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Dating in 2023 – 9 Resolutions to Start Dating Up

2022 has been real, but now it’s time to start manifesting an amazing 2023. We’re talking about going beyond the promises to get a Peleton and go Paleo — those resolutions are so 2019. And let’s be honest – Paleo sounds great and all, but no one wants a life without brunch at Bouchon. We’re talking about getting the most out of dating in 2023.

Seeking is the world’s top luxury dating site, and it’s our goal to help you connect with a partner that helps you achieve your dreams of a luxury dating life. That’s why we’ve created the resolutions that you’ll need to elevate your dating life and experience your best dating year yet.

Ready to make it happen? Check out our 9 resolutions for dating in 2023 that will enhance your dating life:

1) Prioritize Yourself

No supporting roles for you in 2023. This year, you’re the star of your dating life, and no one is going to dim your light. It’s time to put yourself and your priorities first, especially over those new connections that don’t even come close to meeting your standards. It’s time to harness that main character energy. If someone doesn’t fit into your life, you’ll find another single who does. 

2) Never Settle. Date Up.

We have a little mantra at Seeking and it goes like this: Start Dating Up®. These three words are guaranteed to alter dating in 2023 for the better. Once you realize you are indeed the star, you’ll understand that “out of your league” isn’t a thing. That sexy entrepreneur with a house in the Hamptons? Totally on your level. The brilliant engineer with the smoldering eyes? Lucky to have you. Dating up is about dating without limitations.

3) Don’t Be Reeled in By Catfishing

If you’ve seen five minutes of any documentary about catfishing, you know you don’t need it mucking up your 2023. Unfortunately, dishonesty can creep into any online and social media platform and that’s just not ok for us. We created Seeking to be a safe environment for attractive and successful people like you to find real connections. We offer two features to keep our members secure on and offline. 

Seeking’s video chat technology allows you to virtually message your connection so you know they are exactly who they say they are. It’s safe, secure, and a great way to see if there are sparks!

Also, our ID verification feature lowers the risk of fake profiles and identity manipulation by using an approved form of ID to certify a member’s identity. Members receive a badge for their profile so you know they’ve been verified. We encourage all our members to ask potential dates to be ID verified. This is a great way to show your date that you’re the real deal, and for you to know they are, too.

4) Keep Your Communication Hotline Blinging

You’ve heard your parents touting honesty as the best policy since you were a mischievous kid, and we have to say, we 100% agree. In fact, this is what our exciting community is based on. 

Seeking is different than other dating platforms because we are all about bringing like-minded singles together based on interests and aspirations so you can experience the best parts of life together. That can only happen if you are honest about your needs, wants, and expectations. We’re not just talking about communicating this through one line on your profile (although that’s where it starts). We mean maintaining open and honest communication throughout your partnership about your wants, needs, and boundaries.

5) Know What You Want and Ask For It

If you don’t ask, the answer is an automatic no, right? Seeking is all about saying yes to your dating desires. While our members are definitely above average, we have yet to meet anyone who can read minds (but we’re still holding out hope)!

Are you looking for a long-term relationship or do you want something more casual? Do you really want a partner who loves the beach, or better yet, who has a house on the beach? Or, maybe you have your eyes on a new Louis Vuitton bag, and you know that you deserve it. Decide what you want from dating in 2023 and make it clear on your profile. Ask and you shall receive. 

6) Set Boundaries 

Boundaries go hand in hand with honesty and asking for what you want. They play the crucial role of empowering you to stand by your decisions, no matter what. Whether you never kiss on a first date or only meet Seeking members who verify their identity, setting boundaries starts with deciding the what, when, where, and how of your dating life and sharing it all with your new connections. Pro tip: discover how to set boundaries here.

7) Stop Getting Ghosted. Make Real Connections Instead.

As the world’s leading luxury dating app, Seeking makes it simple to connect like-minded singles together to enjoy life’s best experiences. When you find someone so in sync with your goals and interests, ghosting just doesn’t happen—but genuine connections do. Everyone knows a yacht cruise for a party of one isn’t the same as drifting into the sunset with an amazing partner by your side. Seeking makes dream scenarios your reality, so you can forget the nightmare of getting ghosted.

8) Erase Pen Pals

There’s something so exciting about seeing a message from a new connection. You can’t wait to plan your first date where you just know you’ll see sparks. But all too often, the messaging turns into endless back-and-forth chatter and that excitement fades faster than tan lines in the winter. The honest connections you’ll find on Seeking make it more likely you’ll take your online chat to an in-person date. After all, you don’t need a pen pal, you want a partner with whom you can explore the world! Dating in 2023 will be worth writing about.

9) Switch up your Settings 

New year, new you, right? Make your 2023 transformation known by switching up your settings on your Seeking profile. Swap out some pics to match your new no-nonsense attitude. Change your filters to make a connection with that sexy entrepreneur possible. Unchecking some boxes and checking new ones can open up a world of exciting new dating possibilities, and we’re definitely here for that!

Now that you’re armed with these 9 resolutions for dating in 2023, it’s time to create the dating life you deserve.

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