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Standard, Premium, Or Diamond Membership: What’s The Difference?
  • Posted Nov 4, 2014


Whether it’s on SA or anywhere else that involves a membership, you should always be familiar with the benefits offered. First off, it’s free for Sugar Babies to join SeekingArrangement and create your profile as well as browse all the sweet members in your area. Ready to mix and mingle and find your ideal arrangement? How much access you are allowed depends on what level of membership you have.

Basic searches are available to all free accounts. However, you’ll need more than the basic free account in order to connect with other members. Here we take a look at the differences between our membership levels and benefits.

Sugar Daddies

Premium Members

“The best things in life are free.” Maybe some things … but the best things? We disagree. If you’re after a traditional relationship, maybe you can get one for free. But if you want a relationship on your terms, it will take a bit of grease to get the gears going in the right direction. With a Premium membership, more Sugar Babies will be able to show interest in your profile. They know a Premium member is actually invested in finding an arrangement and not just lurking for fun.


You want a customized arrangement that is structured to the exact amount of sweet you want in your lifestyle. The first step is making sure that this woman—or man—is the right match.

Advanced Searches allow Sugar Daddies to search by location, height and weight, ethnicity, allowance expectations, marital status, and much more. You also can save searches—this isn’t a decision you want to rush! We know Sugar Daddies represent a wide variety of tastes, and with saved searches they have time to find a Baby that satisfies every one of them.

Who viewed your profile?

Let’s say a Sugar Baby has already shown interest and seems to be what you’re looking for. Is she the best choice? This feature lets you see what other ladies have taken a peek at your profile and help you choose your best match.

Who added you as a favorite?

See who has added you to their list of Favorites. This works like “Who Viewed Your Profile,” but you already know that you are one of her favorite Daddies.

You can add Sugar Babies to your Favorites list, too!

Hide last login

Discretion is one of the cardinal rules of Sugaring. This feature allows you to hide information pertaining to when you last visited the site.

Diamond Members

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Like an experienced jeweler checking the value of a gem, SA verifies the profile claims of Sugar Daddies who wish to enter our Diamond Club. All Sugar Babies can relax in the knowledge that these Daddies are the real deal—no Splenda or saccharine here.


Diamond Club members must have their income and identity verified. But don’t worry—we keep identities 100% confidential.


Diamond Daddies are the first to appear in searches and appear at the very top of Sugar Babies’ homepages. That means you’ll receive over 40 page views more a day over Premium and Basic members.

Sugar Babies

Fortunately, with SeekingArrangement you’ll have full access with a basic account. Unlike other sites that ask Sugar Babies to pay for dismaying by results of searches in their area, we understand that part of the reason you’re here is financial. If you’ve got the time, our Basic accounts are great, but a Premium account is the fastest way for Sugar Babies to take their Sugaring to the next level.

Premium Members


Premium Babies can create and save Advanced searches. Whether an advance search is made by height, age, income, or allowance budget, the time needed to find potential SDs is slashed by more than half. So you do less searching and do more Sugaring!


Who viewed your profile?

Hey, you already have his attention. Now you can see which Daddies have seen your sweet profile and could be interested in what you have to offer.

Who added you as a favorite?

Daddies are busy men. One may not be able to message you right now, but you don’t have to wait until he has the time to. Knowledge is power, and knowing you’re one of his favorites allows you to make a move before he forgets!

Hide last login

Discretion is one of the cardinal rules of Sugaring. This feature allows you to hide information pertaining to when you last visited the site.

No matter which membership level you choose …

SeekingArrangement’s customer service and satisfaction are unmatched in the online dating industry.

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    How do I upload a photo from my gallery? And why isn’t my profile being seen yet?
    Happy New Year”

  2. Regio says:

    Hey, if I’m a premium Sugar Baby, will standard Sugar Daddies will be able to see my messages? For some reason a sugar daddy I’m interested is not premium (ironic huh)

    • blahrem says:

      If I am a premium sugar daddy, and send a message to a sugar baby that is NOT premium….

      will she see my message? I don’t see a lot of women that would want to upgrade.

  3. Ian Mack says:

    If I sign up to premium membership is it a one off payment or is there repeat billing? If there is repeat billing how do I turn it off? Thanks.

  4. Quality posts is the crucial to interest the viewers to go to see the website, that’s what this site is

  5. Sam says:

    I was able to send a few messages as soon as I joined – a standard member. On the same day, it stopped happening. Is it because there is a daily limit for sending messages?

  6. Essence says:

    I can’t upload pictures to standard account as a sugar baby.

  7. Al Podell says:

    How do I renew my standard membership? I can’t find any place on your website to do this.

  8. Bill says:

    Be Clear, it is not rocket science. Is basic account the free account? Can sugar babies read and reply emails with that free / basic account?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i registered for standard account, yet no activation, what should i do

  10. Anonymous says:

    Have entered a premium account application with proper credit card information–have not had a confirmation or response ;please advise.

  11. platgold says:

    Currently what are the monthly fees for premium and diamond? Is it possible to upgrade from standard to diamond membership or must one go from standard to premium and then upgrade to diamond?

  12. Peter Moatz says:

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  13. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Lauren – They seem to all be Premium members maybe that is where to start? If you want to chat my email is crypticanomaly73 at g mail dot com

  14. Lauren says:

    How does one become a “featured member?” Is it randomly selected?

  15. Lady Amethyst says:

    im not going to lie, i cannot pay for my membership right now. Can anyone help me

  16. @Jake

    “Send Us The Payment
    Make your check payable to “InfoStream Group Inc.” in the amount of USD $29.95 and mail in your payment to:

    SeekingArrangement Billing Department
    InfoStream Group Inc.
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89119
    Your Information
    Be sure to include your Profile Number or Username. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your payment to be received. Once your payment is received, we will upgrade your account and notify you by email.”

    All you need is the profile account number.

  17. “sonya says:
    November 22, 2014 at 10:57 am
    Can a daddy pay for my account please. This is so ennoying”

    Is this a real request?

  18. Halcyon says:

    There are real SDs out there. Not the ones flaunted in the site’s marketing material, that’s just rubbish. It ain’t easy, but it does work, and (just like relationships) each arrangement is unique, special and different. A successful SB needs a lot of street-savvy, on-point communication and strong sense of self. This shit ain’t for the faint-hearted. SDs don’t like lazy SBs, or so I’ve found. Very happy with my current arrangements. Cheers from Halycon, Perth, Western Australia xx

  19. sonya says:

    Can a daddy pay for my account please. This is so ennoying

  20. Jake says:

    there should be the option daddies to pay for babies accounts upgrade

  21. “Josh says:

    Hmmmm. So you don’t want to summarize and I have to read random books?”

    Yes, sweets.


    You could probably get by with a little web search on related concepts, or just the first chapter or two will set you off to a good start.

    Can’t summarize all of the things. It’s taken me sometime to conceptualize these things myself…which I’ve come to through my own experiences, study and observation. If there is a specific comment that piques your interest, I can elaborate on my perspective. A lot of it will make a little more sense if you put together a little framework.

  22. resop2 says:

    @Elaine: “Princess” is a pretty good red flag. I would add “goddess” to that as well, unless it is being used ironically.

    Although it probably seems obvious, another red flag would be if you send them an initial messages and they read it (checkmark to the left of the message) and do you respond. That usually means that they aren’t into you.

    Now, I am wondering if some veteran SD is going to pipe up and say that when this happens you’re supposed to message them taking a harsh antagonistic tone to see if they will get mad and respond.

  23. Elaine says:

    November 12, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    “Another thing that I was pondering is if there was a special lingo that I should be aware of (other than acronyms like NSA and NDA). Sort of like “when a SB/SD says ‘blah-blah-blah’, what they really mean is this …”.”

    If you are an SD:
    To be avoided like the plague…

    If you are an SB:
    “I don’t want/have to pay for it”
    He is on the wrong site…

  24. resop2 says:

    @Josh ““when a SB/SD says ‘blah-blah-blah’, what they really mean is this …”.

    Hahahaha! You may go ahead and subscribe to Cosmo if you don’t already.”

    I might have to! Especially after some SB messages me and tells me that the reason I don’t want to see her in person isn’t because she’s too far away or because I don’t know her like that, it’s because I must have a 500 foot restriction on my movements that I would violate if I came to see her.

  25. Eloquence says:

    Yes, yes, – me and my grammatical errors – “The Phoenix” –

  26. Josh says:

    Hmmmm. So you don’t want to summarize and I have to read random books? 😉

  27. “Josh says:
    November 13, 2014 at 2:51 pm
    @y, long-ass general write-ups don’t help.

    If you can be more specific, it could be interesting.”

    Josh dear…

    These are very broad topics. My post is in response to Cristina’s, and while you may consider my points “general”, they are very much applicable. If there is a specific comment that you find vague, please post it, and I’ll elaborate. Some of my comments may seem broad or general, but the key words have very precise implications.

    I don’t really speak much on the subject here on blog, and as I mentioned, I hesitated to share even now. It has been my experience that many (even some of the most intelligent) are either too far removed, or too deeply entrenched to conceptualize these very present renderings. Those who reckon exist in small numbers in subculture, along the margins, or behind closed doors. As one with a foot in both worlds, I recognize this as the undermining of an otherwise progressive evolution.

    I don’t care to bore anyone though. Id recommend examining Cristina’s and my post for key words, and take a few days reading up on them. Many don’t know because they don’t care to know, not because the answers aren’t out there.

    If you’re interested in a good read, “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins is a good place to start. If you’re up for something that’ll really get your wheels turning, pick up “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, or “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein.

    At any rate, it definitely can’t be gotten in a single post.

    yougottabekiddingme2014 at gmail

  28. exoticleah says:

    After reading all of this I don’t really see the BIG difference besides being first on a list. I was about to pay for this site but now im glad I didn’t. I can use that $30 for happy hour in charlotte lol

  29. SouthernSB says:

    @ygbkm-they had started a new thread about shopping, then it went poof.

  30. Josh says:

    @y, long-ass general write-ups don’t help.

    If you can be more specific, it could be interesting. 😉

  31. SouthernSB says:

    OK, what happened this time?

  32. “-Are we environmentally -conditioned to believe from birth that this particular social institution is humanity’s only option?”

    Yes, straight out the gate.

    “-Does our belief in marriage or the quest to “find that perfect stranger” activate the all important “hope” that keeps us alive?”

    Yes, it does. It is the motivation behind many of our actions. That and hope in sky parties, maybe.

    I recently had this very conversation with someone regarding reevaluating and approaching relationships. The key is in allowing room for human nature, and adapting with change and impermanence.

    I hesitate to share my perspective as a polyamorous female (not to be confused, bastardized, diluted or misconstrued with common misconceptions), but I think it ultimately depends on what one wants to achieve in life, and how quality of life is measured. It’s most often based on the projections of social construct and institutions, yet somehow even after following the manual, we come up short.

    We buy into this idea of what and with whom happiness should be. We buy into the idea that this happiness is and will always be the ultimate key to life’s purpose and ultimate fulfillment..forever. I do not subscribe to this…anymore.

    Just as the human has evolved, so has human intelligence. The conflict is in recognizing, understanding and adapting to our primal instinct and the modern day mind (thinking mind) of humans in the context of social and biological history and socially inscribed institutions. It’s a conflict of innate drive, free will, and social mandates. Can happiness be achieved in the absence of any component? Possibly. But what about when change arises in one, some or all of those components?

    Take marriage (to which I’m not explicitly opposed), of many examples:

    Marriage is the social construct under which people subscribe for the purpose of consummating the innate drive to procreate. The degree of free will is subjective here.

    The thing is, free will is in many cases contingent upon satisfying the other two components…innate drive and social mandate.

    The conflict of innate drive and free will exists in both conscious and unconscious strivings…one over riding the other.

    So ultimately…

    So long as (and not until) you fulfill your biological purpose and achieve social acceptance can you exercise free will. The trick is, none of these components are constants. As one component changes, so do the others. The problem is that when we sign up for the package deal, we fail to note the fine print that reads, “The contents of this package are subject to change.” And when those contents do change, we boycott, we call foul, we claim treason, blasphemy and deception, we suddenly want our money back, we want a refund or at least an exchange…only to get another package, ignoring again the fine print while dismissing the other package as never worth while. It was, afterall, supposed to be the complete package, only to disappoint.

    The concept of impermanence is even that which stays the same is ever changing.

    In conceptualizing and embracing impermanence, my attitude towards relationships is one of growth and adaptation. It’s essential.

    That may come to mean that someone with whom I’ve shared love, friendship and compatibility might not always be compatible in all the same ways. It is by no ones ill-will.

    We oftentimes don’t understand or even recognize change within ourselves, let alone others. Or we do, but we’re afraid of how acknowledging it to ourselves and to a meaningful other would affect our relationship with them. We’re afraid of what acknowledging, accepting and embracing that change will mean for us…for our current and future relationships, and oftentimes what it means within the context of the social construct to which we’ve subscribed. So we ignore it, lie to ourselves and suppress it. People spend their entire lives this way.

  33. Josh says:

    Great post Cristina, typos and all.

    Yes, Brandon has created a space but keeps falling into the trap of sugar-to-marriage…and hello…went ahead and got married.

    Having said that, I think that he is under pressure from the wife-mafia to keep his enterprise afloat. I empathize with, and ultimately can’t blame the businessman Brandon…baby steps…to widespread sugar.

  34. YogaSB says:

    Wow, @Cristina.
    I wish I had time to respond to you right now, but I really identify with your thoughts and would like to expound upon them when I have the time. xo

  35. Cristina says:

    I am sorry about the editing issues. It was really hard for my distracted and limited mind to operate in the user-interface’s four- line- box and its de minimis scrolling options; my comment got away from me before the proof-reading process was completed. Please disregard everything after the final salutation:
    “thanks Brandon Wade, you made my year”. I am truly thankful for the chance to meet others who are interested in thinking about new ideas in social relations. I am an eternal optimist, thankful of any assistance in my quest for personal happiness and fulfillment.

  36. Cristina says:

    I am so thankful for Brandon Wade and this site,!!!! He has literally created a new paradigm for social relationships, the related communication/social organization forum and the marketing and public awareness to make it an alternative ideal and contender. First, I should introduce myself. My name is Cristina, a post-graduate in cognitive neuroscience who splits Seattle and Boston.
    I cant be more thankful that “smart”, “creative” and “wise” people started directing their interest,imagination and energy into the examination of the general social paradigms and traditions (like marriage) that affect every aspect of our lives and happiness. I could never understand why the “deep- thinkers” studying neural networking and neurochemistry/psychology, sitting next to me in my graduate courses at Stanford and MIT, fully- embraced (with out the least bit of hesitation), traditions, customs and outdated paradigms of social relations. I mean, hello??! The majority of students in my program spend years of coursework discussing hemispheric distribution and neuro-biological evolution, only to socially jump into a marriage which is statistically likely to fail.

    -Are the majority of us we are too busy trying to survive to examine what is truly going on??? Do we as individuals prefer to privately contract around things rather then do the work associated with making the necessary changes in property and trust and estate law that created social constructs like marriage and forced heir-ship in the first place?

    – Does following outdated but clearly established social norms and ideals satisfy our inherent need for control and order?

    -Is the “wife” lobby that strong? I mean it seems pretty obvious that modern marriage is lacking of a feedback loop. Wife-ry has somehow transformed itself quite the virtual lobbying union. All the financial rewards without any of the traditionally- associated “wife” requirements. (Kind of reminds me of the relationship between legislators and taxpayer’s; ie. the similarity in the economic inefficiencies and discrepancies in participants’ motivation and goals created when the government spends taxpayers money with few limitations).

    -Are we environmentally -conditioned to believe from birth that this particular social institution is humanity’s only option?

    -Do the rituals of weddings and defining our daily spaces keep us distracted?

    -Does our belief in marriage or the quest to “find that perfect stranger” activate the all important “hope” that keeps us alive?

    I am only a post-grad, and no famous scholar in cognitive neuroscience. However, i do know that “hope” is an energy source for humans. Hope is literally “the expectation of a benefit”. Think of what people have achieved with “hope’-crossed deserts, survived inhumane conditions, and kept themselves alive despite terrible odds. Hope is amazing and true love is the “Apple of Eden” however, why is it that we have tied hope to out-dated dysfunctional institutions like marriage.

    I love hope and have lots of it. However, IMHO, I dont see why hope is directly tied to marriage as a system. IMHO, it might benefit us a society to consider alternative social options.
    I don’t know personally if monogamy makes sense given our long lifespan; or whether polygamy helps us create a social network that is more efficient and better suited to our fast-paced World and social needs? I like other women and would love to try out a polygamous experiment where there is a specialization of labor, group goals, more free time and larger benefits associated with synnergy and economies of scale.

    But then again…what do i know.

    Thanks again, Brandon Wade, You made my year.

    Clearly, the wife lobby is a strong one but this is a very-short-sighted position, one completely divorced (lol) from reality. Such a mis-allignment of motivations (especially in the case of high net worth individuals marrying outside of their socioeconomic can’t continue as a system especially when you look at the issues created in . Why is a es.couwas compeof assumptions was completely abandoned when it came to individual male-female relationships. While i totally believe that “true in all love” is the apple of Eden, I never could blindly flip into an 18th Century role given the complete revolution in our social environment.
    -Given our extended lifespans, does lifelong monogamy make sense?
    -st, is one person are we chaour dynamic and e also don’t see the mis-allignment of motivations and requirements associated with marriage benefiting society in general . To me it is like any other system that lacks a feedback loop. t-ing anyone tioo. ature , tIt seems like ,konscu everyo marching like cattle into anachronistic relationship modes created in property law during the 18th Century. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was mujer gte definitionalsnt – why keep doing the same thing and expectgiaenhellom at my top five educational institutions, never directed their Unpthe most intelligent supposedly acreativy’ NS or wise dehappy that creativity and time was put into the creation of this

  37. Josh says:


    “Maybe your business skills are so brilliant that you can help him keep his basketball team afloat?”

    Or increase its actual sale price by hundreds of millions of dollars? 😉

  38. Josh says:


    “when a SB/SD says ‘blah-blah-blah’, what they really mean is this …”.

    Hahahaha! You may go ahead and subscribe to Cosmo if you don’t already.

  39. resop2 says:

    @Aria I think that it is possible but only if you have some sort of shining talent that can captivate a SD more than sex. For example, maybe you could put him into a trance with your violin playing? Maybe you could paint pictures or write stories that would steal his soul? Maybe your physical beauty would cause your SD’s ego to balloon so much when he shows you off to his friends that he wouldn’t even need to have sex? Maybe your business skills are so brilliant that you can help him keep his basketball team afloat? Otherwise, it seems unlikely. Guys might throw some money your way if they think you’re cute and feel that they want to protect you, but that money is going to be limited and way short of lucrative. The main problem is that a SD has women throwing themselves at him every day so there is little incentive to settle for platonic unless you have something else that is extraordinary.

  40. resop2 says:

    @Elaine I agree that wanting to switch venues is not suspicious by itself, but I think it is highly suspicious if they want to do it on the first message.

    You posted some really good red flags, although I might be in trouble since I don’t have a cam.

    Another thing that I was pondering is if there was a special lingo that I should be aware of (other than acronyms like NSA and NDA). Sort of like “when a SB/SD says ‘blah-blah-blah’, what they really mean is this …”.

  41. Josh says:


    What exactly is the reason to not want intimacy?

    1. You don’t want intimacy with any man?

    2. You don’t want intimacy in sugar relationship because you are intimate in an “regular” relatuonship?

    3. You equate intimacy with prostitution in sugar relationship?

    4. You don’t want intimacy with an older man?

  42. Josh says:

    *and/or Kate Upton. 😉

  43. Josh says:

    @NC Gent

    Spot on… For me it would be J-Law. But most likely J-Law may not care for me or my money. 🙁

    Going serveral notches down in terms of celebrity, I would gladly play decent amounts of money to really fun girls to keep me entertained with nothing more than flirting in the “intimacy” department.

    However, such women are hard to find. Most women are more concerned about how their hair look compared to what comes out of their mouths and the body language to entertain the man they are meeting.

    Most women are even worse. They want men to entertain them AND pay them.

    • dreamingbird says:

      This is EXACTLY what I want to be a SB for – the fun, the flirting, bt also very clear boundaries. I don’t care about my hair – let me know if you’re interested :).

  44. NC Gent says:

    ughhh platonically

  45. NC Gent says:

    Aria — unrealistic, some would say no, but I would say that it is highly unlikely unless you are incredibly beautiful, smart and classy. I would pay Jessica Alba a large sum of money to hangout platonicly with me for a weekend. Unfortunately for me, she doesn’t need the money or me 🙂

  46. Aria says:

    Is it unrealistic to think that you could have a lucrative relationship with an SD that didn’t involve physical intimacy?

  47. Elaine says:

    @ Resop2

    I wouldn’t say it is always scam artists that ask you to move the conversation to email or Skype.
    I am defenitely not a scam artist, but after some mails I ask to move to Gmail because I don’t want to have to log in for every next message.
    Being at work it is easier for me to check and answer my Gmail, as having to log in at SA.

    Furthermore a big red flag for SBs;
    Men who very early want to discuss sex related matters.

    For SDs;
    Girls that immediately want to discuss money, ask money or gifts upfront, or ask money for a first meet.

    For both;
    People that refuse to verify themselves by pictures or videochat when asked for.

    For me personally;
    People that before a meet* don’t want to disclose their true identity.
    * My meetings are always long distance, I would have less problems with it if we would live in the same city and could just meet for a coffee without travelling involved.

    But anyway, I would never trust my body to someone who doesn’t trust me enough to tell me who he really is.

  48. resop2 says:

    I have a question for those veterans of the scene: Are the rules of thumb for reading between the lines of messages that you might receive? One rule I always follow is that if the first thing the other person asks you is to contact them on another website then they are always scam artists. Are there any more rules I should know about?

  49. Speaking of underwear…

    Joshbabe, I saw a thigh gap today that would’ve made you drib your shorts.

    I wanted to say, “Hey, lady! Work that thigh gap ;D,” and gesture for a high-five, but thought that might’ve weirded her out.

  50. And by “too much money”, I mean enough money not to warrant having his speedo all wadded up his ass 😀

  51. Anyone who can “lose” $995.5 million dollars, and still have $995.5 million more has too much damn money anyway. That’s wealth that will carry on for generations. Stop whining, Mr. Hamm. You’re not hurting for anything. Tell me about the man who loses half of his $100,000 income, $60,000 income, or $30,000 income, and I might have some empathy. Nothing about Mr. Hamm’s life will change due to his “loss”. Mr. Hamm still has $16 billion dollars to blow on 15 more wives, and still keep his billionaire status. Two greedy people fighting over hundreds of millions of dollars? Chit chat chit chat

    Sign a prenup next time, Mr. Hamm. K, kind sir?

  52. SouthernSB says:


  53. SouthernSB says:

    Good for you, protecting all parties involved.

  54. Josh says:


    Of course.

    From a different vantage point, 26 times her highest annual salary plus some would have been plenty generous for he.

    All said, unless men put their foot down and renounce the “community property” scam, they will continue to lose.

  55. Josh says:

    I require them to produce ID. No ID no sugar from either side.

  56. SouthernSB says:

    @Online-I would watch out for the 18 year olds, sadly there are some 17 year olds who push their ages up because, “Hey everyone lies on the internet, right?”

  57. $995.5 million? Why not just round up to a billion? Silly men…

  58. Josh says:


    “@Josh – did you see the Hamm divorce judgement? $995.5 million!”

    When I posted the whole headline, SA put me in moderation. I was not sure if Hamm was being blocked. So I removed the name and SA took it.

  59. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Has anyone else seen a trend in YOUNGER profiles? I was just contacted by a profile for an 18yo SB that states in her profile she’s finishing her last year of HIGH SCHOOL…seriously? Then, she states “Someone who’s willing to break a few rules and be discrete is the man for me.” — Really? Holy Crap, this has got jail time written all over it!

    Had another one that contacted me, 20yo, with a join date from 2010…did she really join at 16-17? Is she lying about her birthdate to show as a 20yo when she’s really 28 or 29?

  60. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    The web story I saw about Hamm cited a Russian oligarch’s divorce settlement that was $4.5 billion! Talk about Asset Protection!!!

  61. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – Sorry, you did talk about it above…I thought it was a different divorce.

  62. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – did you see the Hamm divorce judgement? $995.5 million!

  63. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh…I was a bit sarcastic with my “fun” reference, but forgot the winkie or smilie face (hahaha) Asset protection IS a better way to put it, since it’s meant to keep away the rinsers. But it has to be a delicate balance to continue to attract quality attention.

  64. SexyRockstar says:

    Where do I buy such a thing?

  65. Josh says:

    You’re welcome dear. 😉

  66. Josh says:

    Rumor has it that chastity belts were used for women’s own protection from rape and not necessarily because their men did not trust them.

    The unfortnate consequence was that women had to learn how to give head to their potential rapists.

    To this day, women refuse to give head to their husbands, and husbands have to go elsewhere for the same.

    Keep in mind that the above is solely based on rumor and conjecture. 😉

  67. flyR says:

    Part of problem is that many if not most of the SB population comes from an age group where you are what you bought with what you could borrow.

    The SD who owes nothing but a small loan on his home, had kids through college has an immensely greater % of income which is discretionary, perfect for indiscretions

  68. Josh says:

    I don’t know about getting “fun” out of misdirection. Asset protection is more like it.

  69. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    And THAT is probably why the SD is understating income/assets or making the numbers look a bit funky…playing a little misdirection on the potential SB pool can be a bit fun!

  70. Josh says:

    “So as long as your POT SD can come up with the allowance you want, think twice about who you make fun of and how much they tell you they make.”

    Understatement does not work with women whose primary purpose of meeting you is to get money out of you.

  71. flyR says:

    @dazed re SD income – great post and very accurate.

  72. Dazed-SD says:

    @sexyrock,,I got them thanks,, I’m just speechless !

  73. gtt_envy says:

    @Dazed I know NO ONE that makes even close to that. The guys I do know that are worth 10-12 million with incomes in the 600k range it’s pretty obvious to all they are doing much better than just Okay.

  74. Lainey says:

    WELL SAID @Dazed-SD!!

  75. SexyRockstar says:


    I am…I emailed you naked pictures and no response 🙁

  76. Dazed-SD says:

    anyone else having email problems ?

  77. Dazed-SD says:

    @ the SB’s about income. Every single multi millionaire I know, and the guy I work for is a Billionaire would never let you know how much money they make, why you ask, because they don’t have to prove anything to anyone but the IRS. They all dress in jeans and some even wear flannel shirts with tennis shoes. Most of them have Jets that you would never see etc.. So based on the people I know personally and professionally, they don’t brag or show off. It’s the wanna be’s that walk around wearing $1,500.00 shoes drive crazy cars etc..the true dudes with big money rarely show it or talk about it. One guy in particular I did business with, when I met him he had on jeans flannel shirt and work boots, the fanciest thing he wore was a leather jackets. He makes about $50,000,000.00 a year and you would never know it.

    So as long as your POT SD can come up with the allowance you want, think twice about who you make fun of and how much they tell you they make.

    Me personally no one here would ever find out how much I make, and just because I don’t put 2 mill a year on my profile you might think I’m not worth your time, you would be mistaken.

  78. Josh says:

    Another man learns an EXPENSIVE lesson…

    Continental CEO ordered to pay $995 million in divorce.

  79. peachyyy says:

    lol hehe

  80. Josh says:

    Another man learns an EXPENSIVE lesson…

    Continental CEO Harold Hamm ordered to pay $995 million in divorce.

  81. SexyRockstar says:


    So I just emailed that Warner Bro dude, HAHA. I actually know someone who works at that studio…as an Intern. I am going to ask Mr Picture Collector if he knows him and say he is some big shot over there

  82. SexyRockstar says:

    Theres a slutty batman-bathroom picture now in my collection. HAHAHA.

    Miss Lady, as you can tell, Lainey is really “loud” in personality, and some men can’t help themselves. Even tho she gets into little…debates…yeah, debates…with other blog members, she is super smart. So, beautiful, in your face, and smart. I’ll take it.

    Anyways. I have no idea what the hell I am going to wear to Vegas. I feel like I should go to the Air Port in a Tina Turner dress. OMG, oorrrr an Elvis jumpsuit. And do my show in that too! HAHAHA.

  83. Lainey says:

    @SexyRockstar you don’t look like a bimbo. I would’ve never fell in love if it wasn’t for that Radio Shack bathroom pic. Lol

  84. Lainey says:

    @LadyScarlett I believe we BOTH already stated that its a combination of things.

  85. LadyScarlett says:

    Well, I do not believe that hotness is the only factor in determining allowance amounts…can be a combination of things, yes?

  86. SexyRockstar says:

    Lady, I want to see your picture

  87. SexyRockstar says:

    Lady. I think she’s beautiful. Damn, she hotter then me. And i look like a bimbo! HAHAHAHA

  88. LadyScarlett says:

    Well, am not looking to post my picture out there for everyone to see, as I am discreet. But, you are free to email me, if you would like to see.

  89. SexyRockstar says:

    …like I said, she is here to give advice, receive advice. Sugar is spread out everywhere.

  90. Lainey says:

    @LadyScarlett Lol. You’re more than welcome to post your pic and I’ll change my avatar to one and we can have a vote. Mind you 98% of my photos are with no makeup. It’s silly but Completely up to you. 😉

  91. Lainey says:

    Thanks boo @SexyRockstar. A hot comedian calling me beautiful & hilarious = best compliment of all time. #DayMADE!

    @LadyScarlett none of my SDs have come from SA. I happen to meet a lot of affluent men because my family and the area I live in. I think men automatically assume, because my appearance, intelligence and age, that to sustain a relationship with me they must “COME CORRECT” Lol.

  92. LadyScarlett says:

    Yes, have seen her picture….Hmm, well we will have to agree to disagree on that one. But, my point was, even if true, then she was probably not meeting them, on SA, yes, which you seem to agree with….

    Blog SD’s with all the speak of women fantasy writing on getting over $3,000 or $4,000 a month, in allowance, then wonder what they think of over $80,000-100,000 for one shopping trip.

  93. SexyRockstar says:

    ….so. you ARE Taylor Swift! How is it working with Max Martin?!?

    I hope you read my advice to you in regards to your book

  94. SexyRockstar says:


    Have you seen what Lainey looks like? She’s beautiful. Not only that, but she is pretty smart, and hilarious. She ((despite any blog fights)) has excellent people skills and she also knows a lot of men with a lot of money due to her family. She is fantastic at networking. So, honestly, it would not surprise me that she is able to land this. She also is on here because she gives GREAT advice to new SBs and nice prospective to new SDs.

  95. Rebecca says:

    Rockstar: I have been told we similar bodies, but sadly am not her. I enjoyed her most recent music video where she acts like a psycho.

  96. LadyScarlett says:

    With that being said, am very happy for those who find success as an SB or Sd, but some stories are just too much…

  97. LadyScarlett says:

    No…feel free to send or show any proof, Lainey…I am not jealous(actually, a more appropriate term would be envious, since you love vocab), Lainey, but some of your stories are highly suspect. There are many young, beautiful girls on blog posting how hard it is to find 10k a month allowances, yet you are bragging you have men pay 80-100k, just for one shopping trip? If you have that caliber of SD, then doubt you use SA, so why have a profile on here? It sounds very sketchy…

  98. SexyRockstar says:

    So….Rebecca…are you Taylor Swift?

  99. SexyRockstar says:


    Can you please take me to the tattoo shop tonight? My nose stud fell out…I need a new one. I only trust their stuff. Because I am spoiled…so is my body. It won’t handle the cute shitty shit from Claire’s. I need titanium or better 🙁

  100. @yougotitallwrong

    Thanks, NC Gent! Sorry i got it wrong.

  101. Lainey says:

    Furthermore who or what I am is something I can’t change, that is why in so open about it. I’ve tried suppressing it before and it just comes back tenfold. SHE, on the other hand, is making a CONSCIOUS decision to be conniving and divulge “secrets”. It’s not even CLOSE to being the same

  102. Lainey says:

    @LadyScarlett I’m not in the tabloids. I’ve been on a gossip blog as have MANY girls that date athletes.

    Its funny that when offered proof of my shopping spree you turn it down. You must not want it to be true. So I’ll let you live in your jealousy induced coma.

    Also at least I’m upfront about who I am. I’m not on here using men for book material unbeknownst to them. ALL my SDs are FULLY AWARE of what I am and love it or simply accept it. I don’t think hers would “LOVE” her intentions.

  103. SexyRockstar says:

    I was with an SD for 8 months until he finally found out I had kids. Funny story actually. I was in Target with my brother and my kids. He took them to the toy isle and I was looking at clothes ((I can’t help myself going through the clearance section)). My SD saw me, he was alone, and was surprised to see me. Out of no where, my oldest runs up to me and goes “Mama, Uncle –insert name here– is using us to pick up girls! It’s funny.” and he looked at me, in total shock. It actually brought us closer. It was another thing him and I can relate on. He has kids, youngest is my oldest kids age, so we talked about it. He even met my brother that day. I told my brother he was my boss ((this was when I didn’t teach guitar full time yet)) Point being…it’s sugar. Hell, for crying out loud, I can be a different person with each POT I met. Yes, it’s trust, but no drama. Kids? No SD is going to want to hear screaming kids in the background while having phone sex with his SB. He TRUSTED me not to call him on his family time, he TRUSTED me that I wasn’t going to give him STDs, he TRUSTED me that I wasn’t going to tell the waiter at the restaurant that he is married and banging a 20 something. So him, and MidWest are the only SDs that know about my kids. I mean, I talk about all the fun stuff I do with them on here thanks to sugar dating 🙂 She may be marrying for love but fucking you for fun. Same thing with you and your wife.

    are you really Taylor Swift? Writing about all the men out there? If so, my daughter really loves you, may I have an autograph?
    –But really? A book? I hope i’m not sounding like a bitch or anything, but if your target audience is young girls. Guess what? We’re all fuckn stupid and don’t read books anymore. I suggest keep it a blog, make a fun Facebook page and target that way. Websites make money by having ads on their site. If you can show any company how many hits you get on your blog, they will pay you to put an ad on their site. Same thing with Facebook. If you’re running a page on there, and a bunch of people “like” your page, you will be allowed to make money off of that. This way, you’re not paying for an editor, publisher, ext ext, You’re cutting out all the middle men. God damn…it’s like i’m smart or something. That would be $100 dollars for mentoring.

    …am I a mentor now? @SexyRockstar_MentorGuru

  104. As for my previous comment…

    My mention of his marital status was in consideration of his admission, ” I am married and was upfront and clear that I never intend to leave my wife. She is a good “sb” and plays her part well, we have been together for 2 years.”

    Links never intends to leave his wife, he is happy with his relationship with his SB, her relationship status of having a fiance ” wouldn’t change anything about [them]”. Im just saying that perhaps it should be considered that maybe she was thinking the same thing…considering that Links never asked or implied? that he wanted an exclusive relationship with her.

    Based on what youve shared, Links, I would say to her “I know that you have a fiance, and that doesnt change anything. But Im bothered that you didnt share that with me. I think it would provided an opportunity for an open and honest conversation without her feeling accosted and interrogated. I dont think that asking, “Is there something youve been hiding from me?” is the best approach. Is failure to disclose the same as concealing or hiding? Also, I would avoid applying negative connotation, deceit or ill intent to non-disclosure in this situation. The relationship is beneficial to you both. That she is engaged might seem trivial to her if it also holds true to her that her engaged status changes nothing for the two of you.

    I mean… albeit two-years belated, I guess you could try to assess her intention by asking, “Are you seeing anyone?” In which case she’ll answer truthfully or not. Even with knowing this, I dunno that you can really even draw a line of conclusion between her intention then (two years ago), and her intention now.

    In short, Im sure you understand that this young lady you never intend to marry, desires to have a husband/life partner. If the relationship you have with her is rewarding for you both, then let it be.

    “Id like to talk about our relationship. I know that Ive never asked for exclusivity. I do know that you have a fiance, and that doesnt change anything for me, but Im bothered (upset, angry, pissed, about to jump off a cliff, or whatever your state may be) that you didnt tell me.”

    1) Acknowledging that you didnt ask for exclusivity is self-sacrificing, establishes empathy, encourages her to share candidly.
    2) “I do know that you have a fiance” establishes that this is not a question of her status, but conclusive knowledge.
    3) “…and that doesnt change anything for me” informs her of your position and related consequence.
    4) “Im bothered that you didnt tell me” establishes that despite 1-3, you feel a certain way about her failing to disclose, for whatever reason she failed to disclose.

    Now. Some men of the blog would call this “woman speak”. I call it effective communication :).

    You could also just say, “These hoes aint loyal”, and dump her. But then, you might find yourself posting here throughout the various stages of your self-imposed, unnecessary grief.

  105. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Petite has it right…and that was where I was trying to get, between work tasks, about details that creep into the writing to give away an identity…but it’s also like @NC said, if a SB has spent everything she’s been given and doesn’t have any significant liquid assets, even the best NDA proves to be worthless because there’s no way to recover…and it’s already after the breach of information and destruction to the SD’s life and livelihood!

  106. LadyScarlett says:

    Yeah, sure Lainey, and you are in the tabloids now as well…sheesh. As if no one gossips with their girlfriends about their SD? I see nothing wrong with writing a book as long as no one is revealed.

    And Lainey, a character assassination and lecture on character, coming from a self proclaimed individual who brags about being a misanthrope, sociopathic narcissist…really?

    Yougottabekiddingme…is this place for real, or a bad nightmare?

  107. Lainey says:

    Btw Karrine Steffan bka SUPERHEAD. Look her up if you don’t know who she is.

  108. Lainey says:

    After her the whole “women exposing men” book fad really took off. Now you see it everywhere! Women entertaining men for the sole purpose of “material”. Its sick and a definite representation of one’s TRUE character.

    I don’t read tabloids or gossip blogs. Although, I’ve been featured on a few before. Scumbags! I could write stories about many well-known individuals NOT having slept with them (doubt you can do the same) but I have integrity. Its so disheartening that many women’s claim to fame has been found in the tales that fall between their legs.

  109. NC Gent says:

    lol Petite had the correct interpretation 🙂

    sorry for the confusion yougotitallwrong 🙂

  110. Lainey says:

    All I have to say is “Fuckin Karrine Steffans!!” Lol

  111. Lainey says:

    @LadyScarlett dont say “others” day my name. I can make ONE of the receipts my avatar if you like. Because only ONE of the receipts are close to 80K the others push it far over 100 😉

  112. Petite says:

    I was inferring from the information she’s given us on the blog so far.
    If she writes in much more detail, it’s hazardous territory for a book.
    She mentions an SD being the CEO of a major oil company, traveling to a specific location for a conference, specific travel information that could lead to the identification of the SD– that’s just me thinking of examples from the top of my head– sure there’s more.

    Precisely; implied discretion is part of the reason SBs are paid/treated so well.
    Haha awww, thanks :P. Mostly just a head/achey/throat thing now– the worst is over. Made myself some soup :).

  113. Jj says:

    @Petite … you are spot on and would bet that were Reb incorporate something of her intentions within her profile, there would be complete radio silence on traffic… There is an implied fact of sugar of participant’s disclosure, if not actually stated in fact. Likely she had “slipped” something in a convo with ‘pot’ as to his requesting a NDA,…. just say’n…. AND!!! I am so saddened to hear “my baby” is not feeling well ): …..

  114. LadyScarlett says:

    Yes, I understand, but think she is just blogging right now and expressed her interest in writing a book later…am sure, or would assume that she would get legal advice before actually doing so. Many people think of writing a book, in their minds, but never actually do. It was just blog chat, yes?

    Is nice of everyone to be concerned and give free advice, though…live and learn (:

  115. Petite says:

    Ohhhhh, haha I can see that now. Eek.

  116. @Petite

    Thought that it was perhaps another incorrect inference based on my previous comment.

  117. Petite says:

    Maybe you missed what I said, or perhaps I didn’t explain well enough
    There are issues with both creative non-fiction AND fiction based on real people- it has to be handled correctly.

  118. Petite says:

    I’m not sure what you thought he was getting at
    My interpretation (however incorrect) was that if she thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell her pot SDs that she was going to write about them

  119. @ Gent

    Or did i mistake what you were getting at…

  120. “NC Gent says:
    November 10, 2014 at 12:29 pm
    If there really is no problem with what Rebecca is doing, then she shouldn’t have any issue with disclosing her intentions to the SDs she is communicating with, right?”

    Nice try, gent, but no. K? Dont do that, please.

  121. LadyScarlett says:

    @petite, perhaps, I missed something, then because I did not see where Rebecca said she was writing a creative non-fiction book…you are assuming this, yes?

  122. Petite says:

    Eh. My stepmom is a lawyer and an author, so when I read these kinds of things they make me cringe.
    It’s such an invasion of privacy if done incorrectly.
    The blog you linked, Rebecca, is doing it right. Most columns are advice columns, the few that talk about SDs do so in the abstract and focus on the SBs actions/life– not the actions/life of the SD.

  123. Rebecca says:

    Googled sugar baby blogs
    About 1,440,000 results (0.27 seconds)

    This is probably the most popular one 🙂
    thesugarbabydiary com/

    “This is an uncensored documentation of a sugar baby’s thoughts, experiences, and valuable lessons learned in the sugar dating world. It is a confusing, glamorous, scary, rewarding lifestyle that is not for everyone. Read at your own discretion.”

  124. Petite says:

    @NC Gent

  125. Petite says:

    There’s a difference between basing a character on a real person in fiction and writing creative non-fiction.
    The legal distinction is VERY apparently as I’ve posted above.
    Most blogs don’t gain traction. From a legal standpoint, you can’t claim defamation unless there is a good possibility people the SD interacts with or could potentially interact with are exposed to the material.

  126. LadyScarlett says:

    I am not saying it is right or wrong, but it happens all the time. I see books similar to this at bookstore as well….

  127. Rebecca says:

    I appreciate the legal help Lainey. I’ll be sure to look into it once the book is actually completed. It is just entries on my own blog at the moment.

  128. NC Gent says:

    If there really is no problem with what Rebecca is doing, then she shouldn’t have any issue with disclosing her intentions to the SDs she is communicating with, right?

  129. LadyScarlett says:

    @petite, how do you feel about SB blogs where sugar babies post very intimate details, and only call the Sd by a fake name? You do realise this is all over the internet, yes?

  130. LadyScarlett says:

    I don’t think Rebecca meant she was writing a book solely for the purpose of wasting a guy’s time…I think she just enjoys sugaring and might write about her experiences one day….lots of SBs do that.

  131. Petite says:

    For creative non-fiction; which is what it appears you are attempting; I would consult with a lawyer before you attempt to publish.
    Just so you know, even though typically for libel suits, you have to have written something defamatory AND untrue; even if all that you write in this book is completely factual (though I doubt you wouldn’t embellish at all) you can still be the subject of an “invasion of privacy” lawsuit.

    If the subject matter you publish is not loosely based on people you have talked to on this site and is rather an accurate and complete representation of them: I would make sure everything you write is either 1) public knowledge or 2) you have written permission..

    Those are my 2 cents…

  132. LadyScarlett says:

    Really, Rebecca is talking about having trouble finding a legitimate SD, and asking for help with her situations, yet others post that they were gifted almost 80k for one shopping trip, and that isn’t called BS on….yeah, Josh, might want to recalibrate that BS detector of yours, hehe 😉 xx

    I would also write a book and change names. Why not? A lot of fiction is based on non-fiction, only with character name changes, yes….

  133. Petite says:

    I would hope you’re changing enough about these men’s lives as to make them unrecognizable; or like, NC suggested, you’re fully disclosing your intentions when talking to these SDs. I highly doubt the latter though…
    If you’re using these interactions for “research” for a fictional novel; fine, whatever, do with your time what you want. (I think it’s pretty rude to waste these guys’ time, but I can’t do anything about that).

    A couple quotes for you to think about:

    “Collecting is one thing, reproducing them wholesale is another, and as with many things, it’s all a question of degree. If you make a character look, sound and behave exactly the same as someone you know, then you’re straying outside the bounds of fiction. And the person you are using will probably realize that is what you are up to.”

    “When an author wants to draw from a real person as the basis for a fictional character, there are two relatively “safe” courses of action from a legal perspective: First, the author may make little or no attempt to disguise the character, but refrain from any defamatory and false embellishments on the character’s conduct or personality; second, the author may engage in creative embellishments that reflect negatively on the character’s reputation, but make substantial efforts to disguise the character . . . to avoid identification. When an author takes a middle ground, however, neither adhering perfectly to the person’s attributes and behavior nor engaging in elaborate disguise, there is a threat of defamation liability.”

  134. Josh says:


    What is SA policy on the use of the blog in the manner being exploited by the literary character @Rebecca?

  135. Josh says:


    I like to believe that I have a pretty good knack to detect bullshit, most of the times. @Rebecca has been bullshitting for days, starting with the fantasy of flying to Spain and Middle East, and that’s what my problem is with her. 😉

  136. Josh says:

    @Rebecca (and the real person behind the id)

    Cease and Desist.

    You don’t have my permission to include anything I have already written here or will write in the future for any purpose whatsoever EXCEPT responding to them right here IF you so desired.

    That’s my version of NDA. I hope that it is amusing for ya. 😉

  137. Rebecca says:

    Look on Amazon. Many SB books. I don’t recall any making big news, so my past SDs are not going to be calling me saying “john” in the book is totally them. Ever check out SB blogs? Thousands of them and they gain $ from the ads on the page. I am not the first one to ever conjure up the idea of a SB book. Are they exploiting the SDs by talking about their experiences? I don’t think so. They’re just sharing their experiences for the amusement of other women.

  138. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I agree…however…with the comment from @NC about proper disclosure and release forms from SDs! I, for one, would hire attorneys to fight the disclosure in a book…even if there was “name changes to protect contacts” there can be disclosures without knowing that would open the SD up to public or family issues. Writing a book about your escapades in the Sugar Bowl might be good publicity for SA or for the fame-hungry SD, or to line the pockets of the no-longer-active SB, but without proper disclosure and releases from the subjects, doesn’t scream sugar to me…smells like exploitation!

  139. LadyScarlett says:

    What is your problem with [email protected]? I already have her email and we correspond. She is very real and from what I know…extremely attractive and I believe her. Is good to hear real stories, from real SBs, on blog. Writing a book might make her extra earned income one day, yes, while she is in college? Her own money made, that you can even respect 😉

  140. Josh says:


    “Rebecca, would love to hear more about this book you are writing…sounds interesting.”

    I think this is when two bloggers ask Kirsten to exchange their email addresses so that they can save the rest from sustained torture. 🙁

  141. NC Gent says:

    there* not their ughhh

  142. NC Gent says:

    @Rebecca — I am sure you are getting all the proper release forms from these men and their is full disclosure?

  143. Lainey says:

    I frickin wish real emojis worked on the blog @YGBKM would be getting the “crying laughing” emoji from me, all day

  144. Josh says:


    Do you make ANY money other than rinsing men?

  145. “Interesting perspective. I don’t think because he is married that he is less deserving of honesty. Is there scale for the right to honesty? So a completely single SB deserves more honesty than an SB with a serious bf, and a married SB deserves less honesty that a both the former? I thought sugar is all about honesty and no games. I am going to go change my profile to single, and if the SB doesn’t ask — her problem — not mine — brb!”

    No no, dear. Mistaken. What I mean is…

  146. “Rebecca, would love to hear more about this book you are writing…sounds interesting.”

    chit chat chit chat

  147. Josh says:

    @Chit chat

    “If I post about someone, it doesn’t mean I plan on meeting them. I am writing a book at the moment about the men I meet, so I want to gossip freely!”

    That’s kinda what I thought from the very beginning that the very purpose of your posts were chit chat and not necessarily sugar dating.

  148. NC Gent says:

    Interesting perspective. I don’t think because he is married that he is less deserving of honesty. Is there scale for the right to honesty? So a completely single SB deserves more honesty than an SB with a serious bf, and a married SB deserves less honesty that a both the former? I thought sugar is all about honesty and no games. I am going to go change my profile to single, and if the SB doesn’t ask — her problem — not mine — brb!

  149. LadyScarlett says:

    @Rebecca, actually, I see where you are coming from. Of course, even high net worth men dress casual. Everyone should remember the stories of Sam Walton, however, most legitimate SDs have at least one professional picture here they are dressed accordingly, and must admit, find a man in a tailored European fitted suit irresistible (: There are all different types of scenarios and millionaires but the suit never hurts…

    Rebecca, would love to hear more about this book you are writing…sounds interesting.

  150. Lainey says:

    @Rebecca do you make ” ‘only’ 500k”?

  151. “Rebecca says:
    November 10, 2014 at 11:03 am
    Yeah, yeah, I know millionaires don’t wear suits every day and wear casual clothes, but the way he acted, he is most likely fake. The guy “only” made 500k. He was a weirdo anyways and gave a lot of red flags. In my experience, the fakes always chase after me when I say I am not interested. The real SDs have so many offers they don’t care if one gets away. If I post about someone, it doesn’t mean I plan on meeting them. I am writing a book at the moment about the men I meet, so I want to gossip freely! 😉 That’s all I am going to say on the matter.”

    And i suppose this is why NDA were made :).

  152. And even if he isnt just yet, if the allowance has been well given and received with satisfactory return, I dont think it matters much that some of the allowance is contributing toward building a more stable family unit and future.

  153. Lainey says:

    @Rebecca Well, I assumed you were a Tacky T the moment you entered the blog. Now I guess I’m free to say it.

  154. I should add that my position is slightly more weighted on the fact that Links is married. As I have read on the blog, some married men expect a sugar partner to be exclusive, but I would think that most would consider that a sugar partner would, at some point or to some degree desire a relationship that will be most conducive to their reproduction drive and overall companionship desires. Just because a benefactor is providing an allowance, doesnt mean that the sugar partner is satiated in all aspects desired in companionship.

    Also, I think its a stretch (which was noted) to assume the fiance isnt established in his own means.

  155. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know millionaires don’t wear suits every day and wear casual clothes, but the way he acted, he is most likely fake. The guy “only” made 500k. He was a weirdo anyways and gave a lot of red flags. In my experience, the fakes always chase after me when I say I am not interested. The real SDs have so many offers they don’t care if one gets away. If I post about someone, it doesn’t mean I plan on meeting them. I am writing a book at the moment about the men I meet, so I want to gossip freely! 😉 That’s all I am going to say on the matter.

  156. “@YGTBKM wrote “I think that disclosure might fall under the dont-ask-dont-tell clause here.”

    So by the same reason, if I change my marital status on my profile from Married to Single, and if the SB never asks anything further about my relationship status, it is acceptable under the “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy?”

    “@YGBKM Women are typically smarter than they let on in relationships. We aren’t like men who simply don’t “catch on” sometimes. I feel like certain times exclusivity is implied and its lying by omission.”

    I think that people will share what theyre comfortable sharing relative to what they seek in a relationship. I always consider the possibility that someone Im involved with might be involved with someone else, or might become involved with someone else at some point. If it is something that is important to me, I ask “Are you seeing anyone else?” If the answer is “no”, and it’s important to me to be in an exclusive relationship, then I ask the person to please be honest with me should they decide to see someone outside of our relationship. Certainly sexual safety is a concern.

  157. NC Gent says:

    @yougottabegivingmecredit – indeed it could have worked but I had been in his situation, so I figured it out right away 🙂

  158. “NC Gent says:
    November 10, 2014 at 10:03 am
    @yougottabecorrectingtypos — I think he meant “fiance””

    LMAO. I love the way yallgottabegivingmenicknames…cracks me up for sure!

    Give me some credit here…I did ask him to clarify ;-p. Finance couldve maybe worked, but my response wouldve been a little different :D.

  159. Lainey says:

    @Petite Yea I never get sick with contagious things. Neither does my daughter but she was on the boob for 3 1/2 yrs so I’d like to think that’s why she is a warrior amongst her germy classmates LOL.. She carries hand sanitizer in her purse. Kids are soooo yucky

  160. Lainey says:

    @Links I think a woman with a significant other who is living off your generosity is the equivalent to a P and H situation. But that’s just my take on it.

    But assuming you know nothing about him, then I guess it’s unfair to make that assumption. Personally I’d be scared from a Sexual standpoint if you are “adventurous” with your SB.

    @YGBKM Women are typically smarter than they let on in relationships. We aren’t like men who simply don’t “catch on” sometimes. I feel like certain times exclusivity is implied and its lying by omission.

  161. Petite says:

    Oh how weird.
    I get the flu every year… flu shot or no…
    When I get the flu shot though (and it’s had time to properly incubate or whatever it’s called– usually 2 weeks), my flus are significantly less of a burden. When I don’t get the flu shot, my flus are unbearable and I’ve actually had to be hospitalized in the past :(.
    This one was a bit in the mix, I’m assuming because I hadn’t gotten the shot soon enough before I got the flu. But it wasn’t so bad that I was vomiting and it was only severe fever for about half the day.

    I just have all sorts of medical problems lol. Even got the chicken pox twice as a kid. Rude diseases infecting my body >:(.

  162. “Lainey says:
    November 10, 2014 at 10:24 am
    LMAO @YGBKM’s Urban dictionary exotic weed reference! I’ll never “understand” weed but the fact that you copied and pasted without omission is HILARIOUS!”

    omg! Urban Dictionary rocks my world sometimes. It’d be a disservice to edit. lol

  163. NC Gent says:

    ughhh I know that because a friend of mine in college was a proud owner of a 1980 Pinto and he kept reminding us he got the last one before they stopped making them…. sooooo showing my age haha

  164. NC Gent says:

    @YGTBKM wrote “I think that disclosure might fall under the dont-ask-dont-tell clause here.”

    So by the same reason, if I change my marital status on my profile from Married to Single, and if the SB never asks anything further about my relationship status, it is acceptable under the “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy?

  165. “@ygbkm – they stopped making Pintos in 1980, so a 1982 Pinto would indeed be very special :)”

    Perfect! That’s exactly what Im going for :D. Youre on to something, NC. Youre definitely on to something…

    Question though…

    Why do you know that, sir Gent? lol

  166. Petite says:

    Ach! That sucks :(.
    I was up every hour like clockwork- thinking I was dying. Lol. Thankfully I’m not feeling nearly as achey since my fever has almost totally dropped– But it’s still a sufficiently painful head/throat thing.

    Completely agree with your assessment of the situation.

    Going back to sleep all- Have a lovely Monday 🙂

  167. Lainey says:

    @Petite 3 of my friends just fell ill after getting the flu shot. The thought is frightening. I’ve NEVER had a flu shot and have NEVER had the flu.

  168. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Links – I think the way you handle things can be very tricky…if it doesn’t impact your relationship, it may not be worth bringing up. But, if it has eroded trust to the point you question the entire arrangement, best be diplomatic in the start of the conversation…”You know you can tell me anything, right?”

  169. Ah, fiance. Thanks, Petite.

    I think that disclosure might fall under the dont-ask-dont-tell clause here. Unless you specifically asked, or unless she agreed to exclusivity, I dont think that your own disclosure of you status warranted hers. A different context, but Ive had guys attach a picture in an email, or give me access to their photos presuming that I would reciprocate. I dont think it should be assumed that she would be forthcoming with this information solely because you were. I think that sometimes things are better left unsaid. Most specifically when they are trivial when it comes to the workings of your companionship. You said she’s suited you well so far, so Id take it for what it is, unless youre uncomfortable with her having a partner. I think you have three choices here…maybe four.

    1) Say nothing and be uncomfortable knowing.
    2) Say nothing and be fine knowing because youre satisfied with the relationship.
    3) Say something, outline conditions, and potentially decide to end the relationship.
    4) Say something, and tell her that youre ok with her relationship despite that youdve rather known earlier on. You might find that your gesture in supporting her honesty will be of relief to her, and potentially enhance your relationship. Might graciously blow you thrice more often even.

  170. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Petite – I ended up with a chest cold a week after my flu shot…my chest is still sore from the coughing!

    @NC has it right…now I only try to schedule first meetings with people who appear to make sugar an additive in life, and steer clear of those who think sugar is a living!

  171. Links says:

    Fiance…….sorry for the confusion. You are correct it wouldn’t change anything about us. Just, that she was dishonest about it, when it really didn’t matter.

  172. Lainey says:

    LMAO @YGBKM’s Urban dictionary exotic weed reference! I’ll never “understand” weed but the fact that you copied and pasted without omission is HILARIOUS!

  173. Petite says:

    @NC Gent
    True enough- Which is why ending things on good terms and properly vetting is important.
    But then again, my ex-SD created a lot of drama for me and I would still never dream of disclosing his personal information to anyone else.

    Finding someone with integrity is important, in that case. A person with integrity and pride wouldn’t want to risk either because of a spat.

    I don’t know if anything I’m typing makes sense, I have the flu… Just a week after I got my flu shot :(.

  174. Petite says:

    Well it sounds like you would be using the NDA as a deterrent.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    I would think that if this issue was supremely important, you would spend a lot of time vetting potential SBs regardless.
    I know it’s not foolproof, but you can get an idea of the kind of person someone is by talking to them.

  175. NC Gent says:

    Business 101: An NDA isn’t worth the paper it is written on if one or more of the parties signing the NDA has nothing of value to lose.

  176. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I’ve THOUGHT about NDA for SB since joining SA, just because of the percentage of profiles I’ve encountered that are glorified escorts. While I’m not the HNW SD, I do own my own business and I do have a family I don’t want to jeopardize with public disclosure. I think the request to sign a NDA is more about the level of trust the SB has built into the SD’s mind from the beginning. If I were asking for coffee or a drink for a first meet and the SB was pushing for meal or more, it would make me want to get something in writing…but…it’s a double-edged issue. If she has nothing, there’s nothing to recover, and the disclosure has already happened. Even the Enquirer can pull back payments due to the litigation they might get from someone who had signed a NDA…then, as a SD, you’re now taking on the Enquirer’s legal team for the disclosure…it’s already done, reputation, family, business, etc already burned…

  177. NC Gent says:

    @ygbkm – they stopped making Pintos in 1980, so a 1982 Pinto would indeed be very special 🙂

  178. Petite says:


  179. Petite says:

    I don’t see the problem in signing a NDA– it’s not like you’re going to be telling the world about him anyway right?
    Make sure all the stipulations are within reason and you’re good to go.
    If you don’t feel comfortable signing a document like that (or your spidey senses are tingling), there is nothing wrong with saying “we’re not right for each other, good luck with your search”.

    It seems to me that you carry on with men you know you won’t have an arrangement with pretty often. That’s a waste of time and energy. Just say “oh well” and move on.

  180. @Rebecca…

    As a hundredaire, I can tell you that millionaires arent necessarily the showy. Once my million-dollar Walmart greeter claim to fame comes full-swing, Im gonna buy a 1982 Pinto…and put a mannequin in the passengers seat. Keep those rinsers at bay.

  181. Petite says:

    I agree with Lainey on this one.

    Dressing down for men is particularly common in Hollywood- the common sentiment is “the man in charge is the one who can get away with wearing torn jeans at the office”.

    Both my former SDs were multi-millionaires and were concerned more with comfort than fashion.
    But they both made their money in the tech industry, so that might have something to do with it.
    Love me some geeky guys :D.

  182. NC Gent says:

    @Lainey — you are absolutely right regarding clothing and cars. I have some uber wealthy friends, and they don’t drive flashy cars and they typically wear jeans and a nice shirt. Many of them do have airplanes, but it isn’t like you get to show those off very often.

  183. re exotic…

    Urban dictionary

    Just people talk for awesome.
    “They called you exotic. That’s just people talk for awesome. Which you are.”
    -Sterling Archer to Babou the ocelot”

    “Anywhere with lots of black people and big spiders.
    Exotic Places:


    “freaky, kinky, pleasureable, sex way thats new to you, funky sex, type of dancer with new “ideas”
    i had exotic pleasure last night!
    he fucked me so exoticly i thought i was in the jungle!
    the exotic dancer got kinky last night with my man!”

    “Something/someone beautiful that’s rarely seen: Aston Martins & Bentley’s are exotic cars. Native American’s, Gypsies, and natural redheads are exotic races/people, etc…
    Racquel: Whoa, check out that hottie’s full lips, high cheek-bones and caramel skin!

    Denise: I know! he’s so hot, and unique looking (exotic)”

    “A strain of weed that is very powerful, and rare. Exotic marijuana inludes, but is not limited to, white widow, mango, purple haze, and northern lights. It really depends on location, and avalibility. Although one strain might be considered exotic in one town, it could be commonplace in another. Exotic weed is almost always the most expensive, and often the best available.
    I was high after only one bowl of that exotic.”

    Perhaps it can even be applied to sugar debates! Delusional Sugar Logic could very well be refered to as “Exotic Logic”. Uh huh, I think so.

  184. NC Gent says:

    @yougottabecorrectingtypos — I think he meant “fiance”

    @Links — I recognize it sucks being lied to when you were honest. Are you prepared for the ensuing drama and-or the relationship potentially ending when you confront her? Does the fact that she has a fiance change things for you? I once confronted someone when they had misrepresented their marital status. I ended up regretting it both in the short term and long term.

  185. Petite says:

    I think that was supposed to say “fiance”
    Links should confirm though.

  186. Lainey says:

    *tailor UGH..

  187. Lainey says:

    “None of his photos were of a well known person who would worry about a SB selling a story to a tabloid lol. He didn’t look like he had money.”

    WELL KNOWN does not mean “pop culture celeb”

    @Rebecca you say the silliest things. I feel like because you had ONE sugar over a million that you now think you KNOW what a millionaire is. It’s laughable how its clear that you search for a “stereotype”.

    Almost EVERY millionaire I know (my father included) looks bummier than the wannabes. Although my dad has 3k ostrich loafers and high end Taylor made suits 98% of the time he is in polo sweats and nikes.

    My former landlord who has been trying to get in me like white on rice for the past 2.5yrs has a ridiculous amount of properties and cars (including a lambo) but his every day car is a Toyota and this old pickup. I have seen him in holey shirts and dirty sneakers on more than a dozen occasions.

    My uncle who owns shopping plazas and has a Ferrari collection that has been featured many times. Can usually be found in jeans a tee and a “not-so-nice” favorite leather jacket.

    Now that I think of it ALL my SDs have been worth over a Mil and they all live so modestly, EXCEPT for their homes, those are ALWAYS beautiful. But their “daily” vehicle is usually nothing to write home about and they hardly dress to the 9s.

  188. “Any thoughts on whether you should confront your sb about knowing that she has a finance that she never disclosed. I am married and was upfront and clear that I never intend to leave my wife. She is a good “sb” and plays her part well, we have been together for 2 years. Thanks.”

    Finance as in another contributor? Or finance as in a debt?

  189. exotic

    of foreign origin or character; not native; introduced from abroad, but not fully naturalized or acclimatized:
    exotic foods; exotic plants.
    strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance:
    an exotic hairstyle.
    of a uniquely new or experimental nature:
    exotic weapons.”

  190. Rebecca says:

    Sugarbaby: It is hard going back to guys who make 200k when my last SDs really did make 1 million+ per year. Although, one did make 300k and his allowance was fine. Many duds in between, of course. About the guy who wanted the NDA. He sent me photos. None of his photos were of a well known person who would worry about a SB selling a story to a tabloid lol. He didn’t look like he had money. I honestly think he does it to come off as $$ like he is that important to need one. That’s just my thoughts. For god’s sake, the guy’s email had 420 in it. No high power executive is going to use that email.

  191. Links says:

    Any thoughts on whether you should confront your sb about knowing that she has a finance that she never disclosed. I am married and was upfront and clear that I never intend to leave my wife. She is a good “sb” and plays her part well, we have been together for 2 years. Thanks.

  192. Lainey says:

    @Josh I could explain the “exotic thing but would probably get slack for it.

    @ExoticVA-SB @exoticgirl541 are either or BOTH of you AA?

  193. Josh says:

    What’s up with “exotic” in SB names?

  194. Elaine says:

    *And I honestly don’t have a clue why SA allows these “empty” profiles!

  195. Elaine says:

    And I honestly don’t nave a clue why SA allows tbese “empty” profiles!
    For me it is people nosing around or plain fakes….

    Who would go fishing without a bait!?

  196. Josh says:


    “@all,,I’m now getting messages from people with no profile, but they send me an email address to contact them,, weird !”

    “Anyone who wants to get off SA message space very early on is almost always a scammer.” ~ Josh Guru

  197. Dazed-SD says:

    @ Pinkivy,,I’m dazed also !

    @all,,I’m now getting messages from people with no profile, but they send me an email address to contact them,, weird !

  198. Elaine says:

    Although some of my SDs would have had reasons to ask for a NDA, I have never been asked, but would have had no problems to do such.
    If you want to play in first league, you will have to follow their rules….

    I have had 3 SDs signing one for me though! 🙂
    That was for business purposes, but anyway, none of them had a problem with it either.
    More the contrary, they probably would not have taken me for serious if I WOULDN’T have asked…..

    And yes!
    This means that there IS actually SDs that want to mentor and help their mistress further to reach her business/future goals!

    And yes! They excist, but are hard to find in the circus of weirdo’s and fakes!

  199. PinkIvy says:

    I’m new here. But I’m dazed at how many fake SDs that are on here. Haven’t met any yet. Very wary.

  200. ExoticVA-SB says:

    You couldn’t come up with a different username?…

    Anyway, thank you @FlyR. That is exactly what I meant. Think that I will just leave it out of my profile because it will make things too complicated.

    I’m with you @FlyR, I would sign the NDA in that scenario.

  201. exoticgirl541 says:

    Hey there, I am semi-new here and just discovered the blog/comments. It’s nice to hear that I am not the only one dealing with liars and weirdo’s on here, ha ha.

  202. flyR says:

    SB Guru – I can see a very risk adverse SD asking for the NDA for very reasonable reasons, either related to his domestic situation or to his ‘position in the community”.

    If I were a corporate mogul, political insider or married to a very wealthy woman I would not want my SB selling her story to National Enquirer. Thus, I would want financial penalties sufficient to make any disclosure for financial gain a losing proposition. Most SB’s are for all practical purposes judgement proof so there is no downside other than the legal harassment and loss of any proceeds from telling the story .

    Were I a mogul with political ambitions I would worry that the SB would be induced to sell her story by political pressure (the woman whom Clinton had escorted to his hotel room by police officers so he could demand a blowjob) or affection gone bad. I might try to use an NDA as simply a vehicle for intimidation and to discourage any thought of profiting from a story.

    I think the proper response to the request is , ” share with me what your concerns are and how you see this agreement protecting you. ? What is my downside? ” If the downside is simply forfeiture of any profits from the story I don’t think it is unreasonable.

    Look at it from the other side, would National Enquirer , FOX or NBC have any interest in the story of a young woman receiving an allowance from him then an NDA may be appropriate. If someone asks you to sign an NDA that is in anything more than I will not sell this to someone, it is time for you to get counsel and it is not unreasonable for the SD to pay for an hour of time. Handled in a professional manner it can be a plus for both.

  203. SugarBabyGuru says:

    In a sugar setting an NDA is really a meeting of the minds, an SD clearly laying out the level of discretion he expects. However, I don’t believe a “real” SD would ask for such nonsense. This sounds like Catfish or chit-chat city.

    But, for sake of argument…

    To enforce the NDA an SD would be outing himself, or would be resonding to a suit after having already been damaged by an SBs indiscreet “blabber mouthing”. So, unless he’s a moron he does not expect to need to rely on it legally, it is to test an SBs understanding of what “discreet” means.

    The only reasons I can see for an SB be unwilling to sign are, A – she is trying to hook an SD for an IRL relationship and an NDA shows that they have different expectations. B – She’s a Pro and doesn’t want to give out her real name (fine, sign under your”stage name” then, is he going to ask for ID)? C – The SB is a blabber mouth who doesn’t trust her ability not to gossip.

    Rebecca – It seems you’re targeting the high networth SDs which also means you’re targeting the SDs with the highest likelihood of being Catfish/Photo collectors. Cut your teeth on some comfortably middle class SDs first until you create a more reliable bullshit meter you’re going to get scammed.

  204. LadyT says:

    @Lainey: “@Rebecca what is your reason for not wanting to sign NDA?

    @SBs would you sign one? Why or why not?”

    It’s such a non-issue for me. I wouldn’t dream of ‘outing’ anyone, even if they were the biggest assholes on the planet. I also work in the corporate world and understand how tenuous reputations can be, and I respect that. I’d sign it.

  205. flyR says:

    Josh – I appreciate your questioning and also your very civil tone…..

    What I am trying to convey is that if the SB is simply selling sexual gratification she is competing with all of the others on an equal footing. If there is an excess of supply and minimal additional cost of delivery (ripe strawberries, concert tickets the day of the concert, sugar) then market value market value collapses in the face of excess supply. It doesn’t matter if you are an SB or a ticket scalper or a fish monger.

    In the current “market” thanks somewhat to SA supply exceeds demand . Therefore the potential SB is faced with two choices, “meet the market for commodity sugar” or differentiate herself and create value. It’s the same in the wine industry. Some of the difference in pricing is based on generally recognizable quality but more is dependent on product differentiation. The Mercedes driver is satisfied that he is driving a Mercedes while the quality , performance and reliability of other cars may be superior.

    The typical SD has decided to go this route because he is looking for something more than generic sex. The magic is in the mining of the something. As others have documented the lanky 18 yo SB is not the all purpose answer to every SD’s dream, not by a longshot. The 40 year old SB who exudes mind altering sensuality (and has the attitude and skills to over deliver) may be much more attractive to a segment of the market. You can compete or you can stake out a different battleground. I subscribe to Steve Pressfield’s (Legend of Bagger Vance, The War of Art, Gates of Fire) emphasis on authenticity. Are you nice or are you a natural bitch …… there’s no right or wrong other than vacillating .

  206. sexyrockstar says:

    Oh, I love car sex, don’t get me wrong, but if that’s the first place you want to bang me, no way. My long term sd and I did all sorts of stuff in his car.

    But, any time I deal with a horrible pot, I already wasted my time, might as well have fun with it.

  207. Josh says:

    “Confirm that the sd is thinking in your range with his big head
    Get the little head involved in the final negotiations
    Before the meeting put a small dot on the back of your hand where you will see it and every time you see it think “product differentiation” and what are the triggers that create value in his eyes.”

    I call that idiotic advice. FB calls it “Wisdom of Solomon.” FB is wiser than Josh. So what sticks? 😉

  208. flyR says:


    becomes the expectation.

    My advice

    Confirm that the sd is thinking in your range with his big head
    Get the little head involved in the final negotiations
    Before the meeting put a small dot on the back of your hand where you will see it and every time you see it think “product differentiation” and what are the triggers that create value in his eyes.

  209. flyR says:

    “”. The other thing I hate is when men who put their net worth 1 million or over but put down “negotiable.” Why can’t they just come up with a number? It just seems pretty indecisive to me. If they really know what they want and know why they’re here why can’t they come up with a number? Do they conduct their business that way? I would hazard to say they probably don’t.”””

    As a matter of fact most business deals start with someone asking the other party how much they want or are willing to pay.

    Sugar is not a homogenous commodity. Value has many dimensions the person, their attitude, the relationship, frequency, duration, long term expectations etc. If I say I am prepared to provide a $4K allowance then that becomes an

  210. Josh says:


    I am not anal about women’s looks. I like all kinds of women. My “gorgeous” is a pretty big tent. 😉

  211. Lainey says:

    If I get one more message that includes the word gorgeous, I’m going to assume they are all from @Josh LOL

  212. Lainey says:

    @Rebecca what is your reason for not wanting to sign NDA?

    @SBs would you sign one? Why or why not?

  213. Josh says:

    I have read on this blog that many women send nastygrams to certain types of SDs. I don’t recommend it. Play safe and move on. You don’t know what kind of sicko you are dealing with.

    When I refused to be rinsed, the SB sent me her final message: “There’s always more where you came from.”

    My final response to her was: “I am sure dear. So long.”

    Again. Play it safe. You DON’T know what kind of sicko you are dealing with.

  214. Josh says:


    Believe it or not, I did fuck a gorgeous SB in her SUV last night. I did not want to bring it up, but since you brought car fucking up, here it is…

    OF COURSE I wanted to fuck her eventually, but NOT last night during our first meet and definitely NOT in a car. I am not 20-something anymore, and require certain level of comfort to hump.

    But circumstances just led us to that “logical” conclusion. Oh well, I am not complaining though. She was amazing. 😉

  215. flyR says:

    @Rockstar next time

    ” Having sex in your car sounds wonderful, but I have to get some things from the car. Please pour my wine to let it sit and I’ll be right back” (in another life).

    If you have any doubts about a guy pick a place with a ladies room out near the entrance or even better beyond. Just excuse yourself and disappear.

    Are there big fish out there – Sterling’s former wife is trying to recover $6+ million from his “mistress” despite the fact that the mistress made it possible for her to force a sale of the team for $ 2 bil of which she got half.

  216. flyR says:

    Exotic VA There are a number of profiles which leave open the possibility of casual dates.

    I have traveled a lot on business and have used SA to meet on the road. Some were just dinner or some other amusement such as rafting and others were that plus intimacy . The non intimate dates had no sugar other than the event.

  217. Rebecca says:

    Rockstar: I will admit, I sent him a photo of Goatse. No lie.

  218. sexyrockstar says:

    Yup, same dude!!!! Hahaha I felt like sending him naked pictures of old saggy women. I feel like doing that right now actually.

    Why not try a regular dating site? Just go on dinner dates with a bunch of men. Those guys won’t pressure for sex on the first date

  219. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Sexyrockstar. I am glad you survived that fiasco! You looked great in your pictures. Rebecca, I think you must be searching for the high dollar guys. Those guys can be a little eccentric. You gotta play to get paid with them.

    @ExoticVA. I am not sure that you would get a ton of takers for that type of profile addition. You need to talk via text or email and get comfortable with someone prior to meeting.

  220. ExoticVA-SB says:

    @sexy that is a hilarious story! Glad you dodged that bullet.

    Can someone help me with the following. How can I word this without sounding too available? I want to add a little writing on my profile that suggests that I am open to the idea of going on dinner dates or getting drinks with men that come to my city for business. I don’t want it to sound like I want intercourse, because I don’t. I just want to have fun and raise my chances of finding a pot. SD.

    For those that don’t know my story, I moved to Europe from the US and SA isn’t well known in the country that I live in so my chances of finding someone on SA that lives here are slim.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  221. Rebecca says:

    Actually.. now that I think about it, I really do think I talked to that Time Warner guy. He kept pushing for nude pictures. Is it time.warner_bro?

  222. Rebecca says:

    Rockstar: Will take note. I remember seeing a profile talking about owning a cable network. There is a different SD who actually is a big time cable CEO, but he is in Brazil and Latino or something.

  223. flyR says:

    @Rebecca – You can take Josh’s advice for whatever value you put on it. However, your posting your adventures IS adding to the discussions and thankfully in a productive manner.

    Sugaring is like learning to ride a bicycle, you want to stay on safe streets and close to home until you get some experience. Think of finding a learner SD or learner wheels for your SD adventure. Pretty soon you are ready to ditch them and head out across the world. My guess is that it is a hard decision as you are probably looking at someone you would not be dating much less having sex with IRL.

  224. sexyrockstar says:


    There was this guy who told me he was a movie director and said hed be able to give me 30k a month. I had to send him a certain amount of photos, fax him my latest doctors note and then he will meet me. He apparently works for Time Warner. Lol. He wanted all sorts of naked pictures…but all prior to meeting me. So, just block him.

    Another fun date yesterday. We met up at the mall (huge mall by my house) for a lunch date. I couldn’t eat really….he had such a creepy smile. He had the whole “im going to murder you while you’re sleeping” kind of smile. He kept interrupting me every time I talked. Our server came by, asked if we had any questions, and he just gave her the death stare. He was a loud talker so everyone in this place kept looking at us. He said he couldn’t wait to fuck me in his car. I was with him for all of an hour before I went off….in the most annoying way ever. I did the whole dumb blonde thing, told him my parents never let me go to school so I can’t read well and I made him read me the menu. I was very “valley girl” in my pitch and tone and my laugh was spot on. I ordered three most expensive entree and a 130 dollar bottle of wine to myself. I told him “lyje omg im sssoooo drunk. I can’t drive, I need 300 dollars for a cab” he told me he didn’t have it, so I cried. He wound up giving me 200 and I had my bottle closed up for me. Walked away from him, texted Midwest some diryy.pictures, and walked into my comedy show and shared the bottle with the opening act. He texts me later telling me he still can’t wait to fuck me in his car. And I asked him if he will interuput and talk while having sex. I seriously felt like the new hire in “waiting” everytime he talks he gets cut off. I think I said all maybe ten words. I think the last time I had sex in a car..like, as in, the only place to do it, I was in high school. There are times were I’ve given road head and we wound up pulling over to bang, but yeah. Not because he can’t afford a hotel

  225. Josh says:


    It seems that you are either really pursing high net worth individuals or just wishing you did. In either case, based on what you have reported, they are not panning out for one reason or the other.

    If you want feedback on your profile, then that’s great. But just continuing to report arrangements, which are not panning out for one obvious reason or the other, is not helping anyone.

    How old are you by the way?

  226. Rebecca says:

    Okay, now this is the 3rd profile I have seen recently where they don’t list their correct income for “privacy reasons”, yet they make sure to pick 100 million. They tend to have a public profile picture too. Confusing..
    Not a fan of this new trend.

  227. Josh says:


    “@Rebecca-Block him and move on.”

    That won’t work @SouthernSB. If @Chit chat did just that then what would she chit chat about here?

  228. SouthernSB says:

    @Rebecca-Block him and move on. You are being too nice with these time wasters, learn how to cut your losses. If you’re not interested, you’re not interested. This SD sounds like a total control freak and a nutbag. Don’t bother with him. He’s more work than he’s worth.

  229. Rebecca says:

    The guy keeps pestering me about the NDA. I told him I am not signing one, so he should move on. His response was to email me again asking why I wouldn’t sign one since I am the “only girl” who wouldn’t and what I didn’t like about him. I told him again we won’t work out, so he responds saying money isn’t an issue and I should send him photos of myself. Huh? I am not interested..

  230. resop2 says:

    @SouthernSB “The other thing I hate is when men who put their net worth 1 million or over but put down “negotiable.” Why can’t they just come up with a number? It just seems pretty indecisive to me.”

    Simple: one million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. Let’s say your net worth is 1 million and you want to live a life of leisure (not work). You have to invest that million and get a return on your investment. Nowadays, with the Fed keeping the prime rate vary small, it’s tough to get a return on your investment bigger than five percent. Five percent of 1 million is only fifty thousand dollars a year. That’s only lower to middle middle class. That’s not going to pay for yachts and penthouses. So, someone with only a million would probably have to be “negotiable”.

  231. Lainey says:

    @SBG TRUST ME I personally KNOW some “fatty”s getting 3K+. Everyone has their kinks. Its not her size that makes her expectations unrealistic, it’s everything else.

  232. Josh says:


    “Josh – I have never once seen blog SBs supporting an SB thinking she’s going to find a platonic arrangement, or that she can get $3K as a fatty to enter such an arrangement.”

    This is just one example dear. I will point to more in the future.

  233. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Josh – I have never once seen blog SBs supporting an SB thinking she’s going to find a platonic arrangement, or that she can get $3K as a fatty to enter such an arrangement.

    Additionally, you are taking the other comment out of context. It wasn’t that kids should be used as an argument for MORE sugar (that’s idiotic) it is that one’s priorities change, and unless they NEED the money (which I have repeatedly advised against) a mom isn’t going to take time away from being with her kids in order to spend her time with someone who doesn’t meet her personal criteria for “worth it”.

  234. SouthernSB says:

    @Sexy-I know what you mean. The other thing I hate is when men who put their net worth 1 million or over but put down “negotiable.” Why can’t they just come up with a number? It just seems pretty indecisive to me. If they really know what they want and know why they’re here why can’t they come up with a number? Do they conduct their business that way? I would hazard to say they probably don’t.

  235. sexyrockstar says:


    Sounds to me like he works part time at the local grocery store pushing carts 🙂

    I do find it funny when men try to lie about their income…by posting odd “net worth” vs annual income.

  236. Josh says:

    “His income was marked in the under $35K-$50K range”

    There is a difference @SBG. Almost ALL of the SDs will tell this particular SD to get real and essentially get off of SA. Not that he would listen, but he will NOT have any SD supporting his sugar delusions. Not that anyone gives us any right to laugh at this “SD”, but we would be.

    However, we see it again and again, right here at the blog, that an SB could come up with her specific version of delusional aspiration, and many (of course not all) SBs will encourage her to do things “her way.”

  237. Josh says:

    *A woman would never tell her employer that since coming to his/her workplace takes “time away” from her child, she will charge more. But when it comes to going out with a man, such “time away” has perceived currency.

  238. Josh says:


    ‘@Josh-I think it’s more of a case of “A woman’s mind goes haywire when money and bad marketing by SA is involved.”’

    No true. Such profiles also exist on Match, POF, et. al., and even…drum roll please…BP. 😉

    Even intelligent women say things like:

    “2. Some men think single moms should lower their standards. Ummm, no, I’ll raise my standards if it means time away from my Princes.”

    A woman would never tell her employer that since coming to your work places takes “time away” from my child, I will charge you more. But when it comes to going out with a man, such “time away” has perceived currency.

  239. SugarBabyGuru says:

    By that “logic” Josh, last year I was messaged by the “Cooler King”. His income was marked in the under $35K-$50K range (which I do not define as “successful” in the sales field he indicated he works in though he referred to himself as such), he’s married, 65, overweight, and unattractive by most measures.

    In his own words he was looking for a sexy, “appreciative” younger woman who wanted to explore all things with him (in bed) his wife wouldn’t. He wasn’t looking for an “entitled b*tch” who expects gifts or allowance, just a young girl who would appreciate being treated well in the bedroom.

    Is that man an example of “men’s logic” then and indicative of how men’s brains go haywire where women are involved.

    Delusional is dilusional. Let’s call it Delusional-Sugar-Logic, since it applies across the spectrum.

  240. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-I think it’s more of a case of “A woman’s mind goes haywire when money and bad marketing by SA is involved.”

  241. Josh says:


    “you are absolutely right Josh.”

    I have been struggling with this disorder for quite some time now. I think I need see a Jungian shrink soon. 😉

  242. Josh says:


    There are just to many haywire profiles out there to narrow it down to “naive SB-ignorance.” She is 39 and NOT 19.

    How about?

    “How a woman’s mind goes haywire when a man is involved?”

    Let’s come up with a phrase that truly captures this phenomenon without insulting 3.6 billion women. I am wide open to suggestions…

  243. SouthernSB says:

    Now that I think about it you are absolutely right Josh. I stand corrected.

  244. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Well Josh, then we agree, we have a distinction argument then. She’s not showing “women’s logic” as most of us are smart enough to think what she is expecting is unrealistic. She’s showing SA-marketing-naivety. She read the SA PR and believed it verbatim without reading between the lines. Yes, she’s illogical, but let’s not insult ALL women, let’s insult naive SB-ignorance. We can call it something more appropriate to what it is without insulting 3.6 billion people, I’m sure.

  245. Josh says:


    “@Josh-she should be on E-Harmony.”

    No dear she should not be on any website. E-Harmony, Match, etc., will require her to be divorced to find the next guy. Ashley Madison is more like it, but it will require her to open her … a lot. 😉

    The better option for her is to redo her profile here and–as I responded to SBG above–just eliminate the monetary expectations in very clear terms, and have a platonic “relationship” with a sympathetic man.

  246. Josh says:


    Good observations and question. Please allow me…

    “Okay Josh, besides having unrealistic expectations (thinking a 40 year old, married, fat, mother of three will get a platonic $3K arrangement).”

    So you agree that her expectations are unrealistic. Check.

    “What is so illogical about her feeling like her husband ignores her and then uses her sexually without reciprocation?”

    The husband is NOT the potential “victim” of her “logic”. Based on the information provided by her, the husband is an ass, and I have no sympathies for the husband AT ALL. The pool of SD is the potential “victim” of her “logic”. She is sexually “used enough” by her spouse, so she is not going to provide sex the the SD, but she is looking for and SD who will be nice to her and give her allowance.

    “I’ve seen plenty of SD profiles complaining that their wives ignore them and that they want a woman who will be supportive and excited to see them – beyond just sex or eye candy.”

    Most men are looking for sexual and non-sexual good time with SBs and they are EXPECTED to put their money where their mouths are. We can argue if he should be spending X or Y or Z on her. But he HAS TO do something for the SB in terms of gifts/allowance/shopping/whatever for what he is lacking at home.

    “She’s looking for the exact same thing.”

    Men are looking for sex+good company and are expected to spend money to get it. She is not going to have sex, but wants allowance and sympathetic SD. How is that “exact same thing”?

    “She just has out-of-whack sugar expectations.”

    Correct. That’s where the ‘women’s “logic”‘ comes into play. If she had said…”Listen, I am sexually exhausted at home. I don’t want any of your money. All I want is platonic company of a man to give me some attention or whatever non-monetary benefits that I could use to feel good about myself”, then it would be considered kinda sorta “the exact same thing.”

  247. Lainey says:

    @Rebecca I think a woman who won’t sign NDA is equivalent to one that won’t sign prenup. Like why not? Ulterior motives? (At least I think that’s what he’ll think if you decline). But I’m sure you will both move on and he’ll find someone who’ll sign and you’ll find someone who doesn’t require one

  248. Lainey says:

    @Josh Omg I just spotted some great “women’s logic” on the other blog I post on. I’ll have to copy and paste..

  249. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-she should be on E-Harmony.

  250. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Okay Josh, besides having unrealistic expectations (thinking a 40 year old, married, fat, mother of three will get a platonic $3K arrangement). What is so illogical about her feeling like her husband ignores her and then uses her sexually without reciprocation?

    I’ve seen plenty of SD profiles complaining that their wives ignore them and that they want a woman who will be supportive and excited to see them – beyond just sex or eye candy. She’s looking for the exact same thing. She just has out-of-whack sugar expectations.

  251. Josh says:

    Re: Women “logic”

    Here is an SB, 39, Married But Looking, 3 children, 5 ft tall, “Average” (fat). Allowance expectation is Practical, which is up to $3,000/month.

    This is what she is looking for…

    “Not looking for a sexual relationship. I feel I am used enough by my spouse and don’t get enough attention outside of the bedroom. Would love a sugar daddy that would give me what I’m not getting at home.”

    Yet another example of how women’s minds go haywire when it comes to any kind of “romantic” encounters with men.

  252. Josh says:


    Ask the SD, “Hey, what’s up with this non-disclosure agreement dude. Can’t we just chit chat and work something out?” 😉

  253. Rebecca says:

    I have a potential SD who wants me to sign a NDA. No, thanks…

  254. Josh says:

    It seems that drama drives the blog. No drama no activity? 😉

  255. flyR says:

    @Lainey and gang

    Great, positive thoughts …….

  256. Lainey says:

    @FlyR mentorship and connections. That’s BETTER than money to me!

  257. Josh says:

    Well that would be like talking too much to the mirror and not to your man, and perhaps getting worked up and resenting him rather than respecting his “thinking”?

  258. LadyT says:

    @ Josh: Then I suppose he’s enjoying an awful lot of coffee….

  259. Josh says:

    Well that would be like your man practicing serving coffee by himself without actually serving it to you. 😉

  260. LadyT says:

    @Josh: “The corresponding “non-sexual” gesture I would appreciate would be for my woman to lovingly look in my eyes and to say:

    “I know you’re not thinking anything except more sex from me in the near future AND I respect that.” ;)”

    We actually practice that line in front of the mirror every morning.

  261. Josh says:

    The corresponding “non-sexual” gesture I would appreciate would be for my woman to lovingly look in my eyes and to say:

    “I know you’re not thinking anything except more sex from me in the near future AND I respect that.” 😉

  262. Josh says:


    That’s more like it. 😉

  263. LadyT says:

    @Josh: “Your ta-tas are much appreciated. :)”


    Then to correct my responses, my non-monetary wish would be to spend the night (get very little sleep), greet me with coffee in bed the next morning.

  264. Josh says:

    Which is very different from “Non Cash”.

  265. Josh says:

    Non-monetary = No money involved. 😉

  266. Josh says:


    Your ta-tas are much appreciated. 🙂

  267. Josh says:


    Of course it is “paternalistic”. I am sugarDADDY not a sugarMOMMY or heavens forbid her BOYfriend.

    Women must stop having BOYfriends and starts getting MANfriends and better yet sugarDADDIES. 😉

  268. Josh says:


    She could be the most intelligent person out there. But when a man is involved in a romantic capacity women’s minds go haywire.

  269. LadyT says:

    @FlyeR: Option #2 would be a weekly spa treatment – like a facial.

  270. sexyrockstar says:

    Ladies, I love you all, stop fighting. Let’s just all hug naked. Sounds good?

    Midwest and I are going to have fun. Soon him and I will be rolling around in fancy sheets and drinking old style.

    Cheers to the weekend!

  271. LadyT says:

    @FlyR: “Let’s try a more civil topic – if you could have one non-monetary wish from your SD or last SD or prospective SD what would it be….???”

    I realize it’s not much, but a flowers delivery to my office every Monday – it would be something I could look at every day and feel happy, plus it would drive the other women in the office crazy with curiosity.

  272. SugarBabyGuru says:

    FlyR – an SD gave me six months of a housekeeping service once after I told him I couldn’t have an afternoon delight because my house was a mess (I knew he’d solve that problem right quick). It wasn’t money, bet everytime I came home to a spotless house I felt like a million bucks.

  273. flyR says:

    Let’s try a more civil topic – if you could have one non-monetary wish from your SD or last SD or prospective SD what would it be….???

  274. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Josh – rewarding her for her grades is rather paternalistic, don’t you think? Does she NEED someone telling her what to do at that level or is it just fun and games. Then, why insult her intellect (and all of us) with that “woman logic” comment? You previously seemed to respect her.

  275. flyR says:

    Lainey – Your booby avitar is in the cloud, 20 million copies of it circling the earth for an eternity.

  276. Josh says:


    Why are you removing your boobs? I can still see them and I ain’t clearing no cache. 🙁

  277. Carmen says:

    Haha, funny. well, enough was enough was needed last night. Glad it finally happened, though.

  278. Petite says:

    Lol- try clearing your cache– that should probably fix things on your end.

  279. Lainey says:

    @Petite really it is? I still just see boobage on my end. LOL!

  280. Petite says:

    I’m not sure? Your avatar is the blue thing now– that’s what you want right?

    Sheesh, enough is enough.

  281. Josh says:


    Must you carry on? 🙁

  282. Carmen says:

    It is true, though, isn’t it? If a woman had said to ‘chill out’ even in a nice way, then a the wrath of Lainey would have ensued, yes? Poor little Lainey, always picked on and never her fault. 😉

  283. Lainey says:

    Question to those with avatars; I deleted all my gravatars and it was gone but now its back. I double checked that I deleted all the pics on file. How do I go back blue?

  284. Lainey says:

    ^^^ @EVERYONE but do you see what I have to deal with? It never ceases. Luckily, I don’t cater to sycophants.

    @Carmen Hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday! 🙂

  285. Carmen says:

    Lainey says:
    November 8, 2014 at 8:52 am
    @MidWestSugarDaddy @Dazed-SD ok. Shutting up.”

    Thank you, Midwest. At least she will listen to the SD’s, hehe.

  286. Josh says:

    “habit you have of making someone cum while you cut their throat”

    I am assuming that this is some kind of metaphor and not Catherine Tramell a la Basic Instinct. 😉

  287. Josh says:

    I am thinking about instituting good grades reward (all or nothing if A grade is secured) for my OAOA SB. I am just concerned that women “logic” may kick in and demand that money regardless of the grades. 😉

  288. Josh says:

    As ladies “move on”, please keep in mind to “stand up” only for yourselves in the future.

    Things really get confusing when one of you tries to “stand up” for others. 😉

  289. Petite says:

    Fair points :).
    Duly noted.

    @Midwest and Dazed
    Agreed. Moving on.

  290. Lainey says:

    @MidWestSugarDaddy @Dazed-SD ok. Shutting up.

  291. Dazed-SD says:

    @ Lainey, Sugar and all the beautiful SB’s,,,can we stop it already. It’s childish and boring to be ready all this bickering,, enough already !

    @midwest,, I agree, this should be fun !!

  292. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    I think all the sugar babies need to just chill

    Sugar is fun. Lets keep it that way. I had a great after work happy hour with some friends. I am looking forward to talking with SexyRockstar and rocking her world really soon. This is going to be fun.

  293. Lainey says:

    @SugarSpicey but I am not banned so YET AGAIN,it would behoove you to keep your erroneous observations to yourself.

    My post was taken down because of the repeated and aggressive use of the word wh*re and how it related to this world and clearly they didn’t want such a negative association on the blog. @Josh even pointed that out and still falsities continue to spill from your finger tips.

    I swear you could put a purple cow in front of a woman and she will still find a way to call it blue due to “subtle undertones” smh

  294. SugarBabyGuru says:

    YouGottaBeReasonable – You’re right, I do like to sharpen my tongue when it’s needed. But, I’m bored of the conflict.

    Now, Let’s talk about that habit you have of making someone cum while you cut their throat, sounds messy but intriguing.

  295. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Softi – I said that a blogger “should” be banned, and I mentioned points as to why. I was prepared to write an email, but didn’t, because the petson and I put our differwnces aside. I didn’t say I wanted Lainey banned, I mentioned that I could see she has been banned as her posts continue to disappear and she now has to go around the system and post under a different login criteria. That has nothing to do with me, and I didn’t set that up, only noted that it had happened.

  296. FatB'StardSA says:


    “No I didn’t attack YOU from the beginning, I attacked your BULLSHIT and fantasywriting from the beginning.”

    Let me get tho straight, you are accusing someone else of being a fantasy writer?!


    Even I remember you trying to get banned from the blog. Why people want to ban other blog posters is beyond me.

  297. Lainey says:


  298. Lainey says:

    @Elaine you keep claiming that I’m “proving” something on your behalf when all these posts are “proving” is that you’re petty and have ADMITTEDLY had something against me the first day I entered the blog.

    I’ve done the same thing as other SBs: describe oneself and attributes, speak on prior SDs and good fortune,YET its only wrong, “braggy” and “annoying” when I do it. Lmao. You’re too old to be this immature.

    The fact that THIS is the fountain on which you’ve built you’re “hate Lainey” propoganda is truly sad. Don’t feel sorry for me, honey boo boo Chile, feel sorry for yourself.

  299. Lainey says:

    “I never talk about my SDs or who they are or what they do for me:
    First, because I don’t need to raise my selfesteem that way,
    Second, because (if they would have time and interest to read it anyway) those men would not appreciate me blogging about them.
    Third, because it would be a disservice to others less fortunate.
    Fourth, because bragging is soooooo low class…”

    @Elaine This is silly to even direct toward me when SOOOO many SBs, your bestie @SugarSpicey included, talk about their SDs and good fortune in the bowl. Most of the things you claim I “brag” about have NOTHING to do with sugar. They are things gained on my own or through my family sooooo wrong person Ethel.

    Also, all your SDs come for SA, NONE of mine do, so they are far less prone to reading this blog. I’ve actually talked about the blog with my current SD so he knows he has been mentioned. And like most men who could give a fuck about something so trivial, because anonymity is COMPLETELY intact, he chuckled.

  300. Lainey says:

    @Elaine Now had I greeted a new SB the way you greeted me there’d be a RIOT at the retirement home. Case in point, the Exotic incident. But instead of apologizing and moving on as I did, you’ve been attacking me for the past month yet have the nerve to call anyone “childish”. HA! Sheer hilarity.

    Every new APPROPRIATELY AGED SB that has entered the blog has thanked me for my advice and then vanished from the blog NOT because of me but because it’s VERY cliquey. Disagree with one, disagree with them all.

    You guys are so busy opposing me even when my advice or views are accurate that it is YOU who creates the hostile environment. Like why mention me or speak to me rudely in moments when I’m being pleasant and minding my business? Its because you know I’m going to go off and then you can sit back like the child who pulled the dogs tail but then cries after being bitten, so all your peers will rush to console you and scold the dog.

    I see the way you guys jump on certain SDs for having opposing views. No one is free to disagree with the OLDER women in this blog (a few are not included in this). I share a lot of similar views as the men. It is no surprise to me that there is a clash, but to act as if I’m the only guilty party is ridiculous. Take some responsibility for yourself. I’ve done nothing but be honest about who I am and what I’m guilty of, although the IDGAF manner in which I do it may be off-putting at least it’s been done on my end.

  301. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    You are right, I am gone now to further enjoy my weekend with SD 🙂

  302. Josh says:

    “Can’t we all just get along?” ~ Sage Rodney King.

  303. Elaine says:

    No @ Lainey, I am not at all jealous, I only feel deep pity for you.

    I never talk about my SDs or who they are or what they do for me:
    First, because I don’t need to raise my selfesteem that way,
    Second, because (if they would have time and interest to read it anyway) those men would not appreciate me blogging about them.
    Third, because it would be a disservice to others less fortunate.
    Fourth, because bragging is soooooo low class…

    So don’t challenge me to copy and paste your idiotic and senseless bragging in one post, because all summed up it will make you look like a complete fool!

  304. Lainey says:

    @YGTBKM The age comments started AFTER her attack. How is it that every thing is here on the blog yet everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten the series of events. Guess someone has to be the villain. Alright by me

  305. Lainey says:

    @Elaine I’ve seen a countless amount of SBs enter the blog describing their attributes and then asking for advice on why the site just isn’t working for them. But I enter the blog and do the same thing and you call it bragging, call me a liar and my life a fantasy? And CONTINUE to attack me about it and rally up all your walker-prone peers to join in so how about copying and pasting THAT! Its so funny that I rubbed you the wrong way just by speaking about my life. Are you jealous?

    @SugarSpicey talks about her life all the time. Oh but she’s a part of the granny brigade so it’s ok. Do you need me to back it up with pictures of my home, car and Louboutin collection that would bring you to tears? I mean really, get an effing grip grandma!

  306. Elaine says:

    Thanx Lainey, for again proving right all I have said about you. 🙂

  307. Lainey says:

    @Elaine You’re correct about never having your sugar life, because I’d NEVER “dreeeaaamm” of being an old wh*re.

  308. Elaine says:


    This old granny hag has enough selfesteem to laugh about that, no problem.
    Namecalling shows everything about the class of the namecaller, and since she and I are obviously not in the same social class, I don’t really care what she calls me.


    I agree with Kidding about you obviously being intelligent, why don’t you rely more on your intelligence when blogging?
    It would be much more contributive and interesting and would show much more class as this childish and ridiculous bragging, lying and nasty namecalling all the time.

    Instead of proudly announcing being a “sociopath” you would show yourself a favour, and show off a much stronger woman, when you would try to overcome, instead of flattering with it…

  309. Id say no different than attacking any other marginalized demographic.

  310. The old hag and granny comments are highly disrespectful, Lainey.

  311. “Is this a full moon or side-profile ass shot we are looking for?”

    Both the full moon and the profile ;). It’s the only way to tell for sure.

  312. Elaine says:


    No I didn’t attack YOU from the beginning, I attacked your BULLSHIT and fantasywriting from the beginning

    Have been thinking to copy and paste some of your older posts, it would look hilarious all put together

    But hey!
    Why would I even bother?
    With every picture you show and new post you make, it becomes more clear what and who you are …

    Have a nice weekend!

    An old hag with good memory and a (sugar)life you can only dream of 🙂

  313. “YouGottaTurnIt: You’re right, switched the approach and it all came oozing out. Now what do I do with it?”

    Well… you lick your fingers, of course 😉

  314. In all fairness…

    I put my money on Alexis. And not because she doesnt exist, but because I really just want you ladies to not be vicious [email protected]$.

    I think you both make interesting and helpful contributions, but despite the delivery…insults are insults.

    Lainey, for all relative purposes…

    You ripped off my clit, and threw it to the fire ants, having misappropriated one of my posts early on. I went waaaay out of my way to explain my intention, and you likened me to a sharp-toothed shark hiding behind a closed mouthed grin. Even still, I extended gestures, and recognized and appreciated the ones you eventually returned.

    I think that your personality, despite what lovely qualities you may have, comes off as abrasive and judgmental (to an offensive degree) …even though you might not intend it that way all of the time. I think youve shared attractive sides of yourself with us here on blog, and Id hate for those pleasantries to be constantly overshadowed by what you consider directness. I really think that you should consider how others read your writing. Its not a matter of comprehension or logic. It goes back to the age old saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” It is perfectly fine to not give a fuck when youre in your own space. But I think it’s appropriate and appreciated for everyone to give at least a little bit of a fuck in a shared space.


    I enjoy much of what you share here, and I could throw banter with you for days as I find you brilliantly witty and hilarious. Despite your rosy articulation, you too throw blades. And that you hold stakes to whatever proclaimed sugar titles and accolades makes you no more entitled to be a bitch. As one capable of making another cum as I slice through the jugular with my tongue…I recognize that both of you are good at what you do. The arousal, however, falls flaccid after some time.


    You are guilty of being the cutesie knife thrower. Surely it’s an attempt at compensating your own head rearing. Still not cool.

    That said…

    Everyone has a way of annoying and being annoyed. Everyone has their own thresholds. Maybe there is a point (possibly sooner for some than others) when STFU can not be held in any longer. Surely there’s a point when someone (or everyone?) is thinking it. I think it’s only natural for others to react against perceived aggressors. So how about we practice knowing when to shut the fuck up…or at least obliging to amicable requests from those who share this space and want to engage in a non-turbulent atmosphere.

    Both of you ladies are clearly intelligent. Both of you have your own qualities, experiences and realities of sugar. Let it be that.

    I think that the quality of content could be much better, if we avoided petty and ruthless fighting.

    And this is coming from someone who recognizes qualities in all mentioned. I have no motive in addressing this aside from the promotion of a pleasant blogsphere. I have no competitors here, because I dont compete, I dont care to compete. The only person I compete with is myself, and the only thing thatll ever keep me from winning is myself. Never because I got clawed down trying to one up or run another’s race. At any rate, I hope y’all win.

  315. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Night ladies – I need to go stare in the mirror and congratulate myself on being damn sexy, while counting the strands of diamonds men tossed at my liter as I was carried down Rodeo Drive today.

  316. SugarBabyGuru says:

    YouGottaTurnIt: You’re right, switched the approach and it all came oozing out. Now what do I do with it?

  317. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Lainey – you’re too prosaic and cliche to fill up even a half hour survey course. A different version of you exists in every social setting.

  318. Lainey says:

    Lol @Carmen you’re trying to engage me. Not tonight. I can only take on one bitter b*tch at a time. Better luck tomorrow

  319. Lainey says:

    @SugarSpicey I’m pretty chill as I sit hear engaging you and catching up on Walking Dead. You take my assertive, abrasive manner an feel the need to place an emotion on it. Speculation must be your favorite pastime. Don’t study me honey, you won’t graduate.

  320. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Petite – Ass maintenance pays back massive dividends. Any fat chick can grow boobs, and any flat chick can buy them, but a shapely ass is earned. Donkey kicks baby!

  321. Carmen says:

    Someone got privileges and access to blog from insane ward tonight. Lol. @lainey.

  322. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Lainey – I never contacted SA about you. I didn’t need to. You violated the TOS on your own. As for the rest …

    I also never contacted SA about Josh. Our entire exchange was in the open, and we’re both moving on. As for your … wait, I am already too bored of you to even continue this exchange. Anger is ugly, and you my dear are full of it, careful it’ll put lines on your face.

  323. Petite says:

    Ah, good answer.
    I wish my butt was a bit more “shaped”
    But… that involves effort…… 🙁

  324. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Petite – Actually my brain is my sexiest asset, but I was once told I have an ass that would “make villagers rejoice”.

    YouGottaBuzzItOut: The factory seal was still on! Popped back that little safety tab and Yowza!

  325. Lainey says:

    Lol @YGTBKM welcome bizack! Is this a full moon or side-profile ass shot we are looking for? Lmao

  326. Petite says:

    We’ve had disagreements in the past, mostly semantics, so I’ll be brief. You have declared yourself a misanthrope. Women are included in mankind (as far as I’m aware), so you have already admitted to being a misogynist.

    Lol! I can see why you’d keep it a secret. It’s for the good of the world 😛

  327. Lainey says:

    @SugarSpicey I’ve also come to notice you can’t debate on your own merits. You have to constantly mention others in the hopes that they will join in. I have not mentioned your ongoing spat with @Josh or how you lied and said he attempted to expose you although it was information you had previously posted on the blog (which @SugarDaddyGuru CONFIRMED). When you jeopardize your own anonymity you have no one to blame but yourself. You tried to get him banned just like you’ve contacted SA to ban me. LMMFAO. Maybe they’re just smart enough to see that you build your own webs and then cry for help when you get tangled in them. *Shrug

  328. SugarBabyGuru says:

    YouGottaPlayFair – Obviously, we’d need a trustworthy neutral third party who could be trusted to view screen grabs from each account to gauge profile views, message frequency, and message quality.

    Petite, since I’m basically the most amazing person in the history of people, it would of course, be amazing. I shared it with the blog once, but the response was so strong it ripped a hole in the interwebs, broke the space-time continuum, and one of Softi’s moobs escaped his manzier. They made me promise, never again.

  329. Petite says:

    Actually an ex-SD-turned-really-great-friend had some free nights saved up that he said I could use and so we’re staying in a suite at the Wynn! How funny 😛 But thank you so much for the offer- very sweet of you :).

    LOL. I’m betting Sugar’s ass is her best asset ;).

  330. Dont stop rubbing, Sugarbabe…just twist in the other direction…switch it up a little.

    No really, youd be amazed. Or even try using your non-dominant hand. Throw it for a loop…itll open right up.

  331. Lainey says:

    @SugarSpicey likes throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. Can YOU, my little monkey, back up any of these claims that are CLEARLY taken out of context?

    All evidence is on this blog. I’ll actually paraphrase it here.

    I said she was no better than a working girl after a heated debate (that I was NO part of) comparing SBs to prozzies, because she saw a many 4 times but only requested money for the intimacy. Umm I mean it doesn’t take a textbook to recognize the definition.

    @Petite called me a misogynist while unaware that my post explaining the comparison of SB to prozzy was deleted. Yet again an example of an ill-informed woman jumping to conclusions.

    @Elaine attacked me my very first day on the blog and has continued ever since

    @KMS I do not recall except for the time she jumped into my spat with Elaine

    Umm nothing happened with Rebecca so to that I say, “stop making sh*t up and taking ALL things out of context to support your false claims”

  332. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Petite, when do you leave for Vegas? I have a pretty great VIP rate code that’s going to go to waste, you can use it on a suite deal (see my clever punnyness there) at the Wynn if you’d like.

  333. What is the scale, please?

    Also, we will likely need to see avatars of both your asses to know for sure.

  334. Petite says:

    Also, I kind of want to stalk your profile, just ’cause 😛

  335. SugarBabyGuru says:

    YouGottaRub – I keep rubbing but nothing comes out. Maybe I need to take the cap off first.

  336. Petite says:

    Moving on…
    Just got home from a lovely evening on the town on my own– Anyone have any fun weekend plans (sugar or otherwise)?
    I was in SF this week (leaving tomorrow) and, man, do I miss proper public transportation!
    I’m so jealous of all you SF/NY babies with your awesome metros/subways

  337. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Past my prime? Anyone care to put a wager on how much more “prime” my sweet ass would be on SA than Lainey’s were I to unhide that profile I just built?

  338. “YouGottaBeDrinkingThat – if you have a half of a half-caf, double whip, do you get 1/4 moisturizing cream?”


    You rub one out, and get along 🙂

  339. Cant we all just rub one out, and get along?

  340. SugarBabyGuru says:

    YouGottaBeDrinkingThat – if you have a half of a half-caf, double whip, do you get 1/4 moisturizing cream?

  341. Lainey says:

    @Carmen not sure what “on a Friday evening” has to do with me being on the blog Lmao. I’m typically only on at night. Work during the day and am not a “club-rat”.

    Also, you may want to distance yourself because this is how it started with @SugarSpicey. That taking sides BS without educating yourself will do nothing but make you a target.

    I was harshly welcomed to the blog by both @Elaine and @Alexis. It then would randomly rear its ugly head every time @Elaine would enter the blog. And then I stopped being nice. The granny brigade came to her defense after I made a remark about her age and every woman past their prime jumped in and received a verbal lashing from me. Women don’t seem to know when to STFU and mind their own business.

    Literacy and reading comprehension are STRONG tools. I suggest you pick some up at your local Lowes or Home Depot. 😉

  342. MidwestSD?

    Sexy is gonna rock your world.

    I put $5 and a 6-pack on it.

  343. Lainey says:


    “I will not be a bystander to your ugly bullying however.”

    We are all very capable adults. Using this term mocks the REAL incidents of bullying that takes young lives daily.

    Furthermore, I do not initiate. I engage. My fight or flight instinct is “annoy”. Lmao

    I also hope you’re aware that by using the term “bullying” you’re inadvertently admitting that one party is weaker than the other. Lol. I’ll take that compliment.

    *Puffs up chest*

  344. “…and pass up full calorie soda Goddammit.”

    I object to the inclusion of that example.

    Drink half of the full calorie variety…glass half-full :D.

  345. Carmen says:

    So, why are you on the blog all the time, Lainey? And on a Friday evening, at that, haha! All I see are Lainey posts on last two blog articles being mean to everyone.

  346. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Thank you for recognizing how fabulous I am. I’m pretty much the most awesome person I know, and the most humble too. But enough about your opinion of me, let’s talk about my opinion of me.

    And, then we’ll interupt our previously scheduled blogcast to point out how Lainey ruthlessly called Afri a whore for no reason whatsoever. What business is it of yours why she chooses to have sex, and with whom?

    Or, how you attacked Petite, or how you attacked KMS, or how you attacked Rebecca, or how you attacked Elaine, or how you have said that of the 3.6 billion women on this earth none of them are capable of logic.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Have I mentioned recently how men weep with desire at the very mention of my name? As we speak, fourteen billionnaires are fanning me with palm fronds and feeding me Bon Bons.

  347. Lainey says:

    @Sugar Spicey You’re pretty much saying you don’t need validation but you comment on this blog DAILY with little tidbits for others to report back to the “hive”. I don’t know if you speak about yourself so much because you’re trying to convince us or yourself.

    You are an entitled self-centered walking delusion. You’re not helping for the good of women. You’re helping because it gives you an opportunity to brag about yourself and add a few accolade notches on your belt. Nearly every time I see you give someone advice its accompanied by a story of your “fabulosity.”

    Even in posts over a year old you’re plugging your own blog (Sleuthing). It’s very disingenuous. It’s like that growing trend of people helping the homeless but filming it with their camera phone.

    Also, let’s not forget all of you jumped on ME because Elaine found one of my posts “annoying” and the bad blood began from there. The ONLY SB that I gave a harsh introduction to was Exotic. I apologized and reworded my post and she could give 2 f*cks about it. Only the self-proclaimed “drama loathers” somehow found a way to turn it into drama hours after out was over. Go figure!

    You can say what you want in response and continue to make false character assassinations but EVERYTHING I’ve stated can be backed up with exhibit A, B, and C found right here in this all-mighty blog. That’s FACT. What we call what you’re doing is “speculation”.

    The Hag Heckler

  348. Lainey says:

    Lol @Josh. I believe @SexyRockstar is in good hands

  349. Tina says:

    Snap to lainey

  350. SugarBabyGuru says:

    When we slut-shame what we’re saying is, “I don’t like the way you have sex, or with whom you choose to do, or your motivations for choosing to do so.”

    Okay … I don’t like the food you eat, the music you listen to, the car you drive, or myriad other things you choose to do with their own life that don’t affect me in the slightest.

    I’m going to start a militant campaign of insults and harassment against anyone who listens yo Neil Young. I hate his whiney voice, and if you like him you’re a sloppy auditory trollop.

    And, I think you should all only drive cars you pay cash for, and pass up full calorie soda Goddammit.

    While we’re at it, ear gauges, WTF!

  351. SugarBabyGuru says:

    Lainey you have no idea if I am 31 or 79, so you’re grasping at straws.

    I will say, I am old enough to have arrived at a place where I am not threatened by female strength, female friendships, or female sexuality. Nor do I believe in a ridiculous idea my values, thoughts, or experiences should dictate what another human can or cannot do with their genitals.

    As a person comfortable in my own skin I feel no need to tear other women apart needlessly because I am not threatened by other women, nor am I wracked with insecurity about my own sexuality and life experiences.

    If I can help a woman through a hard time, that’s great, if I can prevent her from misstepping in mindfields I have fallen in, even better. The narrow thinking of a self-proclaimed mentally ill person does not wound my sense of self or affect my opinion on this community Iin any way or shape. Nor does it change the truth of who I am and what I’ve experienced.

    I feel bad for you that you can’t find your own happiness and therefor need to attack other women like a crab in a bucket, but I cannot change that unattractive element of your personality. I will not be a bystander to your ugly bullying however.

  352. Josh says:


    It is now incumbent upon you to take great care of our collective sweetheart @SexyRockstar.

    We MUST hear great feedback about you from our lovely rock star.

  353. Josh says:

    Yes the blog came back but my diamond stud comment did not survive. 🙁

  354. Lainey says:

    @AboveAvgSB no. Lol. It disappeared on all of us. Funky huh?

  355. Lainey says:

    Lol @Josh we are NOT allowed to speak of logic of the “female variety”.. its misogynistic!

    *Sarcasm. OF COURSE!

  356. AboveAvgSB says:

    Okay so this blog post is back now? Am I the only one it disappeared from?

  357. Lainey says:

    @SugarSpicey I truly think young girls look up to you and are inspired because Yes many YOUNG women would want to be a “successful” sugar babies and can learn much from you but trust that when your age is taken into consideration its truly depressing.

    I’d never want to be that age glamorizing promiscuity and passing off my life failures as liberation.

    The Hag Heckler

  358. SugarBabyGuru says:

    … on the road again … at least this time I’m getting some sun, followed by pasta, with a side dish of kinky Austrian.

    It’s just so sad to be an old hag. 😉

  359. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @SexyRockstar You have mail. You are very attractive yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.

    I hope everyone has a super sugar weekend.

  360. Don’t you “logic” me, babe.

    I’ll wrap my logic around your cock, and stroke it.

    Yep! I will. 😉

  361. Josh says:

    And what’s your “logic” dear? 😉

  362. I object to the inclusion of that example.

  363. Josh says:

    Re: Women “logic.”

    Months after we parted ways because the SB did not want to sleep with me, I received a text few weeks ago. She was not SBing anymore. Instead she was offering fully nude, exotic massage service. I generally don’t go for no-sex arrangements but this one is a riot…the funnest SB I have ever had but…alas no sex.

    Her “package” was $X for exotic massage and horseplay but it would cost $Y more if I wanted to stick my finger in her… What was the reason given for extra money to stick my finger in her…? “Because I am not a prostitute.” 😉

    Gotta love women “logic.”

  364. Josh says:

    “There’s always more where you came from.”

    …was the last message received from a rinser after I refused her attempts to rinse me. 🙁

  365. So, Im sitting in this restaurant enjoying the pleasantries of my own company, when the three top sitting next to me invites me on a cruise. Said that their 3rd wheel wants to be my sugar daddy, asked them to invite me, and that all I had to do was show up…said I didnt even have to talk to him. The couple was quite insistent that I come, no pun…or maybe.

    chit chat chit chat

  366. Josh says:


    “what is a rinser?”

    “Rinser is an individual who extracts something of value from someone without providing something of value in return.” ~ Josh Guru

    A typical example is of a woman who extracts money from a man, who shows romantic interest in her, by leading him on.

    One may suggest that a picture collector is a rinser.

  367. Luver says:

    What if you don’t get picked or someone who doesn’t have a picture?

  368. flyR says:

    One of the dumber topics

  369. flyR says:

    VA They know you are coming back on the last day to harvest the numbers and emails and the photos…….. not so fast

  370. VA Gent says:

    Did SA crash yesterday??? Anyone else have access issues?

  371. VA Gent says:

    I couldn’t access anything on SA at all yesterday. Kinda pissed because my Premium membership also expired yesterday and there were a couple of ladies I wanted to do a gentlemanly check back with before fading out for a while. Hmmmm… And now blog topic on the virtues of upselling??? C’mon, SA, not a class move…

  372. sexyrockstar says:

    Maybe your account hasn’t been approved yet

  373. salsa mama says:

    Cannot send messages. Is that because I didn’t pay? Sugar baby so confused. Ugh!

  374. megan says:

    what is a rinser?

  375. Love Guru says:

    Now now…

  376. MizUndaStood says:

    @Josh Handi-Capable. Gotcha babe! Now will you let me wipe that drool off your chin! HA!

  377. Love Guru says:


    We’re not disfunctional. We’re differntly functional. 😉

  378. MizUndaStood says:

    @Josh HAHA!

    Whatever this blog is about, I don’t think I would be able to take a diamond level member seriously. Like seriously? He’s just proclaiming he wants to be the elite in a dysfunctional gene pool that is SA… I have come to the conclusion, that there are probably only 20% or less real SD on this site.

  379. Love Guru says:


    “If an SB is providing X quantum of fun/good time/whatever to an SD then she is not a rinser to the extent the SD is appreciative of what he received.” ~ Josh Guru

    I don’t try to hook up with any SBs on the blog, and this post is no exception.

    Having said that AND theoretically speaking, I wouldn’t mind being rinsed by a fun SB like you. 😉

  380. MizUndaStood says:

    Now that my $30 membership has expired, I need to find a SD to reimburse me for my loss… Am I a rinser? LOL!

  381. Lainey says:

    Aren’t they aware we can do all of that besides “hide last login” with an unpaid account?

  382. Love Guru says:

    Virgin blog! 😉

  383. SouthernSB says:

    Hey, I’m first.