They say opposites attract for a reason. If you’re naturally on the quieter side, sometimes it’s fun to date the life of the party. However, lots of power couples get along so well because their interests align. There’s no “right way” to do things – but which one is right for you? 

Reasons to Date Someone Just Like You

Let’s face it – dating someone just like you sounds a whole lot less complicated. You don’t have to worry if they hate the caviar you bought, or if they feel uncomfortable at the art gallery opening because you know it’s not really their thing. Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about.

Read on for 7 more reasons you may want to consider dating someone just like you:

  1. You’ll likely have a plus one for most events you attend, since you two share many of the same hobbies, back the same causes, and so on.
  2. If you’re a foodie couple, you’ll always have someone to take to a Michelin-starred restaurant — and that person will be equally excited to show you all his or her favorite spots.
  3. You’ll have a travel companion that’s interested in all the same destinations, so planning trips will be a breeze. Just like the one you’ll both feel while chartering that yacht in the French Riviera.
  4. If you share the same political views, you’ll probably never argue about topics that are otherwise quite polarizing. What a relief, huh?
  5. In general, you might have fewer disagreements, which means less arguing and more time for adventures!
  6. Sharing similar values means you’ll probably have a good chance of working out in the long run because you want similar things.
  7. If you date someone like-minded, chances are you’ll have similar life goals. With two of you working on achieving them, that makes it even more simple for your dreams to become reality.

Reasons Not to Date Someone Just Like You:

Okay, so either you think that all sounds great – or, you think that dating someone just like yourself sounds like a one-way ticket to boredom. Here are some reasons why it might be best not to date someone just like you:

  1. If you date someone who likes the same things you do, you’ll find yourself doing the same things over and over again. If you branch out a little, you might discover you’re into things you didn’t know you enjoyed. Maybe you thought you hated baseball until you watched the World Series from a luxury suite, and now you’re a fan.
  2. Chances are, like-minded people have like-minded friends. Therefore dating someone unique might expand your social circle in amazing new ways (and maybe even lead to networking opportunities).
  3. Dating someone of a different race, generation or religious background can expand your worldview in amazing ways. It can even help you see yourself in a different light. 
  4. There’s something to be said about having a “yin” to your “yang.” Maybe you run high stress, and you can find a partner who’s more relaxed. There’s nothing like hearing, “Why don’t we spend the day at the spa?” when you’re feeling like a human punching bag or “Let’s go for a midnight sail!” after a tough day at the office.
  5. Alright, we know this isn’t school, but dating someone different from yourself might also help you learn something. If you’re in an age gap relationship, you can learn new things from your partner that you may not learn if you were dating someone of the same age.
  6. Dating someone with different interests can lead you outside of your comfort zone in an exciting way. Have you ever flown in a helicopter at sunset? Eaten fugu in Japan? Now you’ll have someone to hold hands with while you make those leaps.
  7. People (and their personalities) don’t usually stay the same as they grow older. Dating someone different than yourself from the start will mean you probably won’t ever outgrow each other as you evolve.
  8. Maybe you haven’t found a great connection simply because you have always tried to date someone similar in the past. Meeting someone entirely different might be just what you need!

If you’re still on the fence about whether you’d rather date someone just like you or find your unexpected compliment, we’ve got some great news: There’s a chance you may just find someone who is somewhat similar to you, but also different in all the right ways. And maybe that’s the best combination of all.

When it comes to connecting with the right person, sparks will fly regardless of how many similarities or differences you two have. Join today and find that fire starter right now. For more dating stories and tips, check out the rest of the Seeking Blog.