Let us familiarize you with our membership options and the benefits of each.

First off, it’s free for all members to join and create a profile (yes, for both attractive and established users). However, to connect with other members, you’ll need more than just a Standard account. So, if you’re serious about finding your ideal relationship, now is the time to pay attention.  

Established Members

If you’re looking for a relationship on your terms, it would be in your interest to upgrade to a Premium Membership. With a Premium Membership, you are communicating to the attractive members that you are invested in finding an ideal relationship and you are more than a passive observer.

Standard Membership Vs. Premium Membership:

Standard Established Membership:

  • Send 10 free messages (one time only)
  • Search for Attractive members
  • View profile visitors and favorites

Premium Established Membership:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Be featured on the member dashboard
  • Communicate without a public photo
  • Priority over Standard members in profile/photo approval process
  • Ability to hide profile from searches
  • Ability to hide online status
  • Ability to hide last login country
  • Save custom search filters
  • Display multiple profile locations
  • Able to view when their message has been read

Premium Membership Benefits

Read, Reply, Repeat:

Are unread messages filling up your inbox? The most important part of your Premium Membership is the ability to send unlimited messages and finally get back to all the attractive members waiting for your reply.

When and Where:

We understand discretion is important to a few of our users, that’s why we have taken additional measures to add extra security features for our Premium members. This will allow you to hide information pertaining to when you last visited the site and where you were logging in from.

Waiting for the right moment:

Want more control? Now you can hide your profile from search results. When you’re ready, you’re ready. There is no need to rush.

Diamond Members

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. The top-tier membership option for Established members on Seeking, Diamond members enjoy exclusivity and a number of perks that can enhance one’s time spent on our site.

In addition to the Premium Membership perks, Diamond Members also receive these benefits:

  • Prominently featured as a Diamond Member to all Attractive users
  • Be featured as a Diamond Member
  • Priority over Standard & Premium Members in profile/photo approval process
  • Profile Boosts

Diamond Membership Benefits


The membership status of a Premium member is only visible to Attractive members who also have upgraded to a Premium Membership. Diamond members enjoy additional exclusivity and visibility, as their Diamond Membership status is visible to all Attractive users, whether or not they have upgraded to Premium.


When you sign up for a Diamond Membership, your profile and photos approved much faster than the Premium and Standard Members. This allows Diamond Members to start Seeking much quicker.

Profile Boosts:

Diamond Members already are ahead of the game by being prominently featured, but they also receive Profile Boosts. These boosts allow Diamond Members to enhance their visibility in specific searches being conducted by Attractive members.

Attractive Members

Here is a quick rundown of the different features that our memberships will get you:

Standard Attractive Membership:

  • Must have at least one public profile picture and an approved profile to read or send messages
  • Only viewable in standard search

Premium Attractive Membership:

  • Featured in search results and featured member blocks
  • Can communicate without a public profile photo
  • Ability to hide last login country
  • Priority over Standard members in profile/photo approval process
  • Able to view when their message has been read
  • Access to all search filters

Premium Membership Benefits

Make your search work for you:

Do less searching. Premium members can create and save advanced searches. Whether an advance search is made by height, age, or income, the time needed to find potential partners is cut in half.

Stand out above the crowd:

With a Premium Membership, you appear higher in search over your Standard peers. Not only that, but there are many sections on the site where your profile will be featured to members that may not have been able to find you otherwise. This includes the featured members area on the dashboard.

Don’t be left on “Read”:

Is your message waiting without a reply? With Premium, you’ll be able to see which Established members are actively reading your messages and are interested in what you have to offer.

That’s for you to know, and for them to find out later:

Only be seen by the members you want to be seen by. With our advanced profile security features, you are able to hide yourself from search and hide your last login country and online status. You can pick and choose where and how you display yourself.

If you’re still confused on which membership level to choose, just ask! Seeking’s customer service and satisfaction is unmatched in the online dating industry.

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