Do you feel that crisp breeze? It’s autumn love in the air! As we celebrate the beauty of the season, we gathered the most romantic ideas to spice up your fall dates with some Autumn first date ideas! And we did it just in time for all those fall-loving singles to enjoy their favorite season of the year!

If you scored the pick of the patch, you’ll love the luxurious outdoor experiences that we lined up for you! Ready to pile on the fun? Cozy up, relax, and leaf it to us to plan the most unforgettable fall first dates.

Leaves and Thrills

So long, summer. Hello, cool weather! The fresh feel of fall is the perfect time of year for active outdoor dates. And if you love the season’s mosaic of colors, ziplining lets you enjoy the foliage from up above. No previous experience necessary for this unforgettable adventure that’s sure to set the tone for date number two!

Fall is for Foodies

Everyone loves fall flavors. Why not try them all with your new match? Forget your traditional dinner and take your date restaurant hopping, instead! For a fall-themed culinary experience, you can do cocktails and appetizers at one restaurant, an entrée at another, and dessert at a different place. Talk about an indulgent first date!

Outdoor Film Screening for Two

Film festivals are fun. Creating your own is even better! With lots of rental companies that set up in your backyard, you and your fall flame don’t have to go anywhere to share this special evening. Add some s’mores and warm blankets, and first date snuggles are almost guaranteed.

Ride Into Autumn Splendor

When the days are shorter, you have to make the most of them. How about a charming train ride to a nearby town or an enchanting hot air balloon ride over the countryside? You and your lucky date can enjoy foliage views, as you take a one-of-a-kind day trip. Choose a destination with cute restaurants and shops for a first date that feels more like a getaway. You’ll both return home feeling refreshed and ready for your next outing together.

Vineyard Escapade

Color your fall fling in shades of red and gold with a wine tasting experience that you’ll always remember. The mild weather and epic views make it fun to tour your local vineyards. And with fewer visitors, vineyards feel more intimate during the fall season. You can add to the intimacy, too, by booking a VIP tour or adding dinner to the experience. With this most elegant of Autumn first date ideas, it’s easy to take in the magic of wine country, as you enjoy the regional harvest and taste the sweet notes of romance.

Let New Friendships Soar

Wanna take your date’s breath away? Surprise them with an autumn hot air balloon ride. It’s the first date that has it all! Thrilling: Check. Classy: Yes. Romantic: Definitely. Fall-themed: Absolutely. You’ll take in the fall foliage views like never before, as you float away in ultimate style.

Chills and Thrills

If you’re looking for a grown-up Halloween experience that feels exclusive, how about a two-person escape room for you and your date? This adventure is especially fun if you both love exciting challenges and thinking outside the box. It’s an opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other better and play in a fun environment.

Fall Classic with an Upscale Twist

Picnics are the all-time romantic champion of Autumn first date ideas. Catered picnics take this classic to the next level. Why? Because these effortless dates include delicious food, beverages, and Insta-worthy décor. Picture a low table, textured floor cushions, plus sunflower centerpieces and your date is sure to fall for you right then and there. It’s the laid-back date idea that impresses every time.

Mix n’ Mingle

There’s something about tasty warm cocktails that pairs perfectly with crunchy leaves. If you and your new match enjoy sipping on drinks, there’s a better first date than just meeting at a bar. Why not hire a mixologist to come to your backyard and teach the two of you how to make some fancy drinks? It’s a creative way to bond and learn more about the craft of making the perfect cocktail.

Cozy Cabin Getaway

Are autumn skies giving you mountain vibes? Then it’s time to take a weekend trip! If you’ve been chatting with a special someone and the sparks are there, this is your chance to get to know each other IRL. Find a cute weekend rental together and head out of town for the date of a lifetime. With so many fun outdoor activities and fall festivals, you won’t run out of things to do in the countryside.

Ready to rake in the fun? With any of our Autumn first date ideas, you and your matches will make this a season to remember. Just log into your Seeking and find the right person to frolic in the fall leaves with you! Happy Harvest! Find more fun dating tips on the Seeking Blog.