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Singles Reveal Their Top Dating Turn-Offs – Avoid These “Icks”

Whether they admit it or not, everyone has a list of qualities they look for in a romantic partner – and some they prefer to stay away from. We’ve all been there – you’re on a date with someone who seems like a great match, but then they do that thing that you can’t stand, and you instantly go from heart eyes to looking for the closest exit.

This pivot from insta-like to “ick” isn’t just limited to a first date experience. Lots of people have even ended a long-term relationship because of something their partner did that they just couldn’t stand.

Seeking surveyed 2,000 U.S.-based daters about their “icks.” Curious if any of them apply to you? Keep reading to find out!

Of the daters we talked to, a whopping 65% said they’ve ended a relationship because their S/O did something that turned them off. However, the thing that turned them off was different across the board.

21% said that a messy living situation is their number one ick when it comes to dating, while another 21% revealed that it’s bad manners they hate the most. We get it – who wants to date someone who’s rude or sloppy?

Yet another 21% agreed that a date having bad manners in general was their biggest turn off, followed by 20% of daters saying their biggest pet peeve was a date with dirty fingernails.

And the number one ick? Bad body odor had the most votes, with 24% of daters saying they’re most turned off when their date smells bad. (And we don’t blame them, because yuck!)

So, the big question is: Is rudeness, a messy living space or a stinky date valid enough reasons to break it off? Our survey says yes!

“People are very set on what they want, which is empowering. And if a deal-breaker for you is someone who wears sunglasses indoors or chews with their mouth open, that’s absolutely fair enough,” said Emma Hathorn, our in-house dating expert here at Seeking. 

Some people might think ending a relationship over messy living habits is too picky, but as the world’s leading luxury dating site, we strongly believe that being a “picky dater” is a good thing. 79% of the daters we talked to agree, saying that they have no problem ending a relationship over a turn-off because they simply feel they deserve the best. 

“The current trend at the moment is ‘dating up,’ or finding someone who can elevate your lifestyle,” said Hathorn. 

She added that when someone “dates up,” their goal should be to “not only be someone who can help their partner ‘date up’ — but find someone who can elevate [their life] at the same time.”

There’s no reason to settle for someone with less-than-ideal habits or qualities when you can “date up” instead. After all, it’s only when you set your expectations high that you start to live the life of your dreams.

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