Your Partner is the Biggest Indicator of Your Wealth

Seeking Partners

In all things, from business, to love, to the friendships we keep around us,  the choices we make significantly impact our trajectory. Few choices hold as much influence as the people that we date. As the saying goes: behind every successful man, is a woman. But the pendulum swings both ways, and data shows that having the right partner can truly impact your financial future.  Your partner is not just a companion, but an indicator of your potential for future success and wealth. For women especially, the wrong partner can completely derail your life which is why so many women …

Read more Reveals the Top 25 Cities With Most Eligible Millionaires in North America

When the world shut down, a large transfer of wealth occurred as millions of new millionaires were minted in the wake of the pandemic. In the years since 2020, lots of new money has entered the chat and it’s showing up in some interesting new places. Historically, wealth has been centered in the most populous metropolitan areas like New York, London, and Los Angeles. But a new pattern of millionaire migration has started to emerge since 2020 as more high-net-worth individuals flee expensive cities for greener pastures and better tax incentives.  A recent study conducted by analyzed data on …

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The Barbenheimer Effect – A Clash of the Titans

You’ve heard of it; the battle of Barbie and Oppenheimer, the day in movie-goer history when these two leviathans of cinema were pitted against each other. Barbie: she’s pink, driven, on a journey of feminist self-discovery, and Oppenheimer— well, it’s Cillian Murphy with his dark suits and with his intense gaze, creating the most destructive invention in human history. These two films represent a pair of complete opposites in taste, looks, and just about everything else. The “Barbenheimer” dating trend is a fusion of these two iconic films. This trend celebrates the interplay of contrasting personalities; it’s a learning curve, …

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Top 3 Beige Flags, and Four More to Look Out For

Woman checking for Beige Flags on a dating profile

In 2023, the concept of “beige flags” gained recognition as a way to identify potential warning signs that aren’t necessarily warning signs at first, but are the precursors to those. Similar to their counterpart, “red flags”, which indicate clear and immediate concerns, beige flags represent more subtle indications of potential incompatibility or shortcomings. These flags suggest traits or behaviors that, while not necessarily deal-breakers, can raise questions about a person’s individuality, cultural depth, or openness to new experiences.  Beige flags serve as valuable signals to consider when evaluating compatibility or seeking to deepen honest connections, encouraging us to explore beyond …

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8 Tips on Curating an Insta-worthy Life

Curate Your Life

In the digital age, social media platforms like Instagram have transformed the way we present ourselves to the world. With carefully curated images and snappy captions, users strive to showcase a life that is filled with visual appeal and induces envy with its glamor. From luxurious vacations to exquisite dining experiences, Instagram has become a canvas for portraying an aspirational lifestyle. However, what you see online is not necessarily the truth, and many of these accounts are engineered entirely from a desire for followers, and not out of a genuine experience. In order to create a life for yourself that …

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8 Lessons I Learned From Dating a High-Powered Attorney

A Lawyer who Dates on Seeking

A few faces come to mind when we imagine what it must be like to date a lawyer— from the sleaze of Saul Goodman to the sharp wit of Harvey Specter. We think of the high-powered corporate lifestyle, the fast-talking, NDA-delivering, and of course, all of those suits. Lawyers hold a certain kind of power in the corporate world because they’re the ones who police it; the idea of dating one can be both intimidating, but also, an exciting window into a world filled with corporate intrigue and complexity. However, behind the well-cut suits and gift of the gab, there …

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6 Reasons To Date An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur on Private Jet

Name. Age. Occupation. These are the first three identifiers we are offered when getting to know someone new. But how much can these three things really tell us about a person’s character? You might be surprised how much you can learn from this little amount of information.  Let’s take a successful entrepreneur in his mid-40s for example. While there are many types of entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs share many of the same qualities such as discipline and ambition. An entrepreneur is self-employed, often self-funded, and therefore requires a certain amount of maturity and grit to be successful. So if you’re wondering …

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International Dating: A Seeking Case Study

International Dating Couple

In a fast-paced world where success often comes at the expense of personal connections, finding love, and time to engage with and meet new people outside of your office can seem like an elusive pursuit. This rings especially true for successful individuals like Jason, a thriving American PR executive navigating the bustling international dating scene in the UK as an ex-pat. Jason’s story is one of ambition, perseverance, and ultimately, finding a way to connect with new people, from all over the world, in all walks of life— while he might still be looking for love, he’s definitely had his …

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Confessions of a Sapiosexual: Dating Case Studies

Woman Seeking Sapiosexual Dating

So, what is a Sapiosexual? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of “Sapiosexual” is of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to highly intelligent people.  It’s the intersection between an intellectual connection, and an attraction to a mind that eclipses looks, physical attributes, or even age. Cerebral connections have been around for centuries, but they’ve made an appearance now in popular culture, and the buzzword has become a way for many to characterize just why that professor from college was so strangely, inexplicably attractive, or why a conversation has turned them on more than muscular arms, …

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Four Women You Should Date Before Remarrying

Four women

The end of a marriage can make you feel like an epic failure, but don’t worry, you’re in good company. Half of all marriages are doomed to end in divorce, so the odds were really stacked against you from the beginning. Now you have this incredible opportunity to start a new journey and it could lead to anywhere you want. Dating after divorce can be fun but before you fall in love and rush into a second, or maybe even a third marriage – maybe you should reassess your strategy.  Divorce is an expensive lesson to learn – both financially …

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