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The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Special Someone

Black Friday is far behind us, which means the holiday shopping season is in full effect. This year that looks somewhat different, as the pandemic has altered how we find the perfect presents for our friends and loved ones.

Our favorite department stores are quiet, shopping malls lack the crowds they usually enjoy, and even the mom-and-pop shops are struggling to allow the foot traffic they need. What isn’t slowing down, however, is the internet.

Sure, a number of us are used to checking off our Christmas lists with fabulous items found online that our friends and family will enjoy. And this year the number of online retail orders are certainly going to increase, as we all want great gifts delivered in time. Sometimes, though, we have some trouble picking out exactly what we want to be wrapped up with a pretty bow.

We took the liberty of perusing the interwebs to find fabulous gifts for your perfect special someone, and we covered it all: Electronics, food & beverage items, fragrances, beauty products and a variety of impulse buys that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Read on, get some inspiration and start shopping!


If you’re shopping for someone who is tech-savvy, there are so many new great options to choose from this holiday season! If your partner is a devoted gamer, there’s obviously one thing on your list: The PS5. There’s the lightning-fast loading, 3D audio and an entire new generation of games—plus the opportunity to get your game on together!

While AirPods were all the rage during last year’s holiday shopping season, Apple has—no surprise here—launched another product that no doubt will be found underneath the tree for many. If you’re looking for an upgrade for those AirPods, the Apple AirPods Max are headphones designed more like Sony and Bose models and feature both noise cancellation technology and superior audio quality. It’s the “it” Apple product to have this season.

And on the opposite side of the audio spectrum are the Bose Sleepbuds II, a set of earbuds that work in tandem with the Bose Sleep app that deliver soothing sounds to help one sleep. Have a special someone who needs some help getting those Z’s? This is the answer.

Many of us have turned to the small screen to keep us busy and entertained throughout this odd quarantine-filled year we’ve experienced. And as it seems as though we have a few more months sitting on the couch in our living rooms, why not have all the shows, all the movies, every possible show available? Enter Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K—not only is it the company’s most powerful streaming device, it also features Alexa capabilities and has one of the most comprehensive streaming platform offerings available. If your partner can’t wait for that new HBO Max series, this is the streaming device for you!

Food & Beverage

We all love to eat and drink, which is why anything epicurean is always a perfect go-to for a holiday gift. Whether your partner is a cocktail enthusiast, a foodie, a wino or just someone who can’t get enough of that delicious charcuterie board at that holiday party, there’s a gourmet gift for everyone.

If your sweet someone is all about the sweets, consider a box of gourmet Belgian chocolates—Godiva is divine and has all kinds of assortments for any sweets-savvy person. From cherry cordials to delectable turtles, the iconic chocolatier has something to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

If you’re still practicing social distancing while dating, a culinary kit membership not only makes dinners a breeze for your special someone—but you also could offer to make the meal together as a meet-cute date (tell me you haven’t seen that in a Katherine Heigl movie, or somewhere) or purchase that same box and make it together from afar (if you’re really keeping that social distance, at least).

And if your partner is a bona fide wino, Naked Wines is right up their alley! The online wine shop has a vast selection of world-class wines from independent winemakers (meaning: a win for small businesses)—with many bottles up to 60% off market prices. Unless you’re dating a sommelier, this is a win-win—especially if you pair the gift with a duo of wine glasses!


We’ve all heard that “looking good makes you feel good,” but we think even more importantly that smelling good makes you feel good. Think about it, ladies: Do you not swoon when the scent of your man’s cologne makes him even more attractive? And gentlemen, need we say more?

Cologne or perfume is the last step of your ensemble, you simply aren’t dressed without it. Which is why it’s the perfect present for anyone—regardless of how vast their fragrance collection is, everyone can always use something new.

The fragrance world offers almost too much that it’s overwhelming, so you’ll have to decide between to sticking to something tried and true (think: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel or J’adore by Christian Dior) or something more contemporary.

One of this year’s break-out scents is Gucci’s Mémoire, which pop star Harry Styles tells Harper’s Bazaar is “floral, clean [and] not heavy.” Other popular options this year include Rose Prick by Tom Ford and Idôle by Lancome.

Beauty Products

Giving products that helps oneself make them, well, more attractive, is a bit of a risky endeavor for holiday gifts … the thing is, the beauty industry has so many awesome products and its followers are eager to try innovations—and that niche audience might include your partner.

So, if you’re going to gift something to make your sexy someone even more sexy, be sure you know it’s something they’d absolutely love. Have they mentioned that designer cream more than once? Are they a makeup fanatic? Do they watch TikTok beauty tutorials non-stop? Then something health and beauty-related is the right way to go!

You could go the easy way and get them some kind of a membership subscription, but chances are your special someone already gets a box from Ipsy or Birchbox each month. On our list this year are the Sugar Lip Gift Set from Fresh—who doesn’t want to pucker up for a silky soft smooch?—and the iconic La Mer moisture cream. The latter not only because the celebrated product is endorsed by droves of celebrities, but also because it’ll leave your special someone with radiant, picture-perfect skin—who’s ready for their close-up?

Let Them Choose Their Own Gifts

Of course the best gift sometimes is the one the receiver chooses on their own. Sure, Visa gift cards will seem cold and impersonal, but why not gift someone the opportunity to choose something extraordinarily special?

Our first thought is a Gold Membership to Desilux, a luxury shopping site that features items from the world’s most beloved designers. Oh, and did we mention that the Gold Membership allows you to save 10-90% off retail prices, in addition to enjoying free international shipping and access to special flash sales? If you’re dating someone fashion-forward, this is the ideal gift to give this season!

The iPhone 12

Sure, we could have included the most anticipated product of 2020 under electronics, but we felt it deserved its own space in this curated gift guide.

We can go on and on about its amazing tech specs, from the A14 bionic (the fastest smartphone chip) to an edge-to-edge OLED display (which is why the picture looks so good on those commercials!). But you already know that Apple produces superior products and continues to innovate the tech-driven world we live in—so we know you know what’s up.

And even better, you might not have to drop a dime on it! Seeking is looking forward to the new year with a special Seeking 2021 giveaway contest—and the grand prize includes an iPhone 12! Find out how to win and all of the contest rules here.

Whether you’ll take these gift tips into consideration or not, time is a-ticking! There’s only so much time left to find that ideal gift for your special somebody. And to make it even easier, a number of the gifts mentioned in this blog post—plus so many more options that will be perfect for your partner—are available within the Seeking website through our Wishlist feature.

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth, look at that wishlist, give it some thought and get those gifts! And don’t forget to gift wrap it—even if the nice employees at the mall have to do it for you.

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