Online dating is the norm for singles today. As more and more people look for relationships on dating apps, Seeking continues to strengthen its commitment to fight human trafficking and create a safe space for our community. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Freedom Light, an organization that empowers businesses on a mission to stop this crime. 

Through consulting services and insightful training, Freedom Light is empowering our company to prevent crime and combat human trafficking. As part of our ongoing initiative, the entire Seeking team has undergone hours of education on this issue. This is how we stay informed and promote a culture of online safety. 

The advice and instruction received from Freedom Light have put our platform at the forefront of this movement. With the support of this organization and all of our staff, we’re making human trafficking and sexual exploitation part of our conversation. And we feel proud to use our platform to do good. Our goal is to constantly shed light on this important issue, because we understand that raising awareness is the first step to create change. 

The safety of our subscribers has always been a top priority for Seeking. Using data and concrete evidence, our partnership with Freedom Light has helped us strengthen the security of our platform. We’ve implemented AI technology to help us monitor profiles and identify any possible violations of anti-trafficking laws. In cooperation with law enforcement, our company policy is to block profiles that engage in trafficking and promptly report them to the authorities. 

As we strive to maintain a safe online dating environment, we ask that our community joins us in this effort to protect the victims of these crimes. If you suspect a trafficking situation, please report it to Federal law enforcement by calling (866) 347-2423. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, don’t hesitate to call 911 right away.

Together, Seeking, Freedom Light, and all of us can end human trafficking.  Visit Freedom Light’s website for more information.