sample is a flawed premise entirely. I didn’t have any financial reference point when I entered the bowl, I just knew what I desired. My SD did too. We negotiated, like adults.
        He didn’t view me as a product with a valuation and for that I’m grateful.
        It was rooted in reciprocity and dialogue.”

        That is the sentiment of all sincere sbs. We do not cared to be valued like some piece of chattel. It is insulting and I stay far far away from guys like this.
        Many of the girls asking the highest allowances and obtaining them, according to reddit contributors were sbs over 30. Most were over $800 to $1,200 per meet if they did do per meet. Infact, what I saw were several women and men posting that they often have given allowances in the $5,000 a month range.

        Making up facts, twisting them around to fit your agenda doesn’t make them true.

      • Goldeneyes says:

        I really think people are inflating these numbers. People just like to brag. The real numbers are really not anywhere close to anything like that and then these inflated numbers just make everybody feel bad. It’s really not right.

      • Anonymous says:

        The girls inflate the guys deflate.

        Who really cares tho as long as everyone is happy?

        I am tired of the same convos about allowances everyday like someone else said. Move on already!

      • Goldeneyes says:

        Yeah I think that’s it. That can really throw off newbies though. There’s so much else to talk about except amounts. All that does really is frustrate everybody and that’s so not necessary.

      • anon anon says:

        Don’t be an idiot, new cars lose 40% the second they are out of the dealers. Just try to resell one.

      • anon anon says:

        I recon mangina definition totally applies to a whiney salt daddy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems like a lot of feminists bitched at that mangina

      Funny how all the posts noting allowances and pricing get the most comments with the most upvotes from the SDs

      Even some moderator malibujones put up a thread called “regional allowances” where a bunch of SDs speak about pricing

      Guess the feminists don’t like the SDs pricing ratios and opinions on the issue

      • Anonymous says:

        SDs can make ‘ratios’ all they want. In the end it’s what SBs accept. If you set a ratio you’ll be sure to get ‘ghosted’ as this article describes so well.

      • Anonymous says:

        SDs don’t care about ghosting if they don’t pay out an allowance ahead of time.

        They can have 5 other SBs on text so they can just go to the next one. Not hard to replace.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well hard to replace if MOST Sb’s ghost these days, unless you have to filter out 50 people in order to find one.

    • Anonymous says:

      OP, you don’t have a mod hat here lol. Your post is good, but it was unnecessary and in poor taste to attempt a power haul here. Just stick to good posts without the shoulder chip, and I’m sure your posts will be taken a lot more seriously.

      • Anonymous says:

        I appreciated the post bc SA certainly is not doing their job to monitor the blog. Most are sick of the trolling here and I agree. They rolled on over to Reddit and tried bothering their community, too but they do not accept that type of behavior there.

        Funny thing is, I noticed SA team responded to a post on reddit expeditiously about another matter yet they do not give a shit about their own blog. Go figure.

      • Anonymous says:

        As you can tell by the above, I appreciated her post also. She’s not a mod here though, just a normal participant like everyone else. Just re-read the above for my stance. I detest repeating.

    • Ghostsd says:

      Plus dating costs easily pushes it past 200. In any case 6 times is not set in stone.

      Why is this a salt daddy? And why are you calling my friend a whore? Who the heck do you think you are?

      By this logic, only if I give more money and all months worth at once, then it is not backpage? Like wtf?

  127. Anonymous says:

    Screw the lame Ss losers of SA.

    • Anonymous says:

      You wish 😉

      Unfortunately for you, they are not obliging to screw you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me just put on my mod hat for a sec and make these 2 points:

      We are really tired of all the money and extracting value talk
      No one really likes all the crazy ‘redpill’ bullshit

      Yes, we are adults and yes, money is very important part of this game but it seems that for some folks maximizing the perceived value and gaming the system is a sole focus

      I disagree with this mindset very much. The party in your transaction is not a large corporation, stock market or another faceless entity. Its another human being. Please think about it for a second.

      Perhaps a healthy way forward is to dedicate a different sub for these kind of discussions and bragging how little one paid, or perhaps we can set aside a day in a week like Sunday Money talk not sure.

      We are not happy with the turn of conversations that SLF experienced recently and we are going to right this ship

      • Anonymous says:

        From the new thread on reddit by SD mod who is sick of Fun dude’s crap already.

        Yes we know your pain moderators of reddit bc we have been dealing with it for a long time now.

        SA mods you want to step up to the plate anytime soon and moderate properly, too?

  128. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Ad – old is old.

    That was exactly the point you do not seem to appreciate, the absolute age is not that important. A 42 y/o guy is a young SD, but a 27 y/o lady is NOT a young SB.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yikes what a bunch of bitter old men who hate women after reading many of the comments.

    • Anonymous says:

      We WEREN’T talking about the sugar lifestyle. I was talking about in general, old is old and you cannot escape reality, even within sugar. The reality is you’re much closer to death than a person who is 10+ years younger than you, if natural death occurs.

    • Anonymous says:

      And btw are you saying Jay isn’t a young SB, she’s an ‘old’ SB at 27? Well, man, you will have a hard time at SA then.

  129. sd with open eyes says:

    Here’s a question:

    I noticed that one of the SB’s who lives in the same area as me has put up pictures from where she works, a public place that I recognize.

    What should I do?

    • Anonymous says:

      What I always do in that situation is write them and tell them they are jeopardizing their personal safety by doing XYZ. I’ve done this dozens of times over the years and have never received a negative reaction. Most girls are thankful.

  130. Shukrandaddy says:

    A ghost story… A day ago I saw a profile of a 30yo Asian woman with a non-descript picture who listed herself in my city but logged in from South Korea. I did not contact her because of the distance. She must have seen that I visited, read my profile and liked it and this conversation ensued:

    1 day ago (She said)
    Hi:) Would you like to meet sometime?

    1 day ago (He said)
    I am flattered by your interest and had pondered that thought when I chanced across your profile. However, it says you are logged in from South Korea. That’s a long way’s away for a coffee date. Are you not there?

    1 day ago (She said)
    I was in Korea. But I’m in (City) now

    1 day ago (He said)
    That was a quick trip… :) I know of nothing worse in travel than to fly back from SE Asia across the date line. The jet lag is a killer. :) Are you in (City) itself? Or close by?

    1 day ago (He said)
    Request to view your private photos.

    3 hours ago (He said)
    Hm. No answer… No pictures… What happened? :)

    3 hours ago (She said)
    I hardly get jet lag. All good to go:) I live in the city. (District) area

    3 hours ago (She said)
    I’ve just given you access to my private photos, go to my profile to view them.

    2 hours ago (He said)

    (Ed: She has one beach photo in which she cannot be recognized and one lovely portrait)

    2 hours ago (He said)
    I’ve just given you access to my private photos, go to my profile to view them.

    (Ed: An hour later she has pulled back her pictures and then went AWOL.)

    44 minutes ago (He said)
    So what happened here? It does not seem like I can see you private pictures.

    31 minutes ago (He said)
    The reason I am wondering is because this thread started with *you* pinging *me* and asking if I wanted to meet some time. And not to forget: Your profile has you well-mannered. There’s just no way that someone like that would be that immature to play hot potato and disappear without offering her regrets. It must be the website. It has to be. They need to get that fixed before it causes problems… :)

    (Ed: And then…)

    We’re Sorry, But You Are Blocked By This Member…
    Find someone new to talk to

    And she’s not a millennial. Her profile says she is well-mannered, hates drama, looks for a gentleman, bla, bla, bla. And there’s your love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Scammer, probably not even female. Never respond to profiles that have location discrepancies, waste of time as always foreign scammers

  131. Anonymous says:

    The key demographic for sugar dating are women in their late teens to mid 20s

    The further the female is outside of that age group, the worse her arrangement prospects

    • Anonymous says:

      Late teens, you mean 18 or 19? Those are the worst sugar prospects. The co-eds are the best or those who want to start working or opening their own business.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shame on you for trying to propagate age discrimination. LOL.

        Personality is more individualistic than age-dependent.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      @Anon 5:39 Thank you for Sharing. How did you come about this conclusion? Did you run an experiment? A survey/poll? Or did you just take your personal preferences and regurgitated them as facts?

  132. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Old is old.

    Well it depends old for what. A guy at 42 would be very old for a football player and very young for the Supreme court justice. In the sugar bowl he is probably among very young SDs, on the other hand a SB at 27 y/o is at best average if not older than rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most men traditionally go for women age/2 + 7

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you still going in circles? The conversation was about the 42 year old Dave calling the 27 year old Jay ‘old’. Doesn’t have to do much with professions or sugar dating as old really is old. And I’m not sure 42 is old either, more like early 60s.

      • Anonymous says:

        27 is getting old for most SB’s, especially if she has light skin color and prone to damage by UV (i.e. not making a specific judgement on Jay).

        For a guy, 41 (IIRC, that’s Dave’s claimed age, not 42) is way too old for trying to be a male SB, but relatively young for an SD.

      • Anonymous says:

        This one has circular logic like I have never seen before, does’t he?
        All so he can say 27 is getting old for a SB for the 50th time today. Male logic 😉 LOL!

  133. Anonymous says:

    “Old is old. Money cannot buy youth. He’s still 14 years older which is quite a lot, and will surely die sooner if it’s a natural death. Death comes to all, unfortunately it ones faster to the older ones, man or women, and btw women live longer.”

    Money does buy youth. That is the fundamental idea behind sugar-daddy/sugar-baby relationship (and sugar-mommy/sugar-baby, although that is as rare as a fish riding a bicycle). Women living longer is more of a curse than a blessing for themselves: Alzheimer’s rate is much higher among elderly women than among elderly men, probably a way of avoiding the stresses of reality. Some fantasy writers here seem to have take the flight of fancy a few decades earlier than usual in their personal timeline.

    • Anonymous says:

      BTW, I will be attending a wedding this summer of my graduate school roommate. He is 13 years older than her: 43 and 30. They have been dating for a decade, not a sugar relationship. She does have a real Ph.D., in a real science subject.

    • Anonymous says:

      Money doesn’t buy youth you idiot. It buys you a facade. Do you really think a 75 year old who has billions could buy youth and become young again, reinvent himself and get further from death? Nope!

      • Anonymous says:

        Higher income and longevity are quite well correlated in most societies. Low IQ folks like yourself have statistically much lower longevity than the more intelligent people making more.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you sure about that? I am sure Alzheimer’s or Dementia cannot penetrate a person with a high IQ such as yourself, because you have money are more intelligent, right?

  134. Anonymous says:

    “27 hitting the wall? Who do you date idiot, 15 year olds?”

    21 and 22. I’m 42.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Dave! I am not sure those girls have anything in common with you, at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not Dave. Having things in common is not nearly as important as being mutually complementary. That being said, yes I do share many common interests with each of the two girls; in fact, they share less in common with each other than I do with each of them.

  135. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 6:18am

    Most well established men do not want to f*ck pornstar or escorts. They want to train their own “innocent girl” into performing like pornstars in private, a big difference. It’s the same reason why they want their own mistress instead of escorts. Well established men do not need to share.

    As for “rich married wives cheating,” either they have an open relationship where either party sleeping with someone else is not cheating, or they are not rich enough to afford a divorce. It makes no sense for a rich man to tolerate cheating wife, nor any sense for the wife to stay in the marriage when she is no longer attracted to her husband and can get a windfall from divorcing him.

    • Anonymous says:

      If that’s your reasoning then virgins should get more and be the first in line to get a SD so they can relive those experiences of making a good girl go bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        Virgins probably do command extra consideration for those SD’s willing to consider virgins, assuming all else being equal. All else may not be equal: in this day and age, the pretty girls and girls with good personalities have a high probability of having lost virginity to a peer in high school before 18. Among the left-overs, there is a high probability of girls who consider themselves too good for anyone. That is not a good recipe for any man taking her virginity.

        If we are talking about “sugar virgins,” then of course most SD’s prefer “sugar virgins” over “sugar pros” exactly the opposite of what SB’s prefer in an SD: experienced SD’s being more desirable than newbie SD’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not true, tons of good girls, from good families who were raised well didn’t become slutty at a young age. Fooling around is okay but no sex. They may have to remain a virgin because of social pressure or religious reasons, not sure about the US though. I find it weird that people there are more prone to marry sluts who have been either married 2 or 3 times before, have a child or have had like countless partners (e.g more than 2).

  136. problem is says:

    problem is, there is a problem

  137. The Real Dave says:

    refund gap and the feminazis have motivated me to scam one tonight .. this girl is so filthy she already has a boyfriend that loves her but she needs money an is willing to screw me in an adult video store near their apartment . the hypergamy of today’s modern day female .. I’m going to enjoy this one

    • Anonymous says:

      Your mother must be so proud on her gem of a son …

    • Anonymous says:

      Yay! Go for it! You think that maKes her look bad but it only reflects badly on you. These are the “quality” SBs that are blowing up your inbox? ROTFLMAO you attract what you are… better hope her pimp aka boyfriend doesn’t cut you up to pieces. Have fun ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t touch a female like that. Who knows WTH she has.

    • Anonymous GOD says:

      If you’re against hypergamy, you’re against nature.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct. However, just because she is trying to swing to branches higher than her existing loser boyfriend, doesn’t you or I want to be her next branch up in life, even for a one-night-stand.

  138. Anonymous says:

    This place is beyond gone…

  139. Promise says:

    A guy ghosted on me one time. We were having such a nice conversation too. I was probably to friendly though.

  140. sd with open eyes says:

    Wow, the sock puppets (one anonymous loser who lives in his parents basement posting under a variety of aliases to argue with himself) are out in force!

    • Anonymous says:

      yup he never bores of it. He needs to be medicated, doesn’t he?

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect Sir, some of the losers live “in her” parents basement…unless you want to selectively apply the term loser to males.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are correct. fundude does whine like a little bitch and has other female qualities that could constitute him being called a ”her”

    • TrollFinder says:

      I am no one’s sock puppet, and I am sure you are regarding me as one.
      If you can’t post anything constructive, get effing lost.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      We just haven’t different opinions to you Mr SD with blinkered vision.

      • Anonymous GOD says:

        It’s better to have ‘blinkered vision’ or whatever that means than to be a fed up anon on a blog trolling.

    • Anonymous says:

      anonymous trolls telling other anonymous trolls to get lost

      the shitshow continues

  141. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Successful older women shouldn’t have to settle for some unemployed loser, thats just not fair.

    Another excellent summary of the problem. Women want equality at workplace and hypergamy in personal life. That is virtually guaranteed to create a group of lonely professionally succesful women and a group if lonely profesionally unsuccesful men.

    If a succesful rich older man marries a beautiful young lady with no resources, he did not settle on an unemployed loser. He got himself a pretty wife. A law firm partner marrying his secretary comes to mind. If a rich profesionally succesful lady in her late 30s marries an unemployed budybuilder 15 years her junior, she will be ridiculed by her friends, family and coworkers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or high fived for marrying a tall handsome younger man. Who cares?

      • Anonymous says:

        See men don’t complain incessantly about that

        Older successful women can just become sugar moms. Nothing stopping them

      • Anonymous says:

        what women are complaining here about wealthy men. There is a sugar site for fk’s sake, LOL!

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Anonymous

      Well obviously the older rich women do care, because despite a steady supply of tall handsome young poor men, the rich older women are not marrying them in droves.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe bc the woman does not want to be married? Show me your statistics on these women and men, tall, short, handsome, ugly, poor, rich, bodybuilders ect. If a woman is independently wealthy then she prob doesn’t need a rich or poor husband. Men are the ones who usually cannot tolerate being ‘alone’.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        Well I do not have any “my statistics”, the whole discussion started by a post where the author was taking about a large group of succesfull ladies in their 30s who cannot find eligible single males.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think getting married is not for everyone esp. anymore in this day and age. and not all people who are unmarried is due to lack of single mates or lack of interest from the opposite sex. People have a choice now and with the divorce rate so high it is not something that is as appealing

      • Anonymous says:

        “my statistics”

        smart ass. Do you have reading comprehension problems as well or another one who takes everything literally literal?

      • Anonymous says:

        literally literal lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Somebody has been watching too many sci-fi movies from the mother’s basement again.

  142. FedUpAnon says:

    “not too bad not found anyone who wants a NSA yet”
    NSA means to you?
    “non-sexual arrangement, somebody to accompany you to dinners, spend time with you, phone calls”

    How are some people so naive? :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Could be naive or could be they have had a platonic arrangement before, so they look for that again.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        I think you find NSA does not mean Non Sexual Arrangement, National Security Council, yes – but out of context on SA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not waste your time. Say “thank you and best of luck!” and move on. You are not on SA to convert her. She will figure it out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or she will find what she is looking for.

        Either way I agree that if two people are not looking for what the other is offering then OBVIOUSLY move on and wish them well. No need to be hateful, wish them ill will or worry about what their results in reality are

    • anon anon says:

      It is actually a perfect response to a salt who really needs a pro-bono escort 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        …says a pro from a Backpage.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pro-bono escort! Good one Anonymous. funny!

      • Anonymous says:

        I think we should just let this blog for the women to play… They will pat each other on the back for getting 20k platonic arrangements and they can laugh at their own jokes…

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Mr or Miss McThicky, the post was regarding that she believed SA was for NSA arrangements, and that NSA arrangements is short for NON SEXUAL ARRANGEMENTS. How does that imply I am a salt looking for a hooker?

      • Anonymous says:

        YES if all the salties would leave and allow decent men to post would be greatness!

      • TrollFinder says:

        It’s pathetic pointless blaming posts like this that make agree with FunDude et al.

      • Anonymous says:

        —-YES if all the salties would leave and allow decent men to post would be greatness! —

        except there aren’t even any salties left. Mostly trolls. How about if only the trolls would leave ect.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Since we seem to be quoting from the other blog as it is the only place were people actually do talk about sugar. Here’s an interesting quote of a gentleman, who doesn’t need to call himself “Alpha” but without any doubts is a real one:

    “One other caveat, which becomes more and more relevant for those pursuing women who are way out-of-your-league IRL. (I include myself in this group.) It’s really up to you, the guy, to have your life together, and to know what you’re doing as the leader in the relationship. I hear this time and again from SA women. This means being mature and extremely respectful, with minimal baggage or emotional issues. SA has inspired me to continue my personal and spiritual growth and take things to the next level. This has paid off in too many ways to mention here ;)”

    Mind the words “EXTREMELY RESPECTFUL”!!

    For some simple of minds here; that means, don’t call women names as “whores”, ” old hags”, “sluts”, “cunts”, “three holes on two legs”, “feminazis” or other gems, very frequently used on this blog.
    That means, don’t offend people because they disagree with you!
    That also means, treat people in the way you would like to bet treated yourself.

    And maybe, just maybe, one day it will pay off and you don’t have to troll sugarblogs anymore but will be able to have normal relationships with women and fully enjoy the sweet taste of sugar!

    • Anonymous says:

      respect is earned

      anonymous big mouthed feminists don’t get respect

      • Anonymous says:

        So pathetic. no wonder he pays for women to even come near him. No surprise there.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 9:32am

        “So pathetic. no wonder he pays for women to even come near him. No surprise there.”

        Are you endorsing Dave for not paying? If you disrespect so much all men who do pay (IMHO, almost all men do pay for sex, one way or another, excepting the scammers and rapists who manage to escape law), why should your clients respect you the escort who hates her own profession?

    • Zzzzz says:


    • Another Anonymous says:

      Respectful is a great word but this is an anonymous forum, not a social event in a country club.

      And I really doubt, that people use the same language on this blog and in their usual discussions IRL. We have had our disagreements with Frank95 here, but if we run into each other IRL I am sure it will be very civil.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is a genuine classy person with manners, and any type of social intelligence only respectful of others when people are watching in public? But, when they hide behind their computer and no one is watching they are the complete opposite of their public selves, and behave as a disrespectful asshole without manners?

        “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

        ― John Wooden

        No this is not a garden party but I would think a kind person with decent character would not lower themselves to the equivalent of a monkey throwing poo at others.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        Well it really depends. If both parties of the argument agree to no holds barred debate it becomes an equivalent of a boxing match, where punches are usually kept inside the ring and inside the whistles.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not think there is much debate or exchange of constructive ideas, criticism and opinions when people resort to low level name calling and insults mainly.

  144. rembodler says:

    Again, on a moderated blog that junior high name calling “hater”, “piece of shit” would not be tolerated.
    To me name calling simply shows that the person cannot argue because she is not equipped for that. So she calls me “piece of shit” and is satisfied…

  145. Anonymous says:

    Settling for 20s. I did it for a while, never again. That age bracket has too many issues in and of itself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nooo, you didn’t mean that, soon someone here will step up and explain that in reality you only want 20s! LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        No, I never wanted early 20s. I prefer late 20s to early 30s but that age range was deteriorating, so I tried early 20s for a while.

        Mindless age bracket – useless to me.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit this place is an anonymous clusterfuck

  147. Anonymous says:

    Further comments from reddit poster that Jaybird selectively quoted:

    “My experience there also. The women were extremely demanding and not bringing a lot to the table, and a disproportionate number had a self-perception of their value/attractiveness that was way beyond what they actually were. The profiles and email convo’s read like they were expecting to win the lottery and you were the winning ticket, and not a date.”

    That is why he avoided 35-40 year old women like the plague

    The less than .001% of women in that age group that don’t fall into that category can be competitive on the market

    • Anonymous says:

      Nowhere did he say he avoided them like the plague FD!

      Talking about selective quoting…..your attempts are laughable and sad at the same time!.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bwahahaha! He is about to explode. It is driving him into further madness.

      The man said he preferred 35-40. We should just continue to post that over and over.

      Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with‘

      Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with‘

      Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with

      Ya mad brah?

      • Anonymous says:

        He is mad Bruhhh! Duhh! He’s an idiot, and clearly cannot read or doesn’t want to say it like it is. Give it up fd

      • Anonymous says:

        It doesn’t make any difference what he said. The point is he can’t get it lol. I want women age 30-35 but the same problem exists in them too – out of shape, entitled attitudes, a lot of baggage, too much drama, look older than the age bracket.

      • Anonymous says:

        uh huh yes! he is seething mad. You think he has gotten out the nipple clips and is not clenching teeth while posting?

        This is almost popcorn worthy to see him in this state if it were not so sad to see him keep embarrassing himself :(

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘It doesn’t make any difference what he said”

        Uh huh, exactly! that is pretty much sums up the gist of all @Fundude’s posts. It does not really matter or make a difference what is actually SAID, it is how you twist their words, take things out of context, turn them around.
        All to fit your pathetic agendas.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t have an agenda. Well, at least not on this blog lol. The point being it doesn’t matter what “anyone” wants if it doesn’t EXIST.

      • Anonymous says:

        Calm down TVC

        Most men don’t want you older ladies, sorry

        Maybe a therapist would help

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like I’m both Fundude and TVC today lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t have an agenda. Well, at least not on this blog lol. The point being it doesn’t matter what “anyone” wants if it doesn’t EXIST.

        It exists but is more difficult to find.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s even true, it’s far too difficult to be feasible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Defeatist or just extremely negative?

        Who knows what they are even talking about?

      • Anonymous says:

        Neither, just an efficiency expert.

      • Anonymous says:

        Efficient in talking in circles, not making any points except to disagree over and over, while presenting opinion as fact.

        Ok well done your are efficient in that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please cite where he said he avoided 35-40 year old women like the plague?

      I agree with the other person and did see where he said he preferred that 35-40 yr old age range instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, try again. He was talking about vanilla dating in that context.

      Since you are so obsessed with this man and what he really meant, and you are on reddit under several different alias’s, then why don’t you send him a private message and work it out amongst yourselves and stop trying to start shit here. thks!

  148. Another Anonymous says:

    A huge problem of Western society in a nutshell, curtesy of Sugarlushsugar

    “Unless you give me the requirements of the “right kind of man” to have children with (pay-off must exceed typical career womans life time earnings.)”

    So having children now has no intrinsic value, it is a chore comparable to any other job. Being a mother must pay better than having a career in low/middle management, otherwise I am not interested. Sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      do go away

    • Anonymous says:

      Do drop dead

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point. do go away then drop dead if that suits you better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it does suit me for you to go away before you drop dead. The blog has enough problems. We don’t need your rotting carcass on here too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait! I just rethought that. There are more than enough vultures here to clean it up anyway. Ok, feel free to drop on the blog and pleasant journey to the next (blog).

    • Sugarlushsugar says:

      The idea is from the article posted here earlyer. Not mine. You missed the point.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Sugarlush

      Actually I was not sure, whether it was your post or a quote, thus the term curtesy of, instead of saying I was quoting you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you always a sarcastic smarty pants?

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the statement is entirely SugarLush’s own.

        The idea in the Greenspun article was:

        1. almost all career women are doing their jobs for money

        2. most those jobs make less money after-tax in a career life-span than child support from a wealthy/high-income father.

        The article never advised women to find mates entirely based on income/wealth alone. It was pointing out the relative importance between women’s career vs. mating well.

        What Greenspun has missed is that, he, as a man, is adept at such rational analytical approach. Whereas women go by “feelings” . . . that means, in her early 20’s, in the absence of wiser grandma’s giving young women sound advice from life experience, per peers give her the feelings to go after drug-addled losers. When she gets to her late 20’s and gets the baby rabbis, she will look for a more established man to lock down; however, by then, she will be too used up and too bitter to be acceptable to the wealthier men.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Your 2 points are the “facts” he presented. But the conclusion was that women are better off livig on child support than going to college and doing career.

        It sounds like bs. So I am sincerely interested who is this man who would provide that much money.

      • Anonymous says:

        The article says “average” woman and your “average” woman doesn’t even have a career. Let’s not get into how sexist I supposedly am by saying that. Truth be known, I would like to see that change but for it to be able to change, first we as a society have to face realities. The reality is most women have not had a career. Will this change in the next 20-30 years? Perhaps, it will. I don’t think it can change with everyone’s head in the sand though.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Nobody should claim you are sexist for providing some information. You just should support your sayings with credible source information.

        If what you say is true then propagating living on childsupport to young women is definately not making the situation better.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is an angry little troll basement dweller right there LMFAO

    • Anonymous says:

      I use to respect you Jay, but now I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest you.

  149. Anonymous says:

    “Anon. I am speechless. Not because I define myself as a feminist, it is way too heavy word, but….feminism is bad attitude?

    Just in case I copy paste you the defination of feminism from wikipedia.
    “Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Feminists typically advocate or support the rights and equality of women.[3]”

    Any woman who would think that feminism as described above is a bad attitude is purely irrational.”

    Feminism is not what it originally started as, so that definition is void. Yes, feminism is a bad attitude now. It’s socially-acceptable misandry, plain and simple. I’ve met some women who understand this, and I wouldn’t define their understanding as “irrational”. I would define it as being realistic and mentally healthy. Modern feminism has made women sick both mentally and physically. It’s also made society sick. This is the intention of feminism.

  150. Anonymous says:

    Notice the mental gymnastics intended by the women about the sugar reddit comments from the SDs

    Guy in his early 50s, though claimed to be 53 in another post, which could be considered mid 50s, clearly states that he avoids the vast majority of women in their 35 and up crowd because they are overweight, entitled and have nothing to offer

    In context of his statements, he clearly has been making allowances with women greater than 20 years his junior

    The competition he was speaking about was for an attractive woman at 35-40 that isn’t an entitled, fat, multiple children, feminist type of female due to it being nonexistent

    For anyone to claim this guy was praising women from 35-40 is crazy

    Now go back to calling me a John or Fundude

    • Anonymous says:

      Really J?

      Here is the direct qoute from the gentlman you are referring to, person with selective reading comprehension problems:

      ‘Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with’

      LOL you are really reaching! so funny!

      • Anonymous says:

        He is going mad bc someone said they preferred that age range, but due to attractive and in-shape women in his PREFERRED AGE RANGE being so difficult to find, and the ones who are ‘being snatched up quickly’, then he has been stewing over this all morning and trying to flip around what he actually said.

        I rather enjoy watching him implode.

      • Anonymous says:

        He said he wanted 35-40 from a maturity standpoint but has to avoid them doing to being physically unattractive, entitled, too much baggage

        He finds the women in their 20s far more desirable and is able to get them with allowances

        Doesn’t sound like a big endorsement of 35-40 year olds

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, keep making things up and twisting his words which were, and I qoute again since you are reading challenged ‘Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with’

        He said the younger ones felt awkward to be with as he got older.

        Keep trying! It is soooo logical of you to keep trying to twist his words around, though to fit what you want it to fit. Trying to place square pegs in round holes must be what you do for fun. This is so funny

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with’

        How many ways to twist his words will follow again?

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 7.35

        “He said he wanted 35-40 from a maturity standpoint but has to avoid them doing to being physically unattractive, entitled, too much baggage”

        No that’s NOT what he said, I will repeat it for you, maybe one day it will land after different people keep repeating?
        He said: ‘Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with’

        “He finds the women in their 20s far more desirable and is able to get them with allowances”

        Nowhere did he mention maturity standpoint or avoiding them. He said they were scarce and very sought after and that’s why he SETTLES!!!!! for 20s.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Sure you’re not fundude you just have similar traits. Like long unnecessary post, twisting clearly written statements to fit your agenda and posting at the top of the blog to make sure people don’t miss your “brilliance”.

      Now copy and paste where anyone said he was praising them. Because what I said was older is his preference but finding suitable candidates in that range is difficult which is why he dates younger than he’d like. If you weren’t trying to push yet another agenda you would’ve gotten that…

      • Anonymous says:

        Half the people are proxies for Fundude or fake fundude accounts anyway

        I mean aren’t Dave and Josh really Fundude? How about alphadawg2 or half the other SDs on reddit?

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Now copy and paste where anyone said he was praising them. Because what I said was older is his preference but finding suitable candidates in that range is difficult which is why he dates younger than he’d like. If you weren’t trying to push yet another agenda you would’ve gotten that…”

        Yup as evidenced by this and what Jaybird pointed out too.

        ‘“Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with, but that’s getting into the not-interested-in-anyone range again and the pickings drop off a lot. I’m sure I’ll cave on my criteria soon and go back to women in their 20s, but it’s feeling stranger each time as I get older.”

        And this is what he was referring to

        “The women that are height/weight proportionate with a positive attitude are so valued on the dating market at our age that the competition is so extreme that it’s not worth bothering, especially if you’re not looking to settle down into some kind of committed, long-term relationship”

      • Anonymous says:

        ”Half the people are proxies for Fundude or fake fundude accounts anyway

        I mean aren’t Dave and Josh really Fundude? How about alphadawg2 or half the other SDs on reddit?”

        Who knows and who cares. They are all creeps collectively or individually. Said to think ANYONE would have that much time on their hands to make up many fake accounts on Reddit but with Fundude anything is possible.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Josh and Fundude have NOTHING to do with each other.
        No way Fundude is Josh’ proxy.

        Josh just says whatever he wants and doesn’t push secret agenda’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        i do not know nor do I care who Fundude or Josh are. Most people who post are under Anonymous/

  151. Anonymous says:

    The point about reddit, it is a moderated blog. Both sides have to behave. Both sides. That makes conversation a lot more civil. You do not call me idiot, John, predator. I do not call you idiot, ho, old hag. Simple. The latest case there of moderators intervening is a great example.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel sorry for the mods on Reddit. I truly do. All the losers that went over there from here and are the main reasons why their space has so much drama now.

      • Anonymous says:

        You wish. The only people who went there, were people who actually had something to say about lifestyle. Unlike people like @TVC, who had nothing to add to the discussion, except what she reads about feminism in women’s online magazines.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure bc @Fundude and a couple of the other trolls have so very much to offer on redditt to people involved in sugar lifestyle. At least they are moderated there and are forced to repress their trolling and for that I truly do feel sorry for the moderators.

      • Anonymous says:

        If they have to “suppress” their trolling, there is nothing for the mods to do, right? Why feel sorry for them…;)? Women’s logic, at its best.
        I do not know whether Fundude is an SD or not, but he is certainly someone who represents a very clear trend in men’s thinking about relationships, women, marriage. I said that before, if you know you are not going to be insulted, you will argue your point patiently, respectfully and politely. That is what blogs are supposed to be about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh I forgot your logic of arguing with someone of ‘lesser’ logic such as yourself must be so logical for you, person of superior logic who makes such ‘logical’ posts only for snark’s sake ;))))

        And, of course, it is the women who have been rude,insulting, impolite, with name calling – not Fundude or any of the ‘sds’ trolls.

        of course! brilliant! That must be your superior logic at its best, in practice again :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea I saw the Reddit forums the other day. I noticed where one thread had to but shut down and the mod stepped in and reprimanded some of the contributors for causing discourse. She referred to the sa blog and said she was watching both and knew the usual suspects and knows what to watch out for and sees the same pattern. They do not accept the behaviour there that is seen so often on here.

      • Anonymous says:

        As far as I see, nobody on that reddit blog is involved in sugar. Judging by the ads on there, it’s mostly more online fantasy. You won’t find me over there (yes, go ahead and applaud lol), it’s too nazi-like politically correct and whiney for my taste.

      • Anonymous says:

        To the poster above, either you’re kidding or you’re plain stupid. There are more sugar participants there than there are here, that’s why they don’t need to troll, and keep it polite. Nazi-like might be best for the likes of the trolls on here. Sugar isn’t a complicated topic to discuss so why shouldn’t people be respectful here?

      • Anonymous says:

        “I noticed where one thread had to but shut down and the mod stepped in and reprimanded some of the contributors for causing discourse.”

        Did you see who asked for moderation?
        One of the haters here, @Rembodler, who even started the discourse!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m judging by the ads. Most every woman on there is looking for online only. That speaks bounds about the participating audience, to me. I’m sorry if you have issues with cause and effect. That must be difficult.

        You’re probably right though about more participants over there, than on this blog. It still doesn’t erase the over-moderation though and coddling I see of everyone’s “feelings”. It’s too much for me. Have fun though. Everyone has their own taste.

        I would rather see trolling than the stifling of expression. Just a bad habit I have lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous says:
        March 21, 2016 at 8:23 am
        “I noticed where one thread had to but shut down and the mod stepped in and reprimanded some of the contributors for causing discourse.”

        Did you see who asked for moderation?
        One of the haters here, @Rembodler, who even started the discourse!’

        HA! I notice that myself. I always knew he was a smarmy little pussy man tho. Not surprising he causes the discourse then runs to the mods when someone talks back to him. What a wuss.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rem is a piece of shit. At least he mostly stays over there now instead of coming here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 8:25 you are on the wrong sub, it’s the sugar lifestyle reddit, not the SB one. Go check it out, since there are no ads there.

    • anon anon says:

      “Discourse denotes written and spoken communications” … …. Loooool ….BIG WORDS …. maybe some peeps not only should spellcheck everything but also check the dictionary occasionally …. if they moderated someone for causing a “discourse” that is beyond hilarious 😀 😀

  152. The Real Dave says:

    dear anonymous feminist . I’m an athlete with a masters degree and about to start a business . no debt or note on my home . my sexual market value is high and it shows in the messages I get . I don’t even have to approach a single woman on this site except the so called divas . many ” substantials” approach me . I can prove this to you if you’d like . refund gap @
    age 27 is now about to go on her downward spiral to cat lady status and that horrible boob job she got will need to be redone soon . she may squeeze out a few more years and then be relegated to 60 year old married men with BDSM fetishes .

  153. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Sugarlush

    Well on the paper in the textbook feminism sounds like a great and noble idea. But the practice is a different thing. It is like socialism. It sounds great while discussed over dinner. But the experiences of Germany in 1940, Soviet Union or Cambodia sound much worse.

    • The Real Dave says:

      this site forced women to be youthful work on their appearances and make sure they act right . they had to do the same things in the 1950s except under the protection umbrella called marriage . now they don’t have that protection , and we can freely pump and dump them if we want to .

    • Anonymous says:

      The “Harvard” blog is a great example of a grassroots pushback at the feminism. You can read the posts and tell by the vocabulary and grammar, most of them are written by the well educated intelligent man. Do some of them sound pretty…misogynist? Maybe. But that is how pushback normally looks like. That is why people vote Trump. Why Merkel has problems in Germany. Why Le Pen doing so well in France. Pushback rarely looks pretty.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Dave

      Excellent point. In a way sugar bowl is the last redoubt of the unbridled capitalism. Employment is offered without any affirmative action, equal opportunity, labor unions or severance pay. :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t that a bit narrowminded AA?
      Only looking at the extremes?
      There is a lot of flavors inbetween AA, but you must open your eyes to see them.

      The majority of feminists are like Sugarrush described. Not hardcore, not extreme, only wanting EQUAL (not MORE!) rights.
      As their is also socialist countries that function very well and in fact are among the richest and happiest in the world; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark….

      The countries you chose to described were either national- socialist or Marxist.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        As to Scandinavian countries, they started quite high as to quality of life and affluence, mostly due to Lutheran ethos. But they are dropping back under current management, Sweden is a good example.

    • Sugarlushsugar says:

      @Another Are you seriously comparing Stalins totalitarianism with the movement that gave women right for education, work, to take part of politics, drive a car etc etc?

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Sugarlush

      Yes absolutely. Socialism also started very nicely but then got into hands of psychotic criminals. A country that would give similar power to modern day feminists would end up as equally disgusting dictatorship. Les hommes protégés by Robert Merle is to feminism what George Orwell’s Animal farm was to socialism.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Anonymous

      Well I would like to see a feminist, that really fights for EQUALITY for both genders. Like increasing the proportion of females in high risk jobs, compulsory military service in countries with draft, transferring money from breast cancer research to prostate cancer research, increasing medical research of men’s health issues in general to equalize the life expectancy of both genders etc.

  154. Anonymous says:

    He wants a good challenge. I thought they didn’t exist?


  155. Anonymous says:


    Top post on sugar lounge for the past 24 hours

    All of the Sugar Daddies on there could be fundude The original poster and all of the sugar daddy commenters sound like fundude

    They all want younger women, don’t want to marry and don’t see the value in older women

    I bet fundude controls most of the SD accounts over there and upvotes them all too

  156. Anonymous says:

    Why is 41 yo @Dave calling 27 yo @Jaybird old? Did I miss something?

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL Yeah you did a lot. The trolling has gone off rails.

    • Anonymous says:

      41 is the age when men start to enter their earning prime, whereas 27 is when women start to hit the wall.

      • Anonymous says:

        A 41 yo calling a 27 yo “old” is ridiculous, no matter how you dumbassses try to justify. It makes you sound like a misogynist loser.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        When I start hitting the wall I’ll let you know. Based on my genetics you’ll be waiting quite a while though.

      • Anonymous says:

        27 hitting the wall? Who do you date idiot, 15 year olds?

      • Anonymous says:

        Old is old. Money cannot buy youth. He’s still 14 years older which is quite a lot, and will surely die sooner if it’s a natural death. Death comes to all, unfortunately it ones faster to the older ones, man or women, and btw women live longer.

  157. Anonymous says:

    So funny to see our resident Fundouche jumping hoops to not be discovered as Alphadawg on the other blog.

    Noticed some inconsistencies too:
    He posts a topic called : “Unmarried SDs: How do you compare conventional online dating to sugar dating?” and then lists all his “Problems with conventional dating”…
    But isn’t he dating a blond, 23 yo thin hottie for free? So what problems exactly is he encountering in conventional dating?

    “I have found the quality of females significantly higher on SA vs POF and Match.”
    So funny, how often has he stated the exact opposite here?

    He is also very selective when quoting here from the other blog.
    The ” I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with” comment in that same thread would have never made it to this blog. LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      alphadawg2 must be doing something right, his most recent post got a lot of upvotes from SDs with almost all the SDs agreeing with everything he wrote

      Where did was it stated that he wanted a 35-40 year old female? The posts from the SDs were clearly biased in favor of younger 20s women

      If that is fundude, his posts are a success over there

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Cut the shit fundude if you’re going to defend yourself do it under your moniker. And they agreed with your reason for why sugar dating is advantages but they shut you down when you tried that SMV bullshit.

      • Anonymous says:

        It;s funny how after a while of reading Fundude’s deepest thoughts on this blog can result in an increased intuition, knowing his phrases and the words he uses, in order to identify him. Really weird!

      • Anonymous says:

        people are obsessed with fundude lol

      • Anonymous says:

        funny how alphadawg2 and all the other SDs that commented appear to be asking for younger women

        must all be fundude proxies

      • Anonymous says:

        actually i just read that thread and one man said he only wanted a 35-40 aged SB and another said he only wanted over 25.

        Funny how you pick and choose what you take away from other sources.

        Also one of the threads on the sugar forum was shut down by the mods due to the ‘us vs. them’ mentality that fundude worked so hard to do here and she even made mention that she is watching the same and usual suspects from the SA blog who now post there. They know who the troublemakers are. They cause trouble on the reddit forum too. same old same old

      • Jaybird923 says:

        No they all didn’t one clearsaid he’s looking fot a SB who is in the 35-45 range and several others said they are actively vanilla dating. All of them did agree they sugar date for convenience, lack of complications, and because it’s a guaranteed fuck with having to put in much effort

      • Anonymous says:

        most SD commentators were asking for younger women by at least 10 years

        anyone can go over there and read it themselves

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Don’t be stupid most of the commenters stated they were in their 50s. What age range does that put someone who is 10 years younger?

      • Anonymous says:

        the guy who asked for SBs that were from 35-40 was in his mid 50s

        He clearly stated that he can’t find attractive women in that age group and has to usually dip down into the 20s

      • Anonymous says:

        do you ever get tire of posting the same drivel, Fundude?

        You are obsessed and crazy. One of the mods on reddit was confused as to why age is such a hot button topic with you and you try and stir shit with it constantly. I am wondering as well.
        Mad cause you cannot change things with your stupid whiny posts? You are only hurting yourself with all your toxic negativity and bitterness towards certain groups and demographics that you have no influence on in reality. The world does not wake up everyday and look to you, no one knows you exist out of this tiny tiny subset that sugars and actually takes the time to post about it.

        You are nothing but a stinky fart in the wind. Here today on the blog, forgotten tomorrow. Get over yourself and stop being such a toxic douchebag.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        No that guy didn’t this is exactly what he said

        “Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with, but that’s getting into the not-interested-in-anyone range again and the pickings drop off a lot. I’m sure I’ll cave on my criteria soon and go back to women in their 20s, but it’s feeling stranger each time as I get older.”

        And this is what he was referring to

        “The women that are height/weight proportionate with a positive attitude are so valued on the dating market at our age that the competition is so extreme that it’s not worth bothering, especially if you’re not looking to settle down into some kind of committed, long-term relationship”

        Keep trying your old tricks fundude…

      • Anonymous says:

        Direct quote:

        “This is exactly where I am at. I think OP hit all the key point as well.
        I had my last formal vanilla date about three years ago. It’s just not worth it. I think the issue is that the vanilla women offer a very poor value proposition if you’re a guy in a position to sugar. I’m early 50s, work out regularly and have low body fat, earning well into the six figures, more or less socially skilled and kind — generally considered a good catch, and the fact that I’ve had SBs 20 years younger be agressive about having a conventional relationship supports this. The typical vanilla woman in the online world that will actually date me is late 40s, significantly overweight, has multiple children at home (this is starting to change in this age range and presumably gets better) and has an attitude towards me that is either entitled or even barely concealed hostility. Their general approach to dates is to go out, let me pay for everything and then scrutinize me the entire time looking for reasons to reject me on their mile-long checklist. Not fun.
        The women that are height/weight proportionate with a positive attitude are so valued on the dating market at our age that the competition is so extreme that it’s not worth bothering, especially if you’re not looking to settle down into some kind of committed, long-term relationship, e.g. wifey 2.0, because that’s what they’re looking for (and they will get it, eventually.)
        There was an interesting phase in my late 30s through mid 40s that I found completely fascinating tied into all this: it was far easier to vanilla date a woman in her 20s that someone near my own age. I talked with other men and we all had the same experience, arguably the majority of women in their mid to late 30s and 40s are so stringent in their dating criteria they’re rejecting virtually everyone.
        Sugar has none of these issues, and those 20s/early 30s women that are open-minded are the ones that mostly in the sugar bowl. The women — even the plain ones — are very attractive simply due to their age, and may be extreme attractive objectively on top of that, and the successful ones either don’t have a bad attitude or know how to keep it in check.
        Honestly, I want someone who’s 35-40 now to sugar with, but that’s getting into the not-interested-in-anyone range again and the pickings drop off a lot. I’m sure I’ll cave on my criteria soon and go back to women in their 20s, but it’s feeling stranger each time as I get older.
        I got to a point where I just stopped pursing these women, on the off chance I might get laid.
        This is the truth — I commented in the other SD thread about this very issue — with vanilla dating you can invest a lot of time and money (realistically 3-6 dates, and probably well over 1K and maybe even approaching 2K) before you even find out you won’t get laid, ever. I hate to reduce it to just finances, but for guys that are able to sugar, the expected outlay for vanilla dates before sex starts (if ever) easily exceeds the cost of a couple good sugar dates.”

        Lets not play people

        Thanks for the fundude compliment too, maybe one day I can aspire to be obsessed over as well

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me guess… He was put down and humiliated by that hot milf he was chasing? FYI, he once mentioned the only woman who was worth a high allowance in his opinion was …. *drumroll* …Hale Berry! He is a “cub” in disguise but no cougar is interested. LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        Right on @Jaybird923. Fundude has always had selective reading comprehension problems. He understands what was meant but only looks to stir the pot and stop any productive conversation.

        That is his purpose in life it seems like. Very sad! He tries on redditt as well but they shut him down quick, so he tries to veil it in indirect insults. LoL

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Anon 7:16
        How does posting the whole thing prove anything different from my post?

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m early 50s, work out regularly and have low body fat, earning well into the six figures, more or less socially skilled and kind”’

        Wait, @fundude said he was mid 50’s.

        Here is a tip- how do you know when fundude is lying and or manipulating truths to fit his boring tired agenda? When you see his lips move or his keys typed to post anything.

        Another thing, why is he posting or referring to things that are posted on ANOTHER sugar forum. If everyone agrees with him on the reddit forum as he claims then why is he still on this blog? No one goes to the reddit forum to post what is discussed here. Answer: he cannot troll over there and most ignore him here so that is all he can do. Pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        ““The women that are height/weight proportionate with a positive attitude are so valued on the dating market at our age that the competition is so extremeg…” Isn’t that exactly how one of the older SBs tried to explain her succes in sugar?

  158. JayCee001 says:

    Well according to me, I let my SD decide by meeting me if he liked me so that we could further the arrangement discussion. Whats the point of keeping arrangement when you’re not even happy about it? As for me, I went out with only one SD (first and last). He’s the last in my list perhaps because you can talk with lots of others willing to be you SD but they don’t hit you in your heart with the same feeling the one gave you. I know he didn’t like me at first place but I know why he took me in. His taste in women is same like others men here; HOT, SEXY, GORGEOUS all the excellent words to explain some dropdead gorgeous women. I am none but I was after something else. He offered me big and well I went with him. It saved my life I must admit and though the arrangement has to end someday, I might never be able to forget the kissing moment which gave me a lil-storke to my heart that I still can’t stop thinking about the atmosphere. It was like a dream LOL sounds like I’m exaggerating but I hate myself for saying this; the night was really beautiful with that kiss. I watched him sleeping, I watched him snoring and I watched him breathing heavily…I don’t know how to explain things…My friend told me I need to go out with many guys not just one so that I know how to have fun and enjoy. I have started going out with a guy who has been asking me out for the past couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the entire whole day with him. I am not into any arrangement now because it doesn’t feel right but to watch him gives me some peace in my heart though I know he isn’t the right one.

  159. Anonymous says:

    No sex allowed is back 😉

    I am looking for some financial assistance to help me through my degree, in return I am happy to act as a companion and share the good things in life. NSA. Physical contact/intimacy only permitted with my approval.

  160. The Real Dave says:

    younger women in this site know what’s up . they know you can’t spend everyday with them and are willing to accept just vacations , dinners , gifts . they also know there’s more women than men in this site and the have to lower their expectations in order to compete for quality men . I love it !

    • Anonymous says:

      We know no one is competing for you because you aren’t quality

      • The Real Dave says:

        don’t be jealous ! I got 10 messages last night alone and 1 basically begging me to go out with her. . haha

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Sure you did. I don’t doubt it for a second. So why didn’t you take her out? You couldn’t find a local restaurant with reinforced chairs or is it because with her in the car the maximum load capacity would be exceeded and you didn’t want to risk the damage to your second hand jalopy?

      • The Real Dave says:

        Oldbird … you better stock up on Diors Capture Total product , you’ll at least drop 5 years from your turkey neck , so you’ll be competing with 45 year olds again .

  161. Anonymous says:

    Not particularly interested in a relationship or anything super romantic at the moment . I like being looked after, and spending time with a guy, doing fun things, without him expecting a sexual relationship. I am not looking for someone at an appropriate age, who respects my choices and personal boundaries. Meeting up once a week is a good start. – Looking for someone intellectual (but not in a cocky way) and psychically attractive (something like a 7/10 with acceptable body).

    Damn, I am not intelligent and only have a 3/10 body :-(

  162. Anonymous says:

    Why are there so many misoginists at Harvard?

    Did you read the comments from that blog about older women, fat women, feminist women, used goods women, past due date women and other nasty statements?

    You would think that educated men would say far smarter things than the resident blog morons Fundude and Dave, who both have very low IQs

    What is wrong with men these days?

    Phillip Greespun sounds like a woman hater and loser

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s hard to believe that you, or anyone, can’t understand the issues here. When I read your words, they yell out to me, “I understand, but I just like to irritate.” It’s close to impossible to me that you couldn’t and wouldn’t agree unless you, yourself, are old, fat, and feminist. Even if you are, what’s wrong with some self-examination?

      What is wrong with women these days that they cannot see these things? That there is no level of self-examination to lead to self-improvements? Yes, maybe a woman cannot help her age, and this should not be expected but what about losing some weight and ditching the bad attitude (aka feminism)?

      Why is that so difficult?

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you seriously agreeing with morons like Fundude and Dave now?

        I am seriously questioning the intelligence of men at Harvard these days They sound as stupid as Fundude who is clearly illiterate

        They need to take more liberal arts classes to learn more about feminism because they are clearly autistic

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        @Anon. I am speechless. Not because I define myself as a feminist, it is way too heavy word, but….feminism is bad attitude?

        Just in case I copy paste you the defination of feminism from wikipedia.
        “Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Feminists typically advocate or support the rights and equality of women.[3]”

        Any woman who would think that feminism as described above is a bad attitude is purely irrational.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Equal opportunity for women in education” would mean suing almost all colleges for registering 60% women while enrolling only 40% men. How many “feminists” are doing that?

        The real definition for “feminism” is female-centric sexism . . . which is a disaster for women and men alike.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        The article was quite neutral tone, but just bad avice. Unless you give me the requirements of the “right kind of man” to have children with (pay-off must exceed typical career womans life time earnings.)

        Not going to read the comments of the article. Thanks for warning. Why do you suppose the men commenting there are educated or from Harvard anyway?

      • Anonymous says:

        Quite neutral in that it says men should avoid women 35 and up due to their bad life choices?

        The article recommends that women be more realistic about their poor prospects at their age

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        What I got out from that article was that is suggested young women to get pregnant from a rich man but not marry with him. Not attend to college. Live from child support. Sounds kind of like a scam. So yes, he is teaching women to scam money out of men. Sometimes people who read and think about theoretical stuff too much and do not have real life experiences get creative/crazy like that.
        I did not see the avoiding over 35 yo women part.

    • Sugarlushsugar says:

      I hope you understand the word “opportunity” as in equal opportunity. The fact that more women make it to the University is another thing.

      Feminism is a very ambiguous term and maybe this is the part that you are familiar with. Sorry to hear that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you honestly believe women are 50% smarter than men (50% more smart enough to making the cut)? How else do you justify the 3:2 ratio in college admission? Either the admission process is broken or the K-12 education system is broken.

        Yet, your female-centric sexist mind would prefer blaming men before blaming the broken education system.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        I have not said women to be smarter than men.
        Education system is broken in many aspects. I can only say about the countries I have lived and studied and all of them are in Europe.
        “Smartness” or intelligence or ability are not the only factors to get in. Money for exampe plays huge role, as you know SA is advertised as a mean to finance studies fsor young women. I study at the moment on one fund of my country in anothe country, I had to present it as a project and compete with my fiels specialists to get it. If I did not have it I would not study. Besides the economical background the cultural level and support in family (especially mothers education level. I can find the source if you really need) plays a role, the fitting in to the education system in general etc. I am not an education specialist but it has been studied alot and if you are interested why there are more women in Universities you can find reading online.

    • anon anon says:

      All these “nasty” arguments are irrelevant. If they want to bed you = they better start looking after you. Just that simple. Some guys cannot decide if a particular girl anorexic or obese – the gradation is like one inch 😀 😀 Age is all relative these days – there is a picture of a 70+ old lifter circulating the web. The lady certainly has good abs and if she bothered dying hair she could pass off for mid thirties 😀 😀 Unlike some bloated baldy menfolk.

  163. SSSD says:


    Phillip Greespun is a well-known genius (went to MIT at 14yo), and former dot-com millionaire and professor. Very insightful comments too after the blog post itself. The Red Pill knowledge is percolating up even in the ivory towers.

    When it comes to new societal thinking, the men and women in the trenches and gutters with street-smarts usually get a start first (part of the benefit in associating with SB’s); when the the new trend percolates to the upper reaches and get systematized in the brains with high abstraction power, the society will change.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats because men are afraid of strong older women

    • Anonymous says:

      Holy shit, did you read the comments?

      It sounds like a bunch of Fundudes and Daves are the norm at Harvard these days

      The guys are totally against marriage, against older women, complain about obesity, hate the marriage laws and hate feminism

      • Anonymous says:

        The irony of this post. Who wouldn’t complain about the negatives in society? Should we just be sheep who go along for the miserable ride? I bet there are negatives in society you complain about too.

      • Anonymous says:

        what about the feelings of older successful women?

        Successful older women shouldn’t have to settle for some unemployed loser, thats just not fair

      • Anonymous says:

        “Successful women” if such an animal even exists, don’t have to settle for unemployed losers. There are plenty of older successful men even though articles of propoganda would have women believe otherwise.

      • Anonymous says:

        College educated Women in their 30s want men in their 30s who have a good college education and job prospects

        We don’t want some older than 40 year old grandfather or some lower education loser with no job prospects!

        You loser men need to step up and stop acting like boys

        Your fathers and grandfathers would be ashamed by such behavior Men used to take care of their women!

      • Anonymous says:

        Fathers and grandfathers used to take care of their women, and it was legal for them to commit spousal “rape.”

        “College educated” is a badge of honor for a 21yo, for graduating on time. At 30 years of age, if education is still the highest achievement in life, should it be Ph.D? Unmarried women without children actually have higher average income than unmarried men without children. What has the woman been doing for 9+ years if there is no Ph.D nor successful business of her own to show? cock carousal riding for a decade?

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        In this blog most women probably, as myself, are attracted to powerful and successful men, but I recently red an article about why some women like these “unemployed losers”. Well not exactly unemployed but these construction worker/plumber type of men. I don’t remember really the reasons ? didn’t seem relevant for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Lush The same reasons men want pornstars and escorts for fucking and good girls/college educated women for marriage, as these are good prospects to raise your children better than the first two. Women also want these men for fucking or spending some time together, not for marriage or children, thus why many rich married women cheat.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most construction workers and plumbers are invisible to women. The ones dealing drugs on the side however are very attractive to some women. Most people are not capable of rational analysis, instead rely on “feelings,” which the drugs generate aplenty.

      • Anonymous says:

        Women like men of power yes, but they also like football players, basketball players and all of the other non-conventional rich guy with a tailored suit style.

    • Sugarlushsugar says:

      First. Until what age is the child support payed in US? I suppose until the child becomes 18. That results with the woman (who had her children at 18), at the age of 36 without education, carrer, money.

      Second. “/these women would have been better off spending their 18-22-year-old years having sex with married men rather than attending college.” This article evaluates only economical side. Better off? I do not really believe that these women, who want to have children want to have them as single mothers. As well I do not believe that all of them want to dedicate all their life on these childeren.
      In Europe the question is more about balancing career and family life, so that women who want to be mothers do not have to give up their professional carrer or stay too long away from it.

      With the men stuck in their teenage personality I sadly agree. At least in their 30s. In 40s I thought they were supposed to have midlife crisis. ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Europe is dying off and becoming Islamic.

        Are you sure that is the perfect model?

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        I personally do not go along with the islamophobia. Not going to elaborate here but Europe will not become islamic.

        Try to calm down and do not believe everything you read or are told.

      • Anonymous says:


        You may want to read the article again. Many states mandate 20+ years of child support. The pay-off in those 20 years, when reproducing with the right kind of men, may well exceed the typical “career women” can earn on their own in a life time! If the child raising is over by 40, there is nothing preventing the woman from pursuing a career at that time. It’s silly to think any knowledge gained from a professional degree program is relevant after 20 years. Most high paying professionals have knowledge half-life measured in 3-5 years. A highly paid professional woman taking out 3-5 years to raise children would have to restart her career in a new field any way.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        What are the requirements for the “right kind of man” to have pay-off exceed typical career womans life time earnings?

        “If the child raising is over by 40, there is nothing preventing the woman from pursuing a career at that time”. Yes, there are. The same as 40 y o men would have in the same situation: poor curriculum, lack of work experience, outdated knowledge.

        “highly paid professional woman taking out 3-5 years to raise children would have to restart her career in a new field any way.” Here you can get away with 2 years and then kindergarden. I don’t think change of the field would be nesesary. Especially if she was a highly paid professional, she could work herself up again.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Does the father pay also children University costs or they have to find sugar daddys? What if they are not pretty enough or are male?

      • Anonymous says:

        Most women earn less than $1M after-tax in a life time.

        Starting a new career after 30 or 40 means getting new degrees with up-to-date knowledge, then work in that field continuously for 25-35. That is probably a far more productive life plan than having two entry level jobs running a decade and half each, interrupted by children in her mid 30’s.

        Currently 43% of women with advanced degrees (Master’s and Doctor’s degrees) and have children are not working. The number is probably heavily skewed by the Educational Master’s degrees holders working only 180 days a year in public school systems. Women with real advanced degrees in real professional fields are leaving their careers behind after having children at a much higher rate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Universities go after both parents when looking for tuition money.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Ok, in that case if she really wants to pursue that plan I’d say she should put the brats to daycare as soon as possible and use the amazing child support that exceeds her lifetime earnings to get a good degree before the age discrimination.
        Lets say she gets her first child at 18, second 19. At 21 she puts them in daycare and can enroll fultime studies. Bachelor + Master is 5 years. In conclusion she could enter the job market at decent age of 26.
        But then again her children will miss out alot of family life and how many women at the age on 18 really are cabable of planing their life that way (especially the part of hunting down some rich man to make the plan work and then following through all the rest).

      • Anonymous says:

        The plan is very workable for women in early to mid-20’s. Before 4 years of age, children separated from both parents for as little as 3 hours straight suffer from anxiety attacks as severe as orphans experience. Daycare is a terrible idea for families that can afford to lavish more attention on their children. For most families that can afford it, having 2 children and raising both past 4 years of age takes about 10 years counting from the dating time, pregnancies, and 2 years of rest and recovery for the woman between the two children.

        There is no age discrimination against women in their mid-30’s or 40’s in normal work places. In fact, employers prefer hiring women who are not planning on making more babies while on their payrolls: they wouldn’t have to pay for maternity leaves.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just skimmed this article, but it seems mostly propoganda. Finding successful women in their late 30s without children is extremely rare. Finding ANY woman past 25 without children is rare as it is. Finding successful women of any age is also very rare. And talking about procreation in late 30s and early 40s is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Single women nearing 40 have spent decades perfecting their adult selves. Men of the same age are still stuck in their teenage personality.”

        And what planet is this idiot living on? lol
        The statement is hilarious. Women seldom work on self-improvement and stay stuck in a teenage mindset almost permanently, at least in my country.

  164. Sugarlushsugar says:

    Reading your comments makes me crave for real relationship and real love.

    • Anonymous says:

      making me read the comments here makes me realize why these losers have to pay for sex

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Yes, I feel the same

      • Anonymous says:

        I think this is one of the misconceptions that get a lot of girls in trouble when they come here. Very few of us “have to” pay for sex. To even think it’s all about sex also reveals a real problem in the viewpoint too many women come here with.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Read, for example Real Daves comments. I can not imagine who would go voluntarily in bed with that toxic person.

        I do suppose it is in great part about sex. Of course I do not know what goes on in men minds but what I read here it is mostly about sex and havinging intimate relationship with an appealing woman without responsibilities of a traditional relationship.

  165. Anonymous says:

    What kind of animals talk to women like that?

    This place is a misonistic hellhole filled with old, fat, bald losers who can’t get laid

    No wonder you are miserable

    • Sugarlushsugar says:

      I don’t know if the men here are bald and fat but the way some of them write here does not convince me in their education and success, though these two do not go always hand in hand.

      And you dear Anonymous have a log in your eye

  166. Anonymous says:

    Ha, the trolls cause so much trouble and the SAME exact BS trouble on the reddit blog too. I feel sorry for their moderators since it is all the usual suspects from here.

    [–]justforsugarSugar Baby[M] [score hidden] 1 day ago* stickied comment
    Okay! Good morning!
    We have some options as moderators in this community. Our options are to redirect, warn, monitor, or flat out ban/remove members or comments that don’t reflect how productive we want this conversation to be.
    I think this thread is a good example of some patterns that have, in other communities, gradually devolved to create an “us vs. them” level of conversation.
    We do monitor other community dynamics. I’m on tumblr, we’ve looked at the SA Blog, we see the comments from people who straddle two communities, etc. We do this so we can help this community provide a different kind of conversation.
    Both SDs and SBs are seeking insight and information.
    Here are some things that seem to be frustrating and unproductive:
    Taking a seemingly positive thread and using it as the opportunity to humble-brag, identify the negative outlier, criticize a large group of people, etc.
    Getting into the “young/vulnerable SB” vs. “older SB” debate. I don’t know why this is so hot-button, but it is. Linking age and vulnerability never seems to end well.
    Sarcasm or veiled “concern.” Come on, people. We’re all guilty of it. Let’s keep it to a minimum.
    We also, largely, haven’t been able to discuss the risks of sugar for SDs or SBs in a way that doesn’t frustrate people. There are risks for all. Emotional risks, physical risks, financial risks.
    And finally….
    Anything that resembles shaming another person for their personal desire. This is tricky, because this community reflects a taboo behavior. The context of that involves some potentially unpopular or socially unsavory attitudes/desires/behaviors. So some of the “shaming” that happens is going to be troubling and people won’t stand for that. The community will regulate what isn’t okay here, and if you walk down the shaming road, be prepared for people to push back if they don’t like your tone.
    In short, if something gets heated, take your dialogue to DM in a polite way. You might make a new friend or find common ground. Don’t assume that your point of view is going to be received the same by all participants here. We’re going to lock the thread for now. This is in response to the devolution of this discussion. When it doubt, talk it out privately. No one wants to participate in a public forum riddled with sarcasm or “us vs. them” attitudes.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this place

    Too much losers like Dave posting here I am moving over to the sugar forums on Reddit

  168. Anonymous says:

    What happened to josh?

    He was a regular poster here like forever.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Seeking arrangement is filled with old desperate, fat, bald losers that can’t get laid They think that they can buy a SB on the cheap

    Listen losers, you need to realize that we aren’t that desperate to have to sleep with you!

  170. Anonymous says:

    Why are there so many cheap fake SDs on here?

    Its getting worse and worse on this blog! Where are the moderators?

  171. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous at 4.06

    Yes, SBs who use the sugar to graduate college or start a long term succesful business are making a smart decision. I am afraid they are a minority here. But with all due respect that is a different level of smart than say a MIT instructor of nuclear physics.

    On the other hand many SBs are very street smart, but more in the direction of a con artists’ s smartness.

    • Anonymous says:

      Street smarts do have value, but anyone could find that in an average hooker. The idea of a sugarbaby is to have someone who isn’t that street smart, just a regular girl who needs some help. None on here like that anymore though.

  172. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what happened to fundude , I missed looking at his profile lol any one has a copy , if so can you please copy and paste lol , since then fundude is MIA

    • Anonymous says:

      fundude had his profile attached to his posts in the past

      he probably went over to reddit with a fake screen name like Josh

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes he has. He’s on reddit with another new username. He’s now posting as alphadawg2

      • Anonymous says:

        Good let him stay there!

        Now we can chat about real topics for a change!

      • Anonymous says:

        We can? Like what? How all the girls are fat and ugly and entitled and all the guys are broke and psychotic?

    • Colonel Klink says:

      Fundude’s been right here. He hasn’t gone anywhere lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Damn everyone is obsessed with Fundude even when he’s not commenting

        Fundude must have some real impact that so many posters appear obsessed with him

        The only one who was so loved before was Josh

        What happened to Josh?

      • Anonymous says:

        Josh lost his balls somewhere around early to mid 2014, not sure what happened during that time to change his tune.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you say Josh lost his balls? Didn’t all the regular SBs hate him?

      • Anonymous says:

        Josh used to say it like it was. Most of the SBs could do without him, a couple were ok (as I remember). Something changed him though. He’s a feminist sympathizer now, so it seems.

      • Anonymous says:

        whoa that is a whole new sadness level of talking to yourself on the blog^^^

      • Anonymous says:

        Whoa now he’s accusing himself of talking to himself, sad right there ^^^, very sad.

  173. Anonymous says:

    look at this shit , I really don’t understand if any sd will fall for this , or do they ? ebd391651

  174. Anonymous says:

    You couldn’t afford to scam me

    • Anonymous says:

      A good scammer has to put zero down to scam, so there is no “afford”, unless of course this was a threat of bodily harm you made.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Poor losers like AA and Dave can’t get a real SB so they become trolls on the Internet

    You two should just jerk off to porn together

  176. Another Anonymous says:

    A loser like AA already has two SBs. Btw what is your definition of a REAL SB?

  177. Anonymous says:

    “Spend your time mostly on obtaining money for yourself. Wasting time with PUA/Game takes you away from income production or just relaxing.”

    This foundation is crucial. I’m glad I figured out early enough in my life that dealing with women on a serious level is mostly a waste of time. Focusing on myself has become much more rewarding. I suggest others do the same.

  178. Anonymous says:

    SBs are not going to let some older loser take advantage of them

    Losers like Dave and AA can’t afford a real SB! They just want cheap escorts

  179. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous

    Well I beg to differ. I have met many very smart women, highly functionally smart in very challenging environments. True, they had their careers and were not pot SBs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe someday I will too. Who knows. I won’t write off the possibility. I just know I haven’t yet. Honestly, I wish I could. It would be a welcomed change instead of having to always break everything down to a kindergarten level so they can (just barely) follow what I’m saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually the women here are smarter because they take advantage of their youth and attend a college or start up a business, and that’s a career.

      • The Real Dave says:

        they never do any of those things . most women fail at college and the hot girls are too busy going out to clubs 3 nights per week

  180. Anonymous says:

    Too many loser fake SDs on here like Dave

    You BOYS just want an escort for sex but not a human being with real feelings

    • Anonymous