The flowers have bloomed, the weather has warmed up and summer is on the horizon—yes, spring is almost over. And while the season mostly reminds us of things coming back to life—especially considering this year many of us were as dormant as the bare tree branches outside our homes—there’s also the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning.

There’s no doubt that a significant number of semi-organized people have spent this time Marie Kondo-ing their homes. Out with the old, in with the new. Decor has shifted from heavy wintertime blankets and decorative fireplace screens to light linens and vases of perennials. Worn items have been replaced with new finds (this time likely from Amazon considering the quarantine shutdowns). The dust has been swept and we’ve opened our doors—both literally and proverbially—to new opportunities and experiences.

And just as many Seeking members have likely been updating their living spaces (and lifestyles), our teams were also busy with their own version of spring cleaning. If you’re one of the site’s many devoted users, chances are you have noticed that has been spruced up a bit. Foundational elements of the site have been updated, new features have been added and the overall functionality of Seeking has been improved—all in an effort to provide a high-quality online dating experience that is hallmark to the platform.

So, what changed exactly? Read on to find out exactly just that! And then when you’re done, be sure to log in or head back to your profile homepage to explore all the new bells and whistles that have made Seeking even more of an enjoyable experience.

Video Chat

Still staying home for the time being? It’s often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder—and that likely is quite true—but why not stay connected even when you’re far away from each other?

Since the beginning of our “new normal,” Seeking has been a proponent of “physical distancing” over “social distancing”—which is why the site encourages users to date as normal as they possibly can, and video communications platforms are a great way to do just that.

But as third-party platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom or Facetime require the exchange of personal information—be it a social media handle, phone number or email address—Seeking sought to offer members video capabilities with the security and safety that the website already offered. The new video chat feature does just that, as messages can be sent directly from a Seeking message—no information (other than your profile username) is necessary.

And as an added measure of security, all video chat requests sent on Seeking must be between two members who have already exchanged text messaging on the site. That means no randos are popping up asking to face-to-face with you, and you’re only getting message requests from members who you have already expressed an interest in. It’s a win-win situation!

Plus, even if you’re dating out in the real world at this point, the video chat feature offers added comfort in meeting someone from Seeking. Ask the person you’ve been chatting with to jump on a quick video call before meeting to get to know them a little better. At the very least, you’ll be able to confirm that the member looks like his/her/their photo—and avoid that awkward conversation at the coffee shop when they show up not exactly in (profile) picture perfect condition.

Read more about the video chat feature on our recent blog!

High Quality Photos

And speaking of photos, Seeking has upped its game in that exact department! If you’ve uploaded a new profile picture or if the person you’re talking to recently updated theirs, you might have noticed that the quality has improved immensely.

When members upload new photos to their profiles, they are now displayed with a high-DPI display. This means the photos are less pixelated and more clear, allowing you to really get a read on what Seeking members look like.

So, are you ready for your close up? Add a new photo today and really show off that killer smile (and personality)!


While photos and video chats are a great way to ensure the person you’re chatting with is being open and honest, Seeking is also constantly busy ensuring profiles are as accurate as they can be.

The site’s team verifies every single profile in an attempt to weed out and eliminate profiles that are fake or untrustworthy. Beyond that, our new enhanced verification process allows members to have the social media accounts listed on their profiles—as well as their photos—verified. Basically, when you’re perusing profiles Seeking, you’re getting the real deal from each and every member you view.

Seeking also offers the option for members to buy a background check. After the background check is conducted, the profile is deemed verified—and all who visit that profile can see that they went the extra length to ensure reality, safety and security.


And if you’re often scrolling through profiles on Seeking, that’s one more thing that the website has made even easier during this spring quarantine we’ve been living through.

While Seeking is not available as an application to download on the Apple Store, you can download a PWA—a progressive web app—that will be displayed on your mobile device’s home screen. No app, no problem!

The PWA is a great way to stay logged in throughout the day, offering extremely easy access. It also allows members to search with efficiency and message even quicker while they’re on-the-go. Don’t have time to log on to your laptop to let your date know you’re running late? Simply sign on through the PWA on your smart phone and shoot them a message from your car service, Uber or taxi!

Enhanced Customer Service

If you’re not a member of Seeking yet and are thinking about joining, the site also has updated aspects specific to potential members like you!

All new profiles are now approved in under three hours, as Seeking’s devoted customer service team is working around the clock to make sure you get to experience Seeking even faster! Simply sign up, complete your profile (with that high-quality photo, of course) and you’ll be sending and/or accepting dates in no time!

And as previously mentioned, the customer service team is tirelessly devoted to Seeking’s members. If you have any questions or concerns, you’ll receive a response from the team in under eight hours. Online dating has never been so effortless!

Enhanced Security

Seeking has always considered its users safety and security of the utmost importance, and that has not changed—it just got even better. Not only is the security team using one of the most sophisticated bot detection softwares on the market to identify unsavory profiles, it also uses AI and other state-of-the-art technologies to keep user information secure, ensure no theft of data and avoid any fraud issues.

Seeking wants members to feel comfortable in their journey, and no expenses are spared. Peace at mind is paramount to Seeking, which is obvious in the previous and new practices.


And last but not least, Seeking recently made the art of dating even easier! Oftentimes it’s difficult searching for a gift. Enter Seeking Wishlists!

The new gift-giving feature allows attractive members to curate lists of desirable items chosen from 17 different shops directly on the Seeking website. Established members can in turn purchase gifts from their chosen lists or send one of their own—and the recipient can either accept the gift, reject it or make a counter offer for a gift that is more their speed and style.

And as there are 17 stores, there’s something for everyone on Seeking Wishlists. Choose from the various assortments of gourmet Belgian chocolates or look for lingerie. Teddies are a top-seller on Wishlists! And if you want that must-have handbag you saw on the (digital) runways during fashion week, there’s a plethora of designer luxury goods, too!

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