Side Chicks tell their juiciest stories, from shopping sprees and a Valentine’s Day rendezvous to the rush of almost getting caught and meeting the man’s wife.…[ read more ]

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Mistress Day offers the other woman the romance and attention she doesn’t get on Valentine’s Day. Read on for one Sugar Daddy’s thoughts on the celebration!…[ read more ]

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10 months ago
The 7 Different Faces of Love


Breaking down the different combinations of love—and the possible relationships you may develop in the Sugar world.…[ read more ]

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10 months ago
To Host or Not To Host


Here’s the scenario: you really like your new POT, you’ve been on multiple dates, and you’re ready to bring them back to your place. The inevitable question of hosting comes up in every Sugar Daters’ life at some point or another. Here, you’ll find some pros and cons to hosting.    Hosting Pros So, why is …[ read more ]

11 months ago
Different Types of Arrangements
  • Posted Jan 20, 2020


Different strokes for different folks, right? In general, an arrangement is a mutually beneficial relationship between a Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy or Mommy. Terms are established up front to ensure everyone involved is open and honest from the beginning. Now that we have the foundation, let’s dive into the two types of arrangements. …[ read more ]

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