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Main Character Energy – 2023’s Top Dating Trend

Once upon a time, changing yourself to impress a date was considered the norm. Blogs, books, and movies encouraged singles to dress differently, act a certain way, or pretend to be involved in hobbies they didn’t care about just to get someone’s attention. Those days are long gone, and have been replaced by “Main Character Energy,” the latest dating trend.

Now that 2022 is coming to a close, the dating game has definitely changed, and so have the rules. From TikTok videos to Cosmopolitan articles, many forms of media are now encouraging singles to come as they are, and if a date can’t get on board with that, too bad. 2023 daters know what they want, and they are not willing to change for anyone.

Any quick search of the term Main Character Energy on social media will produce countless videos of people exuding confidence like they rule the world around them. Although some daters may think “Main Character Energy” means disregarding other people, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Embodying Main Character Energy is simply about becoming your best self. 

2023 is all about harnessing your Main Character Energy in your dating life. That means prioritizing yourself and your needs over making connections with people who don’t fit your standards. This mindset applies to both going on a first date and taking an existing relationship to a new plateau.

Know your worth, and never settle for less than what you deserve. Once you embody the “Main Character Energy” mindset, it will be easier to meet an amazing partner worthy of your time and energy.

By embodying Main Character Energy, you embrace your power to put your wants, needs, and priorities first, and you never alter who you are to impress a date. (And there’s no reason you should, because you’re fabulous. But you knew that.)

So, how do you embody Main Character Energy in your dating life? Adopting this mindset means never saying “I don’t know, what do you want?” when a date asks where you want to go to dinner. You want a table with a view at Mastro’s, and you’ll make it known. Just like you have your eye on a new Prada bag, and you won’t settle for anything less.

Harnessing Main Character Energy means expecting honest and straightforward communication from your date, and providing the same.

Embodying this mindset also means setting personal boundaries, and never letting yourself be pressured into any situation that makes you uncomfortable. The safest way to date online is to meet your connection in a public place. If you suggest meeting at your date location but your date insists on meeting at their hotel, stand your ground.  Someone who doesn’t know their worth might cave in this situation. But not you. If your date can’t respect that, you’ll pass and preserve your energy for someone who does.

You’re the main character of your life, both in dating and beyond. If someone fits into it, great. Otherwise, you’ll find someone else who does.

On Seeking.com, we encourage you to take control of your dating life. You have high standards – and we think you should raise them even higher. You deserve an incredible connection to experience all of life’s most exquisite moments with, and we’re here to help you find it. Embrace your Main Character Energy and sign up for Seeking.com today! You’ll be glad you did. Trust us.