A few faces come to mind when we imagine what it must be like to date a lawyer— from the sleaze of Saul Goodman to the sharp wit of Harvey Specter. We think of the high-powered corporate lifestyle, the fast-talking, NDA-delivering, and of course, all of those suits. Lawyers hold a certain kind of power in the corporate world because they’re the ones who police it; the idea of dating one can be both intimidating, but also, an exciting window into a world filled with corporate intrigue and complexity.

However, behind the well-cut suits and gift of the gab, there are a few key lessons you can pick up when you’re dating a man (or woman) in the legal field, and most of them are not the ones that you might expect. While sure, your tax returns are important, there are even greater learning curves when sitting across the table at a New York bistro with a person who deals in the details of what holds the ethics of the legal system in place.

1) Getting to the Point

If there’s one thing that your date will be good at, it’s cutting the excess. When we date, we tend to draw things out, to dance around the point. When you date a lawyer, there’s no chance of getting away with this. They’ll zero in on the core of what you’re saying and pick out the central truth. It’s a valuable lesson; clarity is something that can enhance future relationships, and learning how to speak clearly and eloquently, without overly-detailed explanations, particularly during arguments, can be a game changer.

2) A Meeting of Minds

Dating a lawyer introduces you to a world of thought-provoking discussions and conversations; these are highly educated professionals— and it shows. Good news if you’re a Sapiosexual! Lawyers’ intellectual prowess invites debate, above all, but also the sharing of diverse perspectives. You’re going to be challenged. You’re going to be kept on your toes in conversation; because each discussion can be like a mental workout. Learning how to handle these high-level conversations can be tricky, but at the same time, you’re going to leave the conversation better off than you walked into it.

3) A Water-Tight Argument

Lawyers are trained to think critically and analyze complex situations, allowing them to identify key issues, evaluate evidence, and develop strong arguments. This analytical mindset extends beyond the courtroom and permeates various aspects of their lives, including their romantic relationships. Dating a lawyer provides an opportunity to witness and learn from their analytical thinking approach. The development of analytical thinking skills promotes a deeper level of understanding between partners. By considering different perspectives and thoroughly evaluating information, both individuals can engage in more meaningful and insightful discussions. This ability to approach topics objectively encourages open-mindedness and helps foster a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. 

4) Keeping Time

Working around the clock, the late nights of research, the endless legal documents, cases and citations; these are just a few of the realities of working in this demanding industry. When you date a lawyer, you’re on their time. There’s a level of commitment required from law professionals that might exceed the bounds of what you imagine is acceptable in a career. Learning how to balance your social life, romantic life, and equally, find that same sense of dedication to a higher cause can inspire you and teach you how to compartmentalize effectively in your own endeavors. 

5) Trust the Facts, but Check Them Twice

Don’t believe everything you read, see, or hear. In the world today, people can say just about anything, and often, we take them at face value. A lawyer will never simply believe what someone tells them, and while this can come over as being overly suspicious, it is also a key lesson to take away when dating someone in the law profession. The next time someone’s story seems disproportionate or just that little bit too crazy, after you’ve dated a lawyer, you’ll be the one doing that quick google maps search, or remembering to cross-reference the stories that they’ve been telling you. 

On a lighter note, there are some major benefits to being in the law profession, particularly when one is a highly successful, metrosexual individual. When you date a lawyer, they’re going to know where the most sophisticated, but still cool spots are, and they’re going to be generous, courteous, and sharply dressed— you’ll end your dates with a new business card for your roster, or with a host of new contacts from a high-class charity event. Lawyers receive a lot of invitations, and you’re going to be along for the ride. 

7) How to Talk the Talk

While you’re not going to be speaking fluent legalese in the wake of your dates with your law professional partner, you’ll be surprised at just how much these terms and ideas spring up in even your casual discussions with them. It’s worth picking up a few of them, even for future reference. Do your due diligence, and even if a force majeure sees that your relationship is adjourned, you’ll have a bank of new phrases that can help you in multiple ways in future discussions and even in your own business endeavors.

8) Choosing Your Battles

In the end, lawyers are committed to upholding the ethics and principles of the justice system. To meet someone who has a vocation in life like this, where their time is spent analyzing and unearthing the truth— it can be inspiring and spur you to find the principles within your own life that you stand for. You might not agree with them, but you will have to admire their commitment to working within the bounds of a system that is vastly complicated, and at times, can feel like it is written in a language all of its own.

In conclusion, you’ll leave the relationship with a more analytical, and expanded outlook than you entered it with. Learning from the thorough way that lawyers go about their lives and careers can lead you towards a dating life that suits you, and that teaches you to go forcefully after what you want and deserve. It’s a legally binding upgrade to your dating strategy, ensuring that you can advocate for the relationship that puts you at the top of your game.

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