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Seeking’s Security Measures Allow Members To Date With Ease

Sure, the Internet has done a lot of good for anyone with access. Aside from the wealth of information it provides us all with, it also made a lot of day-to-day activities so much easier. As consumers, we don’t have to wait until grocery or retail stores are open to place orders or go shopping. With email and social media platforms, we don’t have to wait for snail mail or spend time on the phone to stay connected with our friends and families. And of course there’s Internet dating!

But with the good (sometimes) comes the bad. All of those aforementioned activities made easier by our WiFi connections involve the exchange of information—some that is extremely personal and often unsafe in the wrong hands. But if you’re using the right services online—those with secure protocols and methods of transferring information—you can have peace at mind while using technology to chat, shop and date!

Security on Seeking

Seeking rolled out a number of new features in recent weeks, including added security measures to keep members’ information safe and ensure a positive online dating experience. An enhanced verification process confirms users’ social media accounts and profile photos, while a sophisticated bot detection software eliminates fake profiles to ensure all accounts are real-life, serious daters!

These improvements are only the tip of the iceberg of Seeking’s approach to user safety and security, though. Aside from verifying profiles, photos and accounts, there’s also the security aspect of protecting user information. Seeking employs top-notch, state-of-the-art measures to keep its members’ information secure, as safety is paramount to the website.

So, how does Seeking do just that? Read on for a quick overview of the site’s security features—told straight to us from the site’s director of security!

Layers of Information Security

As many companies in the cyber safety space point out on their own blogs and websites, information security should be like a layered cake. A cake?! Yes, a cake!

You have your layers of cake—be it red velvet, angel food or carrot—separated by layers of ganache or fruit, all covered in a frosting that encases everything inside. Each layer has its own unique flavor and function—much like the different layers of security that many websites employ to keep information secure. All of the components of the cake, together, make something delightful and delicious—just as multiple website security features create a harmonious mix of safety when utilized together.

And that’s exactly how Seeking approaches its information security, with different methods that work together to ensure the website is impenetrable and member information is safe and secure—allowing our members to search, message, video chat and update their profiles with their minds at ease.

The Methods: SSL Certificates

The first layer of Seeking’s “layer cake of security” is an SSL certificate. Standing for “secure sockets layer,” Seeking’s SSL certificate renders any information provided by a site visitor—a credit card number, their username or password, etc.—unreadable to all except the Seeking server that the information is being sent to.

This layer of encryption protects user information from hackers and identity thieves. In addition to this encryption, the SSL certificate Seeking uses also provides authentication. With this feature, visitors can be assured that they are sending their information to the right server and not to an imposter trying to take sensitive data such as login details, signups, addresses and payment or personal information.

One physical attribute of such security that many are familiar with is the padlock icon seen in the address bar of the user’s browser. Seen on all Seeking pages, this indicates that the user’s connection is secure. Not only are measures being taken, Seeking wants users to always know that the site is taking their information and privacy very seriously.

The Methods: Web Application Firewall

Complementary to the SSL certificate, the second component to Seeking’s “layer cake of security” is a web application firewall (WAF). Unlike the typical firewall many websites use to protect information, a WAF is more precise in filtering out potential hackers and others looking for ways into protected websites.

This advanced firewall that Seeking employs performs deep filtered scans against web traffic attempting to enter the site. With this technology, bot or non-human traffic (used by hackers and the like) is blocked through the use of AI-based learning mechanisms. This allows only legitimate Seeking members to access the site!

The Methods: Other Measures Taken

Seeking also employs other various security techniques to keep members’ personal information safe, further richening that “layer cake of security.” These include but are not limited to advanced threat and bot detection software and third-party cyber security audits that involve assessing security policies and controls by performing vulnerability scans to identify and address any exposures to potential threats.

Furthermore, Seeking complies with all requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, a worldwide organization that develops and drives the adoption of security standards for all ecommerce websites. To be PCI compliant, organizations must meet the PCI Security Standards Council’s 15 stringent standards that protect a consumer’s payment account data throughout the payment lifecycle—these measures devalue such data and eliminate incentives for criminals to steal it.

Find Honest Relationships with Ease

Seeking’s layered approach to security is truly comprehensive. When paired together, the website’s SSL certificate and its more robust, hardened firewall protect the website from the majority of web-based threats and others attempting to enter the site and use its information.

At the end of the day, all of these measures really mean that you can use our website without worry! The only thing you should be sweating is what you’re going to wear on that next date!

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