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Tips for First Dates
  • Posted Mar 31, 2016


Meeting up for the first time can be nerve-racking or completely awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. From taking the time to find a solid prospect, to preparing conversation topics ahead of time, here are some tips for first dates with a new potential Sugar Baby.


Finding the right Sugar Baby is no easy task. It’s important to thoroughly read her profile, and read into her messages. Never propose sex right away, that can be a turn off and make it seem like sex is all you’re after. Similarly to how she should not be asking for money prior to getting to know you, you should not be propositioning her.


If you’re unsure of what to do for your date, ask what she would prefer. Some people prefer drinks or coffee since it’s less commitment, but others like dinner or lunch so they have ample time to feel you out. Suggest something that will make her comfortable, and offer to pay for her cab or train ride to sweeten the deal.


Try to talk to her on the phone or over video chat before the date. There are some things that don’t come across in text messages and emails, so it’s in your best interest to get to know her on a few levels before proceeding.

Once you do set up a date, take the time to properly groom yourself and get a manicure or wax if need be. You need to feel you look your best in order to project an air of success. She’ll be more interested if you’re confident, and you’ll be more confident when you look your best.

Coming up with conversation points beforehand can be a great way to avoid lulls in dialogue. If she’s shy, think of questions to ask to get her to open up. Remember a news story or anecdote to share with her to see if you have similar humor or interests.


Go into every date assuming that things will work out between the two of you. That way you’ll be positive and able to have a great time either way. Mind your manners, and don’t hesitate to be playfully argumentative with her.

If you are into her, a great way to gauge her interest is to suggest a second date while still on the first one. You’ll know whether she’s keen on you too based on if she reciprocates.


When a date goes well, it’s customary to text that night or the next day and let her know how you feel. Even if you can’t meet again immediately, you should open up a line of communication.

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  1. Jim says:

    looking for an occasional dinner date or maybe a play.

    Prefer educated nice clean cut looking young woman (50-).

    Athletic and in shape.

  2. Chase says:

    I always offer a choice for the first meeting: Coffee, Lunch or Dinner. If they pick dinner I always ask if they have a favorite place or cuisine. If they demure my default option is the best Steak house in town where I also know the owner.

    Questions are normally easy:

  3. Alice says:

    Well my profile is still “in review” how long does it take?

  4. jim says:

    I don’t completely agree with following advice:
    “If you’re unsure of what to do for your date, ask what she would prefer. Some people prefer drinks or coffee since it’s less commitment, but others like dinner or lunch so they have ample time to feel you out. Suggest something that will make her comfortable, and offer to pay for her cab or train ride to sweeten the deal.”
    What if you don’t like each other? Would you want to share a meal with that person? I wouldn’t recommend sharing a meal in the first venue at the first meeting. Maybe after having a cup of coffee (no alcoholic drinks)somewhere in a public place, one can go for a meal together in a second venue in case the mutual attraction is obvious.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Trust me. I have posted for a sugar baby many times on craiglist, and been very successful; plus its free

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have met all kinds on here. Some who requested a gift at the first meet (Red Flag) and ones that want a strictly high allowance platonic arrangement. The younger woman are interested the first time you exchange conversation with them, then forget you the next day. OH, I had one about my son took my car and cant meet you tonight. Same games as seen on regular date sites

  7. Anonymous says:

    the new version of SA is awful, it takes forever to load. Messages are lagging , the search section is different. IDK why SA had to change it

  8. Clara says:

    I’ve been waiting forever to get my sugar baby profile approved!! How long does it take usually?!

  9. Rick says:

    Has anyone run across SBs that ask you to get a Discreet Badge? I’m assuming it’s a scam, as the SBs look much too attractive and English isn’t their first language.

  10. Frustrated SD says:

    So I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting the 18-22 age group to meet up. I understand this age group is mostly rookies and/or just simply scared. I find that if I include a suggested monthly allowance in my first message, that somewhat peaks the interest and usually quite a few give out numbers and we text, but i have to to meet them in person. Most just flake. On the other hand, i am getting ton of interest and eager SB’s that are single moms and ready to meet up.

    I am under 40, relatively decent looking and have two public pictures and am pretty straightforward in my bio/what i am looking for.

    Is this a common phenomenon with this age group? Also I wonder if the city matters? I am in the south, as opposed to Boston or NYC, where I supposed this age group is more willing to take risks. any thought/advice?

    • Frustrated SD says:

      I usually send something along these lines:

      “Hey, I am looking for a short term arrangement, maybe 4-5 months. If you are able to commit to spending 2 evenings a week I am willing to provide you with a $2,500/month allowance? In addition to this, if we have a great connection, I would be more than happy for you to travel with me on short weekend trips”

      In actuality I am looking to pay per visit, but my thought is if i mention the monthly figure, SB’s, especially the younger ones who are in college and work part time in retail for a 10-15 dollars/hr, run it against their monthly income, which is probably 1/3 of what I am offering, as a best case scenario.

      • Frustrated SD says:

        And for shits and giggles, these are all the “car problem” messages I have gotten back. I am not making these up 🙂

        1)I understand. I’d meet you sooner but my car is messed up. When it’s fixed we’ll meet up.

        2) Honestly, i dont have a car right now so its a little difficult.

        3) I’d be willing to travel once I got my car out here after the semester.

        4) Distance is not an issue for me, but I do not drive currently.

        5) Well i dont drive. Lol soooo

      • foodforthought says:

        You always have issues with all age groups, my biggest success is 21-28, but also with a few younger. I never mention money, but I do shoot for a meeting in the first few messages, if you don’t meet in the 1st week the odds of meeting drop dramatically.

        I also always ask what they are looking for, some of my best SB got no allowance at all. Just small gifts and nights out. I state right in my profile that if they don’t mention it I’ll assume the relationship will take it’s own course. I feel like mentioning money makes some girls feel like a whore, not all women on this site are looking for $$, some just want to be treated well.

        Let them pick the place, drive to them, offer to pick them up. (I have done that but don’t recommend. Makes me nervous sometimes.

      • Anonymous says:

        *Just small gifts and nights out. I state right in my profile that if they don’t mention it I’ll assume the relationship will take it’s own course. I feel like mentioning money makes some girls feel like a whore, not all women on this site are looking for $$, some just want to be treated well.*

        That must be very disappointing to many of the women because the site is meant for generous men who gift an allowance. I say meant to be but maybe that is no longer the case? To wait to have her bring it up the money because you think it might make them feel like a whore? Really? I understand you write this in your profile, ‘if you do not bring up the money issue then I will assume you do not want it and we will let the relationship take its course’. If you do spell it out, at least you are being upfront with it. However, it is probably the hope that you will gift an allowance or ask what she needs for the month without her asking, if she is worried about bringing up money all the time. That is what it used to be like on the site. Gifting and asking what is needed without making the woman to be put in the position to bring it up first and ask.

      • TVC15 says:

        Absolutely. If the man doesn’t mention money within a couple of dates, I assume he is hoping for free sex and I next him. Do not put the woman in the position of having to speak up about it first. That’s up to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this ^^ 6:55pm the real TVC15 or one of the fake ones?

      • TVC15 says:

        Real. But the impostor would say so too, wouldn’t he? 😉

      • EastCoast SB says:

        I think that’s very kind of you to be clear and offer something upfront. Try going up an age group, maybe 22-25. A few years sometimes makes a difference in maturity and social etiquette. I love that you’re also not jaded and manage to find some humor about everything. Wish you were in New York, you sound like a gentleman who needs to get as good as he gives! All the best.

    • Frustrated SD says:

      And for sh*ts and giggles, these are all the car issue replies I have gotten. I am not making these up:

      I understand. I’d meet you sooner but my car is messed up. When it’s fixed we’ll meet up.

      Honestly, i dont have a car right now so its a little difficult.

      I’d be willing to travel once I got my car out here after the semester.

      Distance is not an issue for me, but I do not drive currently.

      Well i dont drive. Lol soooo

      • Anonymous says:

        If you really want to meet up try suggesting they take a cab/uber and you’ll reimburse them for the travel expenses or tell them to select a location that’s convenient for them and you’ll drive to them.

        Also be honest. No one likes a bait and switch if per meet is what you want to do then be upfront about it. What you’re doing now is misleading and bordering on dishonesty.

      • TVC15 says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

        Also, if you are a person of means, try to be a little more sympathetic to those who are not and have transportation issues as a result.

      • Anonymous says:

        as an 18-20 age group in school student, being asked to travel is one of the hardest things especially if I don’t have my car on campus. Also hard when I’m asked to host, most of us don’t want friends around us to know about our personal lives and living with dorm mates and roommates can be a big problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try the >22 group?

      • Frustrated SD says:

        Also many SB’s these days asking for an upfront paypal donation just to meet for dinner? THis has become more of a norm and i suspect they are scammers and will ghost. Anyone on here deal with these type who ask money before they meet? Yes, i have most success with single moms LOL. But again it maybe my location too, i am in Charlotte and women here are just not risk takers per se. Many young chicks live with parents and are sheltered.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        If they ask for upfront money before you meet then I would assume they were scammers and ghost them.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are pretending to offer monthly when in fact you really want to offer PPM. You are not exactly being honest.

        example, A SD I thought was wasting my time, and email communication did not seem to line up with what he said. So I asked him if he really never intended to meet. He sent a paypal immediately to my account to show he was serious, and come to find out some of his emails asking to meet were in spam. A miscommunication but his generosity will not cause me to ghost. It makes me want to meet him even more now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t you just wish they would all paypal you without meeting, all those suckers on the wall. You should tag your new profile “looking for pay pals.”

    • InternationalStudent says:

      As a young SB I understand how new babies feel. I myself am still new to this, and take into consideration the possibilities of safety concerns, stds, and other aspects to an arrangement. You may have harmless intentions of just meeting to get to know her, but there are many things that we ponder over. In the end, those who flake aren’t ready for this type of relationship, I would just introduce the idea of coffee and her favorite coffee house, giving her the opportunity to cut the meeting short if she isn’t feeling it. You both win. She can leave early, and you won’t have to waste your time to someone who wasn’t going to commit.

      • Rick says:

        Great suggestion. I usually offer lunch or coffee in a location that’s convenient for her. And I have to agree with the writer that said if you don’t meet withing a week or 10 days, you probably never will

    • Frustrated SD says:

      well, what I meant was i intend to pay up to 2500 a month provided i see her 2 times a week. Essentially it’s same as saying 300 per meet, but sounds less transactional. But when i mention the word “allowance” i don’t know, many SBs may be interpreting this as a lump sum upfront payment. But who in their right mind would that upfront just to see someone disappear.

      What i try to communicate is that if I like the girl i am willing to see her 2 times a week and i bet most sb’s want stability and a continuous cash stream rather than someone hitting it once for 300-400 and they are back on SA looking for another dude.

      • Sugarlushsugar says:

        Well, your first post did seem sketchy..the way you expressed yourself.

        I personally never looked at guys older than say 25 when I was 18-22. No matter how much a 35yo would have offerd I would have never considered it. Ewww :p because it just would have not been natural. Later the age cap becomes more natural. But people are different and maybe you find someone, if you have amazing personality and something to offer to her.

      • SSSD says:


        haha, thanks for the honest input. The 25yo SD’s are so rare that any 25yo claiming to be an SD is probably a scammer. That being said, it is a natural evolutionary artifact for very young sexually mature women, about 15-20, to have strong age preference due Stone Age life expectancy was in the 20’s instead of the 80+ that is today; mating someone older than 25 back in the Stone Age would mean the guy dying before the children could be raised.

        It takes some growing up and life experience in the modern world to realize that people live to 80+ nowadays; there’s plenty time left in the guys after they turn 25; in fact, adolescence seems to have been extended to 25 in recent years.

    • Forest says:

      Hm, I am so naive to think that all people here are very real.

    • Anonymous says:

      Literally all the great men I find are out of state and it’s such a bummer! My previous SD was from WA and I flew to him every weekend. If that isn’t a problem for you then I will be more than happy to get to know you and see where this may go. I am 22 and actually serious about finding a SD. If you are interested by any chance, then let me know by emailing me. (:

    • SweetKadyBaby says:

      Younger girls usually are flakes. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. Young girls aren’t sure what they want. They probably think that the thought of the money is great but they aren’t wanting to actually do their part and give you what you desire. Check out my profile, if you’d like. It’s the same as my name SweetKadyBaby. And shoot me a message if you’re interested.mim looking forward to hearing from you!! ☺️

  11. sd with open eyes says:

    Another possible improvement for the site: allow people to “hide” people who have friended them for whom they have no interest. Having 100 people who have freinded you and having interest in maybe 3 of them leads to a very cluttered display.

  12. anony says:

    Want to know what I do with you when you are asleep or passed out? (Tee,hee), oh, monsciere, it is incoherent. Tisk, tisk.

  13. anony says:

    You sound like my incoherant Aunt Esther.

    What was that you said? It was so “incoherant”.

  14. sd with open eyes says:

    Incoherent posts are incoherent.

    • anony says:

      What was that you said. It is incoherent.

      Allow me to get my bull horn out. If that doesn’t work, I will try sign language. You post is “incoherent” to me.

  15. Anony says:

    True color. True quality, true approach, originality drenched in providing more than the minimalistic, more than providing the “zero” approach, but a hand crafted approach that will make the rest of the “I am am a man who jerks off approach”..that supersedesds the “candy tiara” approach or the..”Can you open the glass
    Case to get my razors, since so many are stolen?” A.k.a. Walmart/chicolate love” or are we actually reaching to spend money here that. Expresses to all that we have surpassed a high prissed call girl that becomes estatic that you can buy razors on a yearly basis and not a monthly cartoon version. You can keep belittling women in this fashion on the blog as usual and they will continue to say ” that is a my DustBuster, nor my vibrator”

    My vibrator has way more power than this cumquat. Ahh hemmm, wake up gwntlam.

    • Anony says:

      Lmao. My bad. It is supposed to be called “gentleman”. But, no one is growing anything but hair,
      In all the wrong places,
      Long as they wait on you guys. FYI.. They stopped waiting on you guys, they fart diamonds now and reached out past your oppressive comments. Your organisms for old people found a new investor. It’s called young sexually explicit that satisfys every age. Wake up people, wake up. Young is old and old is young and you guys are dust that a freezer bag saves for reinvention. It doesn’t have to be this way. Wake up and change and lack will become plenty. It’s your call.

  16. Anony says:

    Totally disagree. I have never been overbearing. I take my time to get to
    Know a pot SD during the initial texting stage.
    The less they verbally make phone calls to me to hear each other’s voice. The more I know they rock and rule the “game” plan of SD syndrome to work in their favor. The more I know that they work their numbers and areess serious and less personable than a sincere SD. You guys think you are Smooth and in reality, you are very transparent. You all work off of the direction of the “major king pen/player in the game” and the rest follow. It is so elementary, and so basic like a childish pick up sticks game. That,any women can call you out and pre step your game. Regardless of looks and regardless of your game that you instill. You guys all ow this same, lame approach that needs to w upped. By far. No wonder you all complain of the same. Game peeps game and your game is lame. Let us know when you up the bar. We might be salivating at the mouth in wait, for the ones that are not a “stepford wives edition of the same, lame old game”.

    • moderndryad says:

      Bravo, whoever wrote these. I am an SB who is too smart to fall for the bullshit of all the phony NYC men, waving their shiny things in my face to make up for the squishy thing between their legs.
      Let the real humans step to the front.

  17. newbieSD says:

    I am a newbie SD…is it ok to let POTs know right away I want intimacy? I scared many POTs away this way. When I paid them allowance without saying so, they just take me to the cleaners. It’s like a catch-22. Any suggestions. I have met 16 SBs so far but I have to say, I have very little success. I have only had two instances of intimacy so far, but they were not good. They act like (or maybe are) escorts. They did as little and as quickly as possible and wanted to leave as early as possible.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Have you put on your profile that you are looking for a SB relationship with intimacy? Have the POT’s put on their profiles that they do not want intimacy?

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s what you should keep in mind. As a real SD (yes this site is littered with fake SDs) you automatically have a leg up on any SB. What you can offer (forgetting the $$ for a moment) is sanity (don’t be a dick!), dependability (do what you said you would do!), and fun outside the bedroom.

      If your POTs are only interested in the $$, walk away and fast. You HAVE to be able to spot the difference in POTs only interested in the $$ versus the ones who are also genuinely interested in spending time with you.

      The ratio of SBs to real SDs is in your favor on this site. Use it to your advantage. Understand your own personality and structure your dates accordingly. I enjoy being in control, so I tend to seek out submissive SBs. I know that if I set up a date with a control oriented SB, it would not turn out well….no matter how cute she is.

      Lastly, I make it clear what is expected when we meet. It’s a good first date idea to have a meet and greet to get to know your POT. Make it clear that that’s all it is. You both will be more at ease.

      • Rick says:

        Great advice. One thing to look out for are SBs that want a fee to meet. Unless they are traveling a long distance to get there, it’s usually a sign of an SB that is only interested in $$. Also beware of SBs that want to get down to business on the first meeting, unless the chemistry is nuclear, that usually a sign of an escort.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good post.

        I find that at the end of a M&G, and if you are still interested, take her for a walk and lay out what you are interested in – both what you want from her and what you offer. Being alone but still public I find usually lets them get more relaxed about talking about the arrangement in direct terms.

      • moderndryad says:

        Great point. I have a POT who wants to meet me in my apartment, tonight, without meeting first. Says he will give me a 5,000 allowance at the end of the month.
        Who is playing who? Is this the other side of the ghosting paypal women?

    • Anonymous says:

      While I think it may be rude to say “hi, let’s go to my hotel room, by the way, my name is David, what’s yours?” (joke), I certainly believe that, in these types of arrangements, it is crucial to be very clear about what you are looking for, and what you are offering without leaving room for interpretation, guess work, etc., because it leads to misunderstandings, frustration, and even anger, if you have spent money, and she says no when you felt she was going to say yes.
      The SD/SB is not exactly match.com; while similar, because some SDs are seeking a relationship, there should not be room for figuring out what the other person is thinking. It is your and her responsibility to ASK and clarify.
      So, there should be an initial inbox introduction and some back and forth light communication, which needs to progress quickly to a M&G to see if you actually are who you and her say, and look like respective pictures (no deceptions), and see if there is social chemistry there.
      After the ice breakers, some conversation, etc., almost at the end, since you do not want to waste your time or hers, the subject of intimacy should be discussed in a casual way “how do you feel about intimacy?, not right now of course, but what are your thoughts”. She tells you she is not looking for that, ok, then, you finish your meeting gracefully, thank her for her time right there.
      A couple of hours later, you text her or inbox her, and let her know that you enjoyed meeting her, and you understand her position about what was discussed, and you wish her best of luck in her search. IF she replies “want to see me again?” or similar, you state, you would love to, but what you both are seeking does not seem to be in alignment. You want her company, her conversation, etc., which you enjoy, but you are also looking for intimacy.
      As easy as that. So either she understands the nature of this arrangement, or she has to look for someone else, and you too. I hope that helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      As for your last part, you just described 95% of all SBs.

    • foodforthought says:

      I never give money on a first date, unless I’m out of town but then all details are discussed a head of time.

      When a SB asks for money I always ask what I get in return.

      I’ve had lots of success, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have good time. I use the site to set up dates in almost every city I travel too.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think, a goodwill gesture is to gift a nice surprise or monetary gift for a first meeting. It need not be only money. A gift is not at all required and should never be asked for, but if you want to make an even better impression and show you are serious, then it certainly does not hurt.

        If you think giving a gift of appreciation for a first meet means they owe you something in return, then that is not a gift anyway.

  18. frank says:

    HEY!!!! the login feature doesnt work here cant comment !!! with my account!!!!

  19. MoralGrace says:

    thumbing through the above, i’ll speak on behalf of the SB out here whom (like University of Michigan), will share their time when feeling honored enough to do so. ever hear the saying, “before sex a women is clear headed, a man cloudy. after sex a man is clear headed a woman cloudy (confused).’ to share sex requires more from women than men as far as navigating afterwards to keep life balanced, and so gift her appropriately for daring to offer you an opening. a M&G at $150 for 1/2 hour coffee/drink shows you know how to hold an honorable container for your SB to unfurl and dive into you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are an idiot.

    • Anonymous says:

      To MoralGrace: IF indeed, you are speaking on behalf of SB out there (in your area I think) when you request $150 for M&G for only 30 min of coffee/drink, then IMO, you are looking for a minority group of pot SDs, and not the majority. Saying that those who do it that way “hold honorable container” is implying that those who do not are not honorable somehow. I think many SDs will disagree with your opinion, but everybody has the right to have an opinion.
      I have and show the highest respect, chivalry, punctuality and commitment when I have a date with a pot. While I know a gift is very appreciated to cover gas, and some or her time to get to know me, I am also showing her good conversation, manners, fun time, enthusiasm about meeting her, etc., not only the small token gift. If her focus is exclusively about how much money can she extract from me, and zero interest in an actual relationship agreement, then I am the one who will say, no thank you, regardless of how gorgeous she is because in the end, it will only be about the money, and not us. Just my opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes all that pretentious babble to say he did not want to pay any money for a first date.

        I have been gifted more than $150 for just coffee or lunch date on more than a few occasions so it is not that much in the minority of SD’s. i have also not been gifted anything for a first date. It does show some goodwill, since the ones gifting for a first date are trying you show you they are serious and mention this.

    • Anonymous says:

      pretentious much?

  20. AnonMatureSB says:

    I met a potential SD on Monday. We’ve been testing and talking briefly on the phone for several weeks. Mutually agreeing that we were attracted to one another. So, finally our scheduled matched where we could meet in person. We both looked exactly like the pictures we’ve exchanged. Had a good conversation, mostly general get to know you type stuff. At the end, he said to give it a couple of days to think about it and get back to him. I asked him how he felt. He said good. He felt good about us. I was the only person he was interested in and met in person. I said that I felt good too. And he said, great. Don’t have to wait a couple of days to think. We hugged, light friendly kiss and parted ways.

    An hour or so after our M&G, he text saying that he enjoyed our lunch. I thanked him for lunch and told him that I also enjoyed our hug and kiss. He agreed and said he enjoyed it very much. I expressed that I was looking forward to seeing him again.

    Now what? I haven’t heard back from him. I sent him an email and a text yesterday. I don’t know if he is busy or changed his mind or ?? How long should I wait? Do I move on to the next SD?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes start looking for another SD. There is no excuse for not responding to your messages or keeping you in limbo abojt his intention. If he was serious he would’ve taken the necessary steps to “seal the deal”.

      • WTF says:

        I think you should give him more time , and I am saying this on the basis of what you described. It took you several weeks to even have the first initial meet . secondly you can only tell if the texting and emailing is at the same pace as it was before this M&G. But yes not a bad idea to give it couple of more days and if you really liked him and interested in him to follow up with a text/email.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like either he liked you, but he is also considering other pot SBs, and thus, he is just checking his other options before considering. I would suggest to give him just a couple of days more, then text him explaining that while you enjoyed the meeting, hug and kiss, you really will like to know if he is interested in pursuing it further. That you will understand if he changed his mind, but you would appreciate if he let you know. If he still does not respond in 24-48hrs. Then move to the next candidate. You did all what was expected and more. If he later comes back asking for a date, you do not agree immediately, as you are busy ALSO considering other proposals, and you will get back to him on this. If he does not get back to you, then you know he was just been polite but clearly insincere; I guess he did not want to “hurt your feelings” and all that crap people invent and say to justify their rudeness.

      • AnonMatureSB says:

        Okay, to follow up, he responded back exactly two days later saying he too would like to see me again. I told him that I was tempted to hold his hand at lunch and would’ve wanted to give him a deeper kiss then just a peck on the lips. He said that he did too, but was a little shy and said for us not to be shy with each other again.

        We agreed to meet next week, but he hadn’t confirmed which day. He wants to meet at a hotel nearby my work during my lunch hour. I asked if we are both planning to be exclusive and he said yes, absolutely…yet, I see him logged on SA from time to time. He hasn’t yet given any thought on terms of our arrangment either. We flirt quite a bit when we text and he says he’s not entertaining any other potential SBs. So, IDK…maybe he’s just reading email and seeing who’s visiting his profile? He says he gets a lot of younger women in their 20’s messaging him. They’re close to his daughter’s age, so he’s not interested and prefers more mature closer to his age, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to look? How do I seal the deal without appearing too demanding or asking too much?

      • AnonMatureSB says:

        I have another account that I rarely use. Not much details on my profile. I see that he is logged on as well, so I sent him a simple message from that account “still looking?” He responds “yes, I am”. So, I guess there’s my answer. I don’t know why he doesn’t just come out and tell me that perhaps he’s not interested in me after our M&G or that he’s not sure yet or whatever….just be honest and not leave me hanging.

  21. sd with open eyes says:

    Question for sugar daddies: if you see a profile and the sugar baby has listed her weight as “Average” and her picture shows that she is what most people would consider thin, what assumptions would you make about the sugar baby? Conversely, if a sugar baby has listed her weight as average and her picture shows that she looks like a sumo wrestler, what assumptions would you make about the sugar baby?

    In the first case, I would either assume that the picture is old and that she has since gained weight, or that the picture is current and that she would not be a lot of fun because she would constantly obsess over her weight.

    In the second case I would think the sugar baby was not a good business person for over-promising, and for missing out on the guys who were actually looking for “BBW”.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it as a sign of unacceptable behavior; more so in the “average”, but she is “BBW”. With the wide availability of high quality cell phone cameras, it is no longer an excuse to say they do not have recent pictures.
      This happened to me. Melissa (not her real name) posted pictures of a young, slender attractive lady nicely dress. We communicated via inboxes, and quickly determined to meet at a local coffee shop. I arrived looking for her, and couldn’t find her at the predetermined time. So I had to text her, and alas!, she was there, I had walked in front of her a couple of times. She was unrecognizable. Heavier than the pictures, just a lose t-shirt top, ragged jeans, and overall looking not so good. I stayed in the meet and greet date the whole 30 min we agreed. I gave her money for her gas, thanked her for her time and disposition, and left with a big disappointment feeling. She texted me again, and I told her I have decided on someone else (I hadn’t at the time), and wished her good luck. She kind of got piss off in her last reply… I found it very deceptive, and dishonest on her part.

      • Anonymous says:

        What? I can’t imagine that a woman who posts pictures that are not real, can chafe with the negative response from your SD. As SB, I would never do that. In fact, just me up on the site and I worried mainly this: in seeking photos that showed how I really am!

      • Carolina says:

        What? I can’t imagine that a woman who posts pictures that are not real, can chafe with the negative response from your SD. As SB, I would never do that. In fact, just me up on the site and I worried mainly this: in seeking photos that showed how I really am!

    • SSSD says:

      Then there’s the 3rd possibility: she is in excellent shape, but considers herself “average.” A person, regardless female or male, client or employee, who under-estimates herself/himself is a far better potential than one who has too high of a regard for himself/herself. S/he is far more likely to be pleasantly surprised than being disappointed.

    • TVC15 says:

      There is also a fourth possibility; that you’re a misogynist.

      Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and discussing topics like this is of no value to anyone.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        My post has nothing at all to do with hating women or thinking that beauty doesn’t come in all sizes. My post is simply about what to think of women who will list on their profiles their size as something most people would find too big or too small for their pictures.

      • TVC15 says:

        Fuck off please, fake TVC15; and if you want to successfully imitate me, improve your punctuation. A semicolon is used to separate two independent clauses. A colon is used to indicate that something is to follow. Idiot.

      • TVC15 says:

        And yes, I should have used a comma before the “and” in the first sentence. Need that edit button!

        In other words, sd, you’re arguing with the impostor. Don’t bother.

      • Anonymous says:

        TVC15 is arguing with herself…isn’t it sweet…TVC the only problem with this, aTVC will lose the argument. So do not do that.

      • Anonymous says:

        We are not discussing about how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The fact was that she misrepresented herself in the profile pictures as a slender woman, while in the meeting she was overweight. Nobody likes that, regardless of how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That is not misogynistic, that is just clear misrepresentation. In fact, if she considered herself to be beautiful on he own size, then she should have posted pictures of her actual overweight self, and wait for a reply of a genuine person who likes that type of body period.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tend to think of them as self delusional, and thus not worth taking seriously. It is a strong flag that you would experience too much drama.

    • AnonMatureSB says:

      IDK…it’s the same with SDs who say they are athletic when clearly they have a large belly. I guess evryone’s decription of their own bodies is different. For example, I am athletic and lift weights, do burpees, pushups, and other plyometric exercises that most women in my age bracket would feel tired just reading those words…but as far as my body shape, I would consider myself average because I’m not tight and toned as say a swimsuit model or a female body builder. But, at least my pictures are current and they give the person an accurate idea how I look.

  22. sd with open eyes says:

    One feature that I would really like SA to adapt (if they ever get around to hiring a competent programmer and a competent tester (they need to be two different people) would be this: As part of a sugar baby or sugar daddy’s profile there should be an entry for desired age range with the options for adding minimal and maximal ages (or no preference for either). Also, have in search the ability to screen out profiles for which you are not in their desired range.

    This could save a lot of social awkwardness and ego-bruising.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      I agree – SD4Me has the desired age ranges in the profiles but not as a search screening tool. Would be great to see that.

      I also would like screens such as: platonic only, single only, travel possible, etc. It would have been nice if they implemented that this upgrade because I mainly see negatives in this revision.

  23. Bruce Wayne says:

    so I was exchanging emails with a POT…. she came back with this… I swear I didn’t make this up….

    SB: “I don’t need sex from you cuz I get that from my boyfriend. I just need money from you.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell her you dont need to give her money, you have your wife for that, you just need sex from her.

      • Anonymous says:

        She will say why get a wife if you’re not getting any from her? That’s a witty comeback.

      • Anony says:

        @ annoy

        You don’t need to give her money. A.k.a. You have a wife for that. Oh yeah? Well, apparently your true colors have shown like a peacock. Your wife is apparently not putting out, regardless of how much money you spend. Therefore, your little a** is trying to jerk off with any female that Nieves you just want sexy with no money involved. Don’t hate, I am repeating what you said. Yes, all of our parents on our childhood expressed the need to make friends. But to make friends with a man like you who bank rolls his non sexual wife and then try’s to front and trump the newest sexually explicit SB on youriay that meets your qualifications, is extreme demeaning and you come off as a stubborn, inbred, rat. Think about it. You lack everything that a decent A
        SB looks for and will say “next” immediate unless they are uneducated, new to the game, or try to see if you can vouch for your fake as lib lines and ten cut you lose after wasteing relentless hours on your sorry A**. Next!

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I could see only one scenario where this would not be a ridiculous comment: if she was a super model and you were a mogul who wanted to impress his friends at parties with his arm candy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Super models are a dime a dozen, and nobody in the circle of moguls would be impressed by an “arm candy.”

      • Anony says:

        @ super model comment. Totally agree dude, let’s
        All restart and evaluate at zero and then work on moving forward. Brainiac idea of the century!

    • Anonymous says:

      Somehow, some of these POTs have it wrong. They might not need the sex because of a boyfriend, but the SD, the one who is going to provide the allowance NEEDS the sex, not only their social company. Is that really that much confusing? Or they are just fishing for desperate lonely SD who will agree to anything just to be in their company? I’m baffled.

  24. InternationalStudent says:

    So, I’ve just had one of thee best arrangements and it was soo good, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. Unfortunately, it had recently ended. I have never felt so intertwined with an SD, we clicked so well that he and I would forget I was an SB, yet I still carried out my SB duties…but I didn’t feel any of it forced, it was all so natural and he wholeheartedly agreed. In the end as things ended, per his request, I took it hard because I realized I just liked making him happy. I felt like he didn’t treat me as an object, but was an actual friend. For all you babies out there, I would advise you to not just look at a man’s wallet, but really consider the man himself. On the first meet, treat it like a typical date, talk about your goals, dreams, and hobbies. Let him see the drive of a scholar that hungers to be more in life than a gold digger. Ask him endless questions about his drive, motivation, struggles, and successes, so you can get to know the person that you will be committing to. I can guarantee you’ll have a happy relationship by doing so (:

  25. Stephen says:

    So, I met a sugar daddy on here a week ago, we talked on the phone and we decided to hang out that night at his place. He was very nice and said we had a connection, etc…That first night we messed around and didn’t have sex because I didn’t want to, even though I felt attracted to him…
    The next day we texted and Hung out again, we had sex that night and he explained that he was married and had another sugar baby of four years who he had helped start his own business and whom he had spoiled a lot but he was straight and didn’t have a connection with him when having sex like he did with me, we kissed etc, so he would tell his sb that they would no longer meet for sex, but would remain friends….Well he texted me the next day to ask me how my move was going because I had told him I was moving, I told him my move was good, he messaged back telling me his husband has just gotten back and he was spending time with him (husband supposedly knows about sg babies) well I asked him how his husband’s trip was and he just replied good. So, I didn’t message back. The next day, I texted him a picture of me, with a new haircut and he said it was nice! and he noticed I had shaved too, so I asked him if he liked me shaved or unshaven and he replied both…. Since then we haven’t talked, he hasn’t messaged me in 3 days now, going on the 4th. Should I message him? or give him time?
    I’m not good at this arrangement thing, and this guy is a gem, he is handsome for his age and I he has told me exactly what he owns and what he does which I have verified with google.
    My worry is that I gave it up too soon, and I never negotiated an arrangement beforehand, he hasn’t contacted me in 3 days and I’m freaking out?
    anyone has had a similar situation, what should I do? should I wait?
    My plan is to message him in a couple more days and straight up ask him whats going on.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Stephen Do not write him and ask him what’s going on. He doesn’t really owe you anything because you guys did not have an agreement. If you must reach out. Just text him and tell him you’re thinking of him and can’t wait to see him again. In the future always make sure you have an arrangement in place before becoming intimate. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this doesn’t work out. It’s a rookie mistake that a lot of us make. Good luck

  26. Aliceeee says:

    So I had 2 dates so far, both were just disappointing, (keep in mind I do have ”sexual” experience)
    The first one, we met and he brought me coffee and we talked for about 1 hour, he said he would get me gifts and asked about ”intimacy”.
    On the second date he took me to eat and then to a shop where he spent LESS than £10 on me and got me some free recipe tickets!! After he took me to a hotel where he expected to have sex with me!! I was so furious!! I spent more than £40 to see him and he just expected sex from me for NOTHING? I even asked him to buy me a top for £60 and he said ”use your credit card” JFC!!!

    The second date basically said he will give me £200 every time we meet BUT he hinted on the FIRST date we go ”UPSTAIRS” to have some private moment!! And when I said I can’t just have sex after MIN 2 dates he stopped talking to me!!

    MORAL OF THE STORY some men want SB’s who listen to their bullshit, take less money than a prostitute and get fucked on first dates to see if they have ”chemistry” Im seriously so disappointed right now.

    • Anony says:

      That is no different than a mogul ceo inviting you to go swimming with the family, giving you roses everytime he arrives on your doorstep, taking you to the top of the line restaurants and bloating about his position, that you internally ignore. You care and you don’t care. The concern is more about equal respect for who you are and who he is.

      But, at the end of the day, or dates, if he continues to treat you as a number, or your expectations are not met, then chalk it up to either emitting your vue without words based on your actions, that will speak volumes. Or, walk away and see if he plays, “ketch-up”, in order to catch up. Either way, the truth will come up in careing or the truth will come out that he feels he is “carrying” you, based on his poor relationships from poor quality women in the past…or, his poor quality on building them, based on his perception of where he met you. Sweets for the sweet. Right? What is sweet differs on the taste of all the sugar alternatives thAt exist in today’s society. Sugar cane is not the only alternative anymore. Through all of my failures and my successes, I am just as guilty. I have and I see passion. Sometimes, we all have to take a back and realize there is a differential product of what someone is accustomed to having for a sweet tooth vs. how to eat sweets without winding up with a cavity.

      It’s based on perspective love. Do not fault the next for the previous that caused the indent. Begin each day as though it was your last. Dance as if no one is watching. Love and live life as though it wa your last. They will either bid you a farewell or be so captivated at your own life and fredom that no one can intervene the attraction. Again, thi goes back to the many SD’s over the years here who have give. The same advice. A well worth calling the “well of immortality”. Know thy self. They k ow themselves well. When they adore and place the adoration on their SB’s…unless she is a spoiled *itxh and he is not an *ss, they last for many moons to come. Upload the moment. Snapchat and Twitter, can’t touch this. Magic moments are not just Cinderella stories. Love yourself, and you will be just fine love. They have radar vision like superman. Do the same in knowing you are equal. This is the only differential factor of what “those we don’t speak of” harp. Honor him and he will honor you. Way is As easy does. I don want an easy man. Unless he I passionate. And again, he can be passionate but passionate is not a picture of easy. Nor am I.

      • aliceee says:

        This was sweet and uplifting, I understand your message. 🙂 I tried to be respecting towards them, gave them the opportunity to tell me anything they wished, and gave them the opportunity to have a woman who can be what they wanted in exchange for my ”maternal” happiness, in a way its their loss, they will go through life just wanting and expecting without even thinking about giving.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Not sure how you do things but I like to chat online a while then meet up, no sex or money exchanges hands. Just a few meets along those lines to see if we get along well enough and then start talking arrangements.

      I also ask a lot of questions during the messaging stage, I want to know if the SB is expecting money on meet and greet, what she is wanting and expecting overall.

      Just ask lots of questions and take things slow, if they aren’t genuine or have the wrong idea about all of this you will usually be able to sift them out during the messaging phase.

      Quality over quantity every time.

      • Aliceeee says:

        Im guessing youre an SD then, what if I have a certain gift I want? Do I tell them or ask them for the money? haha its very confusing to me

    • Anonymous says:

      It shouldn’t be so complicated. The first date, he brings you coffee, he talks for about an hour, and asks how do you feel about intimacy –he likes you and wants to have sex.
      You respond that you are open to the idea, BUT there is the need to discuss an allowance for, after all, that is why you both are there. AND you ask for some gas money for this first meet and greet date, so that he begins to understand that it is not going to happen with just a coffee and some donuts.
      Second date, he takes you to eat, and then shop for LESS than 10, ok, no problem yet. He then takes you to a hotel. Stop right there, where was the discussion about the allowance? He is testing you. Do not ask for a 60 top, ASK for the arrangement discussion, ask for what is he offering now that he has decided he likes you. This is a give and take. If he says he has to do a test drive, then you ask for an initial deposit; he is joking, you share his enthusiastic jokes as well, but you clearly state that you are expecting an arrangement. Is that not what both of you are there for? No need to be “furious” because he does not seem to “get it”. Just be clear about your expectations. He stops talking to you? Perhaps this was not the correct gentleman you wanted. Move on. Do not be disappointed, this is just the way things are negotiated, just be clear, consistent, reliable, and truthful to a pot and to yourself.

      • Soleil says:

        Thanks for this. I’m a hopeful SB AND I’m new on SA and I’ve been wondering about these things and you’ve pretty much summed up everything.

      • Aliceeee says:

        sounds alright I guess, next time I see him I will bring it up right away. I guess he thought he could just use me without giving anything and next time I see him I will ask normally that I want an allowance OR as ”he agreed” a decent enough gift, with the amount of money I spent to go see him (took trains) I could of brought the food for myself near my house instead of going all the way to central, just to be taken to a hotel after that.

      • TVC15 says:

        Honestly, if doesn’t gift you at least $100 to thank you for showing up to the first M&G, you don’t owe him anything.

        Ditch and move on.

      • TVC15 says:

        Fuck off, impostor.

    • Rick says:

      Sorry you met a couple jerks right off the bat. First meeting should be just that, meet and see if there’s a connection. No exchange of allowance or intimacy. Come to an agreement about the arrangement or plan another “get to know you” meeting.

      I’m generally turned off by requests for “gas money”, unless my date has come some distance. Often, I’ve driven further than she did. And it makes me feel that she sees me strictly as a “Piggy Bank”. It’s like me asking for a short make-out session, just to check.

      • Aliceeee says:

        I agree, on the first date he asked if I want coffee so I had coffee, I even forgot about the whole ”money, gifts” thing until he mentioned it, but on the second date I spent too much money on the trains to see him and to hang out with him, and to get a gift worth 2 pencils was just disrespectful and then just because he took me to restaurant he expected sex from me right away ?

  27. sd with open eyes says:

    I wonder why people are complaining about the blog being dead when we are having a mostly civilized discussion on several topics with a minimum of hand puppets arguing with themselves?

  28. Jim says:

    hah lately I’ve been finding “sugar baby” after “sugar baby” who’s like, “can you send me some money so I can get a wax, pay my cell phone, get a cab to meet you.” Of course there’s no way in hell I’m sending them a nickel, but it’s frustrating that SA isn’t doing a better job of weeding out the scamming hos on here.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Makes you wonder why SA banned/drove everyone out when the place is still flooded with trolls.

  30. sd with open eyes says:

    I wonder why a SB would put “I am not a prostitute or an escort” in their profile?

    As a Sugar Daddy, should I put “I am not a suspicious person” in my profile?

    • TVC15 says:

      Because every SB receives emails offering a quick exchange of cash for sex, and they’re hoping to forestall such offers?

      • sd with open eyes says:

        True, but if I wrote “I am not a suspicious person” on my profile wouldn’t you think I was suspicious?

    • TVC 15 bigweirdo says:


    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      To them there is a difference between this and being a hooker. The odd thing is that most of the ones who write that are actually going about it like a hooker would.

  31. TVC15 says:

    Please disregard all posts coming from my impersonator.

    How to tell the difference: if a post is original, clever, and amusing, it’s mine.

    Conversely, if a post is tedious, plodding and cartoonishly left-wing, it’s from a whiny little boy who is obsessed with me and can’t stop following me around.

    Thanks! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      The other one spells it TVC 15 (with a space) usually.

      • TVC15 says:

        Not always; see April 4 at 2:16 and 2:22 pm.

        Fortunately though, it’s hard to fake wit.

      • TVC15 says:

        Everyone wants to try the make-belief TVC15 world of saying dumb sh*t without consequences.

      • TVC15 says:

        Then they need to step up their game, don’t they?

      • TVC15 says:

        Nah, it doesn’t take much to become an ignorant fool lacking introspection.

      • TVC15 says:

        Apparently it’s tough to successfully imitate one, though.

      • Anony says:

        I haven’t several successful men in my time. However, they became trollish like and mad at me. Apparently because I never bothered to look up their net worth and be a groupie, based on their net worth or their title.

        I truthfully. In all honesty, of course wanted a man of means. No different than he wanted an attractive lady appreciative of his looks. However, his means was never as important to me as to how he treated me. So, when several were peode at me that I DIDNT look them up. As if I should apologize for not caring about their gross or net worth.

        I simply wanted an attractive,
        Considerate kind man who was affluent, but led with hiss mannerisms.

        It took a long time to actually comprehend the continuous statement “Do you know who I am?”

        No, I didn’t. I do now. Guess what? It doesn’t change. Hindsight…I not the typical SB. Oh well.

      • Anony says:

        Correction..it is not “I haven’t” has several successful SD’s. It IS, I HAVE. But, like a beacon in the night, I valued myself as I did them. Face value of appreciation of each other. This is NOT how Sd/SB relationships work. I had to learn the hard way. Then, I quit altogether. I wasn’t ready.

      • TVC15 says:

        Perhaps it does take a profound degree of ignorance “to successfully imitate” (sic) vacuous sophism; however, to satirize successfully, mock-imitation is quite sufficient.

      • TVC15 says:

        Nope. Better luck next time.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      “How to tell the difference: if a post is original, clever, and amusing, it’s mine.”

      ROFLMAO good one.

  32. Anonymous says:

    OMG, I wonder the same. How did he come up with $60? Some people on WYP also came up with $75.

  33. sd with open eyes says:

    I think there is a better use for $200 than dividing it up among three cold fish potSBs. You could use the $200 to enter into a warm mentoring relationship with Hatsune Miku. Even though you probably won’t get anything from her physically any time soon, she won’t be asking you for more money and you can spend as much time as you want with her teaching her how to sing. She will always do her best and she will sing anything you teach her to sing. That’s a lot more than most sb’s are offering these days, and Hatsune is famous. She was even on David Letterman. Check her out on the yamaha website for music production software.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that SA has “upgraded” the site and made it almost un-usable. I, for one, will be asking for a refund.

  35. poison.ivy123 says:

    60?80? Lmao

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can anybody tell me how to delete a previous comment I made? 🙂

  37. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    This blog has been running since the 31st March and only 112 posts, site really has died.

  38. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    @Bruce Wayne – How did you come to the amount of $60? I’m just curious as it seems an odd amount, most would choose a single $50 or a $100.

    I think the single mother who said she was insulted sounds like way too much hard work, I never give anything on a meet and greet, just a chat and see if there is any chemistry. I go from there.

    It is interesting to see how people respond to gifts though isn’t it.

    • TVC 15 says:

      If you don’t pay a woman at least $100 for a meet and greet, you’re a misogynistic salt daddy. Fact.

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        LMAO or a smart man who knows that there are women out there who prey on men to give them money for nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        A negative attitude such as that is why many are unsuccessful. Looking at the small picture all the time and never thinking about the overall potential. I mean this for both women and men.

      • TVC15 says:

        Fuck off please, fake TVC15. I’m sorry you can’t get laid, but pretending to be me must be a really poor substitute.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve had two women asking me flat out for $100 and $150 per M&G. While I understand she has to get ready, apply make-up, dress up, look her best, and travel to see me. I do not think $100 or more initially sends the correct message. This is not escorting where I am buying her time as in a taxi meter, or at least, it shouldn’t be. The initial M&G is only that, let’s see how this goes, if you like me, if there is chemistry, compatibility, things to talk about, etc., and here is small token of appreciation for your gas and time, NOT a payment.

      • TVC15 says:

        The woman shouldn’t ask for money at the m&g, just as the man shouldn’t ask for sex. Either way, if it’s offered it’s a pleasant surprise, not something to be expected.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Yeah odd amount. I withdrew $200 from the ATM for the three dates. It gives $20. I suppose I could have given one $80.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think they have banned everyone.
    They just left…

  40. FatB'StardSA says:

    So they finally banned everyone…I hope @Josh is in therapy as it must be quite traumatic for him to not have the blog anymore.

    Have a nice day :-).

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      I’m sure there is another Sugar forum out there with a new Brad Pitt avatar. Not to mention he was mostly posting as anonymous on here anyway so if you are reading this Josh – G’day!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The poet said:

    The old slave told me
    “When we turn around, all we see, are ruins”
    Very barbarian outlook, of course
    But true.

    • Anonymous says:

      Как сказал мне старый раб перед таверной
      “Мы, оглядываясь, видим лишь руины”
      Взгляд конечно варварский, но верный.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joseph Brodsky, Letter to Roman Friend…impressive.

  42. UniversityMichigan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been on an awful first date, but I also like to keep it simple with coffee. I also never expect any form of payment, gifts, etc., but it has happened. I’m still not quite sure how to feel about accepting gifts from a POT.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest you take it and say “thank you”.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I usually give a small token of appreciation after a meet and greet. Last week I had 3 M&Gs. I gave each of them $60 at the end.

        Pot SB#1: Single mom, mid-30s: She took the money, counted it in front of me, and told me it was insulting. I apologized for insulting her and she put the money in her purse.

        Pot SB#2: 27 yo, new to my area. Took the money and said thank you but it wasn’t necessary.

        Pot SB#3: 21 yo college coed. Thanked me profusely and said it was unnecessary but very helpful.

        Guess which ones I have a second date with?

      • sd with open eyes says:

        All three because you are Batman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sometimes I give a $50 gift card in the end of a M&G. Sometimes I don’t. My impression with women over 30 (especially those who have children) is that no matter what you give them, it is “not enough because I am adult, I have a child and I have big needs”.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I keep trying to find an SB in the 30+ age range, but I think that was the final straw. I have collected enough data now to generalize that they have greater needs and less flexibility, so it just isn’t worth it. I did have one SB in the past in her 30s that was incredible. That is what keeps me coming back, but I am done trying to recreate that scenario.

      • TVC15 says:

        Batman, did you give them the money in single dollar bills? How much counting was involved in counting $60? For a better experience, try women in their mid-40’s and mid-50’s.


        The mid-90’s with removable denture give the best heads.

      • Anonymous says:

        So, you were disappointed with someone who was not over the moon for $60? It is better than nothing but then again, to hand someone over $60 for a date does seem a little low end. Women like things in threes or fours, preferably. $100…plus another zero, even better.

        In all honestly, if you communicate some before a date and ask questions on likes and dislikes, a nice bottle or perfume, book, spa gift certificate or something more personal might have made a better impression than $60 maybe? If cash is to be handed over in hard form, I would stick to the at least three numero rule. She might have gotten the impression that $60 is what you planned to ‘gift’ on every date maybe?

      • Anonymous says:

        As it is perfectly clear from the female posts, it is best to give nothing. Anything you give, is “too little”. You are not supposed to give her anything, and her being “offended” by a small token speaks volumes. If you indeed give her a 1000, congratulations. Now imagine what will she ask when she will lower herself to be in the arrangement with you…

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I think I gained valuable information from my $60 gifts.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        I hope that you asked Pot SB#1 for a second date. The fact that she took the money even though she thought that it was insulting shows that she has low self-esteem and might be willing to do you as a way of punishing herself.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        Lmfao I like how you think 🙂

      • UniversityMichigan says:

        Of course I did, I never dare to count the cash in front of a POT – only because I feel it unnecessary, as a gift isn’t expected. Having a gift sometimes makes me consider the sincerity and how well he is able to take care of me. The better care he takes of me will be reciprocated back to him. My last SD flew me out to Florida, booked a hotel, took me out to dinner, respected I did not wish to have a sexual encounter on our first meet, and still gave me $1,500. He was extremely respectful and understanding, and in the end, I chose him and we were happy.

      • Anonymous says:

        In reference to ‘my $60 gifts’.

        If you gave a $60 gift that was more personable then I think it would have been viewed as an appreciation of her time versus handing over 3 $20 bills as an amount you valued as her time? certain Men do not understand this nuance. Unless you gave a row of 6, $10 bills. orr, 60 $1 bills. you get the point. Give a thoughtful gift that you know she will like for a first date, unless you are gifting a little more cash, instead of handing over $60 cash and see if you get a different reaction.
        An example; I was given a very lovely french coffee maker, along with a smaller travel sized one, and a bag of my favourite coffee that I had off handedly mentioned liking. He remembered. it probably didn’t cost him more than $100 for the gift but I loved it and made more of an impression than $100 cash would have on a 1st date.

      • Anonymous says:

        To UniversityMichigan;
        Your SD, who flew you and gave you $1,500 for M&G IS not the average SD. If this is really the case, then you are very, very lucky indeed. The posts in this logs identify many SDs as willing to give only a small allowance, some gifts, and their company in exchange for your company AND sexual intimacy. Understandably, not on the first date mostly, but sex nonetheless shortly after. I, personally, request sex by the third or fourth date, otherwise, I feel the SB IS taking advantage of my good nature.
        If for G&M your SD gave you $1,500 already, plus flying you and hotel room, dinner, etc., his disposable income is sufficient enough, and I cannot even imagine how much allowance then. He sounds not only sugar, but hyperglicemic, good luck to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        “If you gave a $60 gift that was more personable then I think it would have been viewed as an appreciation of her time”

        So what you’re saying is we should go to animal shelters, pay an adoption fee for a puppy, and on a date hand over the puppy saying “Here’s a puppy he’s not housebroken, but he’s personable, or she is honestly I didnt bother checking”

    • Anonymous says:

      I always give a gift of $50 at the end of a M&G as a way to give her a thank you for her time invested in meeting me, for gas, etc., because everything costs money these days. Even before I meet them in person, I always tell them that I am planning to give them $50 for their time, and ask them if that is ok with them. I’ve had some that have told me it was not enough, and I thank them through the inbox for the time spent, wish them the best of luck, and move to the next candidate because that tells me the pot is only interested in the money, not a potential relationship, and this site is to build a relationship first, not an escort service.
      I’ve had one feeling “insulted” from that offer, she said “I’m worth a lot more”. The woman did not understand this is not about “self perceived worth”, but a real relationship with benefits, not a payment for her modeling time or something.

      • AnonMatureSB says:

        Personally, I don’t expect to be paid or given a gift for a M&G. I didn’t even know that other SBs were requiring it. For me, paying for my coffee or meal was more than generous. I did have one SD who gave me a $100 GC and it was totally unexpected and I told him it wasn’t necessary. I thanked him for it both verbally and in an email. It was a very kind gesture, I thought. We had a short term arrangement that became more like FWBs instead of SD/SB as I stopped accepting an allowance from him. I just enjoyed our time together and felt that was a treat in itself.

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. AsianMaid says:

    i wonder why there’s a lot of anger against whores? lol

  45. TVC15 says:

    Isn’t that the reason for about 75% of corporate changes?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone! So i just signed up a few days ago and my profile says it takes up to 48 hours to review but its been longer and my photos wont even show up… random any advice?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Is the guy in the pic meeting his mom?

  48. Anonymous says:

    They could require log-in to post. Also have the option of creating a personal filtering list when logged in: thereby making posts from undesirable posters disappear to the specific reader. That combination would significantly cut down on personality conflicts while not requiring much human effort moderating.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with that is that people grow a pair of big ol’ balls when you can’t identify who they are on the blog and considering how SA likes to “protect everyones right to privacy” they’ll never make that mandatory. So they’ll allow people to be racist, sexist, agist, etc… on the blog without ever having to own up to their behavior.

      • Anonymous says:

        Blog accounts don’t have to be linked to SA accounts. One person’s anti-racism is another person’s racism; one person’s anti-sexism is another person’s sexism; one person’s anti-agism is another person’s agism; affirmative action is racism/sexism/agism for everyone who is not being “affirmed.” The key is not banning speech but making it easier for a reader to skip over speeches that he/she/it/they doesn’t feel like reading.

      • Anonymous says:

        it’s like the 10 year tenure, with the fear of retaliation, people will not be 100% honest and speak what is really in their minds. I do not want to be the one labeled sexist for expressing what I really think about a certain group of entitled women for instance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does any label really matter? You can filter out their posts if you don’t feel like reading their criticism of you.

    • AsianMaid says:

      The key is not banning anything

  49. sd with open eyes says:

    Even though I have no faith in SA in ever making a positive technical improvement to the site, what improvements would make you happy if they went out and hired someone competent to implement it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Drop down for potential SB’s: platonic only, cam only, online only, tattooed, tranny etc.

      For potential SD’s – intimate only, no chicks with dicks etc.

      You can tell I am seeking a platonic, cam only, tattooed tranny 😉

      • really? says:

        Please don’t call them a tranny…That’s really offensive and I hope she cuts you off for being so disgusting…If you are going to talk to a trans person you should at least know what is proper and what isn’t proper to say without coming across as an ignorant asshole.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m a tranny who is proud to be called a tranny. Please do not talk like an asshole yourself. You are not a tranny, and therefore please keep your condescending “them” to yourself.

      • TVC 15 says:

        Everyone knows transwomen are actually men.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon I agree with this. Just like there are members who only are interested in dating men/women of a specific race. I do believe a drop down list is integral to finding the right match on SA.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ really?

        You can tell I am seeking a platonic, cam only, tattooed “it” ?

        Is that better? 🙂

      • TVC15 says:

        Fuck off please, fake TVC15.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Finding the right Sugar Baby is no easy task”

      Especially right now…

      On an unrelated note, what the hell is an “Other” body type?

  50. poison.ivy says:

    Down to earth profile. No winky faces or excessive emojis. I like people who talk a lot to the point of talking too much lol so a good, kind of long description of themselves. I hate when they have a list of things they find ugly or turn offs. I think it’s kind of rude.

  51. sd with open eyes says:

    Question for sugar babies: is there something that you look for on a sugar daddy’s profile that will make you think that you will be getting sugar not salt from this sugar daddy?

    • TVC15 says:

      When a guy directly mentions being willing to pay an allowance, that gives me hope he won’t feign astonishment at the very idea. “Mutually beneficial” is useless, because salts are using that to mean they will pay for dinner/drinks/hotel, or that they are willing to give the lady some sexual pleasure.

      • Anonymous says:

        Strange, maybe some, but for me, as a gent, “mutually beneficial”, in this sense of the SA, has always meant, company (and sex), from the lady, that is what she brings to the table along with conversation, humor, taste, manners, genuine smile, rapport, beauty, sensuality, passion, availability, among other things, and I bring to the table similar features, but a weekly or monthly allowance (money) for her needs and wants, plus dinner/drinks/hotel and occasional gifts (dress, shoes, flowers, etc.)
        Having said that, I am probably considered a salt though because the allowance is minimal… yet some SB have seen beyond that, and I think we have really enjoyed our time together.

      • TVC15 says:

        Anon, if you are actually paying an allowance you beat at least 50% of the potentials out there. This figure was not scientifically derived and may vary by population centre.

      • DJ says:

        I notice that when i throw out a number, let’s say I am willing to pay a 2k allowance a month and want to meet twice a week, girls seem to be more responsive. my guess is they just take that figure and compare to what they make at waiting tables and it’s a good deal. If i were to say i will pay for play let’s say 250, which essentially is the same as 2K a month (meeting 8 times) responses are less …

        looks like the monthly allowance is what catches the attention.

  52. sd with open eyes says:

    Question for sugar daddies: Is there something that you look for on a Sugar Baby’s profile or initial messages that will make you think that you will be getting a little something something from this sugar baby?

  53. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why wouldn’t they do a test run and try it out before launching the new site, genius sa techies

  54. Anonymous says:

    wow this blog is dead and the site is soooo messed up too

  55. Anonymous says:

    My only complaint about new SA is that it is a lot slower. No idea why they decided to change the site. Maybe their web designers simply thought they need to demonstrate they earn their keep and deserve a raise.

  56. AURORA says:


  57. sd with open eyes says:

    Has anyone else had this problem: you click on a profile picture to see if the picture has information that was cropped out and you get a circled “x” instead?

    • Anonymous says:

      All the time actually. It’s just so low on my list of things that they managed to screw up that I don’t even feel like complaining about it.

      • sd with open eyes says:


      • Anonymous says:

        You can no longer search by country, you cannot page through your emails. WTF have they done? Why not have new filters? Platonic, Intimate, Tranny etc.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        They have not made one improvement on the site in the last five years. They must not have any competent technical help and are running on a generic script.

  58. sd with open eyes says:

    I am wondering what other Sugar Daddies feel about “married but looking” sugar babies? In my mind there are two considerations: this sort of sugar baby is probably going to “put out”, but on the other hand, the probability for drama is probably really really high.

    What do you guys think?

    • AsianMaid says:

      Yeah if her husband notices that. in addition this sugar baby doesn’t have any moral then her husband should be like her

      • Anonymous says:

        The word morals is usually applied to people we do not like. They do not have any. When Moral Me takes money from men I have sex with, that is perfectly alright.

      • AsianMaid says:

        There’s not moral there.

      • Anonymous says:

        The wives of men you take money from will probably disagree with your statement. The children of men you take money from will probably disagree with your statement. The society at large who views sugar as veiled prostitution will likely disagree with your statement. But, as I said, “immoral” normally referrs to something someone else is doing.

    • AnonAsianSB says:

      I am a “married but looking” SB and so far, my SDs have been “married but looking” also because they know that both parties will honor discretion and also have a possibility of something to lose, less chances of having an STD even if playing safe, not threatened of a woman trying to change SDs lifestyle, both parties have something in common and/or missing something in their marriages i.e. support & intimacy, has their own lives with family, more respect and mature etc.

  59. anonymous says:


  60. anonymous says:

    what the hell happened here?

  61. AsianMaid says:

    It’s the fault of characters like jaybird and others who wanted to block fun dude. They were all the time asking for the moderator to block him and their detractors.

  62. Living doll says:

    If any of the. Bloggers are pushed from this resource: Thwn of what good shall it do this blog? Short of a trick, beneficial to none. At least if I reside to a. Un-know. Place, I would know my players and the caloric xo tent all the same. “Ahh, hemmm, cough and hack, common fellows,who loves you? A whole lotta the women that you have tapped into. Apparently, the Doppler ladies on tv know when, You are coming into town before we do. Talk about emergency responders, we’ll, we are learning daddy. Apparently the more you are worth, the more we are notified, even before you admit it to us. Talk about clean up…the news does it before your SB or girlfriend is aware. Smh. Common fellas, do you really still value the press as a right of passage vs.a
    Someone who can care for you for you…gueSs so.

  63. Living doll says:

    Though society…and the comments within here to date have not felt invested to all and powerful to all, this is an amazing place.

    Please, I beg of the powers that be. Please do not block anyone for their freedom of speech whether any, all or even one agree. This once
    Was a place where we hashed it out as a group, we
    Loved as one, hated as one, and intricately, weaved a beautiful phasade of silence onto an artistic wonder of reality.

    Do not take this from us.

  64. Ghostsd says:

    The newly redesigned website is painfully slow.

  65. Anonymous says:

    “Wow” are my exact words. Talk about electricity on a first date. I know the make up of this blog is dropping with sensual arithmetic. To prove it:

    YouTube: “Close” by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo.

    This blog is alive
    And thriving with sexual anticipation via every date. Slow for the moment, only because the embers are burning.

    • Anonymo says:

      “Dripping”…not “dropping”. Ah hemmm, hence the lapse in comments. Need we say more?

      • AsianMaid says:

        Well probably the characters who maintained this blog alive were blocked

      • anonymous says:

        yougottabekiddingme says:

        probably they’re busy getting their brains effed out…or masturbating and crying themselves to sleep in a puddle of their own juices 🙁

        See…It’s a happy ending, after all.

        It was good while it lasted…all two minutes of it.

      • anonymous says:

        y0ugottabek1dd1ngm3 says:

        probably they’re busy getting their brains effed out…or masturbating and crying themselves to sleep in a puddle of their own juices.

        See…It’s a happy ending, after all.

        Welp, folks! It was good while it lasted…all two minutes of it.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Since I am blocked too. What is the point?

  67. Anonymous says:

    “Wow” is exactly what I said…

    Can you ladies and gents make your date feel like “this?” If so, then we have our old blog back! Talk about electricity. Va, va, voom.
    YouTube: “Close” Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo

    Guys and gals, I know it is in ya. No sense being cheeky 🙂 Be Ye cheeky in all the right ways. Lol.

  68. sd with open eyes says:

    I am glad to see that SA backed out the changes to the blog. The new look was awful and the functionality did not work (no one could comment).

    If it is not broke don’t fix it.

  69. Anonymous says:

    This here as fvcked up as it was. If they don’t want to fix it, why bother writing stupid blogs?

  70. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I guess this is targeted towards guys that think this type of relationship is what you find on backpage and for guys that have no breeding. But, how about teaching the girls to stop flaking (e.g., agreeing to a date and then not showing, which is a monumental time waste), or immediately saying hi in a message and complaining about how broke she is or asking for money before even meeting, or maybe encourage the girls to not be so narrow minded and actually be open to building an arrangement vs thinking only about how fast they can get out of there or take the cash and run.

  71. Florence says:

    Where’s Blake? Hey Blake, how are you? I’m ok, thanks.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Fixed the blog? Ok great.

  73. Josh says:

    Brook, save the world, i mean the “blog” it’s my life…

  74. AsianMaid says:

    I want to give birth this blog

  75. Anonymous says:

    And they’re still flagging people

  76. problem is says:

    Ms Brook, really appreciate all your work in preping the blog

  77. Josh says:

    I’m crying btw, i can’t live without this blog.

  78. Josh says:

    It’s dead. What a shame.

    • Anonymous says:

      They got what they wanted…

    • Anonymous says:

      Because all the problems we complained about we true and they don’t want to admit it. They created a monster when The tried to make dating like this mainstream

      • x says:

        The blog is dead and moderated because the administration knew the comments from the males on here were anti-sugar babies, which can drive away women and other SDs = lost $$. Not moderating the comments would be a bad business angle.