Ever since Carrie Bradshaw and her fierce foursome took NYC by a stiletto-clad storm, the “rules” surrounding traditional dating have been challenged. 

We take that back. They have been completely redefined. 

So long to passive princesses waiting to be rescued. Goodbye to antiquated rituals and three-day waiting periods. Women off the screen began taking charge of their dating lives and savoring every second. Today, this trend continues to gain momentum as the modern woman digs her red-soled heel even deeper into the dating world. 

As the world’s leading luxury dating site, Seeking knows the modern woman like Hermès knows handbags. Here are the rules governing how to date like a modern woman:

Be Unapologetically YOU

The modern woman is a catch. She’s sophisticated, bold, and unpredictable, with a magnetic vibe people want more of. She’s also wicked smart — and not afraid to prove it. 

Modern women raise a glass and toast to themselves with only the finest champagne. They don’t wait for an invitation to be the life of the party. They know their worth and don’t require validation or change who they are for anyone, especially a new connection. Let’s put it this way—the days of altering your identity to impress a crush are over.

You Are Not Dust. Never Settle.

The words “good enough” do not exist for the modern woman. She seeks a high-value partner who will only elevate her sought-after status.  

The modern woman owns her dating desires and doesn’t settle for anything less. If she’s ready for a commitment she doesn’t bother with something casual. If she wants to play the proverbial field, she grabs a bat. 

Be clear about what you expect from a relationship and don’t stop until it’s yours. 

Make the First Move

The modern woman redefines “ladies first”. She’ll boldly send the first message on Seeking, text mere minutes after a fantastic date, and has no qualms when it comes to being the first to show physical affection. She doesn’t believe in a waiting period. If the modern woman wants it, she goes and gets it. 

Yes, you can.

Be Desirable

Modern women are sexy and beautiful, but being desired goes beyond the physical. A modern woman harbors an unexplainable power that draws people to them like moths to a flame. It’s a nearly supernatural confidence that pushes her partner to be better, just so he can get on her level. Discover your desirability and harness it to the max. 

Simply put, dating like a modern woman means raising equality, independence, and communication to the top of your non-negotiables. It means being confident and assertive in expressing your needs, desires, and boundaries. While Carrie and her crew paved the way, it’s time for you to take dating like a modern woman into the next era.

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