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You Can Now Send Photos—and GIFs!—With New Picture in Messaging Feature

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? If that’s the case, now you can say so much more while chatting on Seeking!

That’s because Seeking recently launched its new Picture in Messaging feature, allowing members to add some images to their previously text-heavy conversations. It’s yet another advancement that enhances the user experience, as Seeking constantly strives to make the site more convenient and enjoyable to use.

Seeking says the new feature is already being used extensively, which should come as no surprise. We’re becoming more visually inclined each day, and images tend to motivate us. Do a simple Google search and you’ll find that we’re more inclined to read an Instagram post or click on a news article—or profile photo, amirite—because of the photo that’s attached.

So, read on to learn more about the new Seeking feature. Then go give it a test run and send some cute pics—or funny GIFs—to that sweetie you’re messaging right now!

Getting Giphy With It

Many users no doubt will use the new feature to share additional photos of themselves or illustrate a story they’re telling a potential date. Do you have a wild story from a summer in the Maldives? “Pictures or it didn’t happen” as they say …

But In addition to the ability to send personal photos from your phone’s camera roll or computer’s galleries, Seeking’s Picture in Messaging also allows members to send animated GIFs powered by Giphy. The well-known database has become the source for GIFs with its extensive selection, which will soon include Seeking’s GIFs!

The site is currently developing its own looped images for users to share, so keep an eye out for some SA originals! Sometimes Ryan Gosling and the cast of Friends just don’t know how to illustrate the fabulous lifestyle of elite dating. Now you have a resource for dating GIFs!

How To Use Picture in Messaging

Picture in Messaging is extremely easy to use, just as sending photos in your phone messenger would be.

Simply sign into Seeking.com, pull up a message you have initiated with another Seeking member, and click the image or GIF icon to the right of the message box. Choose the photo or GIF of your choice and hit the send button! It’s as easy as that.

While all Attractive Members have access to Picture in Messaging, only Established Members with Premium or Diamond memberships—which offer access to messaging on Seeking—can use the feature. As for where you can utilize the feature, Picture in Messaging is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Seeking.

Privacy is Important

While there are other means of sharing images with your potential dates, Seeking’s Picture in Messaging feature offers an added level of privacy.

If you want to share photos on your phone or over another platform—maybe you’re using Google Meet a lot these days—you’ll have to offer the person you’re chatting with some personal information. Using the Picture in Messaging feature on Seeking means you don’t have to send your phone number or email to the person you’re chatting with.

Not only does this offer some additional privacy for you, it eliminates the chance of your information either being leaked, sold or used for research or various other purposes. Sharing images on Seeking is extremely safe!

When You’re Using Picture in Messaging …

As no personal information is exchanged by using Picture in Messaging, there’s a high level of privacy. With this in mind, members should also keep in mind exactly what they’re sharing by sending their photos.

If there’s a lot of background in your photo, it can offer a lot of information—the neighborhood or even the building behind you could be recognizable. If your photos are taken at well-known landmarks, be it a popular restaurant or the grocery store down the road, that also can give a lot of information about your location and lifestyle.

To avoid sharing any hints you don’t want to drop, choose your background wisely and don’t offer any personal info! Elite dating should be so much fun—and it also should be safe!

So, what are you waiting for? Go add some eye candy to your chats with Picture in Messaging on Seeking!

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