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Why It’s OK to Be A Picky Dater

You’re probably used to people saying that you’re too picky when it comes to dating. Your friends might frame this as a bad thing. However, the truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being selective. In fact, we encourage it, because we know those traits actually lead to better dating experiences all around.

No matter what people might say, it is possible to find the perfect companion without having to make any concessions. Here’s why being a picky dater is a good thing:

1) Picky daters have high standards

People might joke that your standards are “too high.” But no matter how high they are, we think you should raise them even higher. You’re too fabulous to date just anyone. Once you raise your standards high, you’ll start seeing amazing results. Promise.

2) Picky daters put themselves first

If you’re a picky dater, your needs and priorities always come first. Picky daters don’t change themselves for their date or settle for someone who doesn’t meet their expectations. Also, altering your behavior or putting your own needs aside for someone else will never lead to a lasting connection. Once you prioritize yourself, your dates will, too.

3) If you’re picky, you never settle

It’s so easy for singles to get lost in a sea of swipes and likes. This can easily get tiresome, so it might be tempting to connect with someone who doesn’t meet all of your requirements just to stop the endless swiping cycle. However, picky daters know it is never worth abandoning your deal-breakers. If you aren’t seeing someone who meets your standards, you will hold out for someone who does. Also, on Seeking, we don’t swipe.

4) When you set your expectations high, you start to live the life you’ve always dreamed of

If we wanted to pull on our tracksuits and meet some randos for froyo, plenty of other websites can help make that happen. But we’re on Seeking, right? Here we can expect to be treated like royalty, and share some of the finest treasures and experiences the world has to offer. Whether you’re looking for someone to travel the world with or accompany you to an exclusive art gallery opening, you’ll find that person on Seeking.

5) Picky daters are treated as well as they deserve.

By being selective, you teach other people how to treat you. If you hold yourself in high regard and are vocal about what you want, you’re showing other daters that they’ll have to treat you as well as you treat yourself. If you set that bar high, the right connection will not only meet you at that bar but also exceed it. 

Here’s the best news, “picky” dater: Seeking is the ideal place for you to find what you’re after. Not only do we have the quality covered, but we also have the quantity — we have more than 40 million members worldwide. Everyone on our site has similar goals in mind, so no one is playing silly games. It’s time to find someone ideal and worthy of your time. 

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