On July 28, 2021, Google announced some content policy updates for its Google Play Store. These updates were specifically to restrict any applications that encouraged “compensated sexual relationships” from being featured on the company’s app store.

Following the announcement, a number of media outlets reported on Google’s new policies, which will be effective on September 1, 2021. Several publications included in their reporting a list of applications that would be affected by Google’s new terms—and Seeking was among those that were inappropriately listed.

In response to the Seeking app being inaccurately classified as one of the apps that would be effectively banned come next month, Seeking founder and CEO Brandon Wade penned an open letter that both addresses such inaccuracies and clarifies his own stance on Google’s impending policies. Read on for Brandon’s full letter.

Good afternoon,

While I was unsurprised by Google Play’s announcement to ban “compensated sexual relationships,” I was stunned to learn that people assume that Seeking.com may be one of the apps being targeted by this new policy. 

To be clear, I stand firmly aligned with Google’s stance on prostitution. Prostitutes, escorts and those looking for “compensated sexual relationships” are never welcome on Seeking.com, and it disappoints me that the media has included us in their projected lists of apps to be removed from the Google Play store. 

Seeking.com’s place in the dating market is simply not what people may mistakenly assume it is. I invite any member of the press or Google to speak to me directly in order to provide clarity and to correct any erroneous assumptions about the site and the brand’s potential classification. We use a multitude of policing initiatives that outpace other dating apps and competitors for the safety of our members and the integrity of our community and to rid our community of those who violate our rules and terms. Our customer support team works 24/7 from three different countries, we employ artificial intelligence (AI) scanning for images and transactional language, and we have an incredible self-policing community.

This is an important issue, and Seeking.com is ready and willing to advance this discussion. 

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade
CEO & Founder, Seeking.com