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Seeking’s Year in Review – Dating Up™ Throughout 2022

Here at Seeking, we turn our members’ dream dating lives into reality. As the world’s largest luxury dating site, we help our 44 million global members connect with like-minded singles to explore the world and elevate their dating lives.

Whether they’re sitting backstage at a sold-out concert or dining on a private yacht off the coast of Monaco, Seeking singles are elevating their dating lives, setting their expectations high, and refusing to settle. And we truly love to see it.

Let’s take a look at some of our “greatest hits” in Seeking’s 2022 Year in Review!

Seeking Members’ Net Worth is Collectively 3.5 Trillion Dollars

If you are looking to meet successful individuals, Seeking is officially the best place to do it. Our Successful members now have a collective net worth of 3.5 trillion USD, and here’s the breakdown. 25,000 of our global members are worth more than 100 million USD,  and just under 72,000 members are worth over 10 million USD. Additionally, more than 795,000 of our members are millionaires. 

16 Million New Connections Were Made on Seeking

Our community of Seekers know how to connect. Not only were there 16 million matches made on Seeking, but our members were eager to spark conversation with the 1.8 million messages they sent daily.

Unlike other dating sites, our members don’t endlessly message back and forth before meeting. They’re on Seeking to make new connections, not a pen pal. Once connected, our members exchanged an average of 18 messages before their first date.

Efficacy is the name of the game, and Seekers are eager to make their match. It only took a mere  5 minutes for Attractive Members to receive their first message when they signed up, whereas Successful Members got a message from Attractive Members within 2 minutes of joining. Our members are definitely ready to make new connections and share amazing experiences! On Seeking, daters can display their interests on their profile by displaying tags on their profile. The most popular tags this year included “Luxury Lifestyle,” “Emotional Connection,” “Spontaneous Travel,” “Fine Dining,”  and “Vacations.” Seeking members definitely know how to see the world in style.

Seeking Daters Were Vibing

Seeking made connecting even more fun by launching Vibes, a video feature  to share a snapshot of their day-to-day lives. The total number of Vibes posted was over 56 thousand per month—a glimpse into tens of thousands of extraordinary lives of Seeking members.

Over 1.4 Million Seeking Members Got ID Verified 

We have always prioritized safety on Seeking.com, which is why we have an ID Verification feature. By verifying their identity, members help keep Seeking safe and free from catfish and other fraudsters.

In honor of International Fraud Awareness week in November, we offered free ID verification to our community. We are proud to say that 1.4 million Seeking members are now ID verified!

A collective member net worth of 3.5 trillion dollars, 16 million new connections made, and 56 thousand monthly live videos shared? Talk about a truly spectacular year! Log in or sign up for Seeking.com to start creating an extraordinary 2023 together.