This is a question that’s just as hard to ask as it is to answer. If you ask your boyfriend if he’s comfortable with you pursuing a sugar relationship and he says no, the answer is clear. But what if he says yes? It can be tough to tell if he really means it, or …[ read more ]

Halloween is the perfect time of year to unleash your inner vixen. Whether that’s a superhero vixen, cat vixen or nerd vixen, it’s the one day a year everyone is encouraged to show a little more, wear a little less and just have fun. This year, the holiday falls on a Thursday, which means there …[ read more ]

9 months ago
Do You Cuff?


First off, get your mind out of the gutter….  This is not 50 Shades here. “Cuffing” first appeared in the urban dictionary in 2011 and means those who are seriously interested in looking for a relationship (aka attach yourself to someone) between the months of October and March.  Many people hanker to be in a …[ read more ]

Sofia Richie Fresh on the 21+ scene Sofia Richie celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with her 35-year-old boyfriend Scott Disick. The two started dating when she was just 19 and the 15 year age gap did not stop them. Let’s face it, was pop culture paying this much attention to Sofia Richie before she …[ read more ]

10 months ago
When It’s Appropriate to Renegotiate Sugar Terms


As any good Sugar Baby knows, the initial contract sets the tone for the whole relationship. But as that relationship progresses, either through growth or time, wants and needs change. What worked for you both then may not work for you now. As the relationship evolves, or if you find you two are spending more …[ read more ]

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