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Virtual Date Conversation Starters: How To Elevate Your Video Date!


Whether you’re going on a first date or you’re a few meetings in, you still might have some apprehension on how the conversation is going to flow. What do you talk about? What subjects are taboo? How do you get to know someone better without the date feeling like a job interview?

And when you’re on a video date and have to navigate this conversation in front of a laptop or iPad instead of the actual person, the back-and-forth might even be more difficult, strained or awkward. We’re still dating on video in this time of quarantine—and while the usual topics brought up in the first few in-person dates of a budding relationship still apply, you can really elevate your discussion by leaning into our current situation.

Sure, the go-to questions are still great to spark some banter. Among them:

  • Where did you grow up?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What NFL team do you root for?
  • What kind of music do you like?

These are all still okay to use when you’re getting to know your SD or SB. However, hometowns and occupations are, as mentioned above, standard job interview questions that might turn your date off. And as many major league sports events and concerts large and small have been postponed or cancelled, those questions aren’t exactly timely.

A recent New Yorker article cited that psychologists say lighthearted conversation is more important now—in our world of social distancing—than ever. Read on for some quarantine-friendly conversation starters that should have you and your date sharing a laugh, exchanging personal stories and really getting to know each other.

What Are You Streaming/Reading?

With all this time on our hands, many have turned to Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime to fill their days and nights in the living room. Others have turned to literature to occupy their time, taking in stories on the page rather than on the screen.

And because we’re all taking in more media than ever before, we have so much to talk about! What did you think about that plot twist? Isn’t it interesting that so-and-so decided to take a TV role instead of a lead in a blockbuster film? Aren’t the conspiracy theories on Reddit about that series so mind-blowing? Whether you’re reading or watching, you have an abundance of questions and comments to offer right now—make the most of it!

If you’re already more than a few dates in, consider asking your SB or SD to watch a series you both like together via Zoom, Google Meet or Netflix Party. You can take in all the highs and lows of the comedy or drama of your choice simultaneously!

Where Do You Want To Travel Next?

The living room has never been so aptly named—we’re all living our lives from the couch right now. But that next luxurious vacation is on the horizon, SBs and SDs! And there’s no doubt many of you have been thinking about where you want to jet-set to next.

And your desired destination is a perfect conversation starter for your next date—we’re all daydreaming of pristine beaches, five-star resorts and fabulous adventures right now! Ask your SB or SD where they want to be and you’ll be chatting with them for hours.

Do they want some island time in the Caribbean? Find out what they want to experience while they’re there—is it scuba diving? Snorkeling? Parasailing?

They might be considering a cultural trip to the European mainland. What city is on the top of their list: Paris? Barcelona? Rome? What country are they most excited to visit? Do they speak any of the native languages?

You really can learn a lot about someone’s personality by finding out where their globetrotting fantasies lie. They might be a foodie wanting to eat their way through France, an adrenaline junkie hoping to bungee-jump over a South American lake, or a history buff wanting to see the cathedrals of Spain. Should you find yourself talking travel, consider hopping on a platform that allows screen-sharing to show your SB or SD some must-see spots you want to take a selfie (with them) at!

Have You Picked Up a New Hobby in Quarantine?

A lot of us have discovered new parts of ourselves while being cooped up at home. When we have more free time, we find new things to occupy ourselves. There’s a reason the garden section of your closest big-box store is sold out of staple items, it’s not a coincidence that quarantine has seen more people running on their neighborhood trails, and the grocery store shelves might just be empty because many have found their inner Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay.

That’s right—hobbies are a huge thing right now! Your SB or SD might have recently taken up gardening, cooking, baking, crafts, or exercising—and they probably have a lot to say about it, too! And who knows—maybe you’ll find that you’ve both picked up the same pastime! You can exchange recipes, workout plans, and gardening tips!

What is the Craziest Thing You’ve Seen/Done in Quarantine?

Yes, we all saw the viral videos of shoppers fighting over the last toilet paper roll at the store. And we all laughed—a lot—at those videos. Obviously, the crazy things we’re experiencing are not only noteworthy, but they more or less bond us over a mutual understanding that things are kinda weird right now. Right?!

Depending on your experience navigating the aisles of your local supermarket or what you’ve seen on the news, this can be such a fun conversation starter! We’ll point to those psychiatrists the New Yorker cited once again—a lighthearted laugh is what we all need right now, SBs and SDs!

So, if you saw someone at Whole Foods walking to their car with a shopping cart full of kale, or if you’ve found yourself religiously watching The Jerry Springer Show, share it with your date! Chances are their usual routine has been shaken up by the unimaginable, too. As all the papers, TV networks, and celebrities on Twitter are reminding us: We’re all in this together. So use your stories for some fun date-night discussions!

If you’ve used a tip or two from this blog, we want to hear from you! And if you have some more fun ways to engage with your SD or SB over FaceTime, spill the details! Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook post about this blog! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. SD with Open Eyes says:

    I think video dates are pretty important, even in a non-Covid-19 world. There are a lot of Sugar Baby profiles out there which are fakes. In the past two weeks I reported three profiles that had pictures that popped up in Google Images. Just the suggestion of an initial meeting by Skype will cause many fakes to fold their hand and ghost.