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Verify Your Identity on Seeking Fast, Get Dates Faster!

Online dating is the modern approach to romance. It’s the reason you created your Seeking profile – to see photos of potential dates, browse profiles, and make connections around the world. But with so much to explore, how do you stay safe while you Seek? One simple way: verify your identity on Seeking!

If you’re out there looking for a special connection, it’s important to take some extra precautions. The popularity of documentaries like “The Tinder Swindler” and the growth of online fraud have increased awareness on dating and social platforms. With our “Seek, Don’t Get Swindled” promotion, Seeking is taking an extra step to battle the Swindler culture that exists online. 

To help promote online security and keep our community protected, we are excited to announce that Seeking is offering a free ID Verification Day to all of our members. It’s a fast and easy way to add a layer of safety to your experience. As we continue to improve the security features of our platform, we encourage you to take advantage of complimentary access and verify your identity on Seeking so you can continue to date safely and Seek Responsibly.

Take Advantage of “Seek, Don’t Get Swindled”

On March 24th, Seeking will offer Free ID Verification. For 24 hours only, our members in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Spain, or France will be able to get their Verified Profile badge for free.

All you have to do is register and upload your photo ID. In a matter of minutes, you can get verified and enjoy our platform.

Those who don’t take advantage of this opportunity on March 24th will have a chance to verify their account later this year when we roll out Identity Verification for a fee of $4.99 as a premium feature for our members. But with “Seek, Don’t Get Swindled” you can verify your identity on Seeking for free and start enjoying the benefits of safe online dating.

What is Identity Verification

Identity verification is the new standard of online dating. Using your Driver’s License or other approved form of ID, this simple authentication process certifies your identity to boost the safety of our platform and offer your potential dates peace of mind.

Once our third-party verification partner confirms your identity, you receive a badge that is added to your profile. This icon lets other members know that you are who you say you are and inspires confidence among online daters. 

With this process, Seeking hopes to prevent the various forms of fraud, crime, and identity manipulation that can occur online. It is a safety measure that lowers the risk of fake profiles and creates accountability among members of our community.

Who Can Verify Their Account

With “Seek, Don’t Get Swindled”, all members in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Spain, or France can verify their identity on Seeking for free on March 24th. After the 24-hour promotion is complete, ID verification will be offered as an ongoing service for a one-time fee of $4.99 globally.

Why Verifying Your Identity on Seeking Is Important

Identity Verification is a reliable method to promote online safety. It creates a sense of honesty and genuine connection among the members of the Seeking community.

Also, verified users get more interest from other singles! With the option to filter your search to include only ID-verified people, you can connect with other members who make safety a priority.

Need a longer list of benefits to register for Identity Verification? These are some of the advantages of completing the verification process:

  • Get a verification badge added to your profile
  • Attract more serious partners
  • Build trust with fellow “Seekers” looking to make a connection
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Prevent scammers from impersonating you
  • Maintain your own privacy

How Verification Works

Verifying your identity on Seeking is quick, easy, and secure. 

Log into your Seeking account and begin your FREE ID verification process in three easy steps.

  1. Tap on “Verify Your Profile.” You can find this button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Scan your Driver’s License or any other form of valid ID using your device’s camera.
  3. Once your ID card is confirmed, you’ll simply take a selfie as the final step to confirm your Identity Verification.

As part of our commitment to safety, we promise to safeguard your personal information. Using a trusted 3rd party organization that also provides Identity Verification services for tech and finance firms, we now offer this convenient feature to our online community.

Seek Responsibly

We know that the world of online dating is changing, and we want to help our community avoid catfishing, scams, and other forms of fraud. That’s why we’re doing identity verification right, in a convenient, secure way that’s also respectful of our users’ privacy.

Our goal is for our members to feel empowered, as they find the relationship that’s just right for them. With Identity Verification, you can now ask potential dates to get verified before you meet and date with confidence! Log in to Seeking and get your free Identity Verification this March 24th and upgrade your online safety!

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