It’s suddenly October. Last week we were sipping summer cocktails by the pool. Now we’re in a cozy sweater and the year feels like it’s starting to wind down. If this all sounds like the perfect time to focus on your romantic fortunes and begin an autumn romance, you’re not alone! 

Great minds think alike – that’s why October is the best dating time of the year. With so many fun fall events and the holidays around the corner, here are all the reasons why an autumn romance makes October a month to remember. 

Autumn Romance is a Cure for End of Summer Blues

Everyone loves warm weather and sunny days. But when the weather gets chilly, it’s natural to miss life at the beach or the warm sunny days. Especially if you had an exciting summer.

If you’re already feeling the seasonal slump and wondering how to fight the summer blues, then it’s the perfect time to embrace a fall romance! What better way to make shorter days sweeter and kick-start your end-of-year fun with a bae by your side?

Cool Weather Cuddles 

Fall always makes singles want to stay in and snuggle. If you’ve got a blanket for two, why stay home alone? Chilly nights inside the house are better when you’ve got good company.

To avoid cold toes, you’ll want to start your search in October. When the cold winds blow, you’ll spice up your evenings at home with a glass of mulled wine and a hibernation companion by your side. 

New Movies and TV Shows

Whether fall’s your time to hang at home or get out and about, it’s a great season to enjoy movies and shows with a new friend! Rom-coms on the big screen make a perfect first date. Followed by pumpkin ravioli dinner and dessert for two, of course. 

Or if you’d rather stay in, October’s the time to stream new episodes of your favorite shows. For those fall-loving fanatics who just want to order in and invite their new autumn romance over to relax at home.

Outdoor Adventure Partner

For many, October weather is just the time of year to pick up a new sport – along with a new partner! Find someone who shares your excitement for cool weather and get active together. It’s a fun way to get in shape before all the holiday parties.

Whether it’s hiking, cycling, or horseback riding, be sure to add your interests to your Seeking profile. You’re sure to find an autumn romance with someone who’s into the same sports. Plus, you’re more likely to stay motivated if you’ve got a cute workout buddy who also wants to grab a drink afterward.

Your Autumn Romance is A Go-To Plus One

Do holiday events stress you out? No need to make it through all those social commitments all by yourself. If the thought of making small talk with your boss turns you into a grinch, now is the best time to start your search for that holiday party plus one. 

If you meet a new match in October, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. By the time all those event invites pop up in your inbox, you’ll already know who you’ll take to the party…And who you’ll leave with, too.

Tailgating and Dating

Every sports fan knows that having someone to cheer with makes game day much more fun. And you don’t want the kiss cam to catch you without an autumn romance!

Live sporting events, especially if they’re outdoors, are the perfect opportunity to cozy up with a new date. You’ll have a fun friend to celebrate wins with or cheer each other up when the team doesn’t pull through. 

The Sun Sets Earlier

Everyone knows the days are shorter in the fall. But that’s not a bad thing if you have the right attitude! Because when the sun goes down, happy hour begins! 

If you’re looking for the right person to join you for evening cocktails, don’t wait to meet them at the bar. Start your search in October. When the nights get longer and you need a pick-me-up after work, you’ll have someone to meet you at the pub around the corner.

More Users Looking for Autumn Romance on Seeking

If your instinct tells you that October is a good month to start an Autumn romance, you’re definitely on to something. We even have the numbers to back you up! With thousands of new members joining every day, October is the perfect month for you to polish your Seeking profile and meet new matches.

If fall romance calls your name in October, don’t hesitate to respond. In fact, you don’t need to wait for it to call your name! Put on your favorite fall boots and start connecting with other people on Seeking. If you start early, you’ll have lots of fun dating this month and could find a special someone to keep you warm all winter. For more dating stories, advice, and tips, be sure to check out the rest of the Seeking Blog.