At Seeking, our goal is to create genuine connections that help our members find their ideal relationships. We are committed to creating a safe environment for like-minded individuals, while taking a stance against sex and human trafficking. That is why we developed anti-trafficking strategies to help keep our community safe and support victims of exploitation. Through partnerships, training, and technology, Seeking is working hard to combat sex and human trafficking around the world.

Partnership with Freedom Light

Taking action is the most important step to end trafficking. As a socially responsible platform, Seeking has teamed up with Freedom Light to align our business operations with our goals. Using empirical evidence and interventions, Freedom Light helps us create a safe space on our platform. 

Our strategic partnership is key to align our work with the efforts of regulatory agencies and law enforcement. Thanks to this collaboration, Seeking helps prevent crime, ensures the well-being of our users, and supports victims of human trafficking.

Seeking Mandates Team Training to Combat Sex Trafficking

Our team is proud to share how Seeking advocates against human trafficking. To make awareness part of our company culture, our staff receives training on the subject of trafficking. This helps educate our team and keeps us informed on the matter. By creating consciousness, we remain vigilant on our platform and also in real-life scenarios.

Thanks to training from Freedom Light and other third-party organizations, Seeking is better able to identify possible situations of abuse and human trafficking. Ongoing training gives us tools to implement strategies that make a difference. Education and knowledge are key to preventing any type of exploitation.

AI Monitoring Technology to Protect Seeking Members

Technology is the basis of what we do. It helps us connect online and it is also key to keeping us safe. As a technology company, we make constant improvements to enhance the safety of our community. This offers peace of mind for our members and helps us fight sex trafficking. 

In the fight to end human trafficking, Seeking has implemented AI technology to monitor and identify possible violations of anti-trafficking laws. We do not hesitate to block users suspected of crimes and report them to the authorities. 

How You Can Help Seeking Fight Human Trafficking

Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world. It is everyone’s responsibility to combat this issue and help protect victims.

Whether it is commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or debt bondage, these are some warning signs to look out for:

·  Malnutrition

·  Physical injuries

·  Poor health

·  Lacking official ID

·  Living at a place of employment

·  Inability to go into public alone

Any information about a possible trafficking situation should be reported to Federal law enforcement by calling (866) 347-2423. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 right away. 

We urge you to learn more about trafficking and join our movement! Please visit our anti-sex trafficking page for links to resources and more information on this important issue.